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  1. I knew it. Relatives in PR and the USVI had to jump through so many hopes for claims. Some just paid in July, August, September of THIS year. Ben Carson slept through this whole thing.
  2. I can't even do a full stretch in one of these toy houses!
  3. I just want to know how anyone can defend Trumps actions??
  4. Not sure how what happened in Charlotte relates to the Lumen. Considering the building is not complete and Cleveland does not have a lot of high rise apartment buildings which could attract/distract (migrating) birds.
  5. That is exactly what I thought/said. Did they really think they had a chance to win? Barring a ton of injuries they never had a chance.
  6. Seniors aren't generally counted in stats for the following year, so it's a estimate, that is why they look at 9-11. I think it's funny math at the state level on how the student body is calculated.
  7. My nephew was sending video from the game. The NW fans were like zombies. They looked shell shocked. We were talking as they walked to the train, after the game, they said it was as if the NW fans just blended into the shadows and disappeared. My nieces boyfriend didn't hang out with them after. I'm like, "welcome to the Ohio State Univ family". My cousins daughters boyfriend, who attended Loyola, and is neutral, is like, "that was crazy. Big Ten fans are rabid."
  8. In context. in context. the Chicago loop was appropriate then and builtin into the fabric of the city. A loop in Downtown Cleveland is not viable. If a loop is created, then what? Cross city lines with stations on parallel streets would suit the city better NOW and going forward.
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