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  1. Quarry home project started by JOHN LASKO News-Times reporter Ever since Industrial Realty Group's chief executive officer Stuart Lichter announced they purchased the nearly 917-acre Cleveland Quarries site in December for $22 million, construction crews have been hard at work clearing all kinds of debris at the site. So far crews have demolished five of the six industrial mills and one residential property along Quarry Road to make way for The Quarries at Beaver Creek, which is scheduled to be completed sometime next fall.
  2. Quarry plan expected to spur other projects Brad Dicken | The Chronicle-Telegram SOUTH AMHERST — Development tends to follow sewers, and with the county planning to build a $26 million sewer to support a $500 million upscale development, more construction is likely to follow. South Amherst Mayor Ron Schmitz said he fully expects more development now that California-based Industrial Realty Group has announced a plan to build 1,150 homes — with prices up to $1.3 million — on nearly 1,000 acres of abandoned quarry land in his village and Amherst and Brownhelm townships. That development could be a good thing, he said — if it’s done right.
  3. Design intent for home with quarry frontage. Clubhouse perspective Marina district site plan Design intent for home with quarry frontage. Clubhouse design intent Design intent for home with quarry frontage. Industrial Realty plans housing, lodge, marina at former Lorain County quarries Lorain County project would include housing, recreation, lodge Wednesday, December 19, 2007Molly KavanaughPlain Dealer Reporter http://www.cleveland.com/business/plaindealer/index.ssf?/base/news/1198057185320050.xml&coll=2&thispage=2 Elyria -- California developer Stuart Lichter took one look at the breathtaking views of the quarries, untouched for years, with some standing as high as 100 feet, and he was smitten. "It was totally love at first sight," said a smiling Lichter, president of Industrial Realty Group. His company is embarking on a $500 million residential and recreational development of a 900-acre wooded site in South Amherst and Amherst and Brownhelm townships.
  4. 'Heavy-hitters' to join group planning to build $1.5 billion quarry resort MATT SUMAN, Morning Journal Writer 08/22/2006 SOUTH AMHERST -- British investors planning a $1.5 billion resort project in South Amherst appear to be close to a deal with American Stone to buy 900 acres of quarry land, nearly five months after missing a self-imposed deadline to reach an agreement. But the deal between American Stone and Trans European Securities could be different than the $15.25 million deal both sides agreed to in principle last year because another group of ''heavy hitters'' are expected to come aboard with Trans European, according to County Administrator Jim Cordes. ''There's some different options on the table that are unique,'' he said. How did you know?!
  5. Building Boom Joe Medici The Chronicle-Telegram What do a moving Target, a blighted million-dollar subdivision and a soccer academy have in common? The answer is that they are all part of the economic puzzle that is coming together off of Cooper Foster Park Road on the Amherst and Lorain border. What were mostly vacant fields as recently as 2005 have been transformed into one of the brightest spots of development in the county, according to Lorain Mayor Craig Foltin and Amherst Mayor David Taylor. They hope the area can become a new commercial hub rivaling nearby centers like Avon Commons. The development area, which stretches along Cooper Foster Road from Leavitt to Oak Point roads, encompasses several new developments including sites for the Deerfield Estates commercial and residential properties in Amherst and Lorain, Brad Friedels Premier Soccer Academy in Lorain and the new Premier Toyota Scion dealership in Amherst, which opened in June. All three developments are in the Amherst School District.
  6. Devil’s in the details for $1.25 billion Quarries project Brad Dicken The Chronicle-Telegram The deal to build a 900-acre development was supposed to close in March, but two months later the parties involved are still trying to reach an agreement. That doesn’t mean the $1.25 billion deal is dead, said Patrick Gallagher, a spokesman for American Stone, which owns a large portion of Cleveland Quarries where the bulk of the project will be built. “It’s definitely still alive and the parties are talking,” he said. http://www.chroniclet.com/2006_Archive/05-19-06/Daily%20Pages/051906local4.html
  7. yea about two miles down the road.
  8. Club ready to dig in, get started Brad Friedel’s elite program will break ground May 26 Joseph Medici The Chronicle-Telegram After a year of planning, administrators from the Brad Friedel Premier Soccer Academy are ready to break ground on the $9 million facility in Lorain.
  9. I actually really like Avon Lake. I have alot of family that lives there. I live in Amherst, about 10 minutes west Avon/Avon Lake area and I hardly ever need to drive into Cleveland for anything. Without professional sports teams and concerts I would probably go downtown only a few times a year.
  10. Yea Amherst schools, but Lorain city (Oak Poit Rd area).
  11. its not ALL ghetto... just 85 percent of it! on Lorains far west side new homes start in the 250's
  12. should we change the name to lorain county growth thread? ill give it a try
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