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    Hi guys, I've been a long-time lurker, first time poster. I'm a relatively new resident to Ohio City but I am a long time visitor/patron and an avid proponent/enthusiast for Cleveland development. Just wanted to chime in here to say this project is going to be a massive catalyst in filling out any remaining gaps in Hingetown while accelerating the imminence of the long-planned Irishtown Bend green space + park. What was once deemed "a made up neighborhood" by Cleveland Scene is now going to be the new Ohio City hub for residence, entertainment, and small business. As an aside, I also live directly across from the new Church + State project. Be on the lookout for frequent photo updates from me on this and many other construction projects in the area (i.e. Franklin Circle, Forest City Apartments above OCG, building demolition on the east side of West 25th in the fall, etc.). I have the luxury of gauging progress directly from my windows. I look forward to posting as we move forward!
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    This thing absolutely TOWERS over Euclid and creates an amazing urban canyon with the Keith building
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    Brought my DSLR to work today and got some pics afterwards. If you're bored it's pretty awesome to see the crews work on the facades during the day and it also looks like they're getting concrete poured/it's already set on the floors of the furthest east building.
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    Lol. Central Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. The lot next the Dunham was designed by a wrecking ball.
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    Very bad iPhone SE picture quality. Church+State Tower crane viewed from the 13th floor of the Federal Court House. Gives a good idea of the buildings future Presence
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    SATURDAY, AUGUST 17, 2019 Condos to rise at Avenue District this fall Geis Companies reportedly is on an aggressive timetable to build a multistory condominium building in downtown Cleveland, eyeing a possible fall groundbreaking if it can get city approvals in a timely manner. The working title for the project is The Avenue Condos-Phase II, because it is located in the area where Zaremba Group planned and began building a multiple-structure, multiple-phase development along and between East 12th and 15th streets, as well as St. Clair and Superior avenues on the northeast side of downtown Cleveland. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2019/08/condos-to-rise-at-avenue-district-this.html
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    Which building in downtown has the most stories? The public library!!! I'll show myself out.
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    The context is that it's between two major thoroughfares and on a primary transit corridor among the first- and fourth-largest employment centers in Ohio. Yes, it's very fortunate that Dunham Tavern survived the massive development of a rapidly industrializing city. Perhaps we should pay an homage to that context as well, while looking forward to the future of that neighborhood, its city and this region. Or are we just picking contexts that suit our personal preferences?
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    A couple of fun attempts with the pano technique described by @ASPhotoman above. The effect is cool and slightly whimsical
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    I'm totally okay with it. We've needed a bridge there for a while and I'm just happy it's FINALLY happening. We don't need to be spending extra money on an extravagant design for this sort of thing (imo).
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    I am quite sure that would be a bigger fantasy.
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    Battery Park when it produced Everready batteries. You’ll notice the surviving powerhouse.
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    I was on the Towpath today around where they are constructing stage one along Harvard and Jennings. One of the Construction workers told me that asphalt trucks are scheduled to arrive next Wednesday to start the final paving!! Can't wait!!
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    Your source is partially correct. SHW isn't building anything for a couple more years until the Valspar debt is down to levels more common across the coatings industry. See this article here: http://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2019/03/new-sherwin-williams-hq-plans-may-stir.html But they have already written their RFP and I believe it has been released. If not, they have sent out feelers because most sources I've spoken with are aware of the RFP, the proposed uses, and the square footage involved. And SHW's company-wide e-mail blast advising everyone not to talk to the media after I wrote this article http://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2019/05/sherwin-williams-hq-will-it-be-ohios.html was a nice non-denial denial. BTW, I wrote a little too much about sources in my first draft of this response. I'm glad @Tastybunns saw the first draft. I hope very few others did.
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    Updated photos of the Bowery Development in Downtown Akron - its more than 50% complete, and must be live-in ready by end of November to retain eligibility for Historic Preservation Tax Credits. Progress is coming along nicely. https://www.ohio.com/news/20190803/akrons-downtown-bowery-restoration-taking-shape-with-new-apartments-retail-space
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    Those are outstanding graphics, @Geowizical. And there are "three or four" more potential high rises out there, stirring in the minds of developers in Cleveland and Chicago. The downtown Cleveland residential market is evolving and fairly quickly. BTW, that 3-4 more towers doesn't include the new Justice Center, which is still out there somewhere. But the county should have the resources to build it in a few years once the bonds for Gateway and the convention center mature. Ironically, I said in my blog that SHW HQ is a once-in-a-career whale for real estate developers. I completely forgot the new Justice Center which would be twice the size of a combined SHW HQ+R&D.
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    *chants* blog post, blog post, blog post
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    Do you think about things before you post them? Do a basic google search? If it was as simple as buying a gallon of paint from Uncle Bill's and painting the GD window, I doubt we would have this crisis where thousands of children have been poisoned. https://zotapro.com/blog/painting-over-lead-paint/ When It’s Safe To Paint Over Lead-Containing Paint One of the most significant factors when deciding whether it is safe to simply cover lead paint by painting over it is the condition of the existing paint and wall. If they are both in good condition, then painting over them will form a barrier against the toxins in the lead paint. Not any normal paint will safely cover lead-containing paint. To make sure that the paint, dust, and fumes are carefully controlled, a special type of paint known as an encapsulant must be used. It’s applied over the lead-based paint as a sealant to prevent paint chips or dust from being breathed in or escaping. Though DIY-ers can technically apply an encapsulant on their own, the safest and most recommended way of properly performing an on-site encapsulation is to hire a professionally certified vendor that specializes in lead-based paint removal. When It’s Not Safe To Paint Over Lead-Containing Paint If the wall or paint is in any way chipped or damaged, bubbling or peeling, then painting over it will not re-seal the lead paint. The toxins contained underneath all the layers will still be exposed through the topcoat, and therefore, always considered dangerous. If you find yourself within a building that built prior to 1978 and the walls are in poor condition, then hiring a certified lead-paint removal team is important not only for the sake of the building’s integrity but also for the safety of everyone in the building
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    Metro’s as financially healthy as it’s been in years. That’s a false narrative.
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    They have been installing the led lighting in the north atrium and testing it at night. The glass is very reflective and it is difficult to see the curtain wall panels.
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    It will be a Chase branch, opening in October.
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    Hard for me to feel sympathetic for Stark. This has been going on for 5 years.
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    This project is very exciting, hopefully Famicos can reach their goal. Maybe this project can help tie into the E105th corridor projects as well.
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    I agree, but I think his problem goes beyond just personal fueds. I think he tries too hard to be edgy and controversial (and maybe funny), which would all be taken care of by just trying to be more objective.
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    Agreed with both. That's what drives me crazy about him - he is a gifted writer and gets some incredible intel for his stories. However, his arguments get lost in clearly personal feuds he maintains with some of the people he writes about. I think if he approached writing in a more objective way, he could still body slam folks from time to time, but would do so in a way that was less clouded by vitriol and thereby be of greater service to Scene's readers. He's a good enough writer to do it.
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    Yeah, I don't like the idea of removing parking and making them into bus lanes. The better option is to add sidewalk bumpouts and make the parking lane permanent, while giving pedestrians more street space and more visibility at crosswalks. One easy solution to speed up buses would be to add a queue jump at Knowlton's Corner for buses heading northbound on Ludlow Avenue. The bus would get signal priority to jump in front of cars heading north onto Hamilton Avenue.
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    ^ Thanks! Good stuff. But I'm going to try again... I am still interested if anyone knows anything about the new Cultural Gardens Welcome Center. 1269 E 99th St, Cleveland, OH 44108
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    Serious question, is there actually any legitimacy to Eaton and American Greetings struggling to attract talent? I feel like this idea has grown from “they probably will” to “they are” to “they regret moving” without any actual facts. Like a bad game of telephone. As for Progressive the downtown outpost is tiny strategy team of 40 people and has nothing to do with them struggling to attract talent. In fact Progressive has been expanding their presence in the suburbs with purchases of buildings, new construction, and thousands of new jobs. That being said I would love to have these companies downtown.
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    Midweek updates: June numbers have been released. 4.88 million pax at this year’s midpoint, up 4.5% over 2018. Considering July/Aug and the seasonal holiday rush, we’re on pace for 10M for the first time since pre-recession and the subsequent loss of CO’s London & Paris service. Interestingly, recent sources have strongly pointed towards Icelandair returning to CLE for 2020 and beyond (assuming the 737 MAX is airworthy by then, which it should...). First Aer Lingus A321XLR rolled off the assembly line. If we land EI for 2020/21, this aircraft would most likely serve the route (DUB).
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    you know what? even if this is a bunch of baloney (kosher beef baloney, that is, ha!), its still something that is out there promoting major development in downtown cleveland, so that's a good thing.
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    The other paninis was like right down the street and they never closed that one. What did they expect to happen?
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    I didn't anticipate the narcissistic quality of this building. Like a starstruck actor Keith is able to look in the mirror now giving us double the pleasure.
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    Dateline Old Brooklyn: From town dump to town park --- "Four years after the Western Reserve Land Conservancy (WRLC) acquired the former Henninger Landfill on Pearl Road in Old Brooklyn, plans are moving ahead to convert the land into a 25-acre connector park that will link to Ohio & Erie Canalway Towpath Trail, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, and Brookside Reservation. Construction on the Lower Creek Big Connector Trail, as it's currently dubbed, is scheduled to begin this fall with completion in spring 2020. It's been a long road to get there, but project officials say it will be worth the wait."" https://www.freshwatercleveland.com/breaking-ground/LandfillPark072119.aspx
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    Tabled at design review on Thursday. No telling what happened today at the planning commission. http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/designreview/brd/detailDR.php?ID=3284&CASE=DF 2019-064 Date: August 15, 2019 Committee: Local Design Review Committee Action Type: Tabled Conditions:
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    From this morning - looks like they’re finally covering up the yellow beams/supports!
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    Oh, and Vintage Development was born out of that to skirt paying union wages, as Marous Bros is a union signatory contractor, and Scott Marous Sr. is on virtually every union building trades board, yet Vintage is an under the table, cash paying, Amish operation. But that’s for a whole nother thread.
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    "Micro apartment" seems like it's just marketing speak for somewhat smallish units. 500 sq ft is just a smallish apartment, and probably pretty close to an average size for people in their early/mid 20's in an urban/downtown environment.
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    Sounds like someone trying to phish your credit card number. Be careful out there everyone!
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    I had worked with a couple of former IT employees of Parker Hannifin, that had left because of their location. Times are changing, so you never know. ..
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    The first one is a rendering of an earlier version, according to this page: https://clevelandhistorical.org/items/show/794#&gid=1&pid=2
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    Hey, when your pager's beeping 9-1-1 at you, you're gonna be glad there's a pay phone nearby!
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    Those windowed bays make the Huron-facing side look a lot more interesting and prettier than the Euclid-facing side
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