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  1. Overall point taken, but acting like you can tell if a city is booming or not by an overnight visit in Feb is quite humorous.
  2. This isn't one year..The chart shows Columbus' drop starting in 2014 and continuing on until at least 2017.
  3. ^ 9 floors is a big reduction...You're talking about 120' or so. And what if they don't find a large office tenant?
  4. 26 stories is still meh when compared to the original 35 stories. Especially when you consider the current blah design of the building.
  5. Wow the dispatch article says it's now only 26 stories. That's even more disappointing. By the time construction starts up it'll probably be reduced even more.
  6. ^ Nonsense https://www.clevelandconstruction.com/projects/hospitality/
  7. Well you walked by at 7pm, the party was closed down at 6:30pm. I was there, drinking on top of said lot.
  8. Yeah, that's b/c no one could park there. They turned that lot into a pregame block party for various bars, same as Monday night for the HR Derby.
  9. Downtown/Flats Design Review Case Report THE PENINSULA Return to Case List | Start Over | Print Report (PDF format) Project Information Downtown/Flats Case # DF 2019-063 Address: Carter Road Company: The NRP Group LLC Architect: BKV Group Description: The construction of new residential structures on existing vacant land. Notes: http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/designreview/brd/detailDR.php?ID=3263&CASE=DF 2019-063
  10. It's definitely not a bad thing, I was just stating my experience was quite different. I met a lot of visitors who were in town for the game enjoying edgewater, WSM, etc...
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