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  1. Great news. Mediocrity was obvious from the get-go with Carter. I just can't believe it's taken this long.
  2. This looks good. It's about time Central Parkway got some love.
  3. Honestly if you take race out of the picture and look at it as a whole, fixing up these neighborhoods requires gentrification. I'm not saying it's a good thing but we have to stop denying what is actually happening. People complain because the poor are displaced and the yuppies come in. I'm not sure there's a neighborhood in the United States or even the world where it has gone through a renaissance without moving the poor people out. The ongoing complaint of not bringing in enough section 8 housing is ridiculous too. You bring in section 8 housing and you bring in people who can only afford that. Then, most of the time, they treat their property like section 8 housing. Do you think OTR would be able to sustain a renaissance if that happened? No. Walk down Vine street right now and tell me all of that "gentrification" hasn't worked. All races are enjoying it and they're enjoying Ziegler Park.
  4. This is what happens when boring old people can't let go of what once was. It's ugly. Tear it down.
  5. BB&T has similar new amenities that mimic what UC students will have in the renovated Fifth Third.
  6. Agreed! The worst thing to happen to any kind of progress is 'design-by-committee' They need to appoint one single person who's actually good at it instead of gathering opinions from people who shouldn't be giving their opinions.
  7. It sounded so much better calling it the Shoemaker Center or "The Shoe" for short. It sounded more sports oriented and cool. Fifth Third Arena sounds like it plays off people who failed math class.
  8. Not trying to stray off topic here but does anybody have the numbers so far for investment in OTR along the streetcar route?
  9. Isn't the distance of travel for the old people walking virtually the same with or without the bridge? God forbid an elevator can't be installed to help them get to the street. This isn't only about old people, it's about extremely lazy people that can't walk a city block without complaining.
  10. OTR is the coolest neighborhood in America. Just imagine what it could be 15-20 years from now assuming the momentum continues along with streetcar expansions.
  11. Cool looking building but I'd hate to see that beautiful green space over there get eaten up. I'm sure they're taking precautions about that but still, green space is extremely scarce in urban campuses and UC is very lucky in what they have. On the other hand, I'd be happy to see those hideous faculty buildings get torn down. Such eye sores.
  12. It's really great to look at the pics from the blimp and see everything. For so long, all we had were pretty renderings.
  13. Our downtown is moving in the right direction despite Cranley's epic stubbornness. I'm excited about Skyhouse and always looked at the East side of downtown as having a lot of potential. So much land there to continue building on.
  14. GE created good momentum for attracting big companies. Let's hope CDK follows that with another tower downtown.
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