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  1. The Hotel Martinique on Huron, replaced by a Halle's expansion.
  2. I'm fairly certain it was in the Williamson Building (razed 1980 for the Sohio HQ)
  3. It's much more than that. If anybody has an interest, vested or otherwise in Cleveland's place in rock 'n roll history, they would not allow the dismissal of the importance the Record Rendezvous store and its unaltered appearance. Such an opportunity for something great. Granted, the building is a mess, but you can't replace it once it's gone!
  4. Actually, by the time the May Co. was designed, Burnham & Co. had transitioned to be known by the name of his successors Graham, Anderson, Probst & White, who later designed 925 Euclid and most of the Terminal Tower complex (Higbee's included). Carson's in Chicago however was not a Burnham design, that was designed by Louis Sullivan.
  5. I was thinking of doing that ever since the great UO website crash that eliminated so many great photo posts. I suppose that since you asked (and I'm touched that you did) I'll do that today. Stay tuned......
  6. I've always fancied the cemetery spruced up a bit and looking (and used as) something akin to the Literary promenade in Central Park NYC. Not that many downtowns ANYWHERE have an historic green space quite like this. It's high time we acknowledged that.
  7. Funny that Bedrock should go to the trouble of identifying that historic photo as the Prospect Ave. facade, when it's actually the Ontario St facade. Most people can't recall that the May Co, had an entrance there, but I do. They were next door neighbors to The Bailey Co.
  8. With all the conjecture surrounding what will potentially fill the warehouse district void in the SW HQ campus, I think of what was lost there, and attempt to soothe my melancholy with rationale. A great many structures hadn't been maintained and were derelict or were primitive fire hazards. Others had outlived their purpose or simply weren't as utilitarian as a surface parking lot. There were however two structures of which I especially rue their demise. The Blackstone Block and the Weideman Co. warehouse. If I were able to choose out of all the many historic buildings in the warehouse district to resurrect from the past, it would be these.
  9. My Grandfather took the family to the Air Races in 1934 and held onto the program. He also used the cover to collect Mary Pickford's autograph.
  10. I agree! But I often wonder if historic tax credits could be used to expand the height to what was originally intended. The building was designed in a gothic idiom and was over 30 stories tall. The final design maintained a short version and an a more deco styling. It was clearly inspired by Eliel Saarinen's Tribune Tower competition design, which ultimately wasn't selected.
  11. This is by no means a new plan, but this is something Westlake Reed had created for precisely this parcel. https://www.wrldesign.com/projects/planningurban-design/cleveland-arts-district-master-plan This is what was there until the late 60s.
  12. A couple more. The Waldorf is at E.119th & Kinsman. The New Lincoln at Madison Ave and Arthur Ave (east of Hilliard).
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