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  1. That drop off circle is for employees only. I believe taxis and ride share let off on Reading Road. Right, I would expect the hotel drop off area to look similar to what exists at the Hyatt.
  2. Under Ohio’s casino law, the casinos were not allowed to build a hotel for the first 5 years that they were open. That time period has passed and they can now open a hotel. But I’m sure that when Horseshoe was designed, they planned exactly where the hotel would go when they could finally build it.
  3. I would be shocked if they didn't build the hotel right there, where their drop off circle is now located. That's a 465ft x 125ft rectangle, or about 1.3 acres, plenty of room for a hotel. As a comparison, the new Tru by Hilton hotel that's going in next to the Corryville Kroger will be built on 0.65 acre lot.
  4. I was surprised to see today that the city just installed new curb cuts and painted new crosswalks at the intersection of Liberty and Main. I find it odd that they're doing this now, because, if the most recently approved plan for the Liberty Street Road Diet is still moving forward, the city will be redoing this entire intersection again in the very near future...
  5. If they want to get this thing on the March 17 (presidential primary) ballot, they need to file the paperwork by December 18. So they better work out these details fast.
  6. Around 2005, there were rumors that House of Blues was considering buying the Madison Theater in Covington and rebranding it as a House of Blues. The Madison Theater started booking some bigger artists around that time and there was speculation that this was because HOB was kicking the tires and trying out some larger shows before making a final decision. However in 2006, Live Nation bought the House of Blues chain, and since Live Nation already owns Bogart's, it didn't really make sense for them to buy the Madison as well. (Both venues are similarly sized, holding around 1500 people, and book similar artists.) If a HOB gets built at the casino, it's yet another bullet point added to the list of reasons MEMI should scrap their plans for a music venue at The Banks.
  7. Work has started on the Findlay Market Biergarten expansion & new Elm Street entrance.
  8. But the fact that they're no longer naming the Reading and Glenway corridors as priority BRT routes is really troubling to me. It makes it seem like SORTA's leadership is not that committed to making BRT happen. Saying that it "depends on federal funding and community input" is true of course. But if you are trying to build a new piece of transit infrastructure, you typically want to start out by presenting a bold vision and selling it to the public, and then getting the community support and the federal funding to make it happen. Show people how awesome it would be to get around on a BRT system running on those streets with center platform stations, dedicated lanes, and signal priority. Show people what they're going to get if the tax passes and put some effort into selling it.
  9. Apparently the latest version of the Reinventing Metro plan was unveiled today and doesn't even call for two specific BRT routes anymore. It just sets aside some money for BRT and says that whether or not BRT gets built "depends" on various factors.
  10. From what I understand, the effort to give Downtown Columbus workers free bus passes was pushed and funded by Columbus Downtown Development Corporation, Columbus' equivalent of Cincinnati's DCI (Downtown Cincinnati Inc). Given the fact that DCI is now part of 3CDC, an organization that makes a significant amount of its profit from running parking garages, I don't think they would be as gung-ho to support free transit passes for downtown workers.
  11. IIRC, former mayor Charlie Luken spoke in opposition to the SkyHouse proposal (at the now-Artistry site) because he said it would block the view for people living in Mt. Adams.
  12. Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune announces retirement I'm not sure why Portune doesn't just step down now and focus on beating cancer and spending time with his family.
  13. Software doesn't really work like that, though. Even if you're not adding a lot of new features on a regular basis, once you have an app that out there that's being used by millions of people every day, you need a pretty significant organization of developers, QA testers, system administrators, etc., just to keep the thing up and running, fix bugs, make sure it stays compatible with all the new smartphones coming out every year, etc.
  14. Bob 5chw4r7z writes that, according to his back-of-the-envelope calculations, there has now been over $1 billion of economic development along the streetcar route -- and I believe he is only counting projects where the developer explicitly stated, "we chose to build this project at this location because it was on/near the streetcar route." Look -- I know there are more precise ways of calculating the economic impact of the streetcar. If the city's economic development folks were collecting all the data and crunching numbers they could probably tell us exactly how much "additional" development can be credited to the streetcar vs. how much can be credited to other improvements in downtown and OTR. But as long as John Cranley is the mayor, the economic development department isn't going to be analyzing that data. So I applaud Bob for putting this together.
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