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  1. Hollywood Video (and its parking lot) on the corner of Fulton and Lorain is a different parcel than 2048 Fulton (Tinnerman building cited above). In fact, it's interesting that historic tax credits were being sought for Tinnerman in February, as the owner then is not the same as the owner now. At any rate, believe we will be seeing different (but complimentary) project there, by different land users. Think public and private uses, both needed into the neighborhood.
  2. I see the parcel is owned by OC Lorain Fulton LP whose incorporators/agents are executives at Allegro Realty. Allegro doesn't like to be a landlord. Instead, they put deals together. So I wouldn't be surprised if Allegro will sell the property to someone else. The property immediately south of 3701 Lorain is an old, 3-story brick factory (Tinnerman Stove and Range Company, 2048 Fulton Road) whose owners are seeking historic tax credits. See: http://www.urbanohio.com/forum2/index.php/topic,2492.msg789731.html#msg789731 Yes. And don't forget the old Hollywood Video property too. There should be some good news coming there that doesn't involve the Golden Arches.
  3. While I don't know what's happened on the Unique Thrift side of the corner, we'll be seeing good news on the west side of Fulton, hopefully in the (near) future.
  4. All over downtown D.C. (yes, NW) as of a couple of years ago. Definitely not just a Cleveland thing, and definitely not limited to lightly trafficked streets.
  5. Perhaps that's not such a crazy idea as one might think? I leave this, without comment :wink: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1822095651950218499
  6. Not the first gay member (that would be Joe Santiago) but still a fantastic choice. I also know Kerry personally and cannot say enough for his maturity and vision for the city. A born and bred Clevelander, with worldly experience, knowledge how the city works, that wants to commit his life to his hometown. I'm not sure how you can criticize that. Implicating him in the ethics investigation is irresponsible and does not have any relation to the reality.
  7. And if I recall correctly, the ultimate reason given for the suspension of development was a large increase in the price of structural steel from when the project was first proposed. Seems that with steel currently being relatively weak, and the downtown market being that much more robust than in the mid- to late 2000, District Park could be viable again for Marous, or another developer.
  8. Here's the Stark ad in SCT for those that are interested. Note too what does (and doesn't) get top billing.
  9. Thank you and welcome. If it's something like this, I really like the idea. I was assuming each retailer would want to be able to have their area locked up every night and there would be a central eating area with bigger, communal tables. It appears more closely to resemble a vendor market. I love this! Food Markets are 'the thing' on the East coast. Baltimore's newest opened a couple weeks ago in the historic/artistic Mount Vernon. It's a wonderful space that leans towards local vendors. We have a couple of these in the city and they are highly successful. http://mtvernonmarketplace.com Precisely. Take a look at Union Market in DC as well, another example of the breed. This could be a great draw for Van Aken! Very exciting. http://unionmarketdc.com/
  10. andrew0816[/member] Thanks! I found this link with more info on Huron Place Apartments. It's amazing to see how far this building has gone in just a matter of a year or two. Amazing that an owner (and management company) would just walk away like this. http://44112news.com/?tag=huron-place-apartments
  11. Great photos! Looked like a fantastic day (inspite of the heat!) Quick question: What's the story behind the second, white brick apartment tower pictured? It looks like it's gutted? Hadn't seen that one before, and it sadly looks like a vertical embodiment of E.C.'s neglect.
  12. Looks nice, glad that it's busy, and quickly filling a hole downtown. But ugh(!) the "menu" on the right has a pet peeve that REALLY irks me, and that for some reason I've noticed a lot in these "local-but-trying-to-be-polished" one-off restaurants and small chains: "Speciality Pizza's" I don't know what it is, but I guess I feel that if you're an entrepreneur in the restaurant biz, and image and word-of-mouth is so critical to your success (or failure), to have such a blatant, elementary school mistake on literally the largest sign in your business is just...disappointing. Fortunately, that digital sign is easily changed. Hopefully someone has caught it and done so already.
  13. Which is strange as, per the AP, Cleveland (Ohio) should stand on its own (same for Cincinnati, FWIW), which is what you see on the dateline in the NY Times, Washington Post, etc. Then again, no surprise considering the source!
  14. ^ That's per the AP Stylebook, and not a direct slight on Cbus. Actually a pretty interesting reference if you even pick one up. But yea, things like appending the state name after a city, or how to refer to a public official, or any number of formalities, are not arbitrary decisions by the author/journalist, but should be guided by the stylebook. At least in any reputable publication.
  15. Hmm...just a few: http://bfy.tw/SP8 If our friends downstate in the Queen City do it, it can't be all that bad, right?
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