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  1. Interesting article from Munich's newspaper. in 2015 there were 160 incidents of parked cars blocking Trams. There are 49 miles of tramway in Munich. By this reckoning, Cincinnati could see 12 incidents per year -- once the driving population grows accustomed to parking near trams. I'd wager it'll be higher at the beginning. Is towing going to be handled by the city or some predatory private towing company? google translated article: http://tinyurl.com/jkohutq
  2. I've used the Southbank shuttle before and after Reds/Bengals games. It was fairly full, but not jammed.
  3. What is the fine for riding without a ticket? in Germany it's been bumped up to ~$64.
  4. So will there be a uniformed conductor to check tickets or plainclothes people to check tickets or both?
  5. I was in town for the Chiefs @ Bengals game, and man, I can't believe the change on Vine St. since the last time I was there. Amazing. We took Uber around most places. I once told a driver that if the streetcar had been running, we'd have taken it from near the Ballet (where our Airbnb was) down to the Banks. He just dismissed the idea. The Fool. There are already pretty good transit apps out there. Does Metro/Tank publish google-readable (https://developers.google.com/transit/?hl=en) data? This is the app I use for departure times: http://oeffi.schildbach.de/index.html The author actively customizes it for use with many, many transit systems.
  6. Somebody get the Dayton Daily News on the phone pronto!
  7. I'll be in Cincinnati during late September/early October, and I have to say... glad I won't see the tests. It would just make me jealous that I can't take them back to my hotel on the river. Just sayin'.
  8. It's all coming back to me now. http://www.wlwt.com/news/local-news/cincinnati/Mayor-announces-deal-with-Duke-Energy-for-streetcar-utility-work/18369218 Apparently my brain made up the "the mayor promised MLB" part.
  9. I thought the promise had been made to MLB when the city wanted to land the All-Star game. After that came the political delays.
  10. Wasn't it at one point supposed to be up and running by the All-Star Game? :-\
  11. Bull. You can tell the mayor was lying because his lips were moving when he said this quote. .
  12. There is only one Democrat trying to turn Cincinnati into Detroit.
  13. Two things: a) Do the doors open automatically or must a button be pressed? In winter it's very nice when the door doesn't just open automatically. b) Munich streetcars are getting a "countdown to departure" on the train itself when they are sitting in the end stations. Is the plan in Cincinnati to have the trains sit at either end of the stretch?
  14. Overhead wire goes underneath obstructions all the time. Not a big deal. The Skywalk could have an insulative panel installed and the wire may even be secured to it.
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