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  1. The same as with any of the other claims of sexual impropriety, harassment, or assault against powerful men- it should be investigated to the best of the abilities of the appropriate investigative bodies. I've heard very little about this allegation besides the sources posted by DnS. BTW, what should the party do if the allegations are substantiated? Sanders by default? Should there be some sort of consensus candidate put forth at the convention? It's a nightmare scenario any way we look at it.
  2. I suppose given the way elevations are drawn that the setback on the 4th floor could actually be the same, but I thought I read at some point that it was added, or maybe just made larger, to decrease the prescense of the building from the street. Either way, this design is almost comically bad.
  3. But that's what the Bros do. Anything that isn't the Bernie Plan is "nothing". It's like Trump supporters decrying anyone who disagrees with Trump as out of touch elitists or Deep Staters. Just replace those lines with "corporatist" or "_____ wants to do nothing about _______".
  4. I think those setbacks are there on the fourth floor because the neighbors thought the original design looked to large for the neighborhood. Seems like a good example of being careful what you ask for. Originally it was bland, but mostly inoffensive. This current design is just ugly as sin.
  5. X

    Coronavirus Pandemic

    The thing is, they could easily add those things back into their selection, and --Bam!-- "essential".
  6. X

    Coronavirus Pandemic

    I bet Hobby Lobby was able to make a case that they are essential. If they sell any food or beverage, or anything that can be used for maintaining a home, or working from home, or who knows what else, they are considered essential. The only thing really shut down by that order was a limited number of niche boutiques.
  7. Maybe we're not fans of the City going back on its word and stabbing a major employer in the back? This seems like the dumbest thing the City could do, and that's why some of us are having such a strong reaction to it. Why would anyone do business with Cleveland ever again?
  8. "with the support of the state", "many of the biggest businesses answer to it"- this is my point, exactly. The State still substantially owns these businesses, though they may have private "owners" and "managers". But this is nothing like the "free enterprise" or "free markets" that supposed conservatives constantly talk about.
  9. You don't seriously believe that China is a capitalist economy do you? State capitalism, yes. But is that what you're advocating?
  10. Arguing about whether a modern nation's economy should be Socialism or Capitalism is like arguing about whether we should bake a cake with flour or sugar.
  11. X

    Coronavirus Pandemic

    Enough. Get back to actual Coronavirus news.
  12. X

    Coronavirus Pandemic

    This is what I thought, too. It is going to start off infecting the jet set (literally). But the more it filters down to the poor and those without healthcare or adequate self-quarantining space the more dangerous it is going to become.
  13. X

    Coronavirus Pandemic

    I don't know for sure if it could have been totally stopped or not, and you clearly don't have enough knowledge about epidemiology to know either. But there's a big difference between what's happened in Japan or Singapore and what's happened in Iran or Italy. And our country is shaping up more like the latter than the former.
  14. X

    Coronavirus Pandemic

    Honestly this is the big takeaway from all of this. Widespread testing, contact tracing, and quarantining could have squelched this thing before we had to go through all these shutdown/shelter in place emergency measures.
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