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  1. P&G occupies almost 1.5 million square feet in not just the two towers but also a 11 floor older building that has a significant amount of square footage.
  2. ^It's entirely possible the crew may have been working, but during down time, tower cranes are usually purposely set to 'weathervane'. Tower crane weathervaning
  3. Pfft, this is Cleveland - that’s ‘The Shiv’. Hey, if London can have The Shard, The Gherkin, The Cheesegrater...
  4. Agreed, not much longer before it reaches the height of the Hanna Building
  5. They haven't jumped the crane yet, but looks like they've adjusted the construction cam.
  6. Or in the spirit of "be the change you want to see...", forumers are welcome to create new threads for discussions that are veering off original topic posts. Don't worry, if it's in the wrong section, the Admins and Mods will put it where it needs to be.
  7. View from the Lookout Ridge Trail at West Creek Metroparks.
  8. Those are slip forms for the concrete. http://www.slipform.us/high-rise-building-cores/
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