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  1. EDGEWATER HILL TOWNHOMES Return to Case List | Start Over | Print Report (PDF format) Project Information Near West Case # NW 2018-032 Address: West 73rd Street north of Detroit Company: Sixmo Architects Architect: Description: Proposed new 21-unit townhome development on West 73rd street. http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/designreview/brd/detailDR.php?ID=2991&CASE=NW 2018-032
  2. Clefan98

    Cleveland sidewalks

    ^ Luckily many people (leaders) feel differently than you.
  3. Clefan98

    Cleveland sidewalks

    ^ we felt safe about it, so do all of the parents who send their kids to soccer practice at Herman park. I coach youth league sports and have noticed a huge difference in number of kids turning out yr/yr. It’s a shame that some of you have such out-dated views regarding raising kids in the city. I love the difference my family has made in our fellow neighbor’s lives. The gratification I feel would never happen in any of your “safe” suburbs. We need more leaders in this city, not online critics.
  4. Clefan98


    ^ I thought the same thing until I watched his speech. You're probably right tho, unfortunately.
  5. Clefan98


    ^ Sen. Sasse says he 'urged' Trump not to pick Kavanaugh, slams president for mocking Ford https://www.foxnews.com/politics/sen-sasse-says-he-urged-trump-not-to-pick-kavanaugh-slams-president-for-mocking-ford
  6. Clefan98

    Electric Cars

    Tesla's secret success story: Model 3 is best selling luxury car in America https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/04/tech/tesla-model-3-luxury-car/index.html
  7. Clefan98


    ^ excellent post and 100% accurate
  8. Clefan98

    Electric Cars

    Tesla calms fears with strong sales numbers A tumultuous quarter at Tesla ended with some very good sales numbers. The company delivered 83,500 vehicles during the third quarter, a strong performance that should calm investor fears about logistical problems and a looming cash crunch. That included almost 56,000 of the lower-priced Model 3. Production was a bit below that number: Tesla said it built about 53,000 Model 3s. But that was within the company's projections. https://money.cnn.com/2018/10/02/technology/tesla-sales/index.html
  9. Parks, playgrounds and private schools are found everyone in the Cleveland metro, so I'm not sure your point. The Ohio City area will be tough to beat when the towpath trail, lakefront trail, and Redline greenways projects are completed.
  10. Totally agree with renting first. Very good advice, especially for those not familiar with NEO.
  11. Fair enough. Sometimes this page doesn’t feel very urbany and that’s a shame.
  12. Yes I have a daughter. Yeah, because everyone knows that no criminals live in Shaker lol. There’s a way to prop up your beloved suburb w/out tearing down the city. This is URBANohio after all. Honest question: how’s Cleveland ever supposed to be a better place to live when those (even on here!) tell good people their kids will get raped if they play outside? I think you’re smart enough to know that thousands of kids live in Tremont, OC and Gordon sq w/out issues.
  13. Really? Lakewood is mostly full of bars and restaurants, and Shaker/Cleveland Hts aren’t really all that interesting of places for families. I can’t ever think of time where I was like “honey, let’s take the kids to Shaker”! Being close to the lake and activities Edgewater has to offer beats the heck out of anything in the heights. It’s also a better area for future real estate values.