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  1. Ok, I’m no Trump fan, but this is grossly taken out of context. Here is the full text, it’s toward the bottom: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-president-trump-new-york-city-veterans-day-parade/
  2. Hey! I hope you were talking about Canton, MI or Canton, TX. Those are the crappy Cantons. I would be excited to see the Pinerellos too. The most ridiculous thing I ever saw was a gigantic store front in London with one single peloton bicycle in the middle. That was pretty much it.
  3. Thank you Htsguy. Cuyahoga Falls was one of the first places my wife and I thought of. There certainly is potential there. We were also considering northern Akron maybe? I think we will need to work with a realtor that is familiar with NE Ohio.
  4. I currently live in Canton, I was born and raised there. Our current neighborhood is inside the city limits by Malone College. I’m considering a job in Asia town just east of downtown Cleveland. My wife works in Canton, so we are considering moving somewhere between. Some details: I owe $29,000 on my home and can probably sell for $70,000 to $80,000. Our taxes are low. Somewhere around $1300 per year. We are looking for homes in the low $100,000 or less range. Less is always better. We are a family of four. My wife and I are 36. My two kids are 7 and 3. We will be looking to move my grandmother in-law in with us. We prefer old neighborhoods with character close to city amenities. What areas should I take a look at?
  5. Well, it looks like Bob Gibbs probably disagrees with me: https://www.cleveland.com/open/2019/02/house-votes-to-cancel-trumps-national-emergency-on-the-border-sen-rob-portman-undecided-on-issue.html
  6. In light of recent news of children suffering on US soil at the border, I feel compelled to do something. I don’t know what... first step, I’m going to write a letter to Bob Gibbs (my representative). I want to write a letter promising Mr. Gibbs that I will vote my conscience. I want to ask him if he has personally visited the camps at the border, and what he thinks about them. I want to know if filthy children, suffering through disease without parents feels American to him. Who else feels complicit? What do we do about it? Protest? Write letters? I know this is cliche, but I can’t stop my self from thinking about the German citizens that continued to live their normal lives before and during WWII. It was probably the easier option. They weren’t the target of hate. I’m honestly asking. There are a lot of voices here that I trust and respect.
  7. I don’t agree with Ram, but I also don’t think that is what he is saying.
  8. That actually is a big help. I have no idea what to expect, so it’s difficult. I might have to approach this more casually than I want to maintain my sanity. Thanks for the tip on the car rentals. I was going to wait until I arrive in Cambridge to look for a car... if I even need one. I may try to rent a bicycle instead. is there something that you would highly recommend doing? I will have about a day and a half in London and the remainder in Cambridge.
  9. I’m going to travel to the UK for 8 days in February for business. I will have a small window for sightseeing and I’m trying to prioritize. I’d love to see a castle. Dover castle, Tower of London or Windsor would work. Im set to arrive early Saturday st Heathrow. Heathrow is about a 17 min drive to Windsor. It seems natural to go there first thing after arrival. If I take cab, it’s only about 17 minutes.... but what to do with the luggage?? I can’t find a train station with luggage storage, because I considered leaving luggage in the train station and picking it up on my way into London. This is tough! Anyone have a tip they would like to share? I also cannot find rental cars with automatic transmission... is that right??
  10. Oh boy, listening to our little dictator’s defensive speaking today has been satisfying.
  11. Just for my own knowledge I tried to look at photos of past intern groups. Google was not helpful since it was showing the recent 2018 photo. Can someone tell me where I can find the photos from previous years? For what it’s worth, I believe that the current president is racist. I just want some proof on this particular account.
  12. Yeah, Durant was unstoppable in these finals.
  13. That was one wild game. It's a disappointing end, but I am proud of the way the cavs played. Hats off to Golden State, they are tough. Those missed free throws really came back to haunt the cavs.
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