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  1. With the new Taussig Cancee and Joint College of Medicine coming online over the past few years, a lot of interior reshuffling has been happening. Departments have moved and expanded, necessitating a fairly consistent set of construction workers on campus. Two places come to mind: The old playhouse is still an underused asset. It's 11+ acres and just about an entire block (except for the 'build to suite' corner, what an idiot) and is mostly surface parking. On campus there was a "what the hell do we do with this?" mentality when they took it over. That site could easliy hold something more or less the scale of the american greetings HQ. The other spot is literally printed on the clinic's map. In past versions orange was labeled as a construction zone. On the current version of the map (2017) there is one unlabeled orange spot left. This is diagonal across the intersectuon from new Taussig, next to Tudor Arms and the 105 garage. The skywalk comes across 105th and makes a 90 degree turn at a building that doesnt exist. Obviously they have plans for this spot, it just isn't fully fleshed out yet. The footprint seems just about the right size for a taller office building that would not look out of place next to Tudor Arms or the Walker Center.
  2. Oh I agree that they are doing much better, but for many who have never used a metro facility the old stereotype still stands. Same for people who havent been downtown since 1977, unfortunately these people still vote.
  3. Metro has been doing much better by leaps and bounds, but I know people that consider metro the hospital where gangbangers get their gunshots treated. Five years ago it nearly evacuated during a polar vortex event because it was in such a state of obsolescence and disrepair. https://www.cleveland.com/healthfit/2014/05/metrohealth_unveils_campus_tra.html
  4. ^Put toll booths ar the county line! Why doesn't regionalism start with baby steps? Let's start with the Cleveland and Cuyahoga County library systems merging. Have Metroparks take over city park services one suburb at a time. Do little things that can demonstrate how pooling resources makes things more efficient. Currently many see a regional based anything as bloated and corrupt. Ask Parma Joe Six Pack if he wants his neighborhood managed by a county wide authority just like the water and sewer (zero customer service/massive billing errors for many years), RTA, the jail system, or Metro. There needs to be several good examples besides metroparks on how economies of scale saves money.
  5. I would imagine after the all star game. Anyone wanna guess what they are going to charge? For the world series it was $100 a car.
  6. *sigh* Just like with flats east bank, the goal it to have a rental office that is busy all 12 months of the year instead of one big bump based on when the building opened. That means any given month around 8 % is renewing or moving. It opened last summer so we are are 2-3 months away from a complete year. I know their website lists everything as available now but imagine the complaints from current residents if 40 sets of moving trucks showed up june 1st.
  7. ^that place is life changing. It's like a home depot crossed with a pet supplies plus crossed with a GFS, and 50% larger and cheaper.
  8. Or have the water taxi close early because metroparks fears it will become a booze cruize. Or have zero rapid service when people would be finishing up and leaving. As long as the flats remain 99.97% bars/restaurants/nightclubs, they are going to rely on Friday and Saturday nights to pay the bills. As I understand it the reasoning behind the parking bans was to improve traffic flow, but most of the problems are caused by idiots at the bottom and top of west st clair all trying to make left turns. When I used to work down there you could watch traffic flow fairly well, then one car trying to turn left onto w9th back up cars all the way down the hill and nearly to collision bend. Add to that one car that is coming south on w10th/lockwood that wants to turn and go up west st clair because that is the only way they know to get to the freeways. Now traffic is completely blocked on both roads.
  9. (Pulls up google maps) (Puts in Richmond Mall to Tower City) 12 miles by walking, closest thing to straight line maps app does on my phone. (Puts in Harry Buffalo Lakewood to Tower City) 7.4 miles. (Puts in Crocker Park to Tower City) 14 miles.
  10. Why? So people can get their Ubers and Lyfts at Public Square instead of wherever they spent their evening? A late night system needs more than 4-5 stops to even have a chance. I've seen too many people who walked down to the flats on a weekend after an indians game or a concert and give up on RTA once they realized it would take an 45 minutes to an hour to ride to Lakewood or University Circle. (This isn't even late night! I just checked for 945 on saturday and UC is 40 min and lakewood is 56 min from the flats.) Ridesharing apps estimate 20 minutes.
  11. ^yeah while we are at it, can progressive field be re-done as the Name-Your-Price-Tool Dome?
  12. The rocket mortgage field house, ice cream parlor, and gift shop. Now THAT has a catchy ring to it.
  13. And if they extend the convention center out as far as the Amtrak Station, they could add an elevated entrance for suite level people.
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