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    I love this view.... give me a “Boston” vibe.
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    And so, I add to it with this....... TUESDAY, MARCH 24, 2020 Ohio City Transit Oriented Development arrives the next station A significant real estate development next to and possibly above the rail rapid transit line in Cleveland's Ohio City neighborhood moved a step closer to reality today. That occurred when the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority's (GCRTA) board of trustees authorized staff to execute a development and use agreement with Carnegie Management and Development Corp. of Westlake. The eventual agreement will include three parcels of land south of Abbey Avenue and west of Columbus Road, south of Lorain Avenue, totaling 5.6 acres. Also, the agreement will include air rights over GCRTA's Red Line that links the airport, downtown, University Circle and Windermere. A potential development with public plazas over the tracks could provide seamless pedestrian linkages between the Duck Island neighborhood to the east with the Ohio City's Market Square area to the west. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/03/ohio-city-transit-oriented-development.html
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    @mrclifton88 that can't be the Athlon/CAC Apologies for being away from the forum - I work in the insurance industry; if anyone ever wants to suggest insurance is boring, after the past week or so, I highly beg to differ. That said, I finally found a quick moment to get some CDC-compliant socially distant fresh air on the Scranton stretch of the Towpath today.
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    MONDAY, MARCH 23, 2020 Financing set, work starts at Ohio City's Intro Overnight work began late Monday (March 23) on expanding utilities in the vicinity of a planned mixed-use development that will further enliven one of Cleveland's most recognizable intersections. The development is Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors LLC's Market Square and the intersection is Lorain Avenue at West 25th Street onto which the iconic tower of West Side Market casts its shadow. The first phase of Market Square is Intro -- a seven-story building with 290 market-rate apartments over 36,000 square feet of retail and 550 underground parking spaces. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/03/financing-set-work-starts-at-ohio-citys.html
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    Went for a walk yesterday and took some progress pics from Franklin. The first one is more townhouses going up on Vine Ct. The others should be fairly obvious
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    Just got word from multiple sources that Amazon has leased the entire warehouse that was build on the corner of 110th and Berea Road. Heard that construction of the 2nd warehouse on that lot will start not to long after they move in.
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    Yep just one really big house. As per the building permit: "2.5 STY 4,036 SF WOOD FRAME SINGLE FAM RES W/ATTACHED GARAGE" If it makes you guys feel better, this plan is directly across the street:
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    Ok, i had to run over and take a look. The aluminum cladding was removed. Looks like they have to re-install it.
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    Just some new pics from today of Axis at Ansel
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    While taking a walk today lamenting no baseball (a warm opening day!? come on!) I saw this cool view highlighting how a good scrubbing can transform the back of a building (CAC). Perhaps a preview of what the unfinished sides of 925 Euclid will look like.
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    Some site prep may occur as early as this summer. But don't expect to see shovels in the ground until early next year.
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    "Councilman Mike Polensek voted against the construction grant and the job creation grant, saying there are businesses in town hurting from the impact of the coronavirus and that the city shouldn’t be rewarding a giant corporation now." There would be a lot more people hurting if SHW left the region.
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    TUESDAY, MARCH 24, 2020 Sale of Midtown development site on Euclid OK'd by GCRTA Historically, the area around Penn Square/East 55th Street was one of two "mini-downtowns" along Euclid Avenue east of the city's central business district. Doans Corners/East 105th Street was the other, dubbed Cleveland's Other Downtown. But as Midtown, its busy streetcar lines and Pennsylvania Railroad station faded away as America built Interstate highways and suburbs, Penn Square's many residential hotels, theaters, stores and restaurants faded away too. The suburban flight was the era of America's Fourth Migration. In response to the Fifth Migration, Midtown Cleveland Inc., the Cleveland Foundation and the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA) would like to accommodate the return of Americans young and old to urban centers like Cleveland. To that end, the GCRTA's Board of Trustees today approved selling property in Cleveland's Midtown neighborhood to an affiliate of the Cleveland Foundation for future development. The sale amount is $550,000. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/03/sale-of-midtown-development-site-on.html
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    I'm envisioning a mailbox with a cloud in it. Can't imagine the city is capable of opening an online dropbox...
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    Restoration work is underway at the old school on Neil at Hudson. The newer addition has been separated from the main building.
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    FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2020 Amazon to add hundreds of jobs on Cleveland's West Side Three sources confirm that e-commerce giant Amazon has agreed to occupy a large new warehouse on Cleveland's West Side and ultimately build out the rest of the site with more distribution facilities. The sources spoke off the record because they weren't authorized to speak publicly about the deal. By the end of this year, Amazon will put at least 100 jobs into Madison Industrial Park with more jobs to follow. It will start by retrofitting and occupying a 168,750-square-foot building constructed last year at 10801 Madison Ave. Amazon will lease the building from developer and owner Weston Group. DiGeronimo Companies' Independence Construction was the building contractor. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/03/amazon-to-add-hundreds-of-jobs-on.html
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    The U.S.'s domestic activity will return more or less instantly since there will be no physical damage or loss of knowledge (short of a handful of places where key people are deceased) but there will be a lag around the world with our vendors and customers. All of the restaurant chatter is tiresome to me - Americans go to restaurants way too much. People pay $40,000 to renovate their kitchens and then hardly cook with them. That said, I will definitely be out at the bar the night they reopen. It's going to be wild.
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    Welcome to my neighborhood! Let's get coffee/breakfast at the Shore when this pandemic blows over.
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    This is fantastic project! I really love the proximity to 25th street, downtown and RTA. This will feel like a true walking urban neighborhood with all that is going on in Ohio City, With that said, I would like to see similar development in a community such as Hough where it is gentrified with upwardly mobile African Americans. Most of the black neighborhoods in Cleveland are still struggling and the Cleveland's overall population will not see meaningful significantly gains until those swaths of neighborhoods see similar levels of investment. And yes, nice article Ken.
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    I ran across this interesting Cleveland.com article from last week: City Council President Kevin Kelley said on Mar 17, 2020: “There’s got to be a solution at some point where we can have planning commission meetings; where we can hear complaints at the board of zoning appeals,” Kelley said. Cleveland’s government isn’t shutting down, although access to services is limited; finding workarounds the challenge https://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/2020/03/clevelands-government-isnt-shutting-down-although-access-to-offices-is-limited-finding-workarounds-the-challenge.html The building department is already accepting building permit applications via two physical dropboxs at City Hall anytime and in person on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for a limited degree. And hopefully they will be able to restart the Planning and Zoning Commissions SOON!!
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    Cleveland City Council approves tax incentives to aid $20M Larchmere apartment development Today 8:03 PM By Robert Higgs, cleveland.com CLEVELAND, Ohio – Cleveland City Council approved tax incentives Monday to aid the development of nearly 90 apartments on Larchmere Boulevard on Cleveland’s East Side. The project, dubbed 121 Larchmere, will involve construction of a four-story building at the corner of Larchmere and East 121st Street at the western end of the Larchmere commercial strip. First Interstate Properties Ltd., the company that built Legacy Village in Lyndhurst, Steelyard Commons in the Industrial Valley on Cleveland’s West Side and the One University Circle high-rise apartment building, has proposed the project. https://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/2020/03/cleveland-city-council-approves-tax-incentives-to-aid-20m-larchmere-apartment-development.html
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    The Rockefeller building would make for an amazing hotel conversion. Not to mention being directly across the street from SHW. Would be nice to have more hotels in the Warehouse District.
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    Found on Reddit. West 25th looking south, 1980. Reddit user battered_feet
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    For comparison, here is a picture I took in Boston last Spring of a new tower that looks quite similar to Lumen.
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    Great creative shot ! It does remind me of Boston with the combination of a modern blue high rise contrasted by historical architecture. I love seeing the new rising in Cleveland side by side with the restoration and repurposing of so many previously neglected wonderful old buildings downtown.
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    Downtown Cleveland aerial, 1936
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    Love that view of Church and State down 29th. Also Dexter looks like its going to have a really great presence from the street and new roundabout. I imagine its going to have a good balancing effect with the hospital building across the circle.
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    I have a VPN that was set up a while ago when I had ankle surgery. So I can work from home with no issues - unlike many others at Euclid City Hall. I'm "lucky" enough because we had at the time a dedicated IT person on staff who was able to set this up easily. Currently this is contracted out. Regardless, I am still able to crank out my permits, zoning reviews, etc. While this month's Architectural Review Board and Planning and Zoning Commission meetings were cancelled, we are looking at various means to be able to have cases move forward without delay to the applicants projects.
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    Here's the before and after pic from last week and today on the Uptown Theater - as you can see, the entire original facade is visible. I decided to take some pics of it just in case they cover it up again. I also hope they reinstall the neon "UPTOWN" signs and get them working again! BEFORE: AFTER:
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    So I'm not quite sure if it was just your reporting, or coming from them (based on the new renders, looks like from them) ... My original understanding was the entire project renamed as INTRO, but now its looking like the apartments are called INTRO and the entire project is still Market Square. If that's the case, I'd be more than ok with it. INTRO at Market Square would be good placemaking and marketing in my non-professional opinion.
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    "Wait and see" doesn't mean it isn't. It simply means "wait and see."
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    i understand his concern, but a major, massive construction project smack in the middle of a city cbd is going to give everyone a big daily dose of hope. if anything in that regard, it does up the ante on it needing to be well designed and not a conservative urban campus though.
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    Just wait and see. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised...
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    As always, great article from KJP...There was a time not that long ago, when this kind of new investment and development in Ohio City would have been hard to imagine.. Now, it seems like one new project literally leads to the next. As downtown has resurged, critical urban neighborhoods like OC and University Circle have benefitted. It’s gratifying and exciting to see these distinctive urban communities expanding and redefining themselves in such dynamic fashion.
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    Whatever the final height ends up at, I'm just glad this is getting started before any further economic downturn engages. Let's get this thing built as fast as possible!
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    While biking south on the Harrison West Rail bridge/trail From the northside of Goodale
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    ^ I hear you, but IME the new Dave’s on Chester is excellent in both regards.
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    I always enjoy these but this one is technically incorrect (doesn't change how cool it is, though). The original construction consisted of only 14 window bays spanning the Superior side. In 1910, four additional bays were added - see the thicker vertical strip on the left side - that's where they were added.
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    Updated the article with details about the office building. In the end, the advertised height of the building doesn't matter. It will be determined by leasing activity and zoning. Max height is 175 feet or about 11-12 stories.
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    I just moved around the corner from this project. Love the area, progress, and hopefully it will continue to grow!
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    I absolutely love the height deference to the WSM tower. Avoiding the William Penn curse! lol
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    Update. Thanks to Stan for the NEOtrans plug in the article.....
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    I just finished up a hosted virtual tour. The finished apartments look great. Here are some interesting tidbits, including a few things that I didn't previously realize: - The top (35th) floor is a Sky Lounge amenity deck. As far as I can tell, everything that isn't mechanicals is a shared common space. There are both indoor and outdoor areas on that floor. The northeast corner has a viewing deck - you can make it out in some of the renderings. The northwest corner is also open air. - There are video tours of a few units on the web page. Go to the "Floorplans" page to find them. - The kitchens feature gas ranges and all (?) units have full sized washer / dryer. - Each apartment floor has basically the same floor plan of 11 apartments, except for the penthouse floors 33 and 34 (6 penthouses each floor), and the lower levels 2-4 which only have 6 apartments (the other half of each floor is part of the garage). North is down in this floor plan of the 35th floor Sky Lounge level:
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    hickox alley https://clevelandhistorical.org/items/show/806 1885 savings and trust bank bldg euclid and hickox alley (e 3rd st) looking toward prospect 1927
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