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  1. What I saw of one of their "services" involved power point presentations on a stage with fake plants. Some guy in a sweater and a Tony Robbins headset breaking down the audience with lead-ons like "you know how sometimes you feel like....". I'm like no I don't ever feel like that because I smoke crack and worship Satan. I enjoy this site and mainly just use it to stay caught up on the newest development going on and rarely have much to add myself, but honestly jmecklenborg, what's up with all the snippy comments throughout the threads generally aimed at people who seem like they're probably not "just like you"? There's a place for everyone and while your comments may make you feel better about yourself they belittle you in the eyes of others and take away from the quality of these threads. I don't believe that every project or person throughout the tri-state aims to be "jmecklenborg-approved". I don't mean to attack but I've noticed on multiple threads your empty comments generally detract from the discussion.
  2. I believe I read that it was going to a 400,000 sq building. It's always cool when one of you guys do a mock up to get an idea of the infill. Anyone working on it?
  3. I wasn't told by a developer or anything like that, but by someone close to it that seemed quite certain. But if you work there and don't know it for certain, then perhaps it is just a rumor. We'll see. But we can all agree they need the extra space.
  4. On 700WLW this morning there was mention of a new restaurant and 10 new condos at 14th/Republic, I couldn't catch the name of the restaurant though unfortunately. Anyone have any links?
  5. Since they can't seem to get a new condo built there, perhaps 5th and Race would be a nice spot for a new HQ tower
  6. Renderings are rarely pleasing or an accurate depiction of the final product in person. A change in the architecture around the neighborhood here and there can be a nice mix. If they tried recreating the Italianate design that is there now, most would complain that it is cheesy and fictitious
  7. Meiner Flats on Vine/15th progressing http://cincinnati.com/blogs/developingnow/2011/07/28/meiner-flats-takes-shape-in-otr/
  8. Cool, thanks, figured there probably was but hadn't seen it.
  9. I'm not sure, but I imagine the office building they are trying to build isn't quite 1 million square feet. But here is something interesting, Sears is looking to move it's headquarters from Chicago and looking at Ohio as a possibility. Hopefully the city is aware and putting together an impressive package http://www.bizjournals.com/mobile/dayton/news/2011/06/20/sears-eyes-ohio-for-new-headquarters.html
  10. The Kroger on High Street in Columbus just built is a perfect example of what should be built at this site
  11. Is anyone aware of current height restrictions for new buildings in OTR?
  12. You'd have to think a large scale apartment complex would fill quickly in this spot
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