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  1. ^yeah while we are at it, can progressive field be re-done as the Name-Your-Price-Tool Dome?
  2. The rocket mortgage field house, ice cream parlor, and gift shop. Now THAT has a catchy ring to it.
  3. And if they extend the convention center out as far as the Amtrak Station, they could add an elevated entrance for suite level people.
  4. I answer, say hello, and set the phone down. On average I waste 3 or 4 minutes of their time. You would think these guys would have their own list of not worth the effort people. ON TOPIC RANDOM QUICK QUESTION So the area just south of w 117th and Berea rd has always seemed kinda strange to me, especially the giant building that houses Staples, Penn Station, and the laundromat. Does it have a basement? I mean 80% of it is the giant featureless brick wall on either main road with the businesses 'up' at a 2nd floor height on the side st (Carbon st?) Tell me that whole thing used to be something cool!
  5. When I get ads like this I leave a comment like "let me know when the direct flights begin!"
  6. ^how about the mostly empty industrial park just north of the airport where the rental car facility is located?
  7. Cleveland Clinic presents dead man's curve. That will pay for it
  8. Or maybe the local newspaper could move downtown. Oops, they are consolidating out by the Friday's and BW3 on Tiediman.
  9. No it's because we see another large hospital campus over at Euclid and east 100th that has large green spaces that exist without any way to use them. They exist to look nice from a patient's window and seperate the hospital from the surroinding city. Do you think anyone will get off a bus that stops on W25th in January and walk 400 yards through a snowy, cold 'park' to get to their appointments at metro? I don't want to speak for everyone else on here, but Perk Park is great since it was rebuilt. It now interacts with the neighborhood instead of being a sunken bunker. Public square got it mostly right with amanities to bring young and old through all seasons. Edgewater now has improved connections to the neighborhoods up on the bluffs, and the beach house which hosts events all summer. If anything besides a city block wide swath of just grass and oak trees get laid down I will be surprised.
  10. Is there any way to find out where the products from these farms end up and boycott them?
  11. How about capping the tracks between the station and 25th, wouldnt that allow more space for construction? Put a new greenway on top directly over the tracks.
  12. Tax by the mile! We already have Echeck facilities that could easily take your mileage once a year. Working downtown and living in a status sub-development Avon or Solon may not look so attractive at that point.
  13. Also, a big part of the renovation is likely the addition of a heating system. Their previous solution was to give everyone blankets to keep warm in april-may and october-november.
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