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  1. ^ Yeah, it's just in an unfortunate spot. It would be worth double that if it ere a block east or west, rather than on Reading Road. It would be worth 4 or 5 times that if it were a mile away in Hyde Park.
  2. Not necessarily "weird" - but possibly the nicest house I've ever seen for < $600,000: https://www.coldwellbankerhomes.com/oh/cincinnati/3886-reading-rd/pid_33673667/
  3. On the other hand, a secret vote to impeach Trump is about the only way you might win that bet of yours with Gramareye.
  4. There are some pretty egregious examples of Trump being quoted wildly out of context in an attempt to make him look bad, but that's gotta be the worst out of context quote I've ever seen in my life. And I don't mean just Trump quotes, but out of context quotes in general. Trump was retelling the story of an American POW who stood up against his Nazi captors in order to protect his Jewish counterparts from certain death during the Holocaust. What mindset must one be in - on Veterans Day of all days - to listen to that and think "how can I use this to make Trump look bad?"
  5. ^ It's pretty shameful to take advantage of a family's plight and struggle in wake of the suicide of a patriarch in order to somehow twist it into being Trump's fault. I expect this sort of sad and shameful behavior from Bezos's Washington Post, but feel it should still be called out. It isn't too late to save the media in this country.
  6. This is the "United States of America." Your state is a good example of a "true democracy." The federal government is a union of representatives from each state - in every regard. This fact was the fundamental driver of the design of the Constitution. This compact really spits in the face of the concept of united states. If you support this - why keep states at all? Where's the line drawn, if not where the framers drew it?
  7. This article isn't clear and leads me to believe it's purposefully misleading. "David Edelman" is not the man who has been named by several sources now as the whistleblower. This is. David just so happens to look a lot like the guy who has been named. So far as I'm aware, he hasn't denied it, which is incredibly suspicious.
  8. And the tobacco age should probably be the same as the drinking age (it is now in Ohio). I don't really care if it's 18 or 21, to be frank, but I don't understand why it would need to be different. Go ahead and lump in voting, military service, owning handguns, renting cars, etc. with that sentiment. We need to decide upon an age when personality responsibility kicks in (for most people - obviously it never does for a lot of people) and run with it.
  9. You might want to read that article. Your post unintentionally demonstrates "How the Insufferably Woke Help Trump."
  10. A scandal? Eh... like most of the Trump outrage, it's feigned and blown out of proportion. Trump's statement spells it out pretty well: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EIzygZtWwAA4pN3.jpg
  11. I was in Tokyo last week and made a point to swing by Renzo Piano's glass block clad Maison Hermès:
  12. Ram23

    Income Inequality

    There's a fundamental difference between giving something away and having something taken away.
  13. Parks atop FWW would be virtually unusable - there would still be significant highway noise from the adjacent blocks, there would be a lack of shade for several years (if not indefintely - I'm not sure how big trees can get atop a highway cap), 2nd and 3rd Streets would still be among the worst downtown streets for pedestrians to cross, and there's a far better park a block to the south - and a better square a block to the north. In my opinion, it's not worth the effort without some sort of building - even if it's something like a two story restaurant/bar/roof deck.
  14. Step back and take a look at the bigger picture here - few things in life are guaranteed, but among them is the fact that Trump will not be removed from office. Should the House impeach, there's zero chance that 2/3 of the Republican controlled Senate will determine what Trump said on that call was illegal (primarily because it wasn't, but that is ultimately irrelevant). With that in mind, the "impeachment" is nothing but spectacle. The only significance is the constantly adapting aura and how it will impact voter turnout and swing votes in a few key states. The outing of the extremely questionable whistle-blower helped to shift the trend of that adapting aura in Trump's favor. It gives credence to the claim that the entire "impeachment" process is nothing but a political ploy to turn the tide of the 2020 election in favor of the DNC. The whole thing seems like a setup - much like Mueller's discredited "Russia" conspiracy theory.
  15. It's interesting to know the name because it sheds light on the real motivation behind the alleged whistleblowing (which in reality is just hearsay) Ultimately, none of this really matters because we've all read the transcript and it's clear that nothing illegal was uttered during the call. The only significance of the "impeachment" is how it will impact public opinion heading into the 2020 election. It might rile up the Democrats' base because it means the Dems are "doing something" about Trump. Or, it could backfire when, after a year, the process has proven fruitless. The Democrats better hope it's the former - because either way, this is riling up Trump's base.
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