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  1. I'm not an expert and I know nothing about this particular project, but I think the rental fees for tower cranes can fluctuate based upon availability and timing. So these two sites may have different types of cranes simply because that was the type that was nearby and available for a better rate at the time.
  2. Ram23

    Gun Rights

    It's sad and scary to watch what's going on in New Zealand. It reminds me a lot of the Patriot Act in America, but to a significantly higher degree. It's easy for governments to move quickly to eliminate rights when they have a populace that's sad, afraid, and angry over a national tragedy. It's toughest to stand up for those rights in such trying times. Even scarier than the government's move to quell the right to self defense is the fact that they've deemed footage of the shooting to be "objectionable" and have gone so far as to arrest people for having viewed/shared it. That type of censorship has no place in a civilized modern society.
  3. We are the "United States of America." The country is a collection of states, not a collection of people. States pick the president, and smaller states are given a minimum say, regardless of population, so as to prevent larger states from making smaller states vassals. It's a great system and it mirrors the representation given via the legislature. The country as we know it would not exist today if not for it.
  4. I get the feeling we're going to end up with all sorts of characters in the next election. With so many current council members term-limited, we could end up with a wild city council.
  5. Source: https://www.cato.org/blog/terrorism-deaths-ideology-charlottesville-anomaly Also to note: most of the deaths from the right wing terror attacks are also from a single large incident: Oklahoma City, where 168 people were killed. I find it mostly irreverent, though, as the damage done should be measured with the lives lost, not the frequency of the attacks.
  6. A more comprehensive graphic here: Murders in Terrorist Attacks by the Ideology of the Attacker, 1992-2017.
  7. Most college campuses seem to be inward-facing but at least UC is open to the streets around it instead of closed off. I lived a block from Columbia University for awhile and the entire campus is inaccessible from public streets aside from a handful of spots. And those spots have gates that get locked at night. I think these older campuses are purposefully closed off in order to create a sense of exclusivity for students. Nowadays, campuses are closed off to create a sense of security for the parents of suburban high school kids.
  8. Calhoun and McMillan just south of campus average over 15,000 cars per day - or, rather, they did in 2009. Anecdotally it seems significantly higher now given all the new construction in the area since then, specifically the parking garages. In Walnut Hills, the numbers are around 8000 - 9000. Given how dense Calhoun and McMillan are, I don't think they really function as barriers despite being two lane one way traffic. Outside of downtown I'd say that those few blocks are the best urban settings in Cincinnati. The other three sides of campus are different stories. Ideally, West Clifton would eventually see a streetcar line all the way north to Ludlow, perhaps in a dedicated lane, with adjacent dedicated bike lanes. The Law building and Wilson Auditorium site, IMO, play a bigger role in how UC's west side of campus meets the neighborhood than Clifton Avenue does. Both sides have tremendous potential.
  9. Surprised you don't have Pam Rocker out of Cincinnati on this list of stalwarts.
  10. ^ I'm surprised you've been duped by the radical left re: Tucker Carlson. The attacks on him are straight out of the Media Matters playbook: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3440721-337535680-Full-David-Brock-Confidential-Memo-on.html What we're witnessing here is quite literally the nastiest niche of militant political correctness in action. It saddens and frightens me that you, Yabo, are okay with the mob attacks on Carlson. A very wise man once said "You don't hand matches to an arsonist, and you don't give power to an angry Left-Wing mob."
  11. They get paid either way. The beef I have is that 4 of the 5 council members in question are trying to get credit for paying their fair share of the bill, when in reality they're each paying a $200 portion of a $101,000 charge. I think I've posted before that the cover-up was worse than the original transgression, and now the reaction to being caught and exposed is worse, as well. This all could have likely been avoided - the legal fees, the release of the texts, etc. - with an earlier admission of guilt. This is the sort of behavior that will result in a Mayor Smitherman.
  12. Props of you managed to type that with a straight face. The total bill was $101,000. Paying $200 of that total is a bigger slap in the face than paying $0. It's like leaving a dollar tip to "send a message" instead of stiffing.
  13. PG, Seelbach, Landsman, and Dennard all tried to pull a fast one by claiming they intend to pay their share of the fines - given that the overall settlement amount was $101,000 and the "fine" they were referencing was only a $1000 portion of that. 'Gang of five' case: Four members of Cincinnati City Council have offered to pay $200 each toward the $101,000 in fines and fees https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2019/03/11/cincinnati-city-council-texting-case-members-gang-five-pay/3104674002/
  14. Ram23


    ^ I support the right to get an abortion as much as anyone, but I don't see how that case puts a "woman's rights third in line." If anything, it treats all individuals equal regardless of their sex.
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