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  1. Might have a few more to post from the other day, but here's a teaser.
  2. Folks, the project-specific development threads are for discussion of actual activity or directly related chat. If you have something to say that isn’t related or want to continue discussion of a tangent, you are welcome and encouraged to create a new thread. Everyone is also encouraged to take time to read threads (and other sources) and gain a better understanding of real estate, development and construction so discussions can be more mature than “so and so built _____, why can’t ______ get built???”
  3. Good morning from Franklin Boulevard (Irishtown Bend).
  4. Peeking out from AT&T Huron Road, from Franklin Boulevard (Irishtown Bend).
  5. The Tappan apartment building on Scranton is coming along rather nicely.
  6. ^Please, do not take photos if you are driving. The Admins and owners of the forum in no way, shape or form encourage or endorse that. With that, today from the Gateway/Casino parking garage.
  7. The only part that was torn out was the windows facing East Ninth Street, and they were fully restored as part of the redevelopment.
  8. For the record, I was not driving, nor do I ever attempt to take photos while driving - no photo is ever worth the risk. My thoughts on this were galvanized ten years ago when one of the longtime skyscraperpage.com (SSP - essentially where urbanohio originated) forumers was killed while scouting photo locations. Even worse, the forumer left behind a wife and two young children
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