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  1. Old Firehouse Brewery out in Williamsburg has closed. This past weekend was their last. I had heard that they was for sale and was having issues finding a buyer. It is a shame really, it was a great brewery and very family friendly, always let you bring your own food and had plenty of stuff for kids to do.
  2. Looks like US 52 in eastern Hamilton County and Clermont county is getting bike lane markings on the shoulder. I noticed it this morning on my way to work. Right now they have temp markings about 2'-0" inside the shoulder for another line and slashes. Also "bike" with an arrow was hand spray painted onto the shoulder in various spots. looks like it will go all the way to the Kellogg exit off of 52 in both directions to New Richmond
  3. Quite possibly this could lead to the demolition of Hotel Breakers, Light house Point etc for future park expansion. Have offsite lodging with shuttles. Seems like a long shot but this is what I imagine
  4. The building has been going under rehab for the past year or so. A lot of the inside has been gutted from what I understand
  5. Really enjoy going out to Firehouse Brewery. Great family place, real nice when the doors are open & watch the Reds play. Decent pizza place across the street and pretty good beers too. Friendly staff also
  6. Went there this past summer and stayed at my in-laws time share there at Wyndham. It was pretty nice, lots more people out then. I was really surprised how clean and maintained everything was. It was a really nice time and we enjoyed being there. The beach was nice and clean and it was fun to people watch. We went to Taj Mahal one night and I was not impressed at all with that casino. Dark, dreary and no action at all. It wasn't lively or welcoming. Horseshoe here in Cincinnati is much much better. I wouldn't mind going back to Atlantic City some day again
  7. Wow, love seeing all the pics of the streetcar actually on the tracks! Can't wait to ride this thing with the family. Drive into town, pay to park just once and use the street car to get around!
  8. What is the height of the wires? Did they go with federal transportation guidelines of 14'? Are they concerned with the height or the electric?
  9. No, that was not attack of you, more of a general statement, I apologize that it came out that way. I took your statement the wrong way, I agree, less blight equals less crime, but it just seems that it moves from one area to another. The more areas that we can invest in the overall general quality of the city and quality of life improves. Hopefully every little improvement has an impact on someone and maybe some people can change for better when they see the improvements around them.
  10. What exactly are you saying here? Just push the problem out into another area instead of trying to solve it? As long as it's not around you it's ok huh?
  11. cincybiker

    The BEER Thread

    Jungle Jims refuses to fill growlers if it isn't theirs. They stated it was law. I stated it was bullshit. I actually called the Ohio Attorney Generals office and they informed me that there is no such law in Ohio. I never buy beer from Jungle Jims anymore.
  12. I had a chance to get out to http://www.oldfirehousebrewery.com/ this past Saturday. It's a nice little brewery. Plenty of open space, outside sitting area and friendly bartenders. I got to try the Probie Porter which was a nice porter and I had some of the High Ryse. Wow, excellent beer. Great coffee taste in a red ale. There are pizza places nearby for food and they do growler fills also Even though it is way out on the east side, I recommend getting out there :drunk:
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