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  1. Signage for Republic, new place by the Driftwood Group going into the former Otto Mosers (1425 Euclid).
  2. Folks, we have threads for restaurant news, retail discussions, and population trends. Let's keep this thread specifically for development discussion.
  3. "It is possible that he is opposing the sale because he wasn't the developer recommended by RTA?" Or he wants control over the view from his new place?
  4. Moved parking posts to the parking thread.
  5. MayDay

    Cleveland: Random Photos

    Happy 2019!
  6. MayDay

    Cleveland: Retail News

    Another empty storefront coming to the 5th Street Arcades - CLE Pets is closing at the end of the month.
  7. MayDay

    Cleveland: Historic Photos

    ^Interesting - also shows the Rockefeller Building before the addition of the western section.
  8. MayDay

    Cleveland: Random Photos

    Cross posted from my Instagram, a Throwback Thursday pic from August 2004, back when the cranes for Pinnacle condos and 515 Euclid parking deck (Beacon) were in the air and before EY/Flats East Bank, Federal Building “re-clad’ and the Hilton.
  9. Start here: 216-664-3711
  10. Indirectly related - now that the crane is down, the sidewalk on the north side of Euclid is back open to pedestrians ?
  11. The building lobby (corridors, not just the banking hall) is now closed to all 'cut through' foot traffic. Glad to see them getting ready for redevelopment but sad to lose a place to duck out of bad weather.