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  1. Willkommen is also a huge project. Not to mention other ongoing efforts around Court Street. If the city had let F&C do 4th & Race themselves as originally planned, that would free 3CDC up to work on something else. But Cranley had to bring in 3CDC as a partner on that project.
  2. But it actually works the other way. As you build more and more structured parking in OTR, which should be one of the densest and most transit-accessible/walkable/bikeable neighborhoods in the city, you encourage more people to drive and people have no reason to push for better transit or bike infrastructure.
  3. With Bevin losing to Beshear tonight, I think there is some hope that these benefits can be restored.
  4. Tons and tons of affordable housing being demolished for Ovation and yet it's mostly flying under the radar.
  5. There is no better example of this than Taste of Belgium, which started as a small stall in the market house and has expanded to the point where they have multiple full service restaurants. Also Pho Lang Thang started in a small storefront managed by Findlay Market and has now expanded to a much larger storefront around the corner that is not managed by Findlay Market, in addition to opening several other restaurants around town. So even without a designated "food hall" in the former Leader Furniture or EMC spaces, the same role is being filled by Findlay itself. I think Eatery On the Rhine, despite being branded as a food hall, is actually more of a food court. It is more like what you find in a mall food court; most of the restaurants are secondary locations for existing, established businesses, except for Dope, which relocated their existing business there. When I think of a food hall, I think of a place that is more willing to take chances on new concepts from new chefs or food trucks that want to upgrade to a more permanent location.
  6. The problem is that the area around Findlay Market is just not "there" yet. Model Group is moving incredibly fast at adding new office space and apartments around there, but it's going to be awhile before Findlay Market can support lots of restaurants, whether that's fancier places or quick lunch options, and other types of retail. I loved the Epicurean Mercantile Company, but they were probably about 8 or 10 years ahead of their time. It is only a matter of time before structured parking is built near the market, whether that's Hamilton County's FC Cincinnati garage or a 3CDC garage under Findlay Playground. Another factor is that if the streetcar were better run and it was actually possible for downtown office workers to go to Findlay Market and back in a one hour lunch break, it would help support more restaurants around Findlay Market. Maybe in a post-Cranley world this idea can be revisited.
  7. There is still the other food hall proposal for the former Leder Furniture space.
  8. ^ My post was based on this tweet from a WCPO reporter which claimed that there was pending litigation between W&S and the Park Board: The Park Board’s letter also says there are "multiple lawsuits" so I don’t think that the residents suing the Park Board is the only lawsuit. It also does explicitly say that W&S is withholding the funding that they previously promised for the construction and ongoing maintenance of the park. So I'm not sure what about my post is "not true."
  9. The letter says there are "multiple lawsuits" so it could be someone else (nearby residents?) suing the city over the removal of those mature trees from Lytle Park. However the letter does explicitly say that W&S is withholding the funding that they previously promised for the construction and ongoing maintenance of the park.
  10. I know it's old news, but it's still so depressing to look at these types of maps that show how much Pendleton got crushed and how many homes were demolished when the Liberty Street Expressway was built. Maybe at some point we can undo this massive mistake, reconnect Dandridge Street, and sell off these parcels to people who want to build new homes.
  11. Signage has been up for the new PromoWest venue for a few weeks and foundation work is underway.
  12. I believe it is owned by the city as it was rented out for the infamous Fiesta de la Zarigüeya in 2016. @thomasbw can probably give you more details.
  13. Cincinnati Park Board has now paused the renovation of Lytle Park "indefinitely" because Western & Southern has decided to sue to park board and withhold the funding that they previous promised. Again...W&S thinks Lytle Park is their own private lawn for their corporate campus and they do not care about nearby residents or anyone else that wants to use this public park. They are not a good neighbor.
  14. A source told me that Allegiant was in negotiations for naming rights, but they couldn't come to an agreement with the venue's owners on the cost. The fact that they ended up with a second-tier local bank at the naming rights sponsor makes the think they're paying about half of what US Bank previously paid.
  15. It's very odd that a mostly Kentucky-based bank with zero branches inside the City of Cincinnati is sponsoring the arena in Cincinnati. Although they do have two Ohio locations, in Montgomery and Mason. Also, fun fact: former WKRC anchor Rob Braun recently became the spokesman for Heritage Bank.
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