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  1. The speed at which this project is going up is amazing.
  2. Before yesterday, everything I was hearing matched exactly what KJP, YABO and a few others here had mentioned. I was provided new information yesterday morning that lead me to believe it's a two man race between a downtown HQ and another site out-of-state. That's why I speculated the 50/50 odds. In hindsight, Cleveland probably does have the edge, so I apologize for misspeaking. I do know the threat of SHW leaving was not an extortion attempt to get tax incentives, they really are exploring all options. I'm shocked that some people find this unbelievable. SHW is a global corporation who answers to a board and shareholders, not to their employee's or our wishes.
  3. This sounds like it's directed at me, so I'm going to respond. I've been posting on this site for over 10yrs, and I can guarantee you the few forum members with my tenure know I don't post BS. I don't give two s's or a f if you don't believe me or my source, but I'm going to keep posting when I hear something I know to be fact. I realize there's a bunch of fragile newbies that would rather hear what you want to hear, rather than accurate/true information. If that's you, maybe you're the one who belongs on those other sites. The reason I can't leave ANY breabcrumbs is because my source checks this forum and knows my screen name. I gave them my word, and their trust is something I value way more than some rando internet guy's opinion of me.
  4. I never said those jobs are unique to Cleveland. The purpose of mentioning the plethora of available software jobs is because SHW is having a hard time filling them. They're not even getting applicants for 80K+ salaries. That's literally the only reason I think there's a chance they could bolt town. I can assure you I hope that's not the case! I could also see the possibility of Sherwin wanting to open dual HQ's. A global HQ elsewhere, combined with a centralized HQ here in Cleveland.
  5. I can tell you they've been struggling to fill high-level tech positions. Go to their career site and browse available jobs. Most are in software development/software engineering and have been unfilled for quite some time. I fear this could be the #1 reason why an outside city has a chance in this race.
  6. It's possible he's confusing it with the Lakefront site controlled by Pace? Last go around, PS, Pace's lakefront plan and FEB were all contenders, with PS winning out as the preferred site.
  7. Yeah, you're right. An announcement will be made before Jan 2020.
  8. Where did I post it's SW execs watching this forum? When did I say they were leaving? What I'm asking that you knock off is putting words in my mouth that were never said. Got it? Can we move on now?
  9. It has nothing to do with our thoughts. I don't want anything tied back to me or my source, so knock it off.
  10. Yes, they released a press statement saying they were looking at all options. I'll flip it, what have they done that would lead one to believe they aren't considering a move?
  11. No I can't give any hints at all, sorry. There's a lot of new eyes on this forum.
  12. I think it's safe to assume they know where they're going considering there's an announcement date.
  13. It's not that aggressive considering they already know where they're going/staying. If they decide to leave, they still have four years to make plans for it.
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