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    First time I’ve seen her in person. She’s BREATHTAKING...
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    Read my updated article about construction and the Coronavirus in Cleveland. Liquidity isn't a problem, money is cheap, construction costs are dropping with oil prices, and I've yet to run into any Cleveland developer who is shelving much less slowing down their plans to build -- although some are putting work on hold for up to one week to implement social distancing plans for their workforce. In fact, I've learned of three new proposed developments since last week (two of them just yesterday). So stop eating that Skyline Slop and chill.
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    Construction’s really coming along!! I’m so excited for these to be completed. The Euclid Avenue corridor is being transformed from a row of neglected, abandoned buildings into vibrant, beautifully restored collection of historic icons.
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    3074 W 14th Gas Station Plans! http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/designreview/drcagenda/2020/03062020/index.php Parking and pumps behind the building and 4 streetfront retail spots?? I think this is the first time I can say that I'm actually excited for a new gas station.
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    I love this view.... give me a “Boston” vibe.
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    Construction permits submitted today for the redevelopment of the corner at Lorain and Randall where Old Fashioned Hot Dogs is closing down. I'm assuming this means demolition should start in April or May. And an image reminder of the plan:
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    I went on a building tour today. Good news: the apartments are stunning with floor-to-ceiling windows and quality finishes. The bad news: the tour at this early date took us only up to the 9th floor. We also didn't get to see the fifth-floor amenity deck. I will post lots of pictures tomorrow with an article. In the meantime, here's some teasers..... I'll blow up the interior shots....
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    They’re starting to put glass in the storefronts!
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    I love the simplicity of this and how it fits with the surrounding buildings so well. Timeless, I'd take these over the ultra modern designs we get so often.
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    TUESDAY, MARCH 3, 2020 Circle Square plan was big, gets bigger When Midwest Development Partners first announced its Circle Square plan five years ago, then-called University Circle City Center or UC3, it was considered bold and ambitious. Cleveland in 2015 was still shaking off the body blows it took from the Great Recession and even from the early-2000s recession before that. But this was University Circle -- Cleveland's fastest-growing employment hub. That hub, the center of the region's eds-n-meds jobs machine, continued to crank out employment opportunities at a pace exceeding the national average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So when Midwest Development Partners representatives make their presentation of its revised plans for Circle North on Friday to the City Planning Commission, it will show a bigger and more ambitious vision. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/03/circle-square-plan-was-big-gets-bigger.html
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    ANOTHER GREAT ARTICLE by Crain's Cleveland Business! I really liked these paragraphs: Harbor Bay paid $10.5 million and worked on relocating the Market Plaza strips's businesses, providing construction and financing services to assist in rehabbing abandoned buildings for them in the Ohio City area. "Most developers are focused on getting the site cleared as quickly as possible," Whalen said. "But, for me, having lived in the area before, it was important to work with everyone to achieve a sustainable solution for the neighborhood." Now to me that's DOING THE RIGHT THING and PAYING IT FORWARD TOO! We are really lucky to have some of the BEST DEVELOPERS working in this area!
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    And so, I add to it with this....... TUESDAY, MARCH 24, 2020 Ohio City Transit Oriented Development arrives the next station A significant real estate development next to and possibly above the rail rapid transit line in Cleveland's Ohio City neighborhood moved a step closer to reality today. That occurred when the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority's (GCRTA) board of trustees authorized staff to execute a development and use agreement with Carnegie Management and Development Corp. of Westlake. The eventual agreement will include three parcels of land south of Abbey Avenue and west of Columbus Road, south of Lorain Avenue, totaling 5.6 acres. Also, the agreement will include air rights over GCRTA's Red Line that links the airport, downtown, University Circle and Windermere. A potential development with public plazas over the tracks could provide seamless pedestrian linkages between the Duck Island neighborhood to the east with the Ohio City's Market Square area to the west. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/03/ohio-city-transit-oriented-development.html
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    We just did our tour today. Units are really stunning. We are going to sign there in the next few weeks I think. Added a few pictures my wife took on tour.
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    Work is progressing on the garage “curtain”
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    MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2020 nuCLEus and Centennial projects may start this summer Two major development projects in downtown Cleveland could get underway this summer. And we're not just talking about the 23-story City Club Apartments, the 75 Public Square renovation NEOtrans reported on last November, or the site preparations for Sherwin-Williams' new headquarters tower on Public Square that NEOtrans nailed months before it was announced. Not only are those projects still "go," but so may be the duo of 24-story, new-construction towers comprising the long-planned nuCLEus development. And so might the massive reconstruction of 925 Euclid Ave. into The Centennial be a go. According to several sources who spoke off the record, both projects are on track for the start of construction this summer. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/03/nucleus-and-centennial-projects-may.html
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    MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2020 nuCLEus and Centennial projects may start this summer Two major development projects in downtown Cleveland could get underway this summer. And we're not just talking about the 23-story City Club Apartments, the 75 Public Square renovation NEOtrans reported on last November, or the site preparations for Sherwin-Williams' new headquarters tower on Public Square that NEOtrans nailed months before it was announced. Not only are those projects still "go," but so may be the duo of 24-story, new-construction towers comprising the long-planned nuCLEus development. And so might the massive reconstruction of 925 Euclid Ave. into The Centennial be a go. According to several sources who spoke off the record, both projects are on track for the start of construction this summer. No new features are known for nuCLEus as of yet, but two sources said that The Centennial, a 21-story, 1.3-million-square-foot former office building, is proposed to be renovated with a J.W. Marriott Hotel. That would be Cleveland's first five-star hotel brand since the 17-story Omni International Hotel was demolished in 2000 for the InterContinental Hotel, 9801 Carnegie Ave. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/03/nucleus-and-centennial-projects-may.html
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    Figured it was a good time to get back to things that make me happy, like photography.
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    I wish so badly that the parking lot by the Thirty Parrot could get turned into a weather controlled pavilion of sorts, where the walls can be closed in winter and open air in summer. I imagine it as having 10-12 different food and drink vendors around the perimeter, with a projection screen on both ends, picnic tables in the middle, and games spread throughout. Something less elaborate than what they have in St Louis
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    Knez’s Ravella progress. 52nd & Franklin.
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    Update on the rehab at the corner of West 5th and Jefferson.
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    Looks like they are installing what will be attaching the panels to the garage.
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    LOTS OF PICTURES at the link below! THURSDAY, MARCH 5, 2020 Lumen apartment tours reveal modern elegance, towering views If you want to rent your preferred apartment at Ohio's tallest residential building, you'd better take a tour of The Lumen soon. But if you want to see what the views look like from the upper floors of the building, wait until summer before booking a tour. Rental prices, marketing information and guided hard-hat tours began this week at the 34-story, 396-foot-tall apartment tower at 1600 Euclid Ave. in Cleveland's Playhouse Square district. And on Tuesday of this week, the building got its first signed tenant, said Justin Young, property manager at Greystar for The Lumen. From now until July 21, the public can take hard-hat guided tours of Ohio's tallest residential building by booking them via this Eventbrite page. Tours are offered Mondays through Thursdays most weeks. There is no cost to register, but tour group sizes are limited to 10 persons. As of March 5, tours for the rest of March are booked solid. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/03/lumen-apartment-tours-reveal-modern.html
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    @mrclifton88 that can't be the Athlon/CAC Apologies for being away from the forum - I work in the insurance industry; if anyone ever wants to suggest insurance is boring, after the past week or so, I highly beg to differ. That said, I finally found a quick moment to get some CDC-compliant socially distant fresh air on the Scranton stretch of the Towpath today.
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    Facade beginning to go up on the NE of the building.
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    WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18, 2020 Big Duck Island development moves forward A site at Lorain Avenue and West 20th Street in Cleveland's Duck Island enclave that has been considered for development for seven years, is back in play again under the stewardship of a real estate firm from Chicago's suburbs. Stoneleigh Companies LLC of Barrington, IL reportedly has a purchase agreement to acquire at least 3.4 acres of land assembled since 2013 and owned by Warrensville Heights-based Brickhaus Partners. That's according to two sources who spoke off the record. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/03/big-duck-island-development-moves.html
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    Now that is one gorgeous little street canyon
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    This photo looks familiar! SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2020 Rents, tours announced for Ohio's tallest residential tower The construction crane for The Lumen apartment tower in Cleveland's Playhouse Square came down last month as the skyscraper topped out. Starting next month, the curtain goes up for the marketing and leasing of Ohio's tallest residential tower. Preliminary rents for The Lumen were released via Apartments.com this week and public hard-hat tours of the 34-story, 396-foot-tall skyscraper start next week, with the first few tours already sold out. A temporary leasing office for The Lumen was opened at 1501 Euclid Ave., Suite 112, across the street from the tower that's located at 1600 Euclid. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/02/rents-tours-announced-for-ohios-tallest.html
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    MONDAY, MARCH 23, 2020 Financing set, work starts at Ohio City's Intro Overnight work began late Monday (March 23) on expanding utilities in the vicinity of a planned mixed-use development that will further enliven one of Cleveland's most recognizable intersections. The development is Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors LLC's Market Square and the intersection is Lorain Avenue at West 25th Street onto which the iconic tower of West Side Market casts its shadow. The first phase of Market Square is Intro -- a seven-story building with 290 market-rate apartments over 36,000 square feet of retail and 550 underground parking spaces. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/03/financing-set-work-starts-at-ohio-citys.html
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    love this perspective! Detroit@25th looking westward
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    Plans for the CMNH Renovation and Addition: http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/designreview/drcagenda/2020/03062020/index.php
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    One of their developments that's still yet to be announced might be one of my favorites, due to location. It won't be in Ohio City, though.
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    Much of that neighborhood, including Hingetown, is already served by some of the best transit service in the state. Seriously, folks, ride the darn bus, it's great. You can go from Hingetown to downtown in like 10 minutes without any planning pretty much all day.
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    I think it is a reflection of and tribute to the Playhouse Square Association and their "get it done" mentality. They've proven time and time again that they will find a way to overcome the challenges and hurdles that are NEO. Knez Homes is another that continues to make progress on their plans to rebuild the city. They are in every corner/community. Other builders, developers and many of the civic organizations could learn from them.
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    Went for a walk yesterday and took some progress pics from Franklin. The first one is more townhouses going up on Vine Ct. The others should be fairly obvious
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    Just got word from multiple sources that Amazon has leased the entire warehouse that was build on the corner of 110th and Berea Road. Heard that construction of the 2nd warehouse on that lot will start not to long after they move in.
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    Yep just one really big house. As per the building permit: "2.5 STY 4,036 SF WOOD FRAME SINGLE FAM RES W/ATTACHED GARAGE" If it makes you guys feel better, this plan is directly across the street:
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    Cross-posted in the Coronavirus.... FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2020 How the Coronavirus is affecting construction in Cleveland As successful investor Warren Buffet says, "Be greedy when others are fearful." So are Greater Cleveland real estate developers fearful or greedy as Ohio and the country goes into Coronavirus emergency? And what might be the long-term implications of the pandemic on pending real estate developments? MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/03/construction-cleveland-and-coronavirus.html
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    Renderings for the Fulton Road Townhomes: http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/designreview/drcagenda/2020/03062020/index.php And site plan again for context:
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    Nice article Ken, it took me a moment to realize that was my photo ...I’m sure it’s come up on this thread before but I don’t think it ever sunk in to me that this is the tallest residential building in Ohio. Cool fact!
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    Good news!! "'Old Public Square building's next life may loom' Downtown Cleveland real estate developer Frank Sinito's Millennia Cos. is about to break its long silence about plans to convert 75 Public Square to apartments from offices. Millennia is on the agenda to appear before the Downtown/Flats Design Review Committee meeting on Thursday, March 19, for final architectural approval of its plans to transform the Italianate building to 114 multifamily units. Among the multitude of changes, one of the most striking from the outside will be stripping red granite sheets from the building's front entrance. The shiny stone sheets were added in the 1950s to make the classically styled building look modern. The granite will be replaced by terracotta and bricks to re-create the building's early storefronts facing Public Square..." https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/old-public-square-buildings-next-life-may-loom
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    What's interesting is with these HUGE apartments taking up one half of a block (sometimes an entire block) going up all over the city in addition to the high-rise apartments. It seems Cleveland is building for a million again lol. I remember a study being done that stated Cleveland should focus on building for 500K people. Seems like developers are just going for the gusto instead of playing it safe. We are replacing older buildings on main thoroughfares that housed maybe 10-20 people above storefronts with apartments with 80-150 Units. I forgot where I saw the quote but they said in an article in development "Cleveland was built for 1 million people, we have a lot of room to grow" or something along those lines. I like that energy lol. Long story short, keep buildings like these coming!
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    Okay, this Ohio City numbers game is kind of annoying at this point, can y'all talk demographics somewhere else? This week is the first week of demo of the plaza, I'd hope to see some pics (even if they aren't showing a whole heck of a lot!).
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