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  1. Had to check, but sure enough, the title of this thread is "Tower City/CityBlock Development", not "Bitching about Panhandlers."
  2. Euclid, somewhere around the 3500 block. The units up front are nice, the ones in the back are pretty small and spartan. The building is actually fairly well maintained. A buddy of mine lives there, and I would consider it.
  3. I would think that once Trump is no longer President, he'll no longer have the cover that "anything classified that he reveals is de facto no longer classified". At that point, he should wind up in serious trouble, quickly.
  4. Yeah, if the deal is made public before an agreement is in place you're just inviting someone else to one-up whatever incentives we give. Does the PD ever ride the suburbs to make their incentive packages public knowledge?
  5. Why are Sander's supporters always so intent on demonizing the rest of the field?
  6. Google Earth's Streetview image of this building is from May, 2019 and it appears to be occupied and in good shape save the cheaply built wooden fire escapes along the back of the building. It's a shame we're losing this sort of historic building stock.
  7. I think that's sort of a strange article, and I don't know what he's suggesting exactly. Where in the suburbs (really just Shaker Heights) would any real appreciable amount of TOD development go along the current light rail lines? Is he saying that he thinks it would be financially feasible to buy out, demolish, and redevelop high end housing? Is he saying they should be extended to new development opportunities further out in Beachwood (he mentions that suburb specifically)? Where would those opportunities be? I would think that the most important TOD we could do along the light rail lines would be along the stretch from Shaker Square to Downtown, where there is the greatest frequency of trains and the most redevelopable land.
  8. Is it too soon to start posting "Lev Parnas didn't kill himself" memes?
  9. X

    Media Propaganda

    Headlines get changed on online articles all the time. I doubt it has as much to do with outside political pressure as it does with the constant A-B testing and algorithmic content that is going on all over the web.
  10. They could do lots of programming, games, events. Think something like Tabletop in Ohio City, but without any alcohol and maybe add in some entertainment.
  11. After hearing how high security research facilities need to be, I thought they'd have plenty on hand to deal with any issues, real or perceived. But really, for better or worse, this site is actually fairly separated from the surrounding residential neighborhoods already by RR tracks, industrial uses, and general abandonment.
  12. Yes, there is at least one spot, and a picture of it was just posted in the Fairfax New Economy Thread (thanks WhatUp for finding that!). Edit- It's the spot right next to the tracks across from the Juvenile Justice Center. I measured the spot out on Google Earth as well as I could, and it looks to be about 13-14 acres, which should be more than enough for what they are planning. It's a pretty prime spot on the OC, too, as it is right outside of University Circle.
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