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  1. Interesting - but in that rendering it looks like they lopped off the crown of Key Tower
  2. I would never want to see that area cleared of legit ‘forestry’ but I believe it was Steven Litt who mentioned there’s a significant amount of invasive species along Irishtown Bend/Scranton Peninsula.
  3. The blue everyone is seeing is the sky reflecting off the temporary material covering the panels.
  4. Starting to see the building footprint and starting to get vertical
  5. Some food for thought: 1. Think before you post. For some, think before you post something off-topic or could take the thread off-topic. 2. Ask yourself if what you're about to post is truly profound. 3. If you want to discuss something not related to the title of the thread, make a separate thread somewhere else. 4. If you think you're the only one with a critical or contrarian viewpoint, you're not. 5. If you are posting in development threads and feel financial forces, economics, market trends or any other issues based in reality have no impact on projects - why are you here?
  6. The building that's just north is home to an addiction services organization, but can't say I've ever seen many people around.
  7. Signage for Republic, new place by the Driftwood Group going into the former Otto Mosers (1425 Euclid).
  8. Folks, we have threads for restaurant news, retail discussions, and population trends. Let's keep this thread specifically for development discussion.
  9. "It is possible that he is opposing the sale because he wasn't the developer recommended by RTA?" Or he wants control over the view from his new place?
  10. Moved parking posts to the parking thread.
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