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  1. Burke Lakefront Airport discussion was moved here:
  2. United States also isn't "Unfettered Capitalism". We have many of the same programs in principal that Norway has. It's more a question of funding levels and priorities.
  3. Context matters. I don't think a citizenship question is necessarily bad, but Trump is trying to use the Census as a political weapon to reduce representation in Democratic-leaning districts, against the Constitution, I might add. Combined with his general attacks on immigrants, illegal or otherwise, it isn't unreasonable that they feel threatened by any interest he shows in identifying them.
  4. You should have seen it 20 years ago. The whole thing was black. I thought that was the color of the brick till they power washed it and it turns out the whole building is a nice rich, pinkish brick.
  5. Right, but my point is that if there isn't the official "City of Cleveland Planning" doing the planning, there is no "Cleveland" planning going on. Just actors in a market.
  6. This isn't really "Cleveland planning". These are the actions of private developers pursuing their own interests as they see them.
  7. You would have to make the Cedar Point/Islands ferry a part of the day trip experience- food/drinks, sightseeing, entertainment, etc. Something like this is already being launched out of Lorain, not sure why it couldn't work out of Cleveland. The Canada ferry idea is an idea that has been pursued before. The idea was that it would go to Port Stanley. It would carry passengers for day/weekend trips to be sure, but more importantly, trucks could board the ferry and do customs on the trip over. They were never quite able to get it launched, unfortunately.
  8. Maybe we could get Billy Joel to redo "We Didn't Start the Fire" with but with different Cleveland development projects.
  9. From a place making perspective, Thunderbird looks really exciting- lots of odd angled intersections and kinks in the street plan will offer lots of chances to create unique locations and terminal views, lots of streets row's extending to the water's edge should make the river feel like an integral part of the neighborhood even in the interior streets, as well as highlighting views of Downtown and the bridges in the rest of the Flats. Of course, execution will matter!
  10. If you look up through the top floor windows, you can see that the roof is entirely ripped off down to the I-beams.
  11. The fact that everything was very compact and easy to walk to was a major "up" factor for some of the tourists I talked to. Spreading it out would have negated that, and taken away from the incredible energy level that Downtown sustained for the whole time.
  12. Right, and don't dare call them "concentration camps" because this person might pretend to be offended.
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