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  1. He was also quoted in a News Record article about pit bull rights:
  2. Transformation of the 1200 block of Main Street, 2015 vs. 2019:
  3. A shot of Main Street from last summer, showing the Davis Furniture sign which was painted over on 1/1/2020:
  4. For sure. Kroger has rebranded their IT department as Kroger Technology and I think they understand that they have to up their game if they want to compete for top talent. Building new high quality office space downtown is definitely part of that equation.
  5. Well, the smaller building isn't facing Liberty, it's facing Bauer Avenue, a narrow street. I assume that the team will want to demolish the former church/synagogue as soon as possible so that this development is at least visible from Liberty. And in the long term, maybe put another building between Bauer and Liberty.
  6. Exactly. The four Democrats who are likely to win the nomination are all left of Obama. But the far left is vilifying Warren because she used to be a Republican, or vilifying Buttigieg because he doesn't support throwing our entire existing health insurance system system into the garbage and switching to single payer overnight (even though he has stated that he supports getting to single payer eventually). Cranley's and Buttigieg's politics are nothing alike. Cranley is an actual Republican who calls himself a Democrat so he can win in a majority-Democrat city. He has never taken a single policy position that has upset Republicans. On the other hand, Buttigieg is a progressive/left Democrat who is simply not quite as far left as Warren or Sanders. Whether Cranley and Buttigieg are both pretending to be from "folksy backgrounds" ... whatever, I don't care, that's how politics works.
  7. It sounds like the problem isn't really with the design, it's the agreement between 84.51 and 3CDC. The fact that 84.51 can say "we need more space, let's convert those parking levels to office space now..." and 3CDC can simply say "no" is the problem. Has it been officially announced that 84.51 is going into Fountain Place? Or is this simply one of the worst kept secrets in Cincinnati? In an event, I'm sure 84.51 would rather keep all of their employees in their namesake building, rather than splitting them between two different buildings across the street from each other.
  8. Does anyone know how tall a 200-300 room hotel on that footprint would likely be?
  9. Nationally, Greyhound has been selling off a lot of real estate in recent years. I think they would move if Hard Rock made them a good offer, but then the question becomes where do they relocate their operations. This would be the perfect opportunity to lure them into the Transit Center, but that would require a lot of coordination between Greyhound, the city, and Metro...
  10. Boom Box Buns, which currently operates a late night window on Woodward Street, announced that they will open a permanent location in the former Picnic & Pantry space at 14th & Republic:
  11. Would be cool to see them put "City Club" on the top in the same style as the Central Trust and original PNC Bank letters.
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