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  1. ^Then why hasn't a strong Independent candidate shown up (at least since Ross Perot)? It has to be a money thing right? Before this current election season, wasn't there talk about a year ago that Bloomberg might run as an Independent?
  2. Why do we need political parties at all? How many people have been conditioned to automatically reject Republicans as hating sick people and/or Democrats as taking all your money and giving it to welfare queens? Let's start with local elections like city council members; take the party affiliation off of the ballot and have a general election with as many candidates as want to run, and then a run off if no candidate cracks 50%. The parties exist for the sole purpose of perpetuating themselves.
  3. Yeah I'm done shopping at the Big Bird
  4. ^The Clinic and UH already have their own significant backup generators that keep the places mostly running during an outage. There was an article posted in another thread about twitter being fed up with San Francisco and many companies moving to remote work and satellite offices. I can't help but think downtown having its own dedicated electrical grid would be attractive to a Facebook or Google.
  5. Has anyone noticed that in the last six months, many Uber and Lyft drivers are now from out of state? I've been keeping track and I would estimate 75% of cars with Georgia and Florida plates also have glowing rideshare signs in their windows.
  6. Perhaps cut a few side entrances into the cemetary, put a nice iron gate on it, and call it a day?
  7. ^if what was replacing it was 5 stories taller we may all like it more. As it stands it's trading one building for another of roughly the same size.
  8. Old brooklyn is getting pretty close to light green as well!
  9. The lot next to (south of) Southside is in the process of being paved for what looks like parking. Does this mean the fairfield 11 building is soon a go?
  10. originaljbw


    ^That's in canadian degrees! They do that to make you think its significantly colder than on our side of the border.
  11. How about we build the lake erie wind farm without another 5 million spent on studies?
  12. 3 months after the next lake wind turbine study! Extending the waterfront line to the edge makes so much sense; you could go from your condo/apartment in gateway or the flats to an outlet mall? Sign me up!
  13. For the next stunning upset, Jakprints is purchasing Xerox and moving their HQ and research labs here.
  14. ^Ariel Ventures, the people behing Ariel International and Ariel Pearl party centers are planning on an apartment building seperate from the YMCA project. If you check out their website they seem to have a lot of urban infill development going on. https://www.arielventures.com/ariel/aboutUs.html
  15. It used to be the wiccan store/museum that was in Tremont on w14th roughly across from Bac, (nevermind, now trio), I mean the empty resraurant.
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