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  1. I would like to see rail under Detroit via the bridge. Create a transfer/connection station at 98 street and have the line run as a light rail on Clifton. At the same time, extend the light rail east to at least 55 street. also, reintroduce express service from TC to Shaker Square.
  2. Disagree. Granite is still the number on choice for a counter top. You do realize that Quartz is a man made product, created to resemble Granite? Quartz is more popular in tract and suburban homes and developments. Its cheap, but not as good as granite as it stains, even with sealing and it's a magnate for bacteria.
  3. Who is comparing our Airport operations to other regions? Burke is "not needed", determined by who and using factors? You write moving things would be done easily? What is your definition of "ease" in relation to a move, of several moving parts, on this scale? Private users would adjust, at what cost and who pays for that cost? The FAA has the final say as to an airport being deactivated, period. That is not a hypothetical. You write the lakefront is being held captive and people would like to take it back. Held hostage by whom? When exactly, have Clevelanders had access to the lake, within the exact boundaries of Burke? I'm 53, Burke was operating 20 years prior to my birth. It was NEVER a reliever airport. It was planned as an airport to service the business community. There are pictures on this very forum of a (burnt) orange, browns helmet colored Cuyahoga river and opening into Lake Erie. Please be specific and tell us in exact terms, what was taken away, that needs to be, by your own words, taken back? I ask these specific questions because I want to better understand your point of view.
  4. You wrote a $7M USD number. You provide CURRENT data and in the appropriate forum.
  5. A feasibility report that is no longer accurate. The airport direct has called for a new Master Plan for the aviation system. You've gone from writing the airport was "under used" to now saying "under capacity". The airport industry changes, with Alaska creating possible Focus City, United adding flights on profitable routes, American adding seats and flights and Frontier continuing to build, things can change. How can you think Burke is a net loss, without looking or taking in the considerations I touched upon? This "discussion" is ridiculous and all associated posts should be deleted!
  6. Exactly why many points in my post was ignored. I touched on how the closing of Burke would affect tenants of airport, and employees.
  7. By writing that American Citizens" Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came." This is exactly what Trump is doing. The man, his administration and the GOP are racist, oppressive, elitist supremacists! You are deflecting. Period. You've been called out on this before and yet, here we are again.
  8. You're playing the "what aboutism" card. Trump's comments were, as per the usual, abhorrent. This is about Trumps comments about people who were born in the US. Is there a reason why you cannot state his comments are racist?
  9. You may not be giving people enough credit. Hell, I'm rich and I take the bus. 48, 10, 3 and the 81. Hell I've even taken the 2 from the westside, but I wont do that again.
  10. That should be all the more reason to GET IT RIGHT on a site dedicated to Urban living. I see that as people not knowing what areas projects discussed on this board reside or to lazy to perform a proper search! LOL
  11. More "white" meat for Trumps base. Outside of Omar, every one of those women are born and bred in the US. Not one person will condemn Trump and he knows this. He will send out Conway to set alternative facts. Fox will back up this post as freedom of speech.. This is a perfect example of Trump being racist. The only thing missing is a picture of Trump, on the back of a pickup truck, flanked by two hound dogs, and a confederate flag, while wearing a white hood and robe!
  12. He told us he would do this if elected. These actions are more the Pence, Grassley, McConnel, Manchin etc.
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