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    Some are meeting at 9 a.m. at these two locations...
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    I'm actually working today's shift at fire station one downtown... This is making me sick, it's heartbreaking, I feel so sorry for all the businesses I can't believe the destruction. You've seen stuff on TV but I'm at ground level and it is much worse than you can imagine. I hope this total destruction of downtown doesn't stop all projects in their tracks.
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    views of midtown manhattan from weehawken, nj 2011 and may 2020
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    we have a new, bulked up render for the bx point development just below yankee stadium. its 1,045 low income apts, hip hop museum and more, including being: the first and only affordable housing project to achieve WEDG certification. The rating system was founded by the Waterfront Alliance, an independent offshoot of The Municipal Art Society of New York, that establishes guidelines for ecologically friendly waterfront design and construction. i can tell you from walking by it the current site is an empty lot which a fly by night kids carnival would take over for awhile every year. i am looking forward to this moving forward at long last --- and it will be nice to have the area surrounding it fixed up into parkland. more: earlier 2017 design
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    a new proposal looks good and is a big one, 4th and brazos, 823' / 65 floors of mixed use rental apts and offices. the current site is a typical texas and old austin sleepy, scubby downtown warehouse that has lately been yupped up to an events space. https://abc.austintexas.gov/public-search-other?t_detail=1&t_selected_folderrsn=12416211&t_selected_propertyrsn=166208
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    Yes, of course. I am sick over this. Much progress then starting with the virus and now the riots I think a lot of projects and people will think twice about investing in downtown. It's easy to destroy and so hard to build. So much ignorance and fear on so many levels everywhere. Thousands of legit protesters get trumped by hundreds of anarchists and looters. Police don't know how to act. Political leadership is invisible. A lot of people are afraid and don't know what to do. Many will just pack up and leave. I'm hurting for my city. Same as it ever was.
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    I was there for all of it.....What happened yesterday and last night had me sick to my stomach a legit scared. Being in the lobby of our building and watching gangs of kids try and bust out all our windows and flip us on....kids leaning out of cars waving pistols, tear gas everywhere......It was unreal. I was right there when they smashed the Standard Building windows and then screamed "Lets go get Tower City"!!!
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    We had to go into Geiger's tonight to shut the alarm off... The place was completely cleaned out
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