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  1. DeVos is an excellent choice for the post. Kudos to Trump for recruiting her!
  2. It may be time to drain the swamp at RTA headquarters. ;)
  3. And she'd have destroyed it, ironically........is one response I could throw out there. However, I find the article logic flawed a bit. Trump won a not insignificant vote in those counties that Billary won. There needs to be an allocation method applied to this data, not just a slanted viewpoint to illustrate a meaningless point.
  4. Trump appears to have a couple million MORE votes than Romney.
  5. Feels like that article is misrepresenting the facts on the 2004 election
  6. I blame President-Elect Trump on the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton should have been discarded after the 2008 Election. Instead they put her in an important position with below average results and bring her back in 2016. Just a bad idea. She was not a good candidate in 2008 and certainly not one in 2016. Not saying I know who they should have nominated (probably not Bernie). It was just pure arrogance that they put a low-quality candidate like Hillary up. Now we are stuck with a reality show star as President. I'm thinking Real Housewives of Pennsylvania Avenue?
  7. Toured the new Westin. I think they did a great job upgrading the aging space. The meeting rooms and public areas are much improved. We have booked our annual meeting at the Westin in January, after having it in Dominican Republic or Nassau the last few years. Glad to keep it home, and keeping it positive with our sales force who are grumbling about Cleveland in January.
  8. Cute idea to have the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad provide service to the casino, but seriously a non-starter as a solution to parking needs. It would be a gimmic and that's it. Parking would need to be up close for 99.9% of patrons.
  9. Thnaks for the occasional photos. I had a north-facing office in Key Tower for a number of years and wish I had it now to watch this project. I think this project is the most important one going on in Cleveland now, more so than the casino and Innerbelt projects.
  10. I have not tried RTA for my commute to my new office yet. Getting from Lorain County to Carnegie near E40th involves a transfer, presumably on Public Square or at STJTC. Everything is set up to get people to Public Square, which worked well for me for 13 years.
  11. NO! Even if I park on the 3rd floor, I drive up to 9 so I can coast all the way down the spiral exit ramps. It's like Cedar Point! Anyhoo, carry on.
  12. I agree with MTS, but some of the things discussed above RTA was already aware of, like the broken door at Cudell for 6 months (or more?). I wonder how much of the maintenance budget is taken up by rail maintenance. Beyond some mopping, there is not a whole lot of evidence of maintenance happening at Red line stations. Money's tight, so I can understand why.
  13. I am glad they have been reported, but seriously RTA should not need to be notified by the random public of the large-scale issues at these stations. The Cudell station issues are plainly obvious to RTA staff who pass through there. The broken sliding door for 6 months seemed excessively long, didn't it? On the other hand, perhaps they prioritize repairs based on the number of complaints, so the particularly bad issues should be reported frequently. Who knows.
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