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  1. All "reported cases" from every country should be taken with a grain of salt and assumed to be higher than the reported numbers, due to lack of testing. We won't know the real infection rates or mortality rates until we can do antibody tests to a representative sample of the population in different countries/states/cities. We are about to cross 1 million global reported cases and just crossed 50,000 deaths worldwide.
  2. taestell


    It is completely #@*$%& insane that Wisconsin is still planning to hold an in-person election next Tuesday. There is no legitimate reason for this to happen. This is an intentional effort to suppress voter turnout.
  3. FYI we already have second thread dedicated to the impact of Covid-19 on construction and development in Ohio. For now, let's keep the rest of the discussion in here. If this thread starts to get overwhelmed with reports of celebrity deaths, or personal experiences with the disease, we can split that off into a new thread at that time.
  4. So if someone is a smoker and has weakened lung capacity, and then gets Covid-19 and dies from it, you don't consider that to be a "Covid-19 death"?
  5. Based on this report from the New York Times, I think the south is going to be hit the hardest when the virus really takes hold there. It makes some sense why people in Great Plains states and rural Nevada did not reduce their travel very much; with everything being so spread out, people still need to travel long distances to get groceries and other supplies or visit family. However in the south, it looks like people just didn't take it seriously and kept going about their normal business. Combined with the anecdotes we've seen over the past few weeks -- Florida allowing the beaches to remain open to "if I get Corona, I get Corona" bros, jam packed bars in New Orleans and Nashville after other states were already issuing closure orders, the mass infection at a funeral, the Georgia governor admitting he didn't know asymptomatic people could have the virus and spread the infection -- I think it just goes to show there is an attitude of the south not taking it seriously.
  6. "We didn’t know that until the last 24 hours"? Yes, we did. Maybe you didn't, but we did.
  7. OTR property owners were initially asked to respond by April 3, but due to Covid-19, the deadline is being extended. Hopefully the SID proposal can pull through this and still pass.
  8. Conspiracy theorist attempts to destroy a Navy hospital ship helping with Covid-19: Train Operator at Port of Los Angeles Charged with Derailing Locomotive Near U.S. Navy’s Hospital Ship Mercy
  9. I don't see how that's any different than the decision to resume construction after Cranley took office. Cranley can talk all he wants about how the streetcar is a "boondoggle" but at the end of the day, he doesn't run the city, a supermajority of council does. City Council forced the city to resume construction and they can force the city to resume operations. The only way Cranley can emerge victorious here if is he gets the FTA to drastically reduce or eliminate their requirements for the streetcar's operating hours. Then Cranley can declare that it will only run on weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day and make it into the amusement park ride that he always claimed it would be. Also, you have to go through a lot of mental gymnastics to believe that "the streetcar is sucking the city budget dry and we can no longer afford to run it." From the beginning, Cranley has insisted that no "city money" would be used to run the streetcar, so the city came up with a variety of new funding sources to pay for it -- VTICA, raising parking meter rates, fares, and advertising. If Cranley can somehow get away with cancelling the streetcar, do we believe that he is going to cancel the VTICA payments and reduce parking meter rates to pre-streetcar levels? Absolutely not. Cranley would steal all of the streetcar's special funding sources and redirect them to the city's general budget to pay for the police and fire departments -- the exact opposite of what streetcar opponents have always claimed was happening.
  10. It depends on whether the money will be limited to state and federal highways, or if cities/counties will be able to apply for funding for local projects.
  11. ^ I talked to another local developer recently (not affiliated with the project in any way) and he predicted most of the units will be rented out by people who flip them into AirBNBs.
  12. I had a really bad flu in late February after returning from a trip to the Bay Area. I was extremely exhausted for about two weeks and had the worst cough I remember having—it was not a "dry cough" like what is usually described with Covid-19, however 1/3 of people with it report a wet cough as well. So, part of me thinks that I had it. However, no one around me came down with a similar illness, which would be unusual given how contagious it is. I would love to get an antibody test whenever they become available so I can know for sure.
  13. 11 Veterans Die At Soldiers' Home in Massachusetts Amid COVID-19 Outbreak Days After a Funeral in a Georgia Town, Coronavirus ‘Hit Like a Bomb’
  14. ^ None of the three doctors are tweeting very much because they're all on the front lines treating Covid-19 patients. I certainly would trust their perspective when they say that shelter-in-place orders are needed to reduce the spread of the disease, which, as Dr. Faust said, has been more contagious than what some of the experts originally predicted.
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