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  1. We better all queue up the "Ghislane Maxwell didn't kill herself" memes.
  2. But the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic RR doesn't go this far....hey wait! Are you dropping those KJP hints again?
  3. If we got rid of pennies, what would we use to flatten and stamp into cheap tourist mementos?
  4. X

    DC Statehood

    Representation doesn't matter because you don't get all the representation. Your vote doesn't matter because others vote. This is the dumbest possible argument.
  5. X

    Coronavirus Pandemic

    OK, it's time to move on.
  6. The most rabid Trump supporters I know irl (my Aunt's neighbors who would come to a lot of our family events), have said that they aren't going to vote for Trump again. I think he's toast.
  7. X

    Coronavirus Pandemic

    Again, you haven't stated anything about how mask wearing, or mandates of such, could substantively impact rights. If you don't want to do that, then you're just wasting everyone's time here, and need to drop it.
  8. X

    Coronavirus Pandemic

    Seems like the form of an answer, but not the substance of one. Of course there's a "path to success" if a plaintiff has the grounds to prove they were deprived of a right. That's how it works. But you haven't filled in any potential reason why wearing a mask might even possibly be considered a First Amendment violation, or a Fourth Amendment one, either.
  9. X

    Coronavirus Pandemic

    We're discussing two different things. I totally understand why people are still allowed to protest during a pandemic- the importance of the First Amendment does arguably override even those health concerns (otherwise a despotic ruler could determine anything a pandemic and shut down all descent). What I don't understand (because Brutus has ignored my question) is how requiring masks in public might run afoul of the First Amendment. He keeps talking about grey areas and precedents, which I point blank think he's making up.
  10. X

    DC Statehood

    None of which has a thing to do with the rights of representation that we're debating on this thread.
  11. X

    DC Statehood

    I have to agree. If you have nothing new to add to the conversation, you're welcome to not add anything at all.
  12. I have a wonderful idea for anyone with photo editing skills- take all these pro-Trump macho paintings, and photoshop actual pictures of Trump into them over the heroic looking images of him.
  13. X

    Coronavirus Pandemic

    Might also indicate that you're BS'ing because you think it helps you make a point.
  14. That's the worst action movie poster I've ever seen.
  15. Sure- so I thought about it, and came to the conclusion that it probably isn't a particularly useful exercise!
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