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  1. How about capping the tracks between the station and 25th, wouldnt that allow more space for construction? Put a new greenway on top directly over the tracks.
  2. Tax by the mile! We already have Echeck facilities that could easily take your mileage once a year. Working downtown and living in a status sub-development Avon or Solon may not look so attractive at that point.
  3. Also, a big part of the renovation is likely the addition of a heating system. Their previous solution was to give everyone blankets to keep warm in april-may and october-november.
  4. The parent company (construction and masonry business) has been on the wrong end of a few lawsuits, just caught in a bad cashflow spot. Owners optimistic it can be sorted out.
  5. Maybe not on top, but offices could be wrapped around like the main visitor garage. All the employee garages have mostly finished elevator lobbies with some doors, heating, and carpet. It's not hard to imagine a future where what is currently a green lawn separating the garages from the street gets developed as support/peripheral offices.
  6. The clinic makes money off the garages. The e105th and e89th garages are $70 a month. Closer in ones are over $100. Encouraging everyone to ride RTA pays them much less. If I had the money I would be building parking-less residential buildings just across Chester and Cedar, aiming them at clinic emoloyees. If you need a parking spot, just use the one you pay for at the clinic.
  7. And these ads were put out by municipalities and advocacy groups, not companies. I know every booze ad puts in the required drink responsibly message in as small of a time as possible, but do you think that 0.5 second low voiced guy has ever caused anyone to drink responsibly? The drunk driving ads focus on the negative consequences of fines, lawsuits, jail time, and loss of driving priviledges. Also, I would put 90% of the drunk driving decline on uber and lyft. Almost every bar advertises to sign up, avoid a DUII, and get $20 off your first ride! To me the Gilette ad is the same as the DARE campaign; over the top, heavy handed, exaggerating, and painting everyone with a broad brush.
  8. As long as we are mashing up names, can Detroit and Toledo become Deleto?
  9. So serious question: what product advertisement has caused you to change how you live your life or view the world? When you say it will encourage men who blow it off to raise their offspring differently... how? If they already don't care enough to raise children to view women as people, how is a razor blade commercial going to change that? We all know or at least have heard of the crazy old racist uncle/grandfather. How did their children turn out? Was it because the old racists raised them 'do as I say not as I do' or because of the influences of teachers, coaches, clergy, or other adult figures in society?
  10. For me, the biggest problem is that one advertisement thinks it is going to get a relatively small group of men to change their ways by generalizing their bad actions to half the population. How many men who cat call, or bully, or do any of these stupid behaviors will change because of this commercial? How many will realize "oh my god, THIS is what the world thinks of me? I shall renounce everything I have thought my whole life and become Bob Ross." Is a commercial even an appropriate place to have this talk? Talk about it in school, in HR meetings, a place of worship, around a dining room table, even this thread is a great place for it. It's like the endless reminders to fasten your seat belts; if you don't at this point it is because you consciously choose not to. Can you smoke on an airplane? Havent been able to in the memory of my life (30 + years) but we are still told on EVERY......SINGLE.....FLIGHT. Don't cat call a woman? Thanks gilette for reminding me not to! Instead of the gilette commercial, what of they spent the million or so dollars on the distinguished geneltman club, an after school group committed to teaching young, impressionable males how to not be d!cks. http://www.dgcmentor.org Would anyone have a problem with that?
  11. How about capping the tracks between the station and 25th, wouldnt that allow more space for construction? Put a new greenway on top directly over the tracks.
  12. When the opportunity corridor finishes up, there will will be a fairly large drop in traffic as everyone shifts to the new route. I wouldn't mind seeing the Carnegie offramp eliminated to help as well.
  13. I just put in to goog maps the fairly modest proposal of deciding on heading home from Punch Bowl at 12:15 am; the instructions involve walking to public square, waiting until the 51 bus comes st 12:49, and getting home at 1:52 am. Or an uber for 20 bucks and about 30 min, any time you want to order it.
  14. Going way back, wasn't the original speculation that nothing significant would happen until after the Beacon is finished? That is what, six months or so away?
  15. Yeah, three quarters of the circle can still be seen from goog maps, the only thing that would have to go is some of the churche lawn and the ambulance drive-through .
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