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  1. ^ Thunberg is a child being justifiably tried as an adult in the court of public opinion. It is no more inappropriate to criticize her than any other public figure. If you actively seek out and relish the spotlight, particularly by being vocal about a controversial political topic, you cannot expect to be shielded from critique and commentary. For comparison sake - all that kid from Covington Catholic did was stand calmly with a slight smile, yet was subjected to months of left wing vitriol. In general - the criticism of criticism of Thunburg is really a form of political correctness. The intent is really to silence anyone who dare questions the trite, underlying, left-wing climate ideology. It's a common formula - one can't critique X because X is a Y, wherein X is anyone and Y is any perceived oppressed or underprivileged group.
  2. Really, I can't blame her and the many others like her who aren't taking this seriously. The impeachment proceedings are ultimately an exercise in futility. Trump will be acquitted by the Senate and come out of this looking like the victor. The "impeachment" will be akin to the Democrats taking a lead early in the game (remember when Miami (OH) led OSU 5-0?), the acquittal will be Trump walking off the field with a 76-5 landslide victory. A victory he will be able to ride right into the 2020 reelection campaign. On another note - if anything, I hope the Senate trial lasts through February and into March. It'll be nice to see Bernie and Warren tied up in Washington instead of out on the campaign trail - which, let's be honest, is probably one of the secondary goals of the Democratic establishment.
  3. Ram23

    Ohio Home Rule

    I think "Business owners" in that quote should be "elected officials?" Obviously business owners can decide for themselves if they want to use plastic bags or not. What this "ban" effectively does is preserve the right of the business owner to make that decision for themselves - it prevents the government (state or local) from taking that right away.
  4. According to this research, only one company offers a product that satisfies all the requirements of the proposal - and, not surprisingly, it's the company that Sittenfeld worked with to come up with the proposal. Several companies offer similar products, but none of them are compliant. That link also has some great info about the proposal. The more I read about this, the more it seems like a big scam - just like a payday loan, but for security deposits. https://www.cincinnatireia.com/Page.aspx?ID=Legislative-Updates Here's a link to a PDF of the actual ordinance: https://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/council/meeting-agendas-minutes/education-innovation-growth-committee/
  5. This is an absolutely horrible idea that is presented as if it's helping out low income folks, but is really more like a payday loan. They can keep a little bit of cash up front, but are instead subjected to a monthly fee in perpetuity. Cui bono? A handful of insurance companies who get to pocket the monthly premiums. On the other end, landlords will hate it because the paperwork involved to get $200 out of the insurance company to clean a mess, $25 to replace unreturned keys, etc. would be overly burdensome and not worth it. Instead, rents will just inch up for everyone to cover the costs that would have otherwise been covered by the responsible parties' deposits.
  6. An "expert witness" made a joke along the lines of "Trump can name his son 'Barron' but he can't make him one." Making fun of someone's name like that is basic, uninspired middle school style bullying. You aren't going to get away with bullying the president's son when the First Lady has been running a very powerful anti-bullying campaign the entire time she's been in office. Plus, if you're going to try and make a joke like that, it needs to be witty or funny or a much better pun than that. For example, if you were to bounce this one back on the woman who made the joke with a clever use of "barren" you'd be in the right.
  7. We'll see. The downtown Snappy Tomato announced they'd be reopening at a to-be-determined location in October, 2018. I'm still waiting.
  8. Spygate is back - and it looks like the Patriots were spying on the Bengals in Cleveland last week: Patriots video reportedly focused on Bengals sideline for 8 minutes https://sports.yahoo.com/patriots-video-reportedly-focused-on-bengals-sideline-for-8-minutes-165756729.html The New England Patriots are in the middle of a hot mess right now concerning one of their video crews filming the sideline of the Cincinnati Bengals game on Sunday. The news broke on Monday afternoon and things have only gotten messier and more suspicious since. According to Paul Dehner Jr. of The Athletic, the tape from the Patriots’ film crew contains eight minutes of direct Bengals sideline footage. Sources who viewed the recording told Dehner that it shows Bengals players running on and off the field as well as coaches calling plays. If the Bengals lost to the Patriots this weekend, it will almost certainly be entirely due to this cheating.
  9. Yeah the cycle takes a long time primarily because northbound Vine and southbound Vine move on their own individual phases. To add to this, the crosswalk signal only activates when the request button is pushed - and when that happens, all lights turn red for ~30 seconds (which could make it a Scramble intersection with the right striping but that's another topic all together). The fire station is also capable of turning all lights red when trucks enter/exit, after which the light inexplicably starts back up at the beginning of the cycle instead of where it left off. I've seen buses wait 5+ minutes here before.
  10. I don't think anyone was offended by what Biden said - which would, indeed, make them snowflakes - they were perplexed by the sudden and irrational rhetorical escalation. That's why I called it "bizarre," which is still the best word I can think of to describe the situation. If a random guy with an obvious prod like that one was able to get under Biden's skin enough to make him spout off, imagine what a hothead he'll be when he has to stand on stage for an hour with Trump. Or, even worse, imagine what a hothead he would be if he ever has to deal with some major international conflict as commander in cheif.
  11. What a bizarre scene that was. Not only did Biden call the guy "fat" - as a noun, as if it were his name - he yelled at him, he mocked his IQ, and he challenged him to a push up competition. https://www.foxnews.com/media/joe-biden-fat-iowa-voter Meanwhile, I saw this posted elsewhere online and thought it had to be made up, but the video confirms it is indeed a phrase Bloomberg uttered:
  12. What is the budget, what has it been annually in the past, and what is proposed? I assumed most of the onus of meeting NERC CIP requirements falls on the utility, and thus rate payers. I know that since the 2003 blackout, utilities have been hardening their reliability systems significantly to prevent any sort of widespread, cascading failure - be it accidental as 2003 was or a deliberate attack. All I could find in a 2 minute search of DHS's budget was funding for protection of government infrastructure, not utilities. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?
  13. W. Hollister also looks too narrow to convert without removing the parking, which I imagine would have objections from nearly every single property owner. E. Hollister is also pretty narrow but looks just wide enough to allow two way traffic with parking on both sides. It seems a bit wider than any number of streets in CUF - like Ohio, a street that squeezes in parked cars on both side of two-way traffic with mere inches to spare. These sorts of streets are great for areas that have lots of foot traffic because it forces drivers to slow down and pay attention.
  14. The root cause of the death was the initial decision to flee a traffic stop. That key decision is followed in significance by various subsequent decisions to resist arrest. This created what can only be described as a very tense and dangerous situation. The death was an accident - the actions that led up to it were conscious, albeit poor, decisions.
  15. This could have all been over in about 30 seconds if the guy would have pulled over and let cops run his VIN to make sure his car wasn't the stolen one they were looking for. I wonder why he fled, led police on a high speed chase, and then attacked them when they tried to get him to get out of the car.
  16. 1. The centennial should have been held a long time ago - unless you think women didn't deserve the vote until 1920. 2. Who in their right mind can keep up with what words liberals find offensive these days? I wouldn't be surprised to see a war on Thanksgiving in our lifetime. There are, after all, some pretty strong ties to the colonization of America. And, as we've seen with the war on Columbus Day, celebrating anything that even slightly hints at the events that made all of our lives possible is off limits. 3. The dog one seems like a conspiracy theory. It sounds like Trump was right and all the records indicate the dog is a boy. That said, can we ever really truly know what the dog identifies as? Who are we to assume and label?
  17. ^ UC has has some great player names. Off the top of my head, in addition to Bryant they've had a Mike Tyson and a Lyndon Baines Johnson. I wouldn't be surprised if good 'ole Tommy Tuberville recruited these guys just because he liked the names. A blocked PAT returned for 2 points has to be one of the rarest plays in college football. I was at the game and scratched my head for a few seconds during the return, before the scoreboard updated, because I couldn't remember if it resulted in 1 or 2 points. The stadium announcer called it a touchdown, which I knew wasn't right, though I'm still not entirely sure what it's called. In general, UC's offense is terrible. They might get blown out in Memphis two weekends in a row unless the defense gets a few turnovers.
  18. 1) I used the word "trial" because the proceeding is called a "Senate Trial" due to the fact that the Senate tries the impeached official. 2) Because Trump and Republicans would get their turn to hand out subpoenas. 3) This one is thought provoking. It's possible - or even, perhaps, likely - that folks at Crowdstrike who investigated the DNC leak purposely pointed the finger at Russia in order to benefit Ukraine. Remember, at the time of the alleged hack, everyone on the planet assumed Trump had zero chance at a victory. These efforts - whatever scope they had and whomever was behind them - were intended to antagonize the assumed incoming president - Clinton. If Russia was behind it, the intent was to stir up unrest and unhappiness among the public. If, however, it was Ukraine, the intent was to place the ire of the US squarely on Russia.
  19. At least they left you some of the leftover paint cans, as shown (for some reason) in picture 30, so you can do some light touchup.
  20. Ram23

    Toxic Masculinity

    The only person who ever made a comment about me driving a "girly" car was a friend of mine who is a die-hard feminist. I'm on a couple different construction sites every week and haven't gotten any trash talk about it - I'd say the majority of cars around are old beaters like mine and work vans. Although the last month or two these places have been big mud pits, so maybe folks don't want to get their showroom quality trucks muddy?
  21. I wouldn't be surprised if no vote is held, or if enough Democrats wise up and vote no. If a vote is held, it will get zero Republican votes in the House, and if enough Democrats sign on and send this to the Senate, it will result in what will almost certainly be a wild and unpredictable trial by Republicans - in which we could see Biden put on trial as much as Trump. And ultimately, zero Republicans will vote to remove Trump and he will be completely exonerated in the eyes of the law. Democrats have put themselves in quite the pickle. Their best route out of this mess is to end it quietly, without a vote, over the holidays. Start 2020 out right, with some sort of actual platform instead of the current one that's seemingly based entirely on an incessant and slightly incoherent cry of "...but Trump!"
  22. Is this relevant to this thread? Anyway, this is another point he addressed unabashedly by admitting he donated to anyone and everyone in order to buy favor. Evidence that all it takes to shed the negative image of the "coastal elite" is to not be a hypocrite - something that wealthy liberals are almost entirely inherently incapable of doing.
  23. You can say a lot about Trump, but one thing you can't really call him is a hypocrite, which is the key point. Trump is rather unabashed about who he is - which is why his coastal elitism didn't hurt him, and in fact ended up helping him get elected, and has since helped him lead the country into wildly prosperous times. Contrast this with the liberal coastal elite - a character that is inherently hypocritical. There's a reason the term "Limousine liberal" exists there's a reason there's no such term for conservatives. The political right tends to look up to people who are wealthy and successful, whereas the political left hates them. As a wealthy liberal politician, you almost have to lie and play down your wealth in order to appeal to your base. The alternative would be for these politicians to live an extremely modest, altruistic life - a scenario so implausible, I couldn't even type it with a straight face.
  24. ^ Elizabeth Warren is the quintessential "Do as I say, not as I do" liberal coastal elitist. She'd lose more flyover states than Hillary Clinton did.
  25. Ram23

    Toxic Masculinity

    When I started renovating my house, I coincidentally needed to get a new car. I briefly looked at little old pickups and was shocked at how well they seem to hold their value. Even now, 15 year old 4WD Toyota Tacoma's with 180,000+ miles are almost $10k. I got a Toyota Celica for $4000 off of Craiglist, instead. It's a hatchback, and with a few bungee cords I've managed to get a surprising amount of lumber, doors, tile backer boards, etc. in the thing. The only times I've had to rent trucks were for sheet goods like drywall, plywood, and rigid insulation. Even when actively completely renovating a house, there were only a handful of times I really needed a truck.
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