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  1. Yeah, I really don't get the gotcha here.
  2. I'm sure putting forward a cogent theory wasn't the GOP lawyer's strategy. It's all about recitation of talking points and pointing at various conspiracy theories to muddy the waters.
  3. 55 Public Square Renovations has it's own thread now. Please continue discussion here:
  4. X

    Income Inequality

    Sounds to me like they are being taxed based on the value of the vehicle, which declines with the age of the vehicle. A mileage tax would be a consumption tax.
  5. X

    Income Inequality

    Those aren't wealth taxes, they're just taxes on the value of some things that one owns. Or something. Eh, Brutus?
  6. I'd rather they don't build into that hillside. And I'd rather that they don't turn Carter Road into a long series of curb cuts.
  7. I'll tell you, having worked in the Downtown bar industry for over a decade, that Steeler's fans were the worst to deal with as a group. Bill's fans were always roudy, but in a fun (ish) kind of way.
  8. It depends on the team. Nearby teams like Buffalo, Pittsburgh, or Detroit always bring big weekends when they are visiting the Browns or Indians, or to a lesser extent the Cavs. Otherwise it depends- Boston, NY, Chicago, Toronto- those city's sports fans always travel well. I remember Raider's fans, surprisingly, being the same, but most west coast teams won't bring many fans with them all the way to Cleveland. Some- not many.
  9. I didn't hear the whole segment with her, but nothing that she said made me feel any better about the future of transit in Cleveland.
  10. Lordstown GM Plant Sales So is NEO on the cusp of being one of the major centers for US production of electric vehicles, or what?
  11. Good thing we won't be spending anything to maintain our crumbling existing infrastructure!
  12. The last planned ship of this class will be the next ship to be named U.S.S. Cleveland. She was ordered January 2019. At the pace they're building them, we should see her sometime in 2023-ish.
  13. This would be a giant scandal in any other presidency, but Trump is such a swirl of criminality and corruption that it barely got any coverage.
  14. Actually, this is how the internet works now: "THIS major corporation went looking for a new corporate headquarters, but the one they chose will BLOW YOUR MIND" "Stop trying to relocate your corporation to Atlanta, move here instead" "11 Insane reasons that Public Square is the best spot for a corporate campus" "53 NSFW historic photos of the Weston lots- #17 will SHOCK you"
  15. So you're saying there's a chance we could improve our infrastructure and possibly get rid of the awful, awful Browns in one fell swoop?
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