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  1. True, and SHW is much more than just a consumer/contractor paint company... Their coatings go on just about every imaginable surface that exists - furniture, ventilators, oxygen tanks, hospital bed frames, food packaging, the inside drink of bottles, all Caterpillar's heavy equipment and so on and so forth.
  2. They also just announced they're giving all store employees and drivers a raise of $2 an hour.
  3. Statement from someone working in the TAG division at SHW: Q: How have your sales been the last two weeks? A: "Sales have been through the roof"
  4. I'm currently on the phone with coworker who graduated from Hudson in 2001. He thinks the Twinsburg/Hudson area relates more to Cleveland because the HS league they were in consisted of Solon, Brush, Mayfield, etc. He wants it known on record that Stow is the beginning of Akron.
  5. So where are the cowards hiding now?
  6. I shop at both Lucky's and Ohio City Dave's weekly and they are pretty similar in terms of cleanliness. Dave's has really stepped up their game as of late. Their customer service has also been better than Lucky's recently. The last time I was at Lucky's (maybe 8 days ago) they had one register open with a line of about 20 people deep. Not great.
  7. Oh please the origin of the Tea Party was simple, there was a black guy in the White House. I know they tried to dress it up as Taxed Enough Already but most of us know better.
  8. No, that doesn't sound right at all. Try again.
  9. At this stage in the outbreak we should have much better, stratified data to understand the intricacies of what we are dealing with. Stop reporting confirmed cases. The people in the hospitals are the only thing that matters. Before anyone freaks out, confirmed cases don’t matter because they’re a direct function of how many tests we can give out which is constantly varying. So the confirmed case number is completely useless in assessing spread.
  10. For those w/out a subscription, the Walton family might be turning the Baker Building into a 21c Museum hotel. Baker Building's buyer may be a big leaguer A company named 1900 East 6th LLC that was formed in Ohio on March 13 may hold an intriguing connection to the mystery buyer and potential reuse of the Baker Building, which occupies that address in downtown Cleveland. The same name was used on Jan. 27 to buy the 1919 vintage structure on resurgent East Sixth Street for $1.8 million from the prior owner, real estate investor and educator J. Scott Scheele, who held it through the Diamond Investment Group Building LLC. That's the word according to the deed in Cuyahoga County records. https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/baker-buildings-buyer-may-be-big-leaguer
  11. Here are January's numbers for the last 3 years: Jan 18 - 1042.2 Jan 19 - 1059.6 Jan 20 - 1061.2
  12. At UH Landerbrook Health Center in Mayfield Heights from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m seven days a week.
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