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  1. I was maintaining the Cleveland development thread at the skyscraperpage.com forum for almost two decades but eventually the site's management let everything go to h#ll (trolls, site security, updating the software, etc.). So I decided if they aren't going to invest in the forum, I'm not going to bother spending my time there. It's still a good resource for other cities but for Cleveland, the most current info is here on UrbanOhio. Back on topic, please!
  2. It was Pho Thang on Rockwell/Ninth; love the place but 1. not everyone loves Vietnamese food and 2. in the interest of time and amount of people showing up, best to stick with more “fast casual” spots - so Masthead might be a good choice
  3. Enjoying your photo posts; if you’re posting one or a few pics, could you post them in the Cleveland: Random Photo thread? Individual photo thread posts are better suited for batches of images. Thanks!
  4. #ijs ya fetuses! It was posted in the Retail thread but getting back on topic... Wish I had chance to check the place out; maybe they were just a little ahead of their time - a lot of adjacent construction but not enough completed and residents to sustain the business?
  5. #okmillennials, I’m 47 and can post a link to an article https://m.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2020/02/25/ohio-city-galley-to-cease-operations-this-weekend?utm_source=feature&utm_medium=home&utm_campaign=hpfeatures&utm_content=HomeFeaturedStoriesCustomMobile
  6. ^I wouldn’t be able to make it there during the week but great suggestion; been meaning to try it out. On second thought
  7. ^Thought about that, and in theory it'd be great but a few concerns: First floor is a non-starter - too much commotion especially at lunchtime for a large group Second floor (north/Euclid side) - their communal tables only hold eight each and not sure if those are movable? I think our last meetup at Market we had about 16 people Second floor (west/East Ninth side) - last time I checked, we'd need to probably take over every non-hightop they have
  8. Yes, I guess we're due for another meet up. I'm struggling to think of somewhere other than Market that's: Centrally located (downtown/CBD) Easily accessible via main transit/trolley lines Can accommodate our group without major hassle (anymore we routinely fill at least one of the communal tables at Market) Offers variety of dining for anyone with dietary constraints Relatively budget friendly If anyone has suggestions, let me know - thanks!
  9. https://www.strongtowns.org/journal/2018/6/5/whats-up-with-all-those-empty-commercial-storefronts-in-new-mixed-use-developments
  10. Aesthetically, they break up the expanses of monotonous glass and as ASPhotoman suggested, they provide a visual element to draw the eye upward. Also, there have been other reasons for pushback on all-glass facades.
  11. ^Nice, been contemplating doing the same in the near future. For now - here's a pic from terra firma (the Innerbelt, so still in motion):
  12. A few from today - apologies for the blurs and whatnot, again that darn husband wouldn't come to a stop on the Innerbelt
  13. Folks (especially for those of you who are newer to the forum), speculative retail discussion will get threads locked in a hot minute. The reason is we've had issues over the years with forumers who would routinely take construction threads way off topic with this - and then our volunteer staff has to take time out of their lives to clean up the threads and bring them back on topic. We have threads in other sections to discuss retail - the Projects and Construction threads are specifically to discuss the construction process/progress.
  14. Good discussion, but best for another thread - thanks!
  15. Produce stands: DeCaro's and Basketeria Beef - Lance's or Jim's; Pinzone's (mostly for the meatballs) Pork/Poultry - D.W. Whittakers and the Pork Chop Shop Cheese - The Cheese Shop and Mediterranean Import Store (their indoor signage reads "Culinary Specialties") Seasoning/Spices - Urban Herbs, Narrin for more unusual selection Prepared foods (I love to cook but don't always have time) Irene Dever (dips, pierogis) Orale' (Mexican) Kim Se (Thai and Cambodian) Jacobs Oasis (Middle Eastern) Ohio City Pasta And there's always the West Side Market Cafe for breakfast (open even when the Market isn't).
  16. Folks, we have a retail discussion thread which incidentally has quite a few posts discussing the circumstances regarding downtown Cleveland retail AND that of other cities. There's probably a thread somewhere discussing civic pride (or the lack thereof) but that has nothing to do with the actual construction details of the Lumen. In either case ...
  17. FTFY. And all of this should be posted as a separate discussion in a different thread.
  18. Ah Ichabod, it was nice knowing you - send some friends our way soon
  19. Fixed that for you Sushi 86 has been around for 20 years. Seriously though, glad to see this prime space is going to occupied again.
  20. Folks, although this is off-topic, I'm posting it here as this thread has the highest visibility. In case it needs to be made absolutely clear - directing profanity at another forumer in a post OR a private message is in violation of forum rules. If a forumer gets contacted by an Admin or Mod in regards to such behavior, it's probably not the best idea to have an abrasive attitude in the response to said Admin or Mod. On a related note, if you see any posts by sfbob, don't bother responding. Ever. Back to your regularly scheduled Sherwin-Williams HQ thread
  21. As I tell my friends and coworkers, “you’ve been given a Gay, please use it properly.” Back on topic!
  22. The design is questionable, but as far as the light pollution, it’s amazing what a good silk dupioni window treatment will do.
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