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    The new entrance is open but not fully activated. Looks nice!
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    I was born in cleveland. Since I left I used to go to the local library and read the cleveland plain dealer. Mos t of my relatives back home in cleveland used to say that I knew more of what was happening than they did. I this forum really lets us know what is going on in our home town. I want to thank you all for having this site.
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    Great vantage point @Garfield12323! Hope you don't mind, but I used your photo to create a size comparison so people can get a sense of what certain heights will look like on the lot.
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    The City allowed a parking lot on Public Square. Several actually. Kinda looks outa place.
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    BOOM (aka future megaprojects!) FRIDAY, JANUARY 17, 2020 Two new jobs that could change Cleveland's landscape forever The creation of two jobs can change a region in a significant way. Cases in point are two medically related positions -- one that was just filled and the other that was recently advertised. Yesterday, Cleveland State University (CSU) hired a new employee that will probably be a game changer for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. It could ultimately lead to thousands of new jobs. Yes, thousands. And, weeks ago, Canon Medical Research USA Inc. posted a job listing for a new position at its Cleveland-area offices -- director, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) research and development (R&D). It could also lead to thousands of new jobs in the future. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/01/two-new-jobs-that-could-change.html
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    We can have a friendly conversation about the design of the City Club Apartments - I happen to like it and think it’s a breath of fresh air for Cleveland. But aside from its design, I bet we can agree that one of the most underserved demographics downtown are those youngest apartment dwellers -just-out-of-School (or not in school), trying to get established and wanting to be in the city -not in their parents’ suburbs. They don’t need much of their own space to hang out in because they’ll be going out Living the life a lot - And they also have a little more money to spend than I did at that point. And if their new building has cool amenities, like a rooftop pool, first class doggy daycare and a funky modern vibe in a real neighborhood where they can get a nice studio or “nano” apartment - that’s gonna be a very successful formula. . The Channel 19 video did a good job of illustrating those points and how the City Club Apartments will be marketing themselves. The presence of this demographic downtown is going to have a very positive domino effect for many businesses and the general pedestrian energy at street level. This is a different group than their neighbors in the Beacon or in the Lumen, but a very important piece in continuing the narrative of Cleveland as an increasingly dynamic city. It’s an excellent strategy by the City Club Apartments and Im hoping that this project becomes a hot destination for those youngest urban professionals of every stripe. .
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    Poor, @E Rocc. A fourth-migration guy living in the fifth-migration era.
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    WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15, 2020 Two more apartment buildings coming to Battery Park As first reported here at NEOtrans last month, a Columbus developer is pursuing its first Cleveland real estate project in the Battery Park section of the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood. The site is south of Edgewater Park and north of Gordon Square along West 70th and 73rd streets. Following the recent leasing success of the 82-unit Battery Park Lofts, the Avenue Partners proposed to construct two large apartment buildings totaling 250 units with underground parking and a separate clubhouse and pool. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/01/two-more-apartment-buildings-coming-to.html
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    Some photos from this afternoon.
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    Maybe they prefer “balconies” like they approved for the Langston at CSU. What is this nonsense? Here’s the garbage they sign off on.
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    I was in the rock to visit a client this morning - hopefully I can provide further updates from here!
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    Not sure about a subway... BUT now IS the time for the city to get riverfront zoning in place that requires a publicly accessible boardwalk along all river fronts downtown in the same manner that Chicago requires it. With active uses and windows fronting on the boardwalk.
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    3026 Scranton, an old ~15k sq ft commercial building is being redeveloped into apartments. Not much info about specifics yet but estimating 12-16 units.
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    WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15, 2020 Ohio real estate megaproject tax credit may advance in February Legislation that would aid Ohio real estate megaprojects and create thousands of jobs could advance in the Ohio House of Representatives next month, according to a spokesman for State Rep. Paul Zeltwanger, chair of the House's Workforce & Economic Development Committee. The committee is scheduled to meet again on Feb. 5 to vote on whether to accept a substitute Senate Bill 39 which contains multiple amendments. News and details about those amendments were exclusively reported here at NEOtrans in December. Six amendments to a proposed Transformational Mixed-Use Development (TMUD) tax credit bill were accepted Dec. 11, 2019 by the House's Workforce & Economic Development Committee. The committee then adjourned for the holidays. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/01/ohio-real-estate-megaproject-tax-credit.html
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    Ok guys I got on the RIGHT elevator on my way out of SW yesterday. A group of very nicely dressed older professionals were talking and I jumped on the elevator down. The one woman said that they "would be talking to the mayor tomorrow (today) regarding the environmental issues". I can only assume that is referring to the Scranton topic we all have been discussing. I will try my best to pick the correct elevators on my way home in the future.
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    A1 Automotive on Detroit between 50th and 48th is moving. I've long heard that the property owners wanted to develop the parcel. Hoping that's the case!
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    Folks, the Class B office space discussion is best for another thread. And Terdolph is best for another forum (he's been suspended for quite some time).
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    Much of that has to do with you. What would urbanohio be without you? You are the indespensible poster.
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    More of this type of development please!! I know a lot of people in that target demographic / income range who would love to live downtown but currently cannot afford many of the available units. This would help boost even more younger people into the city, and help fill a much needed gap in downtown residential price points.
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    There's just so many cool ideas/projects brewing out there. I hope at least half of them come to pass. If they do, this is truly going to be the Roaring 20s for Cleveland.
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    Haven't we just been cleaning a whole lot of land along the Opportunity Corridor? I would say a research center for a Fortune 500 company would be an amazing way to get that area rolling. I hope the City is pitching that land- and hard!
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    https://www.cleveland.com/business/2020/01/downtown-design-review-committee-gives-ok-to-planned-city-club-apartments-with-conditions.html Some very interesting information in here. Looks like they beat the flats in terms of providing the city with micro apartments. Target income range is $45,000-$65000 and target demographic is young urban professionals. Feel like this will fill up quickly as I believe there is a need for it!
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    There are currently clear windows at Breen, and an adjacent public sidewalk.
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    Best I could do at 50mph this morning (as a passenger!) - still can't convince the husband to come to a dead stop on the Innerbelt during rush hour
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    I think it’s reasonable for people on a site called “Urban Ohio” to not want a highly prized employment asset to end up 16 miles from the city center. It’s not “good”. Pushing more jobs further out to the fringes has countless negative externalities. IMO it’s a wash whether these jobs end up Brecksville or Ljubljana. I don’t care nearly as much about relative regional strength as I do about the viability of the urban core, and I don’t think the correlation between the two is nearly as strong as I’m sure some would suggest.
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    I don't expect SHW to have cranes up until mid- to late-2021. City Club could have a crane by then. So might 2-4 others.
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    I'm pulling for something between the PNC Tower in Pitt and the 7 Bryant Park tower in NY. I love the colorful mural that's visible at night in the PNC tower, and the horizontal lighting of the Bryant tower. Also, not sure if it's been brought up yet but, SHW has their 2019 financial results conference call for investors on Jan 30th. Is this perhaps when we can expect an announcement about their HQ plans?
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    Here are 2 pics I found from 2006 and 2019 that show progress from the last 13ish years
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    This looks like if H.P. Lovecraft was an architect.
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    E Roccs comment "because the alarm has been raised" is what scared me when I first read KJPs blog. If SW dosent touch this land, who will?
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    There’s 8 buildings directly on Public Square ranging from 4-14 floors, and a church, and a parking lot, as stated above.
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    ^right. I can tell you first hand that it’ll be no less than 8 stories at this time.
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    My delayed contribution...... FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 2020 Another residential tower continues Euclid Avenue's boom The Michigan-based chain of City Club Apartments has acquired enough capital to move forward with a proposed 23-story apartment tower at 720 Euclid Ave. in downtown Cleveland. It would be the third new-construction apartment tower to rise on Euclid Avenue downtown since 2018. Based on preliminary, conceptual designs submitted to the City Planning Commission for approval Jan. 16, the new tower would measure about 250,000 square feet and offer 310 apartments over a two-level retail/lobby base. Proposed retail includes a restaurant and a doggy day care business. At this early stage of planning, the high-rise would offer 180 studios, 78 one-bedroom apartments, 42 two-bedroom apartments and 10 three-bedroom apartments. Prices for those units are not yet available. Based on the per-square-foot construction costs of the other two apartment towers built recently -- the 29-story Beacon and the 34-story Lumen -- the construction cost of the City Club Apartments could be less than $85 million. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/01/another-residential-tower-continues.html
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    I love seeing new project signs pop up for projects we've been hearing about for a long time. My wife took this photo yesterday (yes, she caught my real estate development bug)....
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    Initial neighborhood chatter is a 4-5 floor office building. But my neighbors are morons. So who knows.
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    UrbanOhio forum visitors know a lot more about what's going on development-wise than probably 99 percent of Greater Clevelanders. Based on the posts in this thread in recent days, you also know more than most people what's happening. And when I get a few things confirmed (or denied), I hope we'll all learn a little bit more.
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    Learning more details. Some very exciting. Some not as good as they could be. I have many more details to learn.
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    There are a couple more images from the CU Construction Roundup January 2020, but wanted to share the couple of images of the Topiary Park "brownstones" -- they have such a phenomenal presence and are going to even improve the environment of the park space. Fingers crossed for some really nice craftsmanship on the masonry and we have ourselves a home-run here
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    Looks like all that's left is the lettering above the canopy!
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    Except, from what I understand, that in addition to the tower on the Jacobs lot there's going to hundreds of thousands (500K, 600K, etc) of square feet of offices spread around the Weston superblock along with perhaps a million square feet of parking structures not only for SHW but also to replace the existing surface parking lost to development. That alone could mean average structural heights of 8 stories/levels throughout the Superblock. Some will be shorter. Some will be taller. And will a hotel be included in the Superblock or other accessory uses? I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised. If so, that's going to bump up the density even more. Since SHW isn't going with a supertall on the Jacobs lot, there isn't going to be enough room on the Weston lots for the R&D. It's going to be very interesting to see where the R&D lands.
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    https://www.cleveland.com/community/2020/01/developer-unveils-plans-for-121-larchmere-apartment-mid-rise-office-space.html?outputType=amp Plans for 121 Larchmere! Also love the mention that there previous work, One University Circle, is at 95% occupancy.
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    If this land is so polluted that a company with the resources of SHW is running away from it I cannot see this land EVER being developed without the city and other governmental bodies stepping in, and we know how fast they move. If SHW punts this land may be what it is for years to come and could stifle the development of the entire peninsula to some extemt which is probably just as big a concern as SHW locating the research facility in Brecksville.
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    ^^All completely speculative at this juncture - we're all in "hurry up and wait" mode for renderings. As I mentioned upthread, we're probably looking at 400' at minimum* and 600' at maximum. Given the conservative culture at Sherwin-Williams, I wouldn't get my hopes up for significant decorative elements that would boost that height. *That said, the 9, PNC and One Cleveland Center were built for corporate offices but they're several decades old. Modern buildings usually need to take into account things like underfloor utilities, which might add a nominal amount of height to each floor. The following are all approximately 28-33 stories. Pittsburgh's Tower at PNC Plaza (564', built 2015) and Milwaukee's Northwestern Mutual Tower (550', built 2017) on the higher end: https://www.gensler.com/projects/the-tower-at-pnc-plaza https://www.pickardchilton.com/work/northwestern-mutual-headquarters Then you have Houston's BHP Billiton Center (477', built 2016), NYC's 7 Bryant Park (441', built 2013) and Oklahoma City's BOK Park Plaza (433', built 2017) https://www.pickardchilton.com/work/bhp-billiton-headquarters https://www.hines.com/properties/7-bryant-park-new-york https://www.pickardchilton.com/work/bok-park-plaza Again, these are all just examples of 30ish story office towers that have been completed in recent years. Hopefully this "hurry up and wait" phase won't last too long. With that - if someone wants to create a separate "Speculative Buildings and Developments" thread so this thread stays on topic ...
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