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  1. Adding lanes rarely works, in fact it often has the opposite affect. Increasing access to public transit does alleviate traffic, but I doubt you want to hear that.
  2. The push from the top is to consolidate as much as possible. The term being thrown around is "Global HQ", but I think saying ALL jobs would be a stretch. For instance, they're going to keep their model store and small training unit open in Berea.
  3. Should also note they rent additional office space at Case for VP training, and Baldwin Wallace for on-the-job development training. The number of trainees at these two locations are between 800-900 per year (and growing). This is in addition to their official training center in Strongsville.
  4. Good point. And to add on to some of my comments from yesterday; SHW has ~300 employees located at their training center currently based in Strongsville. They bring in 1000's of employees from the across the world for training each year. Most of these employees are put up in hotels along the 71 corridor in Middleburg. The new training center will be based at the new downtown HQ (interior design is already underway) and is due to almost double in size. I believe a new hotel, or an expansion of an existing hotel, will be needed as part of this relocation and expansion.
  5. SHW isn't waiting on nor counting on the TMUD legislation to be passed.
  6. ^ All rats will eventually jump ship sooner or later.
  7. I should be able to provide some hard data and info on their current employment levels at all US sites by the end of this week. Most of their R&D/labs will be consolidated into the new site, although I don't believe a final decision has made on some of them. Your 2700 figure is pretty damn close to the number I've heard, which is somewhere between 2k - 2500 additional employees in Cleveland. I'm hesitant to say the number breakdown between relocations and growth, but that will come out soon as well.
  8. No, it's not speculation and the game changer remark isn't an overstatement. My source (a director at SHW) is in a position to know what their future growth and employee relocation plans are. They've been planning for this move for some time now, they just didn't know where the new HQ would be. Now that's it's been confirmed, Cleveland is poised to gain thousands of employees over the next 5yrs. In addition, did you include the numbers from their other 6 or 7 R&D centers located across the country? They have office staff in other cities/states that no one has talked about, and many of you probably didn't even know existed. And yes, Valspar has 600 HQ jobs, but once again did you include their 400 R&D jobs also located in Minny?
  9. Stop right there, this is far more than just "some" jobs. By the time they're done building it's going to reach in the thousands of new jobs - that's not a guess or speculation. The flats and nuCLEus aren't very good comparisons either. This is a billion+ dollar development in the heart of the city. I don't believe our region has ever seen anything on this scale, it's truly a game changer.
  10. Sun Country Airlines enters Cleveland Hopkins market with flights to Minneapolis-St. Paul https://www.cleveland.com/business/2019/11/sun-country-airlines-enters-cleveland-hopkins-market-with-flights-to-minneapolis-st-paul.html
  11. I sure hope not. No one wants to see you or @jmecklenborg end up in a psych ward.
  12. Can't wait to see your level of triggeredness once the Y is America's best selling SUV.
  13. How Sherwin-Williams HQ might reshape downtown https://www.crainscleveland.com/manufacturing/how-sherwin-williams-hq-might-reshape-downtown
  14. Yes, I realize that. Just saying theoretically, it's possible.
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