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  1. ? They're trying to keep him from using up his team control before free agency during a lost season. That's a rational move for a franchise.
  2. The scale of that building is pretty unbelievable. And the atrium is massive. I was going to PM you but your inbox is full. I'm also on the west side of Manhattan. We should grab a beer sometime.
  3. Don't most of 3CDC's new projects include in unit washer/dryer?
  4. This housing is a city asset and should be used to further public goals such as maintaining affordable housing in the neighborhood which has rapidly rising rents. If they don't take the opportunity now, they won't have it again. I suspect the 33% number will be negotiated down but it definitely needs to bein the agreement no matter who it is with.
  5. I'm reading a lot of unproductive Monday morning quarterbacking on this page from a lot of members. If you're going to continue to fight then figure out a plan and start acting on it. A pause doesn't offer a lot of hope but it offers something. If Mallory didn't sell it then, you need to sell it now and sell it quickly. It sounded like there was potential wavering on the council, public sentiment needs to support the streetcar to save it.
  6. Will there be more speakers today and tomorrow? I hope that supporters are able to review what was said yesterday by both sides and continue to bring additional fresh commentary to the argument.
  7. The Enquirer posted that they are getting flooded with emails to Cranley to save the streetcar. Add your voice here: http://cincinnati.com/blogs/politics/2013/11/07/enquirer-readers-to-john-cranley-save-the-streetcar/
  8. From their website history: April 2009: Mason and Walters met in Bentonville, AR to develop the strategy for their store. In a small coffee shop, they sat down and wrote a business plan for a modernized Christian shopping experience. After a borderline healthy amount of coffee and thought, Altar'd State was born.
  9. Ate at Huey's in NYC the other day. Interesting vibe, pretty upscale for a diner. Sounds like it will compete head to head with Johnny Rocket's new upscale concept. Service was slow but the food was pretty solid. Not really a ringing endorsement but I'll probably stop by every once and awhile.
  10. Fortunately Greg is close enough for a visit ;)
  11. Metro recently modified a route to hit a lot of tourist attractions. http://www.soapboxmedia.com/devnews/1026metrofunbus.aspx
  12. I may go to the one in New York! After a quick google search for mud run, it appears this is way bigger than 1 event. I found at least 8 similar runs in the NYC area. I guess instead of a marathon runner you can be a mud runner? Sounds fun to me!
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