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  1. Okay, so I patched this thread together from a couple of days - details! The weather has been on/off so here's what I've seen on my jaunts around downtown: Strolled over to the AT Tower garage at East 9th and Prospect - it ain't a pretty structure but it has some great (or not so great if you look at AT Tower itself) views! Back down to street level, this used to be a neglected patch of sidewalk and patchy grass - it's being turned into a small park (aka Medical Mutual Plaza) - a nice touch for the area residents - bit of trivia - Chef Hector Boiardi (Boy-Ar-Dee) got his start in the building in the upper right: Making my way back on Prospect, there's the Pointe building with the Winking Lizard Tavern on the first floor and the Cleveland Urban Design Center on the second floor (an architecture/urban planning collaborative of northeast Ohio's four major state universities): The building behind the Pointe was once apartments - it's now being offered as for-sale condos and there happened to be an open house (one bedrooms start at $80K): Sample views from models: Do my eyes deceive me? Nope - it's the first new construction on Euclid Avenue between Playhouse Square and Public Square since I can remember (okay so it's just a parking deck but hey, it's above street level now!): A quick run down East 6th - catching a glimpse of the Leader Building: Further north over to West 6th at Lakeside: And finally down to the Flats: In case you didn't know why it's called the Swing Bridge: Hope you enjoyed :)
  2. @ monte - here's a pic of Public Square from a few years ago - this was taken from the top of Key Tower by Paul_In_Cleveland, a forumer from SSP, who took this photo laying down and hanging his camera over the edge of the tower - some 800 feet above street level (a much braver man than I!) It hasn't changed that much - the Soldiers and Sailors quadrant (upper left) has looked pretty much like that since 1894. Off to the left you can see the atrium of the BP Tower. The quadrant in the upper right is where the Terminal Tower is located. The quadrant in the lower left is pretty similar to the historic photos as is the quadrant in the lower right. Another view, closer to ground level from the 10th floor of the Society for Savings building: @unusualfire - like Idora Park and other historic 'inner-city' amusement parks, Euclid Beach was affected by suburban sprawl and neglect - however I've heard that some of the rides are in storage and may be put to use as part of Cleveland's lakefront plan - who knows if that will happen.
  3. "oh i know! its actually still there today if im not mistaken. right next to Erieview plaza/tower" Nope - you might be thinking of St. John's Cathedral, which is a few blocks south of the Tower at Erieview. The First Baptist Church once stood at the southwest corner of East Ninth (formerly Erie Street) and Euclid Avenue. The Euclid/Ninth Tower (built as the Schofield building but covered with an awful 'modern' facade) was built on the site. Click here to see it: http://www.clevelandpostcards.com/images/postcards/eastninthcorridor.jpg More info at http://www.firstbaptistcleveland.org/about_history.php Great collection of incredible pics!
  4. Well, in very Cleveland fashion - I'll say that the "experts" expected approx. 25,000 jobs to be created with the Gateway project and they fell well short of that goal. But, if the Euclid Corridor project manages to get half of their goal, I'd be happy. I'd also question that the project spurred the renovations of the Statler, Arcade, and the East 4th area but that's just me...
  5. Updated photo from Friday, July 23rd:
  6. From Friday, July 23rd - Stonebridge (Phase III) from the east bank of the Flats:
  7. MayDay

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    "I'm sure Mayday is going to make the trip." Rest assured, I wouldn't be (or ever attempt to be) on American Idol or any stupid reality show. Well, except for America's Next Top Model that is - I can't sing for crap but I can sure stand around and look pretty!!! :lol:
  8. "mayday, do you know this girl? is she single?" Nope, that campaign was handled by an outside agency so who knows where they dug her up. Get this though - an irate customer called one of our reps because they were "morally offended" that Key would use her as our spokesmodel - they mistakenly thought she was some hoochie from one of those Bachelor/Bachelorette reality shows. Oh, and I can't believe that the folks at the branch would let the signage slip like that. Oh, and nice pics ya got there! :clap:
  9. More recent pics - the condo tower is in the background: A moving van. In the Flats. With people moving in. Welcome to the neighborhood :) F.E., I've heard the rumor as well but I have yet to see any sort of media coverage. If I do, I'll post it right away. I do know that the developer's dream is to run a small trolley line from the Viaduct down West 25th to the West Side Market.
  10. Yep, Cincy has the Vontz Center for Molecular Studies, designed by Gehry: http://www.bluffton.edu/~sullivanm/gehrycin/eastsoutheast.jpg
  11. As far as modern/contemporary buildings in Cleveland, I have to agree with the Weatherhead building. If we're talking older buildings, one of my favorites is the Rose Building:
  12. "I dont like the way they look" Well you ain't exactly a sight for sore eyes, either! Just kidding! :lol:
  13. Yep, I think they're starting Phase II pretty soon (they were wrapping up the first group the last time I checked). I think the non-traditional styles started with the Tillman Park townhomes (the green, pink and yellow ones) over near West 44th. I'm glad to see them use something a little contemporary.
  14. He calls himself a “self-taught” artist, having attended no architecture or art school. He said his work is found in four presidential libraries. The H3LL you say!!! Thanks for the link, prolix. Mind you, I'm not the Messiah but if someone were to make an awful 42-foot replica of me like that, I'd strike 'em dead with a thunderbolt!
  15. So this is a better use of money than feeding the homeless or providing healthcare for the poor? "Tacky" is a little diplomatic if you ask me!
  16. Not 10 years ago, I used to go to a great local restaurant on West 76th and I never, ever imagined this would be happening... From cleveland.com (Sun Newspapers): Bluffs getting makeover Thursday, July 08, 2004 By DAVID PLATA West Side Sun News The Bluffs area of the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood has been undergoing a renaissance in recent years _ and one that appears will continue. Overlooking Edgewater Park and the Shoreway, the area stretches roughly from West 45th to West 76th streets. Three projects, already completed, under way or yet to start, are giving a new look to Father Caruso Drive, a shorter stretch of the Bluffs, from West 65th to West 73rd streets. The 17-unit Lake Pointe Townhomes is the latest, with 10 units completed and the final seven under way. It's a wonderful development, said Jeff Ramsey, director of Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization, the local nonprofit development group. The nearly $4.4 million project, with a nautical look including a corrugated metal exterior, stairs rising to the second floor entrances and windows set into the doors to resemble portholes aboard ship, stretches south on the east side of West 67th, starting on Father Caruso Drive. The husband and wife team of Andrew and Miriam Colen, owners of Hallie Inc. of Pepper Pike, are developers and builders of the project, which is designed by RDL Architects of Cleveland. Miriam Colen said the views, overlooking Lake Erie, make the area especially attractive. The views, the Edgewater Marina is there; I can't imagine a better view than that, she said. And with the new bike path, it's just a nice location. While the first 10 units are already sold, Miriam Colen said the seven now under construction should be ready for occupancy by November. The three-story townhouses have two stories above the garage on the ground floor, plus a deck on top. The two- or three-bedroom units cover 2,100 square feet, with a large finished bonus room behind the garage. It could be used as a family room, an entertainment room, a media room, said Colen, secretary/treasurer with the firm. The living room, dining, room, kitchen and powder room are on the main level; the second-story bedroom level also has two full baths and a laundry room. Councilman Matt Zone, D-17, in whose ward the projects are taking place, said the Lake Pointe development is being done without city aid, other than the normal tax abatement for new housing construction. The Pepper Pike company also has done a three-unit project at Bridge Avenue and West 26th Street in the Ohio City neighborhood, and is doing a 10-unit building at East 36th Street and Prospect Avenue. Also in the area is the Belvedere, a 20-unit housing development completed in recent years at West 69th Street and Father Caruso Drive. Ramsey said most development in the area had been selling for about $110 per square foot. But the Lake Pointe project, he said, is selling for about $150 per square foot. It's establishing a market for that area north of Detroit we call the Bluffs _ the area of our neighborhood where you get lake views and downtown views, he said. What's really significant is that its establishing a market for the redevelopment of the Eveready Battery site. The site is on West 73rd Street, also overlooking Edgewater Park. The plan, which calls for demolition of some 20 buildings but would preserve the old power plant, possibly as a restaurant and museum, calls for nearly 330 units on a 14-acre site. That's the biggest development in our neighborhood and probably on the entire West Side, Ramsey said. City Architecture and Marous Brothers Construction are still working on the plans, with construction possibly to start this year. ............ Here's a link to a rendering of the Lake Pointe Townhomes: http://www.progressiveurban.com/lakepointe/images/LakePointe.jpg And a link to a realtor listing for the Belvedere: http://www.smythecramer.com/apps/propertysearch/homes/index.cfm?search_LN=2140654&action=detail&lnsrc=n
  17. Updated pics as of July 1st: View from the Shoreway: View from Lakeside looking west:
  18. "mayday, when is the last time you needed a transfer?" Probably not for at least a year - thus my ignorance about the system :crazy:
  19. John, if they stick with the current system, the answer is yes. What happens is your ticket gets stamped with a time that reads 2 (or 3?) hours after you board. That essentially is your time that you have to use the ticket for transferring. Or, you can always buy an all-day pass. I've heard that they plan to do away with the ticket readers on the bus/trains and go to paying in the station before you board. And yes, the BRT will be run by the GCRTA.
  20. "The Terminal Tower bears a resemblance to those "stalinist" skyscrapers they have in Moscow and Warsaw." True, but there's a stronger resemblance to NYC's Municipal Building by McKim, Mead and White: Also, most of the 'stalinist' towers didn't come along until 20-some years after the Terminal Tower was completed.
  21. "Well, whatever, I find it tawdry and a vice, and, yes, its a personal opinion. Probably one shared by alot of folks in this state as casino gambling has been defeated here repeatedly." First - who under the age of 60 uses the word "tawdry"? Dagnabbit, whippersnappers - talk about a throwback! Second - beer is a vice. Beer can be addictive. Beer also happens to be listed in your profile as one of your main interests. Selective morality's a b!tch, ain't it? Third - your 'slippery slope/' mentality of "why not legalize EVERYTHING, aka the seventh seal of the apocalypse will be broken!!!" is the usual fearmongering response from someone who can't admit they might not be right. Next thing you know, those d@mned queers are gonna claim they deserve rights that heteros have! Run for the hills! zaceman, a parish hall is a building separate from a church that's used by the church for community activities, bingo, etc. My take? The Catholic church knows that if casinos open in Ohio, their bingo gravy-train that keeps their schools open will face stiff competition. I've never set foot in a casino and most likely will never do so, but I find it abhorrent that they are the primary opponents of casinos under the guise of "morality". If only they could expend the same energy resolving the molestation cases, and caring for the poor...
  22. Yep, another condo/residential project in Cleveland - this is phase 3 of Stonebridge which is the 12-story tower that will complement the existing 8-story apartment buildings. The tower will have four upper floors as for-sale condos and the lower floors as rental. It's getting closer to completion, here are some views: The lower structure of the Detroit-Superior bridge visible on the lower left: And a view of the tower with the rest of Stonebridge and the Detroit-Superior bridge to the left and Ohio City in the background:
  23. That's the glassy 5-story parking deck on Euclid which is just east of the Arcade/Hyatt. I would think the workers are restricted to regular business hours for construction but again, call ahead to be sure. Here's the crane from I-77:
  24. John, the Hyatt is quite a nice place to stay - the noise from the shoppers is only an issue on weekdays around lunchtime. Otherwise the rooms are quite insulated (I took a tour of the facilities, including model suites and there wasn't much ambient noise). Now, the construction from the 515 Euclid project *might* be an issue but I'd call ahead to be sure. Anyways, some updated photos of the Pinnacle, as promised :) The structure behind the crane is the parking garage base: View from the westbound Shoreway: View from the eastbound Shoreway:
  25. zaceman, that's an *excellent* article and folks like napier need to read it. I'm not suggesting that Cleveland *doesn't* need to improve it's convention center but in secondary markets the convention industry is NOT growing as much as boosters would have you hope. Cleveland's center is certainly obsolete but gouging taxpayers to foot the bill is not the answer. Plus, it's not enough anymore to have a great facility - now it's completely standard practice for cities to throw in free hotel rooms (by the hundreds) along with a ton of other 'perks' that don't generate profit. Then, each city has to 'up the ante' until they're all slashing their own throats to get a convention that would have nominal economic impact. Conventioneers aren't the most adventurous demographic - they tend to go to the show, eat in the immediate area, and hole up in their rooms. If they get all that for free as part of the city's incentive...? That's how cities "snatch" conventions - they throw in so many freebies that the city ends up losing money in hopes that conventioneers buy enough souvenirs to make up the difference.
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