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  1. ^Felt that in Las Vegas. Fortunately looks like the epicenter was very remote. That was the first time I've experienced one and have to say that's some weird shi!. Both the sensation and the visuals are unnerving and just plain odd.
  2. ^Just a quick note since you @Terdolph seem to enjoy science and have some knowledge on the topic. Your Mars comparison fails because the atmospheric pressure on Mars is roughly 1% of Earth's. There just isn't enough trapped gas and water vapor in the Martian poles to make enough of a difference in temperature. Very different here on Earth, carry on.
  3. I'm a little confused with this picture. It looks as if the Euclid side of the parking structure (foreground) is sloped as if it will be a ramp but shouldn't that be the ceiling of the first floor retail space?
  4. For what it's worth I disagreed with the school district when they didn't accept Stark's offer but I support the City on withholding the loan. Didn't Stark have to agree to these terms before the city voted on the ordinance?
  5. I didn't see the Market Square/Harbor Bay Development on this new list @Mendo. I thought that had received some approval and was moving quickly?
  6. @Cleveland Trust Would you be good enough to expand on this? What did you see and are we still talking about the Jacobs Lot?
  7. ^Yes seems normal to me. What seems abnormal is how long it has taken the Beacon to get its facade up and complete.
  8. This is interesting. Would either you or @JSC216 expand on what you believe would cause such a population exodus?
  9. ^ Have to admit you got me with that one. Didn't get suspicious until you started quoting yourself in the article; well played.
  10. ^ Thanks I was getting a little worried. I would love to know if any recommendations were made or changes agreed to in order to gain approval.
  11. I see no mention in the article above of this being the final design approval or schematic design approval. Can anyone enlighten me on the matter?
  12. ^ If it's not the lane way whatever it is it needs some attention>
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