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  1. Clefan98

    Lake Erie

    I'd mentioned this to friends and family over the weekend.
  2. Spent four years in Columbus and a summer in Cincinnati, also currently have offices in both cities. My company would prefer I live in Columbus, but not living on a large body of water is something I could never envision or be cool with. I live in Detroit-Shoreway and although there's many benefits of living here, the proximity to the lake and downtown are hands down the main reasons why we've settled here. Last night's sunset was pretty impactful: https://twitter.com/JasonNweather/status/1273430926714900480
  3. We'll have to agree to disagree on that one.
  4. Our great lake alone makes Cleveland feel much different than CIN or COL.
  5. Take us back!! New Connecticut on Lake Erie: Connecticut’s Western Reserve If you drive through the area of Ohio still called the Western Reserve today, you will find towns named Norwich, Saybrook, New London, Litchfield, Mansfield, and Plymouth. Many of these communities have a town green or square and the ubiquitous white-steepled church common to Connecticut. When Europeans began settling the Atlantic seaboard of what became the United States, no one knew how far the land extended. As a result, many colonies, including Connecticut, were given vague charters of conveyance that implied they had rights to land far to their west. This led to numerous boundary disputes between the states. The new federal government stepped in to settle these disputes, and on September 13, 1786, Connecticut relinquished its claims except for a 120-mile long strip along Lake Erie, called the Western Reserve. https://connecticuthistory.org/new-connecticut-on-lake-erie-connecticuts-western-reserve/
  6. Why not? NEO has some of the best assets in the country.
  7. Cleveland City Council approves tax incentives to help Sherwin-Williams build its new headquarters https://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/2020/06/cleveland-city-council-approves-tax-incentives-to-help-sherwin-williams-build-its-new-headquarters.html
  8. Umami in Chagrin Falls to Close After 12 Years Because of Covid https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2020/06/14/umami-in-chagrin-falls-to-close-after-12-years-because-of-covid
  9. Notable Northeast Ohio shopping centers are feeling the pinch of pandemic-induced pain The Great Northern Mall in North Olmsted and Pinecrest mixed-use center in Orange Village are in fiscal distress in vastly different arenas. Great Northern, the 1972 enclosed mall that put the suburb west of Cleveland on the map as a shopping destination, is in play in Israel. It's one of five malls that Starwood Retail of Chicago used to back a $254 million bond issue sold in 2018 on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Investors declared the bond in default June 6, according to TASE filings. https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/notable-northeast-ohio-shopping-centers-are-feeling-pinch-pandemic-induced-pain
  10. Not sure of the status, but here's the original plan as shown with the now cancelled Edison phase II. Just noticed the N/S pedestrian connection.
  11. speaking of the red line greenway, I was pleasantly surprised to see how far along they are today. It's now visibly noticeable as you get on 90w from w44th.
  12. I think the land bank lots will be a part of this project.
  13. He subs out most of the exterior and framing, last I heard (about a month ago) he was working on a deal with KNEZ to frame these. Then his crew will come in and complete the interior/finishes. He was expecting his construction loan to close in 45-60 days and has 50% of the project already funded with cash from a few local investors. From what I recall these will be on the smaller end (1200-1350sq ft). Next time we talk, I'll definitely find out more.
  14. Dan is a good friend of mine - he's done everything from townhomes to mansions (Vermillion area) in addition to kitchens and baths....And good news, I would say there is a 95% chance of this project happening
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