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  1. What would be great is to see the Carnegie offramp closed because its a dangerous merge point and any traffic can either go 200 yards to Chester or take the Opportunity Corridor. I would love to see that third of the innerbelt capped and the huge onramp circles given to Cleveland State for dorms. Carnegie and Prospect near e55th remind me a little of Clifton and Edgewater on the Cleveland side of w117th.
  2. To clarify its only the restaurant closing, not Western Reserve Distillery.
  3. Hey let's all be glad we didn't host the draft this year!
  4. I've heard before if your elevator pitch can't be summed up as "show a meets show b" executives immediately stop listening.
  5. Maybe they hang out in the terrace club a little too much?
  6. Diagonally across the intersection, on the future Bio-Repository site they have what looks like a trailer for more in depth examinations.
  7. Not very. Maybe a car every 2 or 3 min goes thru. It must have to do with processing the doctor's notes saying to conduct the test
  8. Traffic is backed up from 105th, the entire block length of Carnegie, and on to Stokes.
  9. The entire Walker parking lot is now the drive through testing facility.
  10. Hey my 401k is off in corporate land, but my Robinhood account is ready for fresh money from my savings. Let things sink another 20% and profit!
  11. Nighttown is closing for a few weeks. I assume if you can't get musicians to show up on weekends it would really hurt business. I've heard through the [restaurant] industry grapevine the Hilton has drastically scaled back staff and hours since just about every meeting is convention related and has cancelled. Honestly, the only places that are going to do well right now are places with a strong delivery/uber eats/doordash presence.
  12. To put the Clinic's building practices into perspective, they have shut down most entrances and the few remaining have airport style temperature scanners looking for active corona cases. Once through the checkpoints you can move between buildings through the skyways.
  13. Yes, two cranes on the westside/not downtown! If Brooklyn Center can get a few more of these sized projects on Pearl or Denison home prices are going skyrocket.
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