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  1. Has anyone ever been along or taken the Queen City Tour throughout Cincinnati? I am talking about those signs posted all throughout. Every-once-and-awhile, I follow the route for a few miles then eventually stray off. Does anybody have any word on this, or have I already missed a posting about it?
  2. Haven't been on in awhile, but I caught this article from a music website. Found it hilarious, you think Spain could sue Columbus, OH? http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2008/11/turkish-town-batman-sues-christopher-nolan.html
  3. A streetcar named Bearcat...with links http://www.uc.edu/news/NR.asp?id=8690
  4. 16 Drive (In most states) 18 Smoke/Legal Adult/Go to War/Vote 21 Drink Alcohol When I turned 16, I started driving and knew plenty of places where I could go to buy beer, mostly drive-thrus, and I did buy beer. I didn't crack one open as soon as I bought it and sat in the driver seat. I have NEVER driven drunk in my 8 years of driving. Kids are not as stupid as people think they are. We can shoot at other people for sake of our country, but can not drink a beer, but we CAN smoke a cigarette, vote and legally live on our own before we can legally purchase and consume alcohol. Something is not right. Ask Europeans what their drinking age is....
  5. In all fairness to Forbes, I don't think they grabbed these statistics from the air. Probably didn't even do the research. Besides, it's just another one of the top ten lists. Who cares anyways. I'm not going to live somewhere or not live somewhere because of how walkable or it has the number 5 most beautiful scenery. I be going somewhere because it is where the job will be.
  6. I don't know...MP in L'ville gives it a run for its money: Looks like the building is throwing out some hardcore gang signs.....
  7. The beverage industry is ridiculous anyways. There are only a handful of major retailers that produce the products. It's like that generic and universal term 20/80 or 80/20. 20 percent of the retailers control 80 percent of the products. But back to beer, I guess Sam Adams is the biggest American owned brewery now?
  8. Awesome video. I am sure the folks over at BMW/Mini would love to use that for a commercial.
  9. It is cornhole, not the Miss Beauty Contest. The only thing that refernced Cincinnnati in the clip, from what I saw was a short flash of downtown Cincinnati and also the Hudy Delight ads. Nothing led me to believe that Cornhole=Cincinnati. Chill out a little bit.
  10. I've never been to either park, but from being a baseball fan and fanatic, I can tell you some of the reasons why both New York teams are building new stadiums. First, it's trendy; almost every National League team has built a new stadium within the past 15 or so years, the majority of them coming since 2000. The Mets do not want to be left in the dust with a stadium that was built in the 1964. If you take a look at any picture of Shea stadium, it looks incomplete, which it was, to an extent. Plans also had the completion of the seating bowl, to resemble the cookie cutters from the 70's (i.e. Riverfront) and also the build a dome. Also, there are several flight paths directly over the stadium that lead to La Guardia International, making it very noisy. Now to Yankee Stadium, though it seems that it has a lot of history in the stadium, it is also old and out dated. The Yankee organization is an international business. I guess the organization thought it would be better to just build a new stadium rather than refurbishing it, which they have done all of it's life. Structurally, the stadium was failing. Pieces of the stadium continued to break apart and fall during games and at other times. They also need to compete for business and all the other benefits that come along with a new stadium. Granted, they are the Yankees and most likely do not need it as much as other teams. The new construction will add new seats, better site lines and probably the biggest revenue of all, more suites. Fun fact, at one time the Power Ally in left center field was at one time 500 feet!! Monument Park now sits there, but take a look at this picture and you can see how the seating bowl was built and how the old field sits. Also, monument park was also in the field of play at one time. http://www.virtualbirdseye.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/yankee-stadium-birds-eye-view.jpg
  11. The only problem I see with narrowing Liberty is the access to I-471. If I am thinking about this correctly, it is the only entrance to I-471 from downtown other than FWW. Granted narrowing wouldn't necessarily block traffic from entering or exiting, but we all know that traffic engineers do not like to "take" away from any pre-existing condition, only add. It's a cool idea and would add a bit a of a "neighborhood" feeling when exiting I-471 into OTR, but, I will always say this, engineers are planners worst enemies.
  12. Ohio cup The Ohio Cup Presently held by the Cincinnati Reds...suckas!! Pope: Fixed Link
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