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  1. *tons of bikes and e-scooters parked outside of Taft's Ale House* Taft's Ale House owners: "We're mad that there aren't enough spaces for cars to park for free in the neighborhood."
  2. Here’s a revised version of my proposal. It’s basically what Lammi proposed above except that I added a bump-out in front of 3CDC’s Court Street Condos project, allowing any ground-floor restaurants to have a larger outdoor space, and have perpendicular parking on the south side of the street since there is so much space to fill. In this scenario I would probably suggest truck loading / food truck parking on the north side and 2 hour parking on the south side.
  3. Discussion about a potential Court Street redesign has been moved to a new thread.
  4. If only scientists could develop a way to expose your children to a deactivated or weakened version of the chickenpox virus, allowing them to gain immunity but without the risk of actually catching the infectious disease.
  5. Real bright fellow leading the Commonwealth.
  6. Right, burying utilities can be a long and complicated process as we have seen in recent years with Walnut and Short Vine. (Not sure if it was mentioned here, but the poles have finally been taken down on Walnut!) Fortunately there are several places in OTR where it looks like all of the actual utilities have already been buried, and the telephone poles only exist for lighting and the electric lines that power that lighting: Elm Street, from 12th to Grant Race Street, from 12th and Liberty 12th Street, from Elm to Vine So it seems like they have been planning ahead, and maybe they're just waiting for funding to become available for the construction of a new sidewalk and street lighting, allowing the poles to finally come down.
  7. They're proposing a skywalk over Calhoun Street? Really?
  8. And when is the city going to do something about the streetscape surrounding Washington Park on Elm, Race, and 12th? All three streets still have telephone poles with cobrahead lights.
  9. Does anyone know the status of the buildings (the former Mercy Housing portfolio) that were bought by 3CDC/Model Group/Brickstone Properties in 2017? Model Group since sold their Brickstone Properties division to a Boston-based nonprofit called POAH Communities. Many of the buildings they own on Main Street are currently boarded up.
  10. In other parts of the country, even the 'burbs are building BRT. Sigh.
  11. Rhinegeist posted this on Instagram. Does this mean they're brewing in the Spring Grove Avenue facility now?
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