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  1. I'm going to guess most airports will see a 10-15% decrease in passengers this year.
  2. I have a trip planned to Tokyo and Osaka in 8 days. So far, all the flights are still operating. Wondering if Japan will not allow US citizens into the country if the number of cases here continue to rise.
  3. Please be mindful of your posts within this thread. It has been unlocked so that we can share updates and keep each other informed. This is not the place for bashing or spreading blatant inaccurate information. If the rules are not being followed, we will lock/delete the thread entirely.
  4. I used to when I worked there. Haven't in almost three years though.
  5. I'm disappointed on the 180 feet height. That would put it 40 feet shorter than the Newport attraction. When they first pitched the permanent wheel project, the height was to be 200 feet, a far better number.
  6. I'm so glad the impeachment mumbo-jumbo is over. We ALL knew it would be a complete waste of time and effort.
  7. I for one had no clue what Strava was. Can you give everyone an overview of what it is and how users can participate?
  8. I disagree completely. When it comes to Dunkin and Starbucks, most visit for coffee or specialty drinks, not food. Dunkin coffee is light years better than Starbucks and also usually cheaper. Too bad I no longer work at CVG, I was always wanted a Dunkin there. (There was one out in C Concourse for a few years back in the mid 2000's but didn't survive the Delta downsizing.)
  9. HMS Host has operated almost every restaurant at the airport for at least the last twenty years and they are downright horrible. Which makes me glad they didn't place a bid.
  10. As everyone has said before, we can only hope city leaders have something big in the pipeline or else this razing makes absolutely no sense. This is a potentially huge project and we'll all be keeping close eyes on the outcome for when we hit the voting polls again.
  11. Imagine the city views at this location, especially if they build something in the ~15-20 story range.
  12. I just started the 3rd season. The first two were good.
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