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  1. They would retro fit the station and reduce from 3 tracks to two. So one of the outer tracks would be platforms on this already complete 10 block section. This section runs from E 110-120.
  2. I hope not! I prefer to have a Playhouse Square uniquely Cleveland feel! I get what you're trying to say, but don't think the comparison is needed.
  3. We had local reports on the ground. The issues is the location of the building, according to what I've read, people thought it might have been a "movie" and started taking pictures and video. Once they realized this was a real fire, first responder's had problems getting across the bridges to the courtyard and garden as people were fleeing .
  4. Lots for French/Parisian company's are feeling very philanthropic and have donated to the restoration. My parents were just in Paris for their annual anniversary trip. They took pictures from a river cruise in front of the church. My mom is a huge Francophile and like many others saddened by tragedy. It's very very sad this iconic building was ravaged by fire.
  5. I like what they done to the portion of the Sheraton Lobby - in real life - what is shown on their website doesn't give a complete picture. It's deceiving. I'm not sure if and how they can work with a majestic space like the Huntington Building. All their project were new builds. Not restorations or historic preservation. The eventi is another example. It's initial design was like something out of Star Wars and was amazing, for that space.
  6. I'm not really feeling those renderings. I still think there needs to be a branded hotel and more media company's than just siriusXM at the Rock Hall.
  7. Well I just turned 53, I've lived long enough to watch Terminal Tower/Tower City transform three times in my lifetime. I can still remember how I would walk from the Shaker Rapid (seperate station) to my office at BP. Being excited for the "Tower City" transformation. Being customer No 3 at Barneys! Shopping until I couldn't carry any more bags. Taking my oldest niece and two oldest nephews downtown to shop, like my mom did with me and my brother. Remembering the "downtown jingle". Whatever happens next, I hope it works for whats best for the city. At this point in time, I wouldn't mind having retail in TC, but would rather have connective retail at street level to connect to the downtown residential developments.
  8. Good luck. Remember, if you're flipping, do not get emotionally attached to any property. Think of them as cash, get in and get out. Remember they wont all sell, you may have to rent before sale. Each house is a marathon, not a sprint.
  9. I disagree. That's a very broad statement. It depends on the house, neighborhood and price point. Look at the houses built in Rocky River, Lakewood, The Heights in the 1930s. If you said, "post war", I think that would make more sense.
  10. I had to go to Detroit for the day. I'm snooping around, but I think the change has to do with Gilberts developments in Detroit. The area near/around the new Shinola hotel is trying to emulate the feel of East Fourth. They want to keep the Quicken Loans branding in Detroit and use Rocket in Cleveland and for other Affiliate uses. This started with the RM rebranding right before the superbowl.
  11. I really hope this development fans out from Karamu to East 105. Karamu should be the the building block of this area.
  12. I asked my Grand Mother and Mother about this word, this morning. They both said it's more a S.American "phrase" as noted in your link. My GM said that in general it's more like "whoops" or "surprised". It's strange I've spoken Spanish every day of my life and I'm shocked i've not known about this word/expression until now.
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