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  1. richNcincy

    Urban Ohio "Picture Of The Day"

    Because drone shots are always fun
  2. richNcincy

    Welcome to Pages

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  3. richNcincy

    Explain your username

    Richard + Cincinnati ='s richNcincy
  4. richNcincy

    The YouTube Thread

  5. richNcincy

    Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

    It is also what is done at CVG.
  6. richNcincy

    Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

    I believe it's Cost Per Enplaned (CPE) and Ultra Low Cost Carrier (ULCC)
  7. richNcincy

    Newbie introducing.

  8. richNcincy

    Terrorism / Mass Shootings

    This is an issue we're working on. For now, use the quick reply and it formats correctly.
  9. AC Hotel opens at the Banks 171 Room hotel officially opened October 27, 2017. See Enquirer Photo Gallery: https://www.cincinnati.com/picture-gallery/money/2017/10/27/ac-hotel-opens-at-the-banks/107060436/
  10. richNcincy

    Cincinnati-NKY International Airport

    The arrival and departure time for WOW is by far the worst at CVG than the other three cities added.
  11. richNcincy

    Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

    Those are not good numbers for an ULCC. Allegiant would like those to be at least 88-90%. As Dougal stated, their Airbus are just as good as any other non-LCC airline, except for the seat pitch. The MD-83 and boeing 757's seem to always have mechanical issues.
  12. richNcincy

    Cincinnati - Banks & CBD

    Here are a few pictures from the Banks, Roebling Suspension bridge, and around Fountain Square. Taken on March 24th.
  13. richNcincy

    Tokyo - March 18-26

    Thanks for sharing. Japan is definitely on my radar to visit very soon.