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  1. mkeller234

    The Trump Presidency

    Just for my own knowledge I tried to look at photos of past intern groups. Google was not helpful since it was showing the recent 2018 photo. Can someone tell me where I can find the photos from previous years? For what it’s worth, I believe that the current president is racist. I just want some proof on this particular account.
  2. mkeller234

    Cleveland Cavs Discussion

    Yeah, Durant was unstoppable in these finals.
  3. mkeller234

    Cleveland Cavs Discussion

    That was one wild game. It's a disappointing end, but I am proud of the way the cavs played. Hats off to Golden State, they are tough. Those missed free throws really came back to haunt the cavs.
  4. Thanks for the rendering buck! I really wondered where the hotel be located. I was initially disappointed with the design of the new stadium. I really liked the large presence of fawcett stadium from the north side. I'm warming up to the fact that this new stadium will be an improvement over the past. I really do find the design interesting and am glad to see the height of the new south stands. I am anxious to see it come together
  5. Hey buck1974, where did you get that very cool graphic of the south stands? I've never seen that view with new press boxes before.
  6. I don't understand why the city of Canton would be incapable of building a hotel of this caliber? I personally always thought that the location of the Hall of Fame in a residential neighborhood was sort of endearing and intimate. During Hall of Fame week it was fun to ride my bike through and see all of the parties throughout the neighborhood. At this point, the Hall of Fame owns many of the homes and has plans to demolish them for the Hall of Fame Village. I actually am worried that the Hall will be so much of a city in itself that there will be very little reason for tourists to venture away from it. The Hall of Fame is in Canton for one reason, because football was born here.
  7. mkeller234

    Cleveland Browns Discussion

    Petty gripe: I appreciate the effort to put RG III's reflection in the glass door.... but what kind of reflection is that???? If it's going to be that wrong, just don't bother.
  8. mkeller234

    Cleveland Indians Discussion

    I agree with this. I stopped watching the Indians when I could not watch them on regular cable. The same thing with the Cavaliers.
  9. It's tough for me to say since I am not in Cleveland and not as familiar with the space, but I think the rendering and the photos are showing different corners. Look at the med mart position for reference. It looks like there are still sides that have an inset, but it's on an opposite corner than the photos show.
  10. mkeller234

    Cleveland Browns Discussion

    yeah, that was not very funny. I laughed at the factory of sadness, but it's been all downhill from there.
  11. mkeller234

    Cleveland Browns Discussion

    I don't understand either. Maybe it's part of his probation? Either way, what a shame.
  12. Exactly. It was in named in honor of a local person, and it's not right to sell that honor to the highest bidder.
  13. Yeah, they will be tearing the entire stadium down and rebuilding it. It looks like the new stadium will be brick. I really thnk the name change is a shame. It shows that for the right amount of money, anything is for sale.... Even past honors.
  14. Agreed, Deli Ohio is great. We just had my sisters baby shower there last Sunday. I think everyone was really happy with it. The mural (which is my favorite in town) was done by Steve Ehret. He is working on one in the former mother goosland now. http://www.steveehret.com/
  15. X has the right attitude. We must embrace diversity.