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  1. ^ Thanks I was getting a little worried. I would love to know if any recommendations were made or changes agreed to in order to gain approval.
  2. I see no mention in the article above of this being the final design approval or schematic design approval. Can anyone enlighten me on the matter?
  3. Fair enough and I appreciate the honesty. I do suspect if this was a liberal senate pulling a stunt like that your feelings might not be "... very mixed...". Moving on
  4. I don't want take this off topic but would you @Gramarye be alright with this tactic? "They'd let Justices Ginsburg, Breyer, and Thomas retire between 2020 and 2024 without naming replacements, and use that as an electoral GOTV motivator in 2024 to try and both hold the Senate, retake the White House, and fill all three seats as promptly as possible."
  5. ^ If it's not the lane way whatever it is it needs some attention>
  6. Agree with @Htsguy "Right now reminds me of an airport hotel." The blank wall on the east and west elevations needs to go. As for the lane way; I love the idea but the execution is terrible. It reminds me of a small wing exit of a 70's mall and has about the same amount of charm. I would start with changing the floor to brick to add some warmth. Fair criticism IMO, wonder if anyone agrees.
  7. Alright that sounds reasonable but let me ask this; Do you agree with tklg, is Freddie better? If he isn't why should we care if he gets away?
  8. I'm scratching my head over why Gregg Williams was not offered the job. Anyone have insight on this or an opinion?
  9. I would also argue that it's the Cleveland Trust tower in front not behind of Terminal Tower. I would further contend that the tower under construction that @KJP referred to is the Justice Center which would explain why National City Center is missing. I'm guessing the photo was taken around Dec 1976 not the 80's.
  10. So @KJP I wasn't thinking south of Bolivar but I guess that's an option. Just the Geis Parking structures bounded by Bolivar, Prospect and E9th and nothing east of that certainly not Gray's. I was thinking lot's on west side of 9th on the north side of Bolivar for what I called phase 1; just to clear things up.
  11. Not sure if anyone has brought up the possibility of using the area around Bolivar Rd. and E. 9th. I seem to recall that Geis cos owns the parking structure used by the county as well as the adjacent structure just east. Considering they had a unique development arrangement with the county for the admin building perhaps something similar can be worked out for a Justice Center replacement. I see surface parking on the west side of that intersection that could be used as a phase one. This could consist of a new parking structure and maybe police HQ on top. Once the parking is complete construction could continue above and demolition could commence on the old structures that Geis owns making way for the new courthouse tower. It's conceivable that you could even get the prison towers built just west of the new police HQ along Bolivar but Cleveland Scene would have to go. Just a thought.
  12. Joseph-Beth at one point. The Book Rack may have had a branch there too. I believe Joseph-Beth came later but It may well be The Book Rack we were thinking off. Thank you:)
  13. I know I'm reaching with this but does anyone remember the name of a bookstore that was located on Shaker Square circa 1989? Yes 1989; I said I was reaching.
  14. c3vin as part of the process of obtaining a mortgage the mortgage company/lender had to order an appraisal. You have a legal right to a copy of that appraisal; in fact one of the original disclosures you signed informs you of that right. Within that appraisal there will be several comparable sales or "comps" as they're referred to in the business. Those comps are given adjusted values up or down from what they were actually sold; depending on how they compare to your property. Those adjusted values are basically market value for your home. Use those values to determine if your tax valuation is to high. Just a little advice from someone in the business.
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