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  1. OMG, we closed a road/bridge for cars and the world didn't end? And that space then turned into an extremely popular destination for pedestrians and cyclists? It would be nice if our civic leaders could learn from this and keep it in mind when considering future road diets, festival streets/woonerfs, etc. But knowing our current leaders ... they won't.
  2. Some of the renderings look quite nice, it will be impressive if they can pull it off. Then again, some of the original renderings for The Banks looked amazing and what actually got built was completely different.
  3. From what multiple sources have told me, Kroger was originally on track to open as early as March, but they have been intentionally dragging their feet and stretching out the construction timeline. The primary reason is that they do not want the store to open while the tower is still under construction, because Corporate believes it is "bad for their brand" to have a new store opening with construction still going on. At the same time, 3CDC has been pushing them to open as soon as possible because they want to get their hands on the OTR Kroger site. This is yet another anecdote that leads me to believe that Kroger (at least the Greater Cincinnati division) still doesn't "get" urban stores.
  4. Nice shot of the ST. BERNARD OAP COMPANY in there.
  5. It's very interesting that the Alabama law does not protect the "humans" that are created using in vitro fertilization. During the IVF process, it is standard for multiple eggs to be fertilized and then for only one (or in some cases, a few) to be placed back into the woman. That one "human" gets lucky and gets to survive while its "brothers" and "sisters" are "murdered" by the doctor who has prevented implantation. It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that they don't actually believe a fertilized egg is a human, right?
  6. Does that apply to justices who are only in power because of Senators who openly disregarded the precedent in place for filling Supreme Court vacancies?
  7. Covington, KY may create an open container district. I think that's the only thing that will pressure Cincinnati into creating one. After Covington's passes, the Cincy-vs-NKY instincts will kick in and Cincinnati will have one within 6 months.
  8. That space always struck me as a good place to put a fancy cafe with some outdoor dining overlooking the Schmidlapp Event Lawn. Puzzling that it's been vacant since the building was built.
  9. Everyone knows it's the mayor.
  10. It reminds me of the many Italianate buildings in CUF that have fallen into disrepair over the years and had their fronts and cornices covered by awful vinyl siding.
  11. For many decades, the arena has been owned by groups that are more focused on their own sports franchises than having the fanciest arena that draws the biggest events. Nederlander Entertainment is co-owner of the arena and also owns the Cincinnati Cyclones. So as long as they can sell enough Cyclones tickets to cover the cost of turning on the lights and paying the staff, all of those nachos and dollar beers they can sell are extra profit. They don't really have to worry about whether the Cyclones are good or the arena is nice. Interestingly, the other co-owner of US Bank Arena is AEG Presents. In 2018, AEG bought PromoWest. And AEG/PromoWest just announced that they're building a $40 million music venue in Newport. So, they obviously think that building a brand new music venue is a better investment than investing in a rehab of their existing arena. So if they aren't willing to invest their own money in the arena...why should the taxpayers? Haha, I was about to make the exact same analogy. Why invest money in a new arena and take a risk on something that could possibly fail, when you could rely on a steady income stream from the Cyclones Dollar Beer Nights?
  12. The city would not lose this in court because no one is owed a zoning variance. They can build their stadium within the area that has already been rezoned to PD.
  13. They probably will, because it reframes the issue without actually changing the outcome in any way. It's sort of like the situation with the Goetz House being demolished for The Verge. The issue was framed as, "this elderly couple needs to demolish this building so they can sell their land to these developers and make enough money to retire." A number of people who are typically pro-historic preservation fell for this sob story and supported the demolition. So, it was smart of the developers to require the demolition to happen before they bought the land.
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