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  1. Okay, I will be grabbing one of the communal tables by the East Ninth Street windows. Just look for the signal!
  2. This thread will be reopened soon but please keep the baseless speculation to a minimum.
  3. In the vein of the "ten year challenge" thing that's going around the interwebs, I dug up a few pics from back in November 2009.
  4. As important as all this discussion is, it pales in comparison to THIS announcement!
  5. It’s all good, looking like we will have a small lunch group for the 27th and then plan another meetup in December
  6. So the preliminary results are showing Wednesday, November 27th from 12-1ish is the best day/time - should we go ahead and make it official? We can always have another one later in December for those who mentioned that might be preferable
  7. I believe the space has been closed for quite some time but I found this photo from Socially Artistic Wedding Planner's Facebook page. Always had a soft spot for this place; back in 2002 when they still served lunch, I signed my book deal with Arcadia Publishing right about where that round table on the far left is.
  8. As others have said - you get what you pay for. A lot of the complaints I see are people not keeping expectations realistic or reading the fine print (if Spirit can add a charge for a product/service, they will). If you're okay with basic (very basic) transportation, it's fine albeit certainly not spa-like for shorter flights (2ish hours). We've taken it to Vegas and had no complaints - on our last flight, we paid for exit row seats which I recommend for the leg room. It also turned out that the two window seats (next to me and diagonal left in front) were broken with big red "Do Not Occupy" decals. On one hand it was very much Greyhound of the Skies, on the other hand I had sooo much room to stretch my legs and store my bags, etc. Regarding canceled flights - we've been fortunate but my understanding is that happens with Spirit/Frontier because they don't have an agreement with the non-ultra low cost carriers (any experts, please feel free to correct me).
  9. Okay, after a little reconnaissance work, looks like Market is our best bet. So the next question is what days/times look good for everyone?
  10. Actually no - neither of those has communal tables, but once we have a better idea of head count, we can figure something out. Communal table
  11. Since so many eyes are on this thread, maybe not happy hour but lunch? Please post any replies in this thread
  12. Hi all, throwing the idea out there to see if anyone might be interested in grabbing weekday lunch in the next few weeks? I think our best bet might be somewhere that has communal table setups and between Public Square and East Ninth Street. And in case it needs to be said, it's BBYOL (Buy/Bring Your Own Lunch) Any interest, feel free to send me a PM or respond below.
  13. The Roxy was located where PNC (Previously National City/Pittsburgh Not Cleveland) Center in on East Ninth across from the Centennial (Huntington).
  14. I preferred the original "55" lighting but hopefully the restoration does the building justice.
  15. Took a quick photo of the Avian building this weekend; unobstructed views of the Cuyahoga, the Carter Road bridges and downtown? Sign me up
  16. If you mean caissons, then no - if I recall correctly, the previous buildings were demolished, Ameritrust was cancelled and the site was paved for parking, end of story. I don't think there was ever any formal construction, above or below street level.
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