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  1. Honestly, I'd never thought of it, but if you take both sides' more hardcore advocates' rhetoric at face value, the abortion issue boils down to "the most massive genocide in human history" -vs- "the sexual enslavement of half of the world's population". Yeah, wars have been fought over less hysterics than that.
  2. Development threads are for discussing actual or proposed developments, not wide ranging discourse on the sociology of poverty.
  3. Oh, no. All the bachelorette parties are going to be pissed! (apparently this was a problem in Nashville.)
  4. This isn't what the Development threads are for. I'm sure if you use the search feature you can find a thread about abandoning infrastructure already. Back on topic.
  5. You keep calling other people's opinions dumb or ludicrous, but it seems like you're the one not getting the basic mathematical argument some of us are making. Who cares if the neighborhood is East Cleveland's most stable if it is still a money loser?(answer: Cleveland Hts probably cares more about it's stability then revenue projections) Cleveland could well end up less in the hole if it annexes EC without Forest Hills. Maybe not, maybe Forest Hills generates more revenue than it takes to provide it services, but that's a rare residential area.
  6. In sports they change the rules all the time- the NFL has a whole competition committee that meets every year to shape the rules to give the most fair and competitive games.
  7. Only surprise on that list is Japan. I thought they were a more civilized nation than that.
  8. OK, folks, let's get back on topic.
  9. That would be an interesting alternate history, but not really relevant to whether or not we should keep the electoral college now.
  10. I'd love to see an "increase funding" option, but with higher level of service to existing transit supportive neighborhoods and our region's two main transit friendly job centers- Downtown and University Circle.
  11. There is pent up demand for housing near UC, but if Cleveland takes EC over that only puts it on an equal footing with Glenville, Hough, and Fairfax. They're starting to see a little bit of spin-off from UC and CC, but only on the fringes. I wouldn't expect EC to suddenly burst forth with development.
  12. We know Coventry is not the far Eastside, we just think it's too far East to be worth it.
  13. We all know that EC overall is a money loser, and the unstable parts especially so. But if you lose $10 on the unstable parts, only losing $1 more on the stable parts doesn't make it an easier deal. In other words, if Forest Hills isn't generating more revenue than it takes to service, Cleveland is actually better off giving it to Cleveland Heights.
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