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    Here's a shot from Tuesday from the 26th floor of 1111 Superior ... amazing how different it appears without the crane. I keep doing double takes, lol.
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    Library Lofts is also moving forward. Seeing lots of filings with public entities on it. But this is at the site where the police station was just demolished..... Circle Square project in Cleveland’s University Circle to include 24-story apartment tower https://www.cleveland.com/business/2020/02/circle-square-project-in-clevelands-university-circle-to-include-24-story-apartment-tower.html
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    I could not find a dedicated thread, if one exists please move this. Thanks Circle Square project in Cleveland’s University Circle to include 24-story apartment tower CLEVELAND, Ohio — Developers hope to break ground this summer for a 24-story apartment tower in University Circle, where the high-rise and a more modest — but unusual — residential building that includes a public library will be the first two chapters in a bigger real estate story dubbed Circle Square. The glassy, 298-unit tower is slated to fill a void at Chester Avenue and Stokes Boulevard, where a former Cleveland police station sat until late last year. Stretching as tall as 250 feet, the building will surpass the nearby One University Circle tower in height and, by 20 or so units, size. https://www.cleveland.com/business/2020/02/circle-square-project-in-clevelands-university-circle-to-include-24-story-apartment-tower.html
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    Yep, I was able to swing by for a few while it was being discussed. - Neighbors generally open to taller development in this location - Casto said they are considering anything from 8-15 stories along Collins and Neil, shorter 3-5 stories along Buttles - Hidden or underground parking structure to handle increased density but restoring character to area - CVS has 11 years left in their lease, will be given a prime location in new development - CVS has must stay open during development, project may be phased - Casto interested in luring a Trader Joes/Aldi/Whole Foods market with a 12,000 - 15,000 sq/ft retail along Neil or Buttles - Biggest concerns were wanting Casto to favor/re-incorporate existing plaza business into development
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    I realized a while ago that from my perch on the 26th floor of 1111 Superior, I can see this project ... and have been meaning to take a picture ever since. Finally did this morning, although it's the tiniest bit hazy. The yellow insulation really stands out to the naked eye, more than appears so from this pic!
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    The scale of this proposed development may explain why First Interstate decided to build uphill at Larchmere rather than build phase 2 of One University Circle. A 24-story, nearly 300-unit high-rise next to a new 11-story apartment building is a lot of new inventory to add. I can see why First Interstate decided to rotate to another field. BTW, this site plan is pretty stunning.......
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    This is not permanent. I sent an Instagram message to the leasing agent from CBRE after he posted a video of the space. He said he just thought it was a creative way to get eyes on the space and hopefully attract a good permanent tenant. So there we have it!
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    I am ok with this^ Although the Hot Dog Inn is a staple that will be missed, architecturally, it was basically a shanty building. We are adding density, and quite frankly, an improvement architecturally, I think it's a win.
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    UC3 is the Circle Square project's former name (UC3=University Circle City Center). Some of the project's properties are still named with UC3...ie: UC3 Stokes Land LLC, UC3 Main Block LLC, etc. BTW, sudden surprises like a newly announced 24-story tower are more like a Christmas morning to me than actually seeing the thing slowly getting built.
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    We don't know the exact cost yet, so don't get too hung up on the $$$ figure. The actual quote said over 300M.
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    Folks (especially for those of you who are newer to the forum), speculative retail discussion will get threads locked in a hot minute. The reason is we've had issues over the years with forumers who would routinely take construction threads way off topic with this - and then our volunteer staff has to take time out of their lives to clean up the threads and bring them back on topic. We have threads in other sections to discuss retail - the Projects and Construction threads are specifically to discuss the construction process/progress.
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    Overall it seems pretty reasonable, at least compared to what Brecksville gave up for just a fraction of the jobs.
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    Cleveland’s incentive package to Sherwin-Williams would commit millions to secure Fortune 500 company for generations https://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/2020/02/clevelands-incentive-package-to-sherwin-williams-would-commit-millions-to-secure-fortune-500-company-for-generations.html
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    Sounds like there's reason to celebrate as downtown Cleveland approaches oh-so-important 20K mark. 30K, here we come! https://www.freshwatercleveland.com/breaking-ground/DowntownGrowth021820.aspx?fbclid=IwAR0jkWtzeEYWDA8g9PX5LblrkV6He1VM1AR7scOt6_bmrq4w0YhgjI5O_gs
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    There you go....April groundbreaking.
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    They would want their legislation to have the latest possible date so that they don;t risk losing the incentive.
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    I don't know... I kind of like the contrast that building provides in that spot.
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    Great photo PaulinCleveland! Despite what had been projected to be a building that would fade into the city's grey or sunny skies, instead it has a definitive and dramatic impact on the city's skyline.
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    I love it, I've been in carpentry classes this week out in Richfield. Heading back north to Parma on 77, you get that view of downtown as soon as you get over the hill by Independence. But you've always been able to see the far eastern half of downtown way before the rest of downtown thanks to the angle of approach, and I actually mistook the Lumen for the Erie View plaza the other day. It has a very dramatic effect on the skyline, it's height and white lines help it stick out from a distance. My favorite part about it though, is that it elongates our skyline from the southern view. It reminds me of Philadelphia after they built the first Comcast Tower (although to a lesser extent) because it made Philadelphia's skyline look more imposing. That's what the Lumen does for ours, too.
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    Awesome density move for UC. Always thought our health districts deserved a larger residency base for short commutes to UH and CC.
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    "The on-site investment is anticipated to be over $300,000,000 and consist of a 1,000,000+ SF Class-A office facility"
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    I thought so too, but a source at Stark said they are actually at about 50 percent occupancy with Beacon. They just aren't listing all the available units on the website. They are a "victim" of the high expectations in downtown Cleveland, where we've come to expect buildings to lease out in a year or less. When the industry generally considers it a great success to lease out in a building in two years. Ironically, I heard that from another Stark rep at a real estate panel discussion last summer.
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    The $600 million in the articles a couple weeks ago was total investment for the Brecksville and downtown sites. I agree though the numbers still seem off. The cleveland.com article about the Brecksville incentives called it a $250 million project. Maybe that includes a bunch of infrastructure spending not needed downtown. Still $300 million for 1 million sqft of office space? Even the PNC tower in Pittsburgh built almost 10 years ago cost more and has less total square footage (800k)
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    The garage portion definitely doesn't look great. My hope is that in a few years, that won't matter much because it will be mostly covered up by future buildings that will (hopefully) go up on the surface lots at Broad/Grant, State/Grant, and Oak/6th. I love how the bold red siding is paired with the white balconies. Hopefully it will age well, but right now it definitely adds a bit of flair to a bland part of the downtown.
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    We're all excited for retaining SW. Is it me, or does the number for the HQ cost, continue to shrink? I thought the original cost for the combination (R&D and HQ) was $1B, then the last number was $600M for HQ, now we're at $300M.
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    That building is apparently named The Pierce. It's pre-leasing now.
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    Another good aerial from columbusdronie on Instagram:
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    Only Steven Litt thought that.
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    Developer picked for Downtown Linden housing project Current area: "The local nonprofit developer Homeport was selected to lead the development of 100 senior apartments and commercial space, and 11 single-family homes that would anchor a new Downtown Linden at Cleveland and Myrtle avenues." https://www.dispatch.com/business/20200219/developer-picked-for-downtown-linden-housing-project
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    ^^From what I've been hearing there are several potential mainly residential projects that MAY REDEVELOP several of the existing parking lots in the Warehouse District. BUT no signed contracts yet. Hopefully over the next five years some of them will be built and help satisfy the increasing demand for housing, retail, and office space too.
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    I love the way the new apartment tower will use decorative panels to cover the parking garage element of the building. I'm in Tampa right now for a work trip and there are so many open, un-covered parking garages in the downtown area, it's painful.
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    I never realized how intricate this building is. The different levels of windows/increasing detail as it flows upward. What a cool building and great restoration job.
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    Cleveland.com had reported the Lumen as a $135 million dollar project (just as another frame of reference.)
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    “More importantly, the company said it was committed to building a new headquarters on Public Square. That building is expected to be completed by 2025.“ Did I miss something? I thought the plan was for S-W to be in the new HQ before the end of 2023.
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    This makes so much more sense than Brecksville's offer. It doesn't seem like that big of a kick in the pants (especially with schools receiving their tax dollars), and just makes sense.
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    Great pic, @KJP. And what’s interesting is that it looks like they might have used the white terra-cotta to clad the atrium, matching the street facing facades. If so, that’s fantastic attention to detail on a feature that certainly could have been value engineered!
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    The photo speaks for itself and Litt has been proven wrong. While not historical, this building takes my breath away with such a strong Euclid presence.
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    Should do an air gondola that goes from lot 28 at the Banks (just south of music venue) to the new IRS development in Covington. That way you would have a unique attraction that also could serve a transportation function
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    I'm disappointed on the 180 feet height. That would put it 40 feet shorter than the Newport attraction. When they first pitched the permanent wheel project, the height was to be 200 feet, a far better number.
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    Latest round of state affordable tax credits! Proposed 52 unit affordable housing development at the intersection of E 105th and Churchill dubbed "Churchill Gateway" https://ohiohome.org/ppd/proposals/2020/UrbanOpportunity/ChurchillGateway.pdf
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