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    New renderings for the “The Viaduct” - and I gotta say, I’m really blown away by this latest iteration!! I absolutely love the greenery and trees integrated throughout the tower.
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    SUNDAY, JULY 12, 2020 Rockefeller Building to start new life with housing, offices According to several sources, a development partnership is acquiring the Rockefeller Building, 614 W. Superior Ave., in downtown Cleveland and will redevelop the historic office building with micro-unit apartments, offices, retail and parking. This is one of the first of potentially several major spin-off real estate development projects resulting from Sherwin-Williams' decision to build its new consolidated headquarters in downtown Cleveland. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/07/rockefeller-building-to-start-new-life.html
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    Cleveland Construction isn’t messing around!!
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    Meant to post earlier this weekend but we officially (kind of) have a roundabout, folks.
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    A Columbus developer is proposing a 30-story tower on N. High Street, the tallest new Downtown building in three decades. https://www.dispatch.com/business/20200710/30-story-tower-proposed-in-downtown-columbus
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    My attempt at the fourth tower during my third year's Kent State architecture program.....22 years ago..eek. I'd go for something that height however.
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    I snapped these when I was messing around back in November but didn't have the confidence to post. So happy and relieved this thread was created because not only is it insane fun, it's also an important think tank on the visual impact increasing urbanity will have on our city. I'm gonna stop myself from launching into a discussion on what might be called skyline iconography(?) here as I can't seem to keep one sentence from turning into ten. Hope to post more in future and to everyone here.
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    If you’re all not already tired of seeing so many crane pictures...here are my own contributions from this evening.
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    Update on the Citizens Bank branch... A building permit application was filed last week for the new bank branch. It included architectural and engineering blueprints. Here is a floor plan from those blueprints:
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    Not sure if this has been called out on here so I apologize if I am being redundant... The consumer loan cashing place in the short north is officially OUT. Signage has been removed so now it sits awaiting more desirable development circumstances. All that time complaining and we just needed a global pandemic to finally see progress Heres to hoping for improved economic conditions and a development proposal of 12+ Stories
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    Breaking news at JHB! They are installing the missing cornice pieces! Taken out my window so not the best, but I will walk down there in a bit for a better view.
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    INTRO Tower crane View from the 5th floor of Quarter Phase 2
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    Schottenstein building (Sat. 7-11-20) Industry Columbus (230 East Long) Finishing up the 6th Street Mews phase 2
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    New renderings for Stoneleigh’s Waterford Bluffs! Definitely an improvement, IMO. Also nice to see they’re showing a better streetscape with some trees. Schematic design review to happen this week.
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    Beautiful day for a ride, out to the far west side for a socially distanced outdoor brunch with friends. When they have views like this from a location about 17 miles due west of Public Square, it adds a little to the experience
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    The Sutton (Thur. 7-9-20) Streetscape progress on Phase 3 Third and High
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    The residential portion of the Lincoln garage project is taking shape.
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    I've always liked the more 'structural expressionist' aesthetic that Sir Norman Foster follows. I just think the diagrid-pattern and other elements would work well in Cleveland (think the lift bridges, etc.). Anyway, the Bow in Calgary turned out really well - better than my attempt at these renders from 2009; I thought it would be a good fit for the Sherwin Williams tower site.
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    There’s just something about this design that I absolutely love!! I’d love to see 10+ more of these scattered elsewhere downtown and throughout the flats
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    Wow. I. Love. This. Maybe it’s just the initial shock of seeing it haha but this is a really nicely designed tower. More of this please!!!!
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    I just wanna give a huge shout out to @NorthShore647 These photo updates are fantastic and much appreciated! Maybe Freelance them to CU since yours are 1. Better and 2. More frequent. Just let UO get the jump on them for a minute first Thanks again!
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    Aubrey Apartments at 5th and Summit Smith & High development High Street Streetscape Phase 3. A good portion of the western sidewalk is finishing up... Same section of High about 16 months ago In front of the Northside Library Branch Work has now moved to the eastern sidewalk
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    Four X Five Development (Sat. 7-11-20) Budd Dairy Project Bethany Baptist Church renovation New house on 4th Ave Infill along Greenwood Ave Station 324 Apartments Mixed Use building at the former Spring Cleaners site Just north of this new building Lincoln Parking Garage
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    Congrats to all of Urban Ohio’s Team NEO - 100,000 posts in the development thread. Here’s to another 100k! It’s been a pleasure getting to know everyone over the last 18 months since I found this site.
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    Well worth the walk down Nationwide to see the progress in person. Can't wait for the Crew's return with HellisReal #4 tomorrow!
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    Wow this looks amazing! There will almost certainly be push back on the video screen, but oh well. Unlike Millennial Tower, I think we can be very confident that this will get built because everyone behind this is the real deal. In terms of height, I think this will definitely break the 400' mark assuming they don't drop any floors. Assuming this gets built, there will only be about 5 empty lots left along High Street between 70 and 670. Included in that total is the pathetic FedEx print shop at the corner of High and Spring. I can't imagine the lot next to the Madison building remains vacant for much longer. I would imagine the lot next to Elevator Brewery will get built on fairly soon if this gets built. Given the amount of growth in the River South District, I can't imagine the vacant lot at Main and High stays vacant for much longer. That leaves the the skinny surface lot at High and Lynn next to One Columbus Center tower. That one will be difficult to build on, but would be a great spot for a tall skinny tower...
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    @NorthShore647 You are a hero for all of this photo updates. Thank you so much, especially on behalf of us out-of-towners!
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    From Broad Street (Sat. 7-11-20)
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    I don't know if this is the case in Cleveland or not, but I live in a plain old two story building in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago built in the late 1800's that has a similar but less ornate cornice as pictured in the historical photo. My friends mother owns the building. She has to pay the city a payment quarterly for insurance that covers damages and liability if the cornice falls off and injures someone on the sidewalk since it technically hangs over the public way. She has thought about removing it, and the building is not protected by any historical restrictions. That was the moment when the light bulb in my head went off...no wonder these old cornices are gone all over the neighborhood. The fee is not cheap. Here's my building: Here is what is next to it. This building probably looked similar to mine when it was built. At some point they probably made the flat roof gable and added space.
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    This crane getting delivered to the site and a new tower proposal. This randomly became a great news day for Cbus development. I've been craving it.
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    Absolutely. Within a region, state, and the country. Every region has an Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) which distributes federal dollars throughout. Cleveland's is called NOACA. Columbus is MORPC. Cincinnati is OKI. Each gets an allocation of federal dollars based on the total population of the region and the money is then distributed by the MPO. But rural and suburban areas are over represented on the boards of these organizations and the money is disproportionately spent in outlying areas. Other federal money also gets distributed disproportionately to rural and exurban areas. Then, at the state level, we all pay taxes that are then spent by ODOT throughout the state on projects. Those projects, you guessed it, are disproportionately located in exurban and rural areas. Transportation projects are mostly funded through state and federal dollars. Sprawl hasn't happened because the invisible hand of the market deems it worthy. It has been a deliberate policy choice to redistribute tax dollars from population centers to outlying areas.
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    It is sort of LOL to go from "urban" to "luxury" living and now we are on wellness living. Even richer when done by the same guy who pushes people to go back to work early or he will contact unemployment. Let's hope that people don't just repeat his phrasing in articles about this project. Words should still mean something.
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    New website for this development is coming too. The site developer requested reprint permission for one of my articles. Site doesn't appear to be live yet. EDIT: I quoted the post with the latest renders since we've scrolled over to a new page.
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    So around 1995ish? We may have crossed paths in/near Taylor Hall - I wasn't in the architecture program but knew plenty who were, and I worked for the Daily Kent Stater for several years. Guess 2009 was my year for making mockups - Omaha's First National Tower on the Public Square site, Milwaukee's University Club tower adjacent to the Renaissance Hotel ballroom (Prospect and Superior) Louisville's Waterfront Place at West 6th and Superior. I should note proportions were NOT scientifically studied or rendered.
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    For the Family Dollar Site, you have the precedent of taller The Jackson on High to encourage a taller development there. There is also far less residential development just east on 4th Ave there so something north of 10 stories would be appropriate and hopefully not adamantly opposed by immediate neighbors. Something like NBBJ proposed a little further north (https://www.columbusunderground.com/eight-story-hotel-proposed-for-university-district) would be really great and a hotel would help to connect the energy from the Short North and Uni District. The Check Smart site will end up being something more 4-6 stories I bet. Another office-centric project would probably be appropriate there, like the Grandview Mercantile replacement. Make a little node of new office space with The Castle just to the south.
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    Looks like the building at Starr and High is being renovated. New windows have been installed and the interior looks like it’s been gutted. It stood empty for a while and I was worried it would be torn down.
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    Work has started on this brewery district project https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2019/06/26/ambitious-brewery-district-revival-project-wins.amp.html
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    Just to add some fuel to the speculation fire ... this drone picture is from a very convenient location and height. A little clue from a Stark employee? And in response to my questioning...
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