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  1. Might have a few more to post from the other day, but here's a teaser.
  2. Folks, the project-specific development threads are for discussion of actual activity or directly related chat. If you have something to say that isn’t related or want to continue discussion of a tangent, you are welcome and encouraged to create a new thread. Everyone is also encouraged to take time to read threads (and other sources) and gain a better understanding of real estate, development and construction so discussions can be more mature than “so and so built _____, why can’t ______ get built???”
  3. Good morning from Franklin Boulevard (Irishtown Bend).
  4. Peeking out from AT&T Huron Road, from Franklin Boulevard (Irishtown Bend).
  5. The Tappan apartment building on Scranton is coming along rather nicely.
  6. ^Please, do not take photos if you are driving. The Admins and owners of the forum in no way, shape or form encourage or endorse that. With that, today from the Gateway/Casino parking garage.
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