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  1. America was NOT built on the backs of Slaves?? Then what is the foundation??
  2. $1500? I don't think that would be "high" since you don't mention the size of the space, design, materials utilized and labor. I would also state, if this is a remodel job, you need to account for any damage, uncovered, that need repair. However, I think DYI tiling, in a simple pattern can be done much cheaper than hiring a professional, as your parents have found out. I hope that tile grouting was done properly.
  3. Historically, IIRC all the floors had frosted windows. When May Co., downsized and turn the upper floors into office space, they removed the the monogram "M" from the windows. It would be a nice hat tip to the building if they keep the monogrammed windows. I think it would type the past to the present. I guess we'll have to see, what else is planned for the building.
  4. Shakers Building inspectors don't have any authority to regulate buildings on the Square. Shaker needs to worry about the apartment building in close proximity to the square in which they have the authority to regulate.
  5. I'm watching US version of The Circle on Netflix. the first four episodes are a hot ass mess! I'm totally signing my Grand Father up for this show! He would be a hit. The UK version has two season so far and we've been streaming them. It's a good show to watch while doing other stuff.
  6. I was waiting for the Connors to come out! That couch.
  7. How so? Buckeye, the Square and Larchmere have operated as one larger body. Buckeye over the last two decades has not had the development Larchmere has. But the potential is there.
  8. MyTwoSense


    Trump has no bearing over other countries domestic issues. USA is still the land of opportunity and people know/realize that the Orange scourge wont be President forever.
  9. She is a piece of work and I blame Kanye's ass for this.
  10. You don't mention this, but have you visited the website www.thelangston.com or called the property?
  11. MyTwoSense

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year Urban Ohio. I wishing you all a prosperous, progressive and successful 2020 and new decade!
  12. You put things in context. She was looking to rent. I would agree that many rental units/buildings need to upgrade. I know it's expensive considering the historical and/or pre war details that owners want to keep. The details and character is why many people seek to rent on Shaker Square. However, the condo buildings are mostly white glove and fabulous. My apartment is no where near "mediocre". HUMPH!
  13. To all who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas! Wishing you and your families the best!
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