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  1. So it looks like the dug out hole is the actual floor of the atrium and the grid pattern of 1255's west wall matches the old pier pattern of the atrium, except the back 1/3rd, which was probably added later to cauterize the rear retail spaces behind the atrium. The western side of the atrium probably had shops standing above what is now the drive for the Union Club.
  2. X

    Toxic Masculinity

    The methods differ, but the bullying problem is essentially the same- identifying someone vulnerable and hurting them for one's own gain. And guys do psychological bullying, and girls do physical bullying, as well. I don't think males bullying is "toxic masculinity", nor do I think females bullying is "toxic femininity". It's just toxic behavior.
  3. X

    Toxic Masculinity

    But isn't the bullying what's toxic, then? And it certainly appears to be gender neutral. So why is that "toxic masculinity", and not just "toxic behavior"?
  4. X

    Toxic Masculinity

    I haven't seen the ad, but the topic of the thread is "Toxic Masculinity", not "The Gillette Ad".
  5. X

    Toxic Masculinity

    I never suggested that as a substitute for "Toxic Masculinity". I believe 327 suggested "Toxic Behaviors", and I would concur. But I don't think the point of the people pushing the term is really to change behaviors, but rather to throw suspicion over and delegitimize men in general for political gain.
  6. X

    Toxic Masculinity

    "Behaviors" also describes behaviors. What is so dear to you about maintaining the term "masculinity" in the phrase "toxic masculinity". By the logic you are willing to admit to "toxic behaviors" would be a better and more direct descriptor.
  7. X

    Toxic Masculinity

    But doesn't that really get at the point that we are talking about "toxic behaviors" and not toxic masculinity?
  8. X

    Toxic Masculinity

    I'm not trying to. I do think that some on the left have turned or are trying to turn "Toxic Masculinity" into a red-meat rallying cry for women voters.
  9. X

    Toxic Masculinity

    Fair enough, insert "stereotyped behavioral patterns of groups of people".
  10. X

    Toxic Masculinity

    "Environment" and "Relationships" are not groups of people. "Toxic Masculinity" would equate to "Toxic Femininity", "Toxic Whiteness", "Toxic Blackness", "Toxic Jewishness", "Toxic Christianity", etc. See how nasty that language is?
  11. X

    Toxic Masculinity

    I disagree that "toxic masculinity" is just a bland adjective/noun combination. It's clearly meant as a pejorative word association- think "masculinity" and think "toxic" automatically. The point is to delegitimize masculinity (and men) entirely.
  12. Yeah, it's a pretty odd building, really, and won't be easy to repurpose. I don't think I'd shed many tears if it were replaced with something well designed with better street presence and a less monolithic feel, honestly.
  13. That is a really cool chart! It also makes it obvious to me that we have a few buildings left that should be under consideration for complete rehab or residential conversion- the Superior Building, The Rockefeller, 55 Public Square, Western Reserve, Lakeside Place, 1215 Superior, AECOM Center (didn't this one just get redone?), Post Office Plaza- all have high vacancy rates.
  14. X

    The Trump Presidency

    Yes, it's like when liberals talk about the "Trump" White House.
  15. X

    The Trump Presidency

    He is definitely not a genius, though he may be calculating. What I think he certainly is is shameless. He knows how to hit below the belt and appeal to people's fears and nastiness. The thing is that any junior high bully knows those things as well. Most grow out of it, or they go nowhere in life because of their antisocial behavior. But Trump had daddy's money to make him rich and famous- and the Russian mob connections to keep him rich and famous even after he bankrupted himself.