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  1. However, stranger things have happened. If the city and county were smart, they would move that square footage downtown. Building onto the current center north would have a multiplier affect on conventions and events currently held at the IX center. The amount of business that relocating the centers BUSINESS downtown would be astronomical and something positive for Cleveland's tourism and convention business.
  2. I'm not a Raptors fan, but I'm happy to see the Warriors with their backs to the wall.
  3. Perfect example of why forumers should use quotes and be specific when asking questions on the board. Just a gentle suggestion.
  4. nobody in NYC would say MidTown and Chelsea are the same neighborhood. They aren't. Those are two separate neighborhoods, however, many neighborhoods are within the same Community Board. The community board is similar to Cleveland's wards. Hell's kitchen, along with it's Clinton Neighborhood, the Midtown Gayborhood and Chelsea with newly created, Hudson Yards, the Chelsea Gayborhood along with the Flower, Garment & Meatpacking districts are ALL apart of one Community Board. The majority of Cleveland Clinic is located in Fairfax with some portions in Hough. Does any of this matter, the branding and City Council legislative partnerships and overlay borders of Midtown Cleveland mean more potential connections and development with the district and adjoining neighborhoods.
  5. In most cities that would be true but not totally true for Cleveland. Due to the lack of large convention sized properties downtown, the Suburban hotels, cater to both business and leisure travelers. The midtown property is a break from that and hopefully more properties will open in Midtown, UC, Ohio City, Tremont and Detroit-Shoreway. Having a hotel further demonstrates your a well rounded area/neighborhood.
  6. The biggest take away is more consolidation. And the fact that all of this would hurt middle class and poor people. Hudson Bay buy Neimans would give them the luxury retail trifecta crown. They would have Saks (and its subsidiaries), Nieman Marcus, along with it's subsidiaries that include fabulous Bergdorf-Goodman. The Macy's Bloomingdales merger hurt middle class shoppers. Bloomingdales became an upscale brand and Macy's locations were all over the place, a few locations became mid-upscale like the 34 street flagship and some just down right pathetic like the downtown Brooklyn, Boston, Philadelphia, DC and various locations. This along with former Iconic American brands, JCPenny's, Sears and K-Mart all having issues. Amazon has hurt everyone, leaving Target (the millennial version of JCPenny & Macy's) and WalMart (the current K-Mart/Gold Circle) are left. Sears has strong partnerships with American brands like Kenmore, GE & Whirlpool. It's a terrible domino effect. This is only going to get worse as many american's don't have the buying power to keep the mid range brands in business. Like the Airline, Hotel, Retail and cable businesses there will be more consolidation and this wont be good for any portion of the middle class.
  7. I was going to post this, but I think it belongs in the "tourism" or "cleveland marketing" threads. The guy glossed over a ton of area's that should be spotlighted.
  8. Silver Lake...Los Feliz....same difference. Meh. I'ts not the wonderful Westside. I rarely go East of La Brea. HA!
  9. Cedar Point is the Coaster capital of the world and that seems to be their focus. KI may give him something to compare to Six Flags.
  10. These are neighborhood ward boundaries, but that doesn't mean that sub neighborhoods or districts do not cross lines. For example "Shaker Square, "Larchmere" and "Old Buckeye" / "Little Hungary" are sub neighborhoods in the Shaker Buckeye neighborhood. Downtown and Ohio City also have various neighborhoods. Midtown crosses various wards.
  11. Perfect example of "privilege".
  12. The Irony is those that are for making abortion legal, see NOTHING wrong with this. If your outside the womb, you are own your own.
  13. Have you personally been to Paris? I have two words, "La Defense'.
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