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  1. Indirectly related - now that the crane is down, the sidewalk on the north side of Euclid is back open to pedestrians
  2. The building lobby (corridors, not just the banking hall) is now closed to all 'cut through' foot traffic. Glad to see them getting ready for redevelopment but sad to lose a place to duck out of bad weather.
  3. Here's how it was done with the Hilton.
  4. Some off-topic architecture discussion moved to the following new thread:
  5. Yes, Tremont Animal Clinic is moving to Seymour and West 25th into a new building - not for a while, though.
  6. They got it down to where the video ends and started securing it, but that looked like it was going to be a while.
  7. Come on dowwwwn! FDE41138-2DD7-4AED-B541-C09A31697CE9.MOV 2DBA64FD-DC61-4941-99BB-CDDCCEC7372C.MOV
  8. Of the proposals that showed up in the models for Cleveland 2000, the renderings for the Ameritrust Center were by far the most detailed that I've seen. Beyond that, I haven't seen anything beyond general massing models. Aside from Ameritrust, the most obvious proposals were a pair of twin residential highrises for Tower City (one east of Skylight Office Tower, one west of the Ritz Carlton), an office tower for the missing section of Landmark Office Towers, another along the river near Sherwin Williams R&D building; two buildings on the east side of Ontario between Huron and Prospect, and finally a tower across East 12th from the Tower at Erieview. I've highlighted them in blue below. I'm still migrating a lot of images from my previous webhost to Squarespace so will try to dig more up as I can find them.
  9. MayDay

    Cleveland: Retail News

    Looks like two independent spots are closing shop (one going online only) - Tremont General Store is closing after Halloween, and today is the last day Love, Anji (paper florist and home decor) will have a physical storefront in the 5th Street Arcades. https://loveanji.com/location-hours/ https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2018/10/26/tremont-general-store-to-close-after-halloween
  10. View from the Terminal Tower observation deck from yesterday.
  11. ^Yes, there was a bank branch there. These are photos of just the vestibule area so you can imagine the main banking "hall":