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  1. I agree, but its better than the 10,000 or so we experienced in the past. It's a false positive.
  2. What makes this even more disturbing is the driver was filling in for another driver. Damn shame.
  3. I am strongly against the use of "batman" to describe the AT&T building! Not a fan of NashVegas, but I love a city with narrow ass streets. Thin people look great on them! HA.
  4. Honestly, I think the we would see Delta or United express service come in, before significant increase on Ultimate Air. I would even throw in Southwest before more flights at Burke.
  5. MyTwoSense


    I just noticed they've opened a location inside of Rock Center.
  6. As someone who loves to shop, I don't know or understand why this project could not or cannot be incorporated into existing buildings. All "outlet" store do not need to be combined/clustered to be successful or draw a crowd. This is set up to fail.
  7. Venice is a horrible tourist trap. We only went to look for scooters in the canal. LA traffic was terrible, but uber/lyft pentiful. I'm impressed with the build out in Culver City. Sawtelle continues to increase some unique family/mom&pop/independent restaurants, I hope this area remains on the DL. I made my customary visit to Howlin rays and Stans donuts even though my mom and aunts made a ton of food. I wish we had a howlin rays in NYC or the CLE.
  8. Hehehe. Thing 2s youngest son, places "the" in front of every city. It's always "The Cleveland", "The Cow-lumbus", etc. It tickles me, because he does it on purpose and he thinks it's funny Over the last 10+years we spent Thanksgiving in LA. It become a tradition. We went to Venice, although, "cold" in LA, just because of this post, plus and that the whippersnapper wanted to explore LA. This was his third time in LA so he wanted to see more than just Westwood. You people are really trying to take over Windors and Leimert Park.
  9. The movie is AMAZING. I highly suggest you see it.
  10. Interesting, but playing Devils Advocate, why do you feel they need a "Downtown" address? Why not UC or Fairfax vs. Downtown? What would be the advantage of a new location? What would it cost to the company (real estate, culture, employee compensation. Will they attracted enough white color and not skilled workers going forward? Is this a company that wants to be part of an urbane community and partner with the businesses in the community to improve it? What is the bottom line cost for a move and what research supports it? This is all hypothetical, but many of the question I asked are realistic.
  11. I was in the LA for Thanksgiving, and my God the place is an abandoned scooter grave yard. I never paid attention before, but this trip it was conscious about scooters.There are abandoned scooters on, on-ramps!
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