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  1. I preferred the original "55" lighting but hopefully the restoration does the building justice.
  2. Took a quick photo of the Avian building this weekend; unobstructed views of the Cuyahoga, the Carter Road bridges and downtown? Sign me up
  3. If you mean caissons, then no - if I recall correctly, the previous buildings were demolished, Ameritrust was cancelled and the site was paved for parking, end of story. I don't think there was ever any formal construction, above or below street level.
  4. Sad but not at all surprising - they opened with a great menu and at least at the 200 Public Square location, the employees were engaging, friendly, etc. At some point they switched downgraded the menu, got rid of a lot of interesting options and the three times I gave them a try, it was a comedy of errors.
  5. I wonder if these images that were sent to me last night mean anything? JUST KIDDING - I think it was about ten years ago when a 300' glass tower on the Jacobs lot was being proposed? Anyway, these are some of those "hastily slapped together photoshoppings" I used to do, with 'the Bow' from Calgary (architect Norman Foster) superimposed on the skyline. Always liked Foster's structural expressionist aesthetic, so I'm very curious to see what we end up with
  6. I agree with the first part of your sentence but as a graphic designer, the last part ... is that Swahili?? Hopefully they can make a go of it, I know the restaurant business is tough but that location just seems like it should be a slam dunk.
  7. Okay, it's not Throwback Thursday but found some more 'before' pics from 2007-2008.
  8. Happy Halloween from the Underworld
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