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  1. I wonder if it's over for Harris. Does a candidate ever get a bump like she did, fall back to Earth, and then go on to actually get it back and win the nomination?
  2. He did, no doubt. Of course, he had to wear some sort of unapproved visor, which got him pulled off the field on 3rd and goal. But at least he made a play that he wasn't on the field for still all about him! Whatever, if he turns in those kinds of numbers consistently he's worth it- and the one handed catch was the most amazing play of the game!
  3. Neither of those will be any sort of architectural loss, and both could be steps to creating sizable development sites.
  4. There are some utilities under stretches of Euclid that didn't allow for tree boxes to be put down into the sidewalk, so the planters were added.
  5. Somebody stopping at a yield in front of me with no traffic in the roundabout has nothing to do with me. Somebody in the roundabout stopping for traffic entering the circle has nothing to do with me. Somebody failing to yield to traffic in the circle has nothing to do with me. Somebody being in the inner lane and trying to turn across, or being in a turn lane and continuing on has nothing to do with me. These are all things I see in that damned circle on regular basis.
  6. It stands out now, as the rest of the block is getting cleaned up. It used to all be filthy, so one wouldn't notice any particular building!
  7. The fact that you think that roundabout works leads me to think you never use it. Every damned time I use it someone is doing something stupid there. It's a constant near accident.
  8. X

    Global Warming

    You don't want the answers, and you don't argue in good faith. You want to obstruct any sort of solution, not find it. We do indeed know the broad outlines of how to reduce human impact on climate change- reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Anything that gets us towards that is a possible solution. We'd better pick a few and start trying instead of doing nothing, which is certainly going to fail.
  9. X

    Global Warming

    Here we have the fallback position for the Scorched Earth Coalition- "Sure science has proven that global warming has happened, and that human activity is contributing to it. But nobody knows what to do about it really, so we should do nothing." It's as bunk a position as the last one they had to abandon. Why should we listen to these people now?
  10. X

    Global Warming

    Are you f'ing kidding? What's the cost of allowing the food source for 1.2 billion people to be destroyed? What do you think that is worth? We're supposed to sit down and have a rational debate between "don't let the food source for 1.2 billion people be destroyed" and "f 'em, I don't want to spend anything"? And the Democrats are the crazy fringers?
  11. I suspect the whole point of this is to force "liberal/socialist/whatever epithet California" to try to stop him from rounding up the homeless, and then trying to tie the Democrats to the conditions in those camps. "Look- the Democrats are pro junkies shooting up and defecating on the sidewalks YOUR kids walk on to school!"
  12. I don't know. I don't write international trade deals. What sorts of rules and measurable do they put in those agreements? Maybe something like that. I wouldn't suspect that they are written so that millions of people would rally around them. Probably a lot of dry legalese and numbers and such. Boring stuff written by a bunch of economist stiffs and lawyers and other boring people. No good for a rally. Hard to chant. Maybe good for building a solid basis for free and fair trade, though. Maybe something to protect US companies IP, maybe, whatever that is....but would it own the libs?
  13. That's some good infill, but I wish they'd have real balconies and not the faux ones.
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