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  1. Alright, sorry folks, I tried to move this conversation from another thread, and apparently the "Merge" option means to merge all the selected posts together into one post, because that is something that apparently would be useful to someone? So what I've quoted here is an entire damned conversation by multiple people about the proposed jogging loop over the two high level bridges.
  2. I don't think I've ever expected Cleveland to be declared a "Charmed City"!
  3. It's older than that. I remember seeing it in a textbook when I was a college student in the 90's. Someone was pretty prescient- or maybe just from NYC or SF.
  4. X


    I think travel and exposure to other people cultures certainly helps, but one of the most racist people I've ever met has been more places than I will get to in 3 lifetimes. I think there has to be an open mind to take in what's around oneself in those situations, or all it does is reinforce prejudices.
  5. I don't see how any of that extra context you just provided lessons Graham's sleazy and obsequious obstructionism.
  6. I don't see how any of this could help W. 25th St. MetroHealth is already there, it's not new, nor expanding. The problem has always been connection to the neighborhood surrounding it. To solve that lack of connection, they're retreating even further into their massive site and leaving an oversized lawn as a buffer zone against the neighborhood. They're calling it a park, but I'm not buying it.
  7. To their last point, if they think liner units would take up too much space from the garage area, they could recapture it by losing the dumb laneway idea and replacing it with a modern arcade with retail pass through on the ground floor, and reunite the two halves of the parking garage above.
  8. Thank you, this will free up A LOT of room on the Trump Presidency thread.
  9. Dude, she was wearing a hat. I couldn't tell it was her, either!
  10. The filibuster should be an important check for making sure that the most onerous bills to the minority party can be stopped. It shouldn't mean that every bill needs 60 votes to pass the Senate.
  11. Yeah, I personally don't care too much about architectural "style" either. I care more about how they are going to cover that parking garage along Prospect/East 4th/Huron and their own laneway. And how they're going to orient retail space and other active uses along the ground floor. And how they're going to keep parking entrances/exits from being overwhelming or dangerous to pedestrians. And how they're going to use balconies and rooftop decks to give the verticle surfaces of the building some human presence.
  12. Baker, Chubb, Garret- those guys are all cheap now.
  13. Bringing in this high priced talent now must mean that they are planning to make a full-fledged Superbowl run over the next season or two before the new homegrown talent gets expensive- and while the AFC North competition is in flux.
  14. Parking garages are noisy and stinky- cars starting, reving their engines, honking horns, alarms. That stuff is going to echo out into this laneway and make it very unpleasant. A laneway would be really cool if it was between buildings with actual human use, on the other hand. But that's not the plan.
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