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  1. ^Good suggestion - folks, please post any R&D discussion in this new thread. Thank you!
  2. That building has been dilapidated for so long it's hard for me to even imagine it getting redeveloped.
  3. Folks, the Class B office space discussion is best for another thread. And Terdolph is best for another forum (he's been suspended for quite some time).
  4. A few retailers have left the 5th Street Arcades in recent months - Little Shop of Cookies, WhatKnot Ties, Savile Lane, and DaBoro's.
  5. Best I could do at 50mph this morning (as a passenger!) - still can't convince the husband to come to a dead stop on the Innerbelt during rush hour
  6. Chocolate flan AND empanadas? In close proximity to my house? I need to either ban you permanently or buy you a drink!
  7. Hoping to expand this list significantly in the next few years: AirTran American Comair Continental Delta Frontier Hawaiian Southwest Spirit United USAirways I know Spirit gets a deservedly bad rap but I had quite the most lovely yet delightfully unrefined experience on a flight to Vegas last fall. Knowing it's very no frills and cramped seating, we ponied up for the exit row seats. As we get to our row, the window seat has a bright red decal on the setback saying "DO NOT SIT - BROKEN". In addition, the window seat in the row ahead was broken - and didn't even have a seatback Sure it was pretty janky, ratchet or whatever term the kids are using, but the end result was my husband got an aisle seat to stretch out in, we had the row to ourselves, a sh!t ton of space for our carry on items and I could sit side-saddle the whole flight if I wanted to - who needs business class when all it takes are a few busted seats!
  8. This place is pretty close to me, but I should BAN you for posting those photos right before swimsuit season! The empanadas look really good, what can you tell me about the desserts? In case I need to eat my feelings
  9. ^^All completely speculative at this juncture - we're all in "hurry up and wait" mode for renderings. As I mentioned upthread, we're probably looking at 400' at minimum* and 600' at maximum. Given the conservative culture at Sherwin-Williams, I wouldn't get my hopes up for significant decorative elements that would boost that height. *That said, the 9, PNC and One Cleveland Center were built for corporate offices but they're several decades old. Modern buildings usually need to take into account things like underfloor utilities, which might add a nominal amount of height to each floor. The following are all approximately 28-33 stories. Pittsburgh's Tower at PNC Plaza (564', built 2015) and Milwaukee's Northwestern Mutual Tower (550', built 2017) on the higher end: https://www.gensler.com/projects/the-tower-at-pnc-plaza https://www.pickardchilton.com/work/northwestern-mutual-headquarters Then you have Houston's BHP Billiton Center (477', built 2016), NYC's 7 Bryant Park (441', built 2013) and Oklahoma City's BOK Park Plaza (433', built 2017) https://www.pickardchilton.com/work/bhp-billiton-headquarters https://www.hines.com/properties/7-bryant-park-new-york https://www.pickardchilton.com/work/bok-park-plaza Again, these are all just examples of 30ish story office towers that have been completed in recent years. Hopefully this "hurry up and wait" phase won't last too long. With that - if someone wants to create a separate "Speculative Buildings and Developments" thread so this thread stays on topic ...
  10. https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2020/01/kevin-stefanski-hired-as-the-cleveland-browns-18th-full-time-head-coach.html
  11. I guess I don't mind the protruding elements but I'd be curious what the architect's rationale is for their placement and the color scheme. They don't seem to be very purposeful (especially the blue/purple swaths) other than "mixing it up".
  12. Okay folks, this is a wonderful "problem" to have - there were some posts that were discussing adjacent developments and infrastructure, but not the actual HQ development - those have been moved to their own thread. Obviously there will be some gray areas, but when you post - consider which thread might be the most appropriate.
  13. For discussion of development/improvements related to the Sherwin Williams headquarters.
  14. Keep in mind as posted above, we could be looking at anything from 400ish to 600ish feet, the upper end being nothing to sneeze at. And did anyone (with a cursory awareness of the corporate culture of SHW) seriously think this would result in an ego driven statement tower?
  15. Mostly marine/boating repair and storage if I recall correctly.
  16. Just for sh!ts and giggles, I pulled a few office towers that have been somewhat recently built in the range of 30ish floors. I'm not too worried about our skyline Gem Tower, NYC - built 2013 - 501 ft./35 floors 510 Madison, NYC - built 2010 - 452 ft./31 floors Pinnacle at Symphony Place, Nashville -- built 2010 - 417 ft./29 floors
  17. Ken, did you happen to also get this rendering, maybe in a cryptic email?
  18. Again, the husband wouldn’t come to a dead stop on the Innerbelt
  19. From today and a bonus pic of restoration work on the Keith Building.
  20. The Lumen had the benefit of Playhouse Square (nonprofit with a healthy endowment) providing a majority of the financing, along with taxpayer subsidies. Also, Playhouse Square’s end goal was having a long term revenue stream rather than the more short term outlook most private sector developers take. If it were solely up to a private sector developer, I don’t know we would be seeing anything at this site. That said, if Playhouse Square is successful at leasing the units quickly, it might help change the narrative on all of that.
  21. Funny how certain people love to accuse the Admins and Mods of being “trigger happy” when it comes to shutting bullsh!t down, especially when it’s not their time and effort being used to clean things up and keep threads on topic. Seems like a microcosm in some ways...
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