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  1. I've been waiting for SP to be developed since I was a kid! I always envisioned Venice-like mini canals crisscrossing through the area, maybe some canals flanked by green area like Common Wealth Ave/Rose Kennedy Parkway in Boston but smaller and with a shallow canal in the middle. Anyhow, glad to see some action on this part of Cleveland.
  2. I think it's a bad look to get a good deal from a CDC and then try to flip the properties. Saw a nicer property on the market a month or so back that was a part of that transfer as well. CDCs in Cleveland are sketchy as hell. http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/5605-Broadway-Ave-Newburgh-Heights-OH/7729711/
  3. That Random Road development looks like a US embassy in a ME nation aka a fortress.
  4. gottaplan[/member] , Thank you, I really appreciate all that information! That is extremely helpful. I will keep you guys abreast of developments. (pun intended! :) )
  5. Hey all! I am interested in potentially building a home in the city and wondering if anyone here has bought a vacant city landbank property to develop? I understand that it is wise to work with the relevant CDC and Councilperson and that the site plan should be in accordance with the citywide plan and local zoning etc. I understand and have read a good chunk of the regulations and bylaws, so at this juncture, I would love to know if anyone has done this in actuality or knows someone who has done so themselves. It has been a dream of mine to own single family in the city (I have been living in Slavic Village duplex off Warner Road the past few summers) and could use some pointers. Specifically looking at Hough, so if anyone knows anyone there, let me know! It seems the only information I can find on the CDC there are some articles from 2015 complaining about its lack of transparency under TJ Dow who has since been voted out of office. Maybe the new councilman, Basheer Jones, will be better. He certainly seems motivated and has a positive attitude. Thanks! -holden
  6. I mean is there anything specific he did/project he botched? Can't really blame him for white flight and our industries being undercut by cheap labor elsewhere.
  7. Thats exactly why we do it. Utilize vets who want to be used. Reduce municipal budget spent on maintaining these lots. Teach kids/community about soil/environment/nutrition/sustainability. As we get better we will find a way to monetize parts of it to self sustain but first we are learning to work with our soil. City of Euclid aka Paul Beno have been very helpful obtaining leases/permissions etc. This is a great re-use of this land. What if all of the unused/underused land in Euclid became urban farm? Sure, it wouldn't generate a whole lot of tax revenue, but neither is unused land! Plus, think of all the good an urban farm does; environmental, humanistic, aesthetic.
  8. Stopped by the Slavic Village Farmers market today. (4-7) Not a bad start. Talked to another guy at the Brockhouse Grill on Harvard and he said he wants to open a coffeeshop on Fleet. Coming together one piece at a time.
  9. I have a fledging Urban Farm in Euclid on the old St. Roberts site. Check it out:
  10. The lot of land on the upper right of this photo is being turned into a beehive farm/berry farm called Urban Renaissance Farms LLC, by a great family. Check out their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Urban-Renaissance-Farms-LLC-753681198071058/?fref=ts Modify message Read more: http://www.urbanohio.com/forum2/index.php/topic,29925.0.html#ixzz45Y77S9KG
  11. KJP, thank you very much. I forgot to add my former colleague, Katie Zvolanek, is now the head of Campaign of Finance for the Ohio Sec of State and as her brother served, she was/is keen on helping me navigate the right language for 501c3 and getting it through. We are literally in the process of doing so right now. Katie is such a nice person and a talented lawyer, it is a great benefit to have someone like that help me through the process. That being said, Ide love to pick your brain over a few topics such as grant writing etc. Thanks again for your support and interest! P.S. Paul Beno, Planning and Zoning Commissioner for the City of Euclid came by today to help me get oriented around an efficient means of planting. He lent me some neat equipment to complete the task so a nice shout out to him is in order.
  12. Hello, I just wanted to share with you guys a non-profit concept I came up with and have launched. It is called Veterans Combating Child Hunger and essentially I target derelict or tax-delinquient land to farm. The harvest will then either be sold in a fundraiser type manner, or directly incorporated into the food bank systems in place, or a 3rd option of hosting our own events. Initially I had thought this year I just wanted to buy a side-lot next to my house in Euclid that I bought from the Land Bank. I wanted to 'OK' it with the city first, and when I went in, I was approached by Paul Beno, who proposed to me a site on 238th and Lakeshore that the city is currently on the hook for maintaining and was quite large. I was giddy at this suggestion because long term I wanted to buy up small lots around Cuyahoga County via fundraisers/grants to have perpetual operations. Currently I am seeking 501c3 status and I do not think that will be an issue. I am also preparing to seek a National Geographic Grant via the Great Energy Challenge and show how I want to utilize the land we have right here in our back yards, literally. Most people do not use their lawns and instead we emit a lot of emissions to maintain them (mowing,weedwhacking,edging). Also, food in the store is transported with fossil fuels and sits in a store that is on an electrical grid that in this nation is most likely coal fire backed. The first year I told the city I would take on a 125ftx125ft section and grow 60-day sweet corn since thats all that we can really see working out with the time constraints. Next year, I want to expand to the entire site, and the year after that beyond to smaller (or larger) satellite sites in Cuyahoga County and eventually *Globally* :). Next year on the site here in Euclid, we are considering opening a pilot produce store that is operated by the non-profit. We would offset the overhead of this operation by having a small education center people come in and learn about urban gardening and how best to use the natural resources and time they have available to them.
  13. I agree, it definitely has potential. But not everyone sees it that way. I was buying a townhouse/house there last Spring until a second appraisal came in 50% below asking price, and needless to say that deal fell through. That property is still for sale today. Yeah anything with an appraisal in that neighborhood will be rough... I paid $10,500 for the duplex with a slate roof and partially finished 3rd floor and gorgeous garage... just needs some siding and TLC on the inside. Neighbors are pretty friendly. PS whats the address and asking price of the property you were looking at? Im curious now.
  14. Joey, I am thinking about filming a movie the Summer of 2016.
  15. I bought a house in Slavic Village in January, a nice duplex on Maryland Ave. I think that neighborhood is pretty nice, to be honest.
  16. Having been home in Shaker for much of January it was nice to see the construction beginning in terms of road closures. This area has always been such an eyesore compared to the rest of the city. Long overdue.
  17. A few people I know are in control of a liquor license and have approached me for either inclusion in the next venture or at least for ideas. I would like to be Downtown or in Ohio City. I have begun reaching out to commercial real estate brokers to see what types of spaces are available and at what price points etc. Anyone have any experience with bar/nightlife ownership or know some who does?
  18. Its right by 222nd! Ill be living in the bottom and renting out the top so I am putting some serious time into this thing. I never figured trim would take so long.
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