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  1. Clefan98

    The Trump Presidency

  2. Clefan98

    Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

    In a statement, United said: “Boston and Cleveland continue to be important destinations in United’s route network. We continuously monitor business and leisure demand across the system and during the most recent review made the difficult decision to discontinue service on the Cleveland-Boston route effective March 7, 2019. Today’s announcement does not change United’s plans to expand Cleveland service to nine popular business and leisure destinations this winter.” https://www.cleveland.com/travel/2018/12/united-airlines-to-drop-cleveland-to-boston-flights-delta-will-pick-them-up.html
  3. Clefan98

    Terrorism / Mass Shootings

    Just your weekly dose of right wing terrorism... CNN evacuates New York offices because of bomb threat https://www.cleveland.com/nation/2018/12/cnn-evacuates-new-york-offices-because-of-bomb-threat.html
  4. Clefan98

    Cleveland Monsters Discussion

    I'll be at tonight's game!
  5. Where did you see that Stark can't close the financing gap even with the public subsidy? The new state bill hasn't even passed yet.
  6. I'd encourage you (and everyone on here) to take some time and digest this study done by Urban Partners out of Philadelphia. The focus of the study is future downtown housing needs, but it also includes some interesting data for the core city neighborhoods. http://www.downtowncleveland.com/DCA/media/DCA_Media/2018-Housing-Demand-Analysis.pdf
  7. Clefan98

    The Democratic Party

    With latest count, Democrat TJ Cox pulls ahead of Republican David Valadao in #CA21 by 438 votes. If his lead holds, will give Democrats their seventh House seat pickup in California and give them 40 nationwide for this midterm election.
  8. Did they give you any hints or insight regarding the height of the building?
  9. Michigan developer weighs downtown deal Michigan real estate developer Jonathan Holtzman, who is building apartments throughout the Midwest, wants to construct a mixed-use residential building in downtown Cleveland. Holtzman, CEO of City Club Apartments in Farmington Hills, described the proposed structure as a "high-rise" as he confirmed his interest in downtown Cleveland in an email from his public relations firm. https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/michigan-developer-weighs-downtown-deal
  10. Clefan98

    Cleveland: Mayor Frank Jackson

    What don't you like about Zone's track record? Speaking as someone who lives in his ward, he's truly one of the most engaged politicians I've ever met...To say he lacks a higher level of vision is an extremely lazy description of him. Cleveland would be 100x better off with Zone or Ronayne leading the city. Many of us are pushing Zone to run and for Adam Rosen to replace him as our councilman. Adam's currently the Economic Development Director at DSDCO and is a very intelligent young man with a bright future in politics ahead of him. Our current leadership sucks, but my faith in the future of this city is high because of rising stars like Kerry McCormack and Adam Rosen. Adam gets it:
  11. These just hit the market: https://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/house_type/77002_rid/0_singlestory/featured_sort/41.51792,-81.70257,41.437402,-81.775317_rect/X1-SS-1mcpdkqc03r3p_9abc1_sse/0_mmm/2086955508_zpid/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=emo-instantsavedsearch&utm_term=urn:msg:20181120173105d4fcc79e95ec4d5f&utm_content=20181120-forsaleaddress-PSS&3col=true
  12. Suburban builder joins West Side building frenzy Although Bennett Builders of Westlake has been a home builder for 60 years and traces its roots to a plumbing company launched 100 years ago, the family owned business is on the verge of making a change from its typical suburban playbook. Through West 54th Townhomes LLC, a joint venture between three members of the Bennett family and mortgage banker Martin Smith, the company plans to build a six-unit townhouse project on an empty lot in the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood. https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/suburban-builder-joins-west-side-building-frenzy
  13. ^ I think it looks great - nice job!
  14. NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio - The North Royalton Police Department is investigating after a couple was found dead inside their bedroom with multiple gunshot wounds, police confirmed Monday. https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/oh-cuyahoga/police-investigating-after-north-royalton-elderly-couple-found-dead-inside-their-bedroom
  15. Clefan98

    Cleveland: Crime & Safety Discussion

    Not many details....but here's where it happened. https://www.wtol.com/2018/11/12/found-dead-friendly-village-mobile-home-park/?fbclid=IwAR0Se0g-rxHoSsHyJqH529rVQ3fcTPuj-v57R8nV8LLei0n6D4miLCb6ocQ