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  1. Has a new development already been announced for that site?
  2. The Nashville office is just a token gesture by Amazon to show that they're investing in "the Heartland". Besides that, it seems quite likely that Amazon intended to go to NYC and DC the whole time and simply played cities against each other to maximize their tax breaks and gain massive amounts of free publicity in the process.
  3. Building the Third Street to I-75 ramp would do so much to relieve traffic on Fourth Street and possibly even allow it to be converted to two-way. Unfortunately, IIRC, the most recent plans for the BSB call for keeping the Fourth Street ramp.
  4. I also wish the Bengals would just build an indoor facility replacing the current practice field, but this still sounds like a good deal. Perhaps Hilltop Concrete could move to Queensgate or some other location that's still within city limits. Tailgaiting gets pushed out of The Banks and into this new lot. My bigger concern is about the future of The Banks. This new music venue is fine, but what happens next? Do they still intend to fill the remaining blocks with residential, office, and retail, or is The Banks going to be built out with nothing but entertainment venues and game day restaurants?
  5. I know I say this a lot, but it's great to see the continued conversion of old office buildings into other uses like residential and hotel. Not only are these buildings better suited for those types of uses, but it also keeps pushing down the vacancy rates for downtown office space. (What was the old BOE building considered, Class B? Class C?) Eventually this will help make the case for the construction of new office buildings in the core, replacing parking lots and other vacant/underutilized areas.
  6. taestell

    The Trump Presidency

    Trump is defending "the opposition to the Antifi" -- or the "anti-Antifa" if you will. If only there was a shorter name for that group.
  7. taestell

    Cincinnati-NKY International Airport

    That seems like a much better strategy. The cheaper economy lot would have just stolen many of ValuPark's customers. Better for CVG to keep customers paying the ValuPark rate and build out the other lot as an overflow rather than a cheaper option. That article's list of airport transit options in Cincinnati's peer cities is just brutal.
  8. Sounds like we finally have some movement on the proposed music venue.
  9. taestell

    What are you watching?

    King of the Hill is now on Hulu. I just watched the first few episodes of Season 1 and it's a shocking how many of Dale Gribble's conspiracy theories perfectly line up with the ones people like Alex Jones are still spreading today.
  10. taestell

    Cincinnati City Council

    Hamilton County Commissioners are currently in an executive session! Everyone panic! Oh, wait, the irrational fear of executive sessions only applies when it comes to Cincinnati City Council.
  11. taestell

    Cincinnati: Findlay Market

    Food halls are a concept that have been popping up in more and more cities, and I think near Findlay Market is a good location for one in Cincinnati. Like @ucgrady mentioned, one was announced for the Leader Furniture building but I haven't heard anything about that in a few months. I think the former EMC would be a great location for one. Here are a few photos I took at a new food hall in Kansas City called Parlor. It was a cool two-story space with a variety of seating options (booths, tables, lounge area, etc.) and an outdoor patio on the upper floor. There was a full service bar on each floor operated by the food hall itself, and a total of seven different restaurant spaces operated by different chefs. So it's a similar concept as food trucks. Since the restaurants have very small kitchens, they have small menus. This allows up-and-coming chefs to try out new concepts, and over time, some will go on to flesh out the concept into its own standalone restaurant.
  12. The last couple of times I have visited NYC, I have stayed at a place called Hotel Azure, right where Chinatown, Little Italy, and SoHo come together. It looks like the hotel has been sold or rebranded since my last visit and is now called "City Rooms NYC SoHo". It is a great value for the location; rooms are currently available for $84/night on Hotels.com and similar websites. The rooms are very small but that is to be expected for Manhattan, but were clean and not dingy or gross at all.
  13. taestell

    Cincinnati: Eastern Bypass

    So is this ridiculous proposal dead now?
  14. At this time there are no additional restrictions on the electric bikes and they are the same price as the standard bikes. Eventually the app will show a little lightning bolt icon on stations that have an electric bike available, just like the website does now. RedBike will monitor these 10 e-bikes to see how long the batteries last before needing to be swapped out with a fully charged battery, which will allow them to more accurately plan for the eventual rollout of 100 e-bikes. Currently they have about 400 regular bikes, so this is also a 25% increase in the total size of RedBike's fleet. So that should enable them to add a few more stations once the e-bikes start arriving.
  15. taestell

    Ohio's 1st Congressional District

    Now that Chabot can finally “get started” when can we expect him to bring home federal money for the Western Hills Viaduct or Brent Spence Bridge?