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  1. If the roundabout between Steelyard, a freeway, and Tremont can work, then this one can work as well.
  2. This would be a seperate development from the 'halfway' house being built across the street, correct?
  3. Which building in downtown has the most stories? The public library!!! I'll show myself out.
  4. No I get that, that's why im talking the last 10 years, not 50.
  5. ^Anecdotally of course, but.. My street in old Brooklyn runs basically between Pearl and Fulton. When I bought my house in 2009, there were roughly 20 houses in that 6 block stretch that were foreclosed/abandoned/whatever. Slowly but steadlily these houses have been reclaimed by the landbank and sold, or the banks unloaded them. There has been one house torn down, and that was only because my neighbor complained to the councilman weekly about the house. Every other house and double has been rehabbed and is fully occupied. By my estimates my street alone has 50 more people than it did in 2009. From nifht time walks, much of the neighborhood seems to have gone the same way. I can't believe there hasnt been a few thousand person bump in neighborhood population.
  6. That's a great location for a DD until the opportunity corridor opens.
  7. Couldn't they partner with any of the developers working on larger projects downtown as a small commitment just to get their name on the side of the building. This could work great for Sherwin Williams and the Jacobs lot; build it 5 stories taller for future growth, but in the mean time lease to Progressive. (Could work for nucleus too, but that's a whole different thread.)
  8. ^they sort of were on the edge of 'nice' Tremont, but Grumpys and Lava Lounge are whiffle ball's throw away and going strong after many years. From firsthand anecdotal experience, a lot of people who went out (usually) to Tremont 3 or 4 nights a week in 2005-2010 are no longer young professionals. They are now more settled down, have kids, and eat at home a lot more. They don't go out like they once did.
  9. Bingo! Now people can come back and spend a long weekend exploring the rest.
  10. ^You're forgetting the Applied Industrial Technologies HQ across from Cleveland Masonic! That one needs to go as well.
  11. ^just for the surface lot, not counting the garage I'm getting: 250 spots * $100 * 5 days = $125,000. The garage has to have almost as many spots right?
  12. With the new Taussig Cancee and Joint College of Medicine coming online over the past few years, a lot of interior reshuffling has been happening. Departments have moved and expanded, necessitating a fairly consistent set of construction workers on campus. Two places come to mind: The old playhouse is still an underused asset. It's 11+ acres and just about an entire block (except for the 'build to suite' corner, what an idiot) and is mostly surface parking. On campus there was a "what the hell do we do with this?" mentality when they took it over. That site could easliy hold something more or less the scale of the american greetings HQ. The other spot is literally printed on the clinic's map. In past versions orange was labeled as a construction zone. On the current version of the map (2017) there is one unlabeled orange spot left. This is diagonal across the intersectuon from new Taussig, next to Tudor Arms and the 105 garage. The skywalk comes across 105th and makes a 90 degree turn at a building that doesnt exist. Obviously they have plans for this spot, it just isn't fully fleshed out yet. The footprint seems just about the right size for a taller office building that would not look out of place next to Tudor Arms or the Walker Center.
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