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    THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 2020 Work began today for Baricelli Inn Apartments in Little Italy Demolition work got underway earlier today to clear the way for the 44-unit Baricelli Inn Apartments in Cleveland's Little Italy neighborhood. The project has traveled a long road to get to this point but is finally moving forward. A pair of three-story rental homes at 2189 and 2193 Cornell Road were being razed, work that should take only a matter of hours. It will make way for site preparation to begin for the luxury apartments being developed by M. Panzica Development owned by Michael Panzica and City Six Development owned by Brad Nosan. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/06/work-began-today-for-baricelli-inn.html
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    Sorry it took so long...... WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3, 2020 Moving I-90 an option in new ODOT & Metroparks lakefront plans Sliced in half by a freeway nearly 70 years ago, Cleveland's Gordon Park and its surrounding area were recently dubbed by east-side real estate developers as a potential "Edgewater East." It could be that and more depending on the results of two separate but related planning efforts that got underway last week. The first is a multi-agency effort led by the Cleveland Metroparks called the Cleveland Harbor Eastern Embayment Resilience Study (CHEERS). Its goal is to accommodate dredge disposal, create additional aquatic and terrestrial habitat, protect existing highway infrastructure and enhance the lakeshore from near the east end of Burke Lakefront Airport to Dike 14 at Gordon Park as a dynamic community asset. A $125,000 grant was recently awarded to the Metroparks by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) to cover nearly half of the $251,000 cost of the CHEERS plan. The Metroparks, Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority, Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Office of Coastal Management and City of Cleveland each pledged $25,200 as their matching shares. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/06/moving-i-90-option-in-new-odot.html
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    Why am I not surprised that KJP got this new up before I wandered down the block to snap a picture. Saw some heavy equipment roll in last night. Work commenced with removal of portions of the Washington Place Inn parking lot -- starting in the back corner.
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    Wow, it's barely even a mansard roof (I mean, c'mon, there's a balcony), but that slight angle and faux shingling really gives that building a DC/European look. I've always been mostly content with the quasi bauhaus developments that Cleveland seems to produce, but now I would love to see more stuff like the above, particularly in the eastern neighborhoods where it would blend well.
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    Yes, there's a HUGE gravel lot that has been bought up over the past few years by local philanthropist. In the below map, the area in Red, they will replace the current city building with a new one, plus a parking garage. In the area in Green, that's where the Printers Block Units will be. The area in Yellow will be where the Courthouse Row Condos will be. I hope that gives you a better visual.
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    Feel free to move this, I couldn't find a topic for development in the industrial valley. Amazon is planning to build a 112k sq ft delivery station off of Heidtman Pkwy. These aren't full distribution centers, they're more focused towards last mile delivery to help with fast shipping. They're proposing 253 parking spaces for associates and managers (yellow area). The loopnet listing for this currently unused land shows that it is under contract.
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    Friendly tip - buy Crowdstrike
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    There really is no room to rework. There are three option: - drop a through lane coming in - close the ramp - keep it the way it is They tried going the closing route and the neighborhood threw a FIT. So I don’t see anything changing. Also, I can’t predict how long the bridge will last, but I’m confident in saying it’s safe right now. It was built in 1938, and last (majorly) rehab’ed in 1992. I’m sure they will try and maintain the superstructure as much as possibly because frankly I can’t fathom money going into a replacement. But then again other people decide that.
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    The FirstEnergy, then Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co, property had facilities that were pretty close to the tracks 70 years ago. And I-90 was built on the right of way of its predecessor, Lake Shore Blvd, which had at-grade intersections through Gordon Park and also went to the lake side of the then-CEI power plant. BTW, I added to the article a quote from Chris Ronayne who was the architect of last citywide lakefront development masterplan.
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    Absolutely! Anybody who’s been to Edgewater on the weekend in recent years knows that Cleveland NEEDS another beach.
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    Relocating the highway would be an absolute game changer--arguably, even more transformative than the land bridge downtown. 158 acres of a high-quality park and public beach on the east side of downtown would dramatically increase Clevelanders' access to our region's most valuable asset. Thanks, as ever, for the reporting KJP.
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    ^ Look I know Mayor Jackson probably has not had an easy life. He fought in Vietnam probably saw things that nobody should see. But it's time. Time to find someone anyone who can run against this guy, somebody younger please.
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    Yes. That's a new build apartment building in Columbus. Here's another. Columbus (and other cities) seem to require a durable build in the city core and leave the vinyl/plastic/asphalt buildings we frequently see in Cleveland to the outer neighborhoods/suburbs. Imagine if we lined our grand old streets with buildings like these....
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    Hi everyone, This week I wrote a bit of code that can help forum members get full-size high-resolution photos for personal enjoyment or for sharing on this forum. It's particularly helpful for development threads, e.g. renders or photography from articles. Right now it is usable in the form of a bookmarklet - you save the code as a link in a bookmark, and when you're viewing an article, you click the bookmarklet link, and rather than refreshing the page, it will activate a feature that will open a full size image in a new tab for any image that you click on. For now, there is a site-specific version which I have implemented for two sites: News 5 in Cleveland and Cleveland.com - these have the potential to be compatible with other sites that were built in the same fashion, so you may find that sister sites from the same organizations may also work. If there's enough demand and usefulness for this, I may decide to make a browser extension to automatically enable this feature for you when you are on those websites. Without further ado, here are the code snippets. Channel 5 javascript:(function()%7Bdocument.addEventListener('click'%2C%20(e)%20%3D%3E%20%7Bconst%20el%20%3D%20e.target%3Bif%20(el.tagName%20!%3D%3D%20%22IMG%22)%20return%3Bconst%20imgUrl%20%3D%20new%20URL(el.src)%3Bconst%20imgParams%20%3D%20new%20URLSearchParams(imgUrl.search)%3Bif%20(!imgParams.has('url'))%20return%3Bwindow.open(imgParams.get('url'))%3B%7D)%7D)() Cleveland.com javascript:(function()%7Bdocument.addEventListener('click'%2C%20(e)%20%3D%3E%20%7Bconst%20el%20%3D%20e.target%3Bif%20(el.tagName%20!%3D%3D%20%22IMG%22)%20return%3Bconst%20cfMatch%20%3D%20el.src.match(%2F%5C%2F(cloudfront-.*)%2F)%3Bif%20(cfMatch%20%3D%3D%20null)%20return%3Bwindow.open('https%3A%2F%2F'%2BcfMatch%5B1%5D)%3B%7D)%7D)() Instructions: Any article will essentially "activate" this feature if you add the bookmarklet to your browser and click on the bookmark link in your browser while on an article page. Then, click on any image you'd like to see the original, full-resolution image for, and your browser will open it in a new tab. Quick Setup It's easiest to setup if you use the bookmark toolbar on your browser. In Chrome or Firefox, you can just select/highlight the entire code snippet and then drag and drop it into your bookmarks toolbar and it will create a bookmark. Then, it will be easily accessible in your browser, too. If you save the bookmark that way, you may want to right click it and rename it to give it a better name than the one it gives by default. Then you can just click on it when you're viewing an article and it activates the feature. Traditional Setup If anyone has problems with the above technique, for more traditional setup instructions, highlight/select the code snippet and copy it to your clipboard. Then go to your bookmarks in your browser and create a new bookmark. In the "Link" field for the new bookmark, paste in the code snippet. Then when you are wanting to use the feature on an article, find the bookmark, click on it, and the page will have the feature activated. Requests I realize these are Northeast Ohio-centric sites. If any members have any requests, I am happy to check out the site in question and write an equivalent bookmarklet if that site's full-sized imagery is available. Enjoy! Hopefully this thread will make this easier to find and keep things a bit more on-topic and open for discussion than some initial sharing I have done in the development threads where I first used them.
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    Agenda for tomorrow's CPC meeting is out! http://clevelandohio.gov/sites/default/files/planning/drc/agenda/2020/CPC-Agenda-WebEx-meeting-060520.pdf One thing I found interesting is that Dureiko Construction (who specializes in kitchen and bath remodels) is trying to get in on the development game to build townhomes at the southeast corner of Keiper Ct and W 34th Pl. I'm wondering how realistic this proposal is. Hopefully find out once more details are revealed.
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    That definitely sounds better than my current job as a part-time delivery driver ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe I'll switch to Amazon for delivery driving since they're planning this lol
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    It looks like maybe around 300 jobs here. This is good news.
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    Heading EB the speed limit goes from 35 to 50 past the ramp merge. @GISguy is correct though, people drive whatever they want. Could you put a traffic signal in? Maybe. There are different things required by law for a signal to be warranted. Remember though, the entire reason the shoreway is the way it is is because “people” didn’t wan’t the proposed signals on this stretch. I believe it would be legal to put a stop sign at the top of the ramp though, which might be more politically tolerable. I’ll need to do a little research...
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    Pretty much it's wild wild west from the point where the bridge starts/ends- going west (Expressway Ends in X miles, aka at bridge end), and going East - 55MPH as soon as elevation starts going up towards the bridge...
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    Glad to see this going ahead finally! And frustrating that the city allowed competing apartment owners to block a project for so long.
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    I'm not sure if that section is 35MPH. i think it's a bit farther west where the speed limit drops.
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    Yeah, I used to live over there, would normally take the bus downtown but I remember one morning a few years ago in the winter I had to drive in for whatever reason and the 29th at onramp to get downtown, yikes, almost got in a bad wreck. I don't think the off ramps are too bad though, especially the eastbound one. They could probably just close the eastbound onramp and make people get on at 49th, it's not far at all. Or just take Detroit.
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    That section of the shoreway is quite scary when the gales of November come slashin'.
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    i know, but it looks like they could have moved a substation or two and squeezed the shoreway in between it and the tracks instead of it and the lake. anyway oh well, whats done is done. its good to move it now.
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    Congrats to @CbusTransit with the winning guess.
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    I think that the idea that was discussed at that time was moving the entire east Shoreway down next to the tracks, which would of course be a much more expensive proposition.
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    I'm guessing that KJP's article will be about the ICE BREAKER WIND TURBINES PROJECT... Can I get a second guess?? THANKS KJP for ANOTHER GREAT ARTICLE!!
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    This is tough. So tough to see -- what took so long to get to this point, gone in the matter of hours. I also hope they find the ability to rebuild. The master plan for the area is so needed and once the masonry work was completed, it looked great.
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    https://www.thisweeknews.com/news/20200603/man-arrested-in-arson-fire-near-topiary-park Columbus Fire charged a man with aggravated arson for intentionally setting fire to a nearly finished apartment building near Topiary Park early Sunday. Fire officials said the arson fire does not appear to be related to the protests and vandalism that occurred over the weekend. Derrick D. Lee, 30, whose address is listed as the streets of Columbus, will appear in Franklin County Municipal Court on Thursday. “At this time, it is not believed that this $25 million fire was related to the civil unrest that took place in the same area hours earlier,” Columbus Fire Battalion Chief Steve Martin said in a statement.
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    I think I'm far from the majority here, but I like that bridge more than the Detroit or Lorain bridges. I like the blue color, and, something elegant about the structure. Cool history too being a WPA project.
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    These are some upcoming projects that are either in design phase, on the board or in construction for Downtown Newark. The investment in Downtown Newark continues. its absolutely unreal the momentum this city has. Even more amazing things are yet to come. Restoration of Ohio's first mall: The Newark Arcade Before/After (first 2 pics) Other projects in design phase include a new City Building and Condo/Loft Units and a new Bistro type of building.
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    Citizens of Newark came together for a rally Tuesday night in a truly truly amazing scene. Started with speakers, then a march around the courthouse square (see pics above), then music and dancing. The Newark police and sheriff took part and really worked well with BLM organizers and even broke out some smooth moves to the music. Couldn’t be more proud of my city. Newark has made tremendous strides. It a great time to live in Newark. https://abc6onyourside.com/news/local/officers-dance-with-crowd-at-peaceful-protests-in-newark https://mobile.twitter.com/NewarkPD_OH_PIO/status/1267953534185635851?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fabc6onyourside.com%2Fnews%2Flocal%2Fofficers-dance-with-crowd-at-peaceful-protests-in-newark
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    This could be posted in several threads. A lot of info on this website and hoping these presentations provide us with some good insight. https://visionforthevalleycle.com/overview/
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    Love the fact that they are building this to connect to the trails. That is awesome.
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    Just a heads up, larger photos are served on the non-AMP version of the page (?_amp=true stripped off the end of the link): https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/cleveland-metro/an-office-space-specifically-designed-to-prevent-the-spread-of-viruses-is-being-built-in-cleveland Edit: In fact, they actually have surprisingly high-resolution (4K) original images, e.g.: https://ewscripps.brightspotcdn.com/a7/f4/e14c75f448a88a4023adfbb5039b/avian-front-entrance.JPG If anyone wants an original link to a particular image in the article, I can link to one. Here's another cool high-res render: https://ewscripps.brightspotcdn.com/ff/ae/f639435a47c3a5742fee35caf5e5/avian-lounge-2.JPG Edit 2: Screw it, I was bored, so here's a bookmarklet you can add to your browser. If you save this as a bookmark destination and click on it while on a page on their site, it will then open any image's full size version in a new tab when you click on images throughout the page. (make sure to copy/paste the entire thing) javascript:(function()%7Bdocument.addEventListener('click'%2C%20(e)%20%3D%3E%20%7Bconst%20el%20%3D%20e.target%3Bif%20(el.tagName%20!%3D%3D%20%22IMG%22)%20return%3Bconst%20imgUrl%20%3D%20new%20URL(el.src)%3Bconst%20imgParams%20%3D%20new%20URLSearchParams(imgUrl.search)%3Bif%20(!imgParams.has('url'))%20return%3Bwindow.open(imgParams.get('url'))%3B%7D)%7D)() Edit: Thread for feedback, support, requests, etc, and another bookmarklet for Cleveland.com articles
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    I guess we can agree to disagree. If you compare Cleveland's infill with other cities (Columbus, for example) I think you will find A LOT more vinyl and plastic panels here.
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    "Historic Hudson Avenue District" is an area i would absolutely LOVE to see have some investment made into it. Those are absolutely amazing homes. Just a few....
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    This is what some traffic engineers think a complete street is:
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