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  1. I feel like my house is a nature preserve. Here is a deer we had hanging out a few months ago in Mt Auburn.
  2. If they're unable to find anyone soon why not just call it Cincinnati Arena?
  3. It would be possible but would require several layers of approval and hefty insurance.
  4. Here are a few iPhone shots of the Amazon construction.
  5. Troeros has been banned from this thread. His behavior did not add to the discussion.
  6. These aren’t that outrageous but are a bit high in my opinion. I’d like to see the studios start at $1200 and the others to be $200-$300 less.
  7. It's the Cincinnati media that will air this story for many days to come attempting to portray the area as a hotbed for crime just because of this one isolated incident. Which many suburbanites will take to heart and buy into it completely.
  8. These are nice pieces. What do you think the Cincy one would cost to be shipped to 45219?
  9. That's a nice park. All of the parks in that area are actually on land that the airport owns.
  10. richNcincy

    Off Topic

    I'm okay with naming it something else.
  11. I have a full-frame Canon 6D for sale. I've owned it for approximately 5 years and have never had any issues with it. The camera does not come with a lens, but does come with everything shown in the pictures. Looking to sell for $700 20.2MP full frame CMOS sensor 4.5 frames per second continuous shooting 1080p HD video recording with manual controls 11-point AF system 3 inch LCD with 1,040,000 dots.Lens Mount:Canon EF mount
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