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    Columbus Crew Discussion

    Get ready for the Mansfield Crew and Mansfield Browns!
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    The Republican Party

    This is just one long strawman argument.
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    That's an oddly multicultural group of white supremacists. My guess, you're being trolled, and the handsign means nothing beyond that it gets some people upset now.
  4. X

    Opportunity Zones

    The Cleveland development community is very adept with tax credits and such, so I expect to see them make good use of this program.
  5. That special font barely shows up in dark theme.
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    Columbus Crew Discussion

    I wonder if common ownership of the Crew and the Browns might mean more cross promotion between Cleveland and Columbus for both teams.
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    Rural Ohio is dying

    I don't think you'll get much pushback about finding rural lifestyles to be desirable. It's the suburban lifestyle that is like a plague of locusts upon our countryside while simultaneously bleeding out our central cities. Great cities and great countryside go hand-in-hand!
  8. X

    The Democratic Party

    Nicholas Kristof is definitely a liberal. You might be thing of William Kristol, who is definitely a conservative. Billy Crystal being somewhere in the middle.
  9. I think they should lift the cap entirely. Let any project that meets a certain set of qualifications get credits. This is how the federal credits are done.
  10. X

    The Democratic Party

    It's silly to pretend the context hasn't changed some in 200+ years. We are no longer 13 separate colonies, each of whose residents saw their state as a separate country and mistrusted the others. We are now one unified nation of 50 "states" which are really practically speaking more like provinces than they are like sovereign states. There's no reason that states need representation beyond the representation of the people within them. And before anyone cries "states rights!", let's remember that the Republicans are more than happy to have the federal gov't overrule state laws that they don't like. So you're not going to convince me that you have any principles on the matter.
  11. X

    The Democratic Party

    Obama was elected by the majority of voters.
  12. X

    The Democratic Party

    Even more than that, they have been winning politically based on all the most undemocratic aspects of the structure of our government- so making the Senate proportional to population is a sure lose proposition for them. I don't believe they have any principals beyond that anymore.
  13. X

    The Trump Presidency

    Seems like a statement that can be read two ways.
  14. They're starting with an existing building. They're adding an addition adds an entrance and windows to the front of the building along the sidewalk, where there were currently loading docks and blank walls. They are moving the outdoor patio area from behind a wall along the side of the building to the corner fronting the public sidewalk. Honestly, considering this is a renovation and not a totally new building what more could you want?
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    Yeah, "We believe that she was traumatized, but think she's got the wrong guy" is just an insane line of thinking. But it acts as a fig leaf for the truth they can't admit- that they don't give a damn if Kavanaugh did attempt to rape her.