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  1. I enjoyed this...Important to read past the headlines. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/bernie-sanders-could-replace-president-trump-with-little_us_5829f25fe4b02b1f5257a6b7
  2. Unless something has changed since I moved away a few years ago, there are several dentists downtown...but your point is well taken.
  3. All of that money spent on the park and design only for a major portion of the design to be worthless. Other than when they potentially set up street vendors, etc the "road" would turn out to be a real waste of valuable space. If only somebody would have been talking about completely closing off traffic before construction began...
  4. That Bernie speech felt forced and pretty obvious that the goal is to redirect the focus back to how bad of a person Trump is. Meanwhile the DNC is referring to Latinos and Mexican-Americans as "taco bowls." Safe to say this entire election is a cluster on both sides. This country desperately needs a legitimate 3rd party.
  5. ^Nice touch putting a mustache on PS to make a subtle reference to Cleveland's "comeback" coinciding with the upper lip hair comeback!
  6. I get the impression they are a cheerleader for Cleveland and downtown. Not sure where I am getting that from but hopefully I am correct and they continue/increase the momentum in the city center.
  7. Not a good look for the city in this 4-part series... http://www.vice.com/video/cleveland-strangler-part-100
  8. They can do whatever they want to the Taco Bell as long as they don't touch the Bier Stube. It's the last surviving south campus landmark. Can't stand the Gateway but this is not the forum for that rant.
  9. Maybe they should try to brand themselves in the "wOH" district (west Ohio City). I agree that people need to quit making up district names purely for marketing purposes.
  10. Will there be any for sale units in the residential? Based on the images above I am fearing that it will be buildings like the Flats on Vine in Columbus. That would still be a vast improvement but I'd be disappointed. I liked the idea from a while back of diagonal narrow residential streets. (Yes I know this is probably a very premature conversation)
  11. More info... FirstEnergy Stadium makes bid to host Copa America 2016; decision expected in weeks CLEVELAND, Ohio – FirstEnergy Stadium might play host to one of the most prestigious men's soccer tournaments in the world next summer. Stadium officials and members of the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission are awaiting word as to whether they will be awarded several Copa America matches, being held on U.S. soil for the first time in the tournament's 100-year history. http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2015/04/firstenergy_stadium_makes_form.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  12. I found this on reddit. Figured it was worth spreading the word. I am unable to find any type of official website for the tournament but it would be great to bring this international event to Cleveland. @CopatoCleveland (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) #Copa2Cle
  13. TPH2[/member] I didn't realize it would cover that much area. I would imagine they wouldn't need to include Progressive Field within the borders, just up to the northern gates of the stadium. Also, East 9th up to Lakeside doesn't really have much that would benefit imo. With those areas excluded then hopefully the West Bank of the Flats could be included.
  14. My guesses: Columbus: Arena District, Short North. I can't really think of any other contenders. Cleveland: East 4th/Gateway, FEB (I'd be curious if they would group the Warehouse district with FEB or the west bank in this section) Cincinnati: The banks, OTR **I am not familiar enough with Dayton, Akron, Toledo, Youngstown, Mansfield, Lima, Canton, Parma to make any guesses**
  15. I am glad that a lot of people are sticking up for our city. However, it's disappointing that this schmuck is getting the attention he craves.
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