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  1. I used to live in the area off 237. Absolutely do not miss the crazy traffic out there!! This will alleviate some traffic but is just a band-aid. The airport positioning to 275 and the surrounding terrain make designing roads extremely difficult.
  2. Let's hope that the opening day was a fluke and many establishments will take the mandates seriously and implement them or else they will be shut down. My wife and I went to Brewdog yesterday evening with a reservation and they executed social distancing protocols perfectly.
  3. It's extremely hard to hire quality people for policing jobs. The pay is not particularly good, people either love you or hate you, oh and you are risking your life.
  4. I don't think I'm qualified to make that determination, and neither are you.
  5. Domestic violence is not a universal standard for anything being discussed here.
  6. Sociopaths would need better healthcare to deal with their condition. So yes, we need reform, healthcare reform. And sure, some law enforcement reform would also be welcomed. We can't point the finger at one or either or.
  7. While I agree that the failures are on a grand scale, I completely disagree with our criminal justice system being a failure. Like any public or private sector, there are major issues that need to be addressed. But at the end of the day, you're able to walk the streets of anytown USA and know that if you need police assistance, they will be there.
  8. It absolutely is. Reform in this regard would do wonders for law enforcement.
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