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  1. Yeah, three quarters of the circle can still be seen from goog maps, the only thing that would have to go is some of the churche lawn and the ambulance drive-through .
  2. The stretch between e105 and e93 is now open.
  3. And the ground itself is still warm. That helps as well
  4. Yea the thing I saw was on FB way back this year. Most people said things like more local produce at the WSM. I wasn't trying to imply he was the developer, but he seems good at getting different groups together to better the neighborhood.
  5. I just figured, as the guy who did the Duck Island 7, it might me a coincidence that the Brickman properties changed hands at the same time McNulty posted the roll of plans. Maybe a McNulty got a taste for the development business and is partnering with a bigger fish to get a bigger project done. In the past he has posted on social media asking what people think the neighborhood needs.
  6. To maybe throw a twig or two into the bonfire, Sam McNulty just posted a photo on his instagram showing a good size roll of construction plans with a message about permits, city hall, and details coming soon. LINK
  7. Yea this feels more like they dropped the ball on advertising to Case Western students during the summer.
  8. originaljbw

    Pet Peeves!

    If it's my floor where I am getting off, I can't help but say, "No, youre right! There is more space inside the elevator than out of it! Good thinking!"
  9. originaljbw

    Cleveland sidewalks

    For a vote in "services are improving" poll, the city has pretty much resurfaced my street in two days. They stared scraping off the old asphalt yesterday, and today they laid all the new/recycled asphalt. The only work left is to even out a few driveway transitions and seal the edges. I'm shocked! I remember a few streets in Fakewood around 105th that it took seemingly a month to complete just the basic repave
  10. It seems to me that a big goal if this was to grow the space for pre and post function event space. How many larger conventions or group meetings have used the Q in the past only to have breakout meetings and other smaller functions back at the convention center?
  11. The framing for the Menards on Brookpark looks to be about 1/3rd of the way up
  12. originaljbw

    Cleveland: Crime & Safety Discussion

    Could some lawyer get together every propery owner that was turfed and file a class action lawsuit against the city for allowing this to go on? I could see anyone who wants to be mayor next election cycle getting this together.
  13. originaljbw

    Cleveland: Crime & Safety Discussion

    And how long until it's a Mom driving with a car full of little kids that suffers the same fate as the hypothetical police cruiser?
  14. originaljbw

    Cleveland: Crime & Safety Discussion

    Again, I would like a map that shows where convicted criminals live when they commit crimes. I think that map would shed a lot of light on things.
  15. originaljbw

    Cleveland Neighborhoods

    The Facebook posts about the outage have been hilarious. Apparently you can die if your fan isn't blowing on you. Any car that goes down a street a 2nd time is a cat burglar. And CPP owes everyone new groceries!