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  1. I'll try to dig up some of my admittedly hasty and dreadful mockups from back in the day and add them here. Great idea for a thread!
  2. Let me make this absolutely 100% crystal clear AF. If anyone ever hijacks one of my photo threads with off topic trash, they will have a year off. I am completely done with the bullsh!t, folks. We have threads for just about every current event topic, and we have a private messaging system. It ain’t rocket science - THINK before you post.
  3. Today was the first day I went back to work in the office - I'm very fortunate to still be employed, and to have been able to work from home. A few things: Thank you to those who have been snapping and posting photos all this time. Please keep it up, I speak for a lot of forumers when I say it's very much appreciated. Finally seeing the boarded up windows in person was jarring, to say the least. Hopefully the issues that lead up to the damaged property get the attention and resolution they need. That more than anything will determine if Cleveland is able to move forward, with and for everyone. I don't know what the solutions are, but we can't keep going on with the way things have been. Windows will be repaired, but our fractured City needs to face up to a lot if we truly want to heal and continue growing I typically shoot with a DSLR, but it's a lot to lug around on a lunch break (or as has been lately a walk on the Towpath with our Pug). These are just some shots with a Canon SX620 point and shoot - not going for portfolio candidate pics, just grabbing some images in the moment. One silver lining, not that Cleveland ever had bad traffic, but my commute from Tremont to my office is less than ten minutes: The Goodyear Blimp doing a flyover of Northeast Ohio health care facilities - 2020 may not be a good year, but it's a great gesture: Forumer @Boaty McBoatface posted some visually great but disturbing images of the results of the May 30th rioting and looting so I didn't think I needed to rehash that. However, this spot was a bit of a gut punch - in 2016 during the Cavs championship parade, the base of the column was my perch to get a better elevated view. A young African American mom and her kids were on the sidewalk in front of me and I heard one of the kids say they couldn't see anything. I scooted over, said "come on up!" (okay, I did kindly ask the kids to not bump me ), they got to see everything, and all of us had the time of our lives. If you were there that day, you know what I mean - we were all there together and you couldn't help but feel the love. I hope we can get to that point again. Checked in on the Euclid Grand progress: Understandably Geigers has closed their store indefinitely - hopefully they'll be back. Again, windows can (and have already been) replaced. Stopped by an old (new) friend: And the oldest best friend of the bunch: Spectacular restoration of the May Company building: Biggest of the old friends:
  4. A few things: 1. I was born and raised in your same general vicinity, outside of Youngstown. 2. I've been in Cleveland for about 25 years. If Youngstown had some areas like Ohio City, who knows where life would have taken me, but it is what it is. 3. THANK YOU for this thread - sometimes we take our "everyday" surroundings for granted because well, we see them every day. Threads like this help remind us of why we moved where we did, and what first drew us to them. 4. The Edgewater Park "best picture" - agreed, it's an amazing picture and kudos, but... 5. Until Lake Erie is at its typical summer temperature, along the lakefront can be 5-10 degrees cooler than even a mile inland. But still - it ain't February - you don't KNOW extremely cold until you've taken photos during that time of year (took my body three years to get back to 98.6!) 6. As ColDayMan said - yes, please post more!
  5. Two skyline pics from today.
  6. Things that get threads locked and forumers suspended: 1. Personal insults 2. Trolling 3. Disrespecting the Admins and Mods This thread will be locked until Monday; any forumer who creates a new/secondary thread to continue the dumpster fire of the “discussion” that was going on here will be permanently banned from the forum.
  7. View of the Towpath progress along University, and a substantial home being built at West 6th and University.
  8. Took a nice relaxing walk on the Towpath (where else?) - the 'nice and relaxing' part didn't last long when we saw this. Turned out to be an accident/fire on the Innerbelt Bridge.
  9. Actually I would welcome anyone who is moving into the newer buildings/recent redevelopments to share their experiences. I love our place in Tremont but in a few years, downsizing might be on the horizon so curious to see what's out there. And as mrclifton88 mentioned, if you need an amazing dentist (and staff), it doesn't get better than Dr. Rosenblitt on the first floor of your building (just don't bump me out of an appointment! )
  10. About 7,500 steps (need a few more to get rid of the 'quarantine fifteen') and 40ish photos from Scranton Flats trail this morning Always a good day when one of the freighters shows up - the Menominee (and incorporated barge) are twenty feet longer than the Terminal Tower's height: I knew they were working on the Lorain-Carnegie/Hope Memorial Bridge but didn't know a paint job was part of it: Lumen loomin' Not sure how long this building will last but that second floor has some interesting 'green' features: Fyi, the random white specks in the photos are the seedlings from the white flowers in the foreground. Not sure what they are - part of me thought "cool, it looks like it's snowing" but then again it's too nice to mention that 's-word'. Like peas in a pod.
  11. The only issues I have with profanity in posts is for those viewing the forum from work and potentially being blocked by filters, etc. I’m not an IT guy but if that’s not an issue since it’s a gif/meme, have at it. And if it features a sassy drag queen? Heyyyy gurrrl! (side note, who knew we have a respectable showing of the Rainbow Tribe on the forum?) As far as Bounce becoming a co-working space - can’t say it was ever my favorite club but glad to see the site is still viable. I just wonder about the co-working business model in the time of a pandemic. As far as the neighborhood changing, it’s just the pattern of redevelopment; back in the day it was the Warehouse District - “our people” and the creative crowd set up shop, others took notice, and the rest is history.
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