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    FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2019 Sherwin-Williams HQ competition heats up, delays announcement If you wanted a shiny new Sherwin-Williams (SHW) headquarters plus a research and development (HQ+R&D) facility in your Cleveland-area stocking by Christmas morning, you're probably going to be disappointed. But don't expect a lump of coal either. According to two high-level sources, the competition for SHW's HQ+R&D facility is back to a two-horse race, with Bedrock Cleveland making a strong push to take back the lead from the Jacobs/Weston lots west of Public Square in downtown Cleveland. More below: http://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2019/12/sherwin-williams-hq-competition-heats.html?m=0
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    It comes down to a single fact: the WSM is never the #1 priority of those who set the budgets and policy in City Hall. If you set up a non-profit and have dedicated staff for the market, their #1 job will be to make sure the market functions well, and they will be able to fundraise for it, and they will be able to make changes more easily. Unlike Cleveland City Council and the mayor's office, who have lots of other things to focus on, the board of directors for the WSM would be exclusively focused on the WSM.
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    With the announcement of that Rapid5 project to connect all Central Ohio waterways for long distance kayaking(that I posted in the Ohio navigable waterways thread), I remembered about the quarry metro park project and how pumped I am for it. I know those articles were posted here about it, but the video gets me really hyped for it:
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    Some Cleveland aspirational plans I’ve never seen before focusing on a once-planned, domed Indians stadium. These are from the book Gateway: Blueprint of the Future. This was published by Gateway Press in 1994.
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    I generally think that the "Reverse Great Migration" is far more media-hyped than what it is in reality. Data actually points to most AAs who leave Chicago just ending up in the greater metro, other parts of Illinois or other places in the Midwest rather than the South. And AAs don't appear to be moving to the South in any greater numbers than other demographics. To illustrate this, of the 42+ million AAs in the US last year, a little over 5 million are estimated to have changed homes 2018-2019. 85% of all those moves were within the same state. 63% were within the same county. Less than 6% (or less than 300,000) of all AA moves were to a different region, and that includes all regions, not just Midwest to South, but also South to Midwest, South to Northeast, Northeast to South, Northeast to Midwest, Midwest to West and so on. Furthermore, the South actually sent the Midwest more people last year than the reverse- +264,000 vs -253,000. For AAs, specifically, the Midwest sent 80,000 to other regions, but only had a net loss of 35,000. About half that net loss (18,000) was to the South.
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    I mean, Easton decelopers have been making pitches about the future and convincing some interesting names to buy in and locate there. There must be some special things in the works. I can't imagine some of these places would buy in to just another outdoor midwest shopping mall. I know that Forty Deuce owner gave an interview where he had never even considered the midwest. Then, the Easton developers called him and pitched their plans and he said he was blown away and is now looking to buy a house in the area. Maybe it's nothing, but people seem excited to be a part of what's coming.
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    Rapid 5 Project Aims to Connect All Central Ohio Waterways A new large-scale project will be formally announced in 2020 with the goal of connecting all of Central Ohio’s major waterways and trails together into a cohesive system for residents and visitors. The “Rapid5” program is being spearheaded by local leadership at the Urban Land Institute of Columbus, MetroParks, MORPC, Franklin County and others. The five major waterway systems that would be interconnected include Big Walnut, Alum, Olentangy, Scioto and Big Darby. A comprehensive system could include navigable waterways for long distance kayaking and cross-city biking and running trails that touch most major parks throughout all of the municipalities of Franklin County. More here: https://www.columbusunderground.com/rapid-5-project-columbus-we1
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    I've wondered this about every big or 'hot' city. At what point are big cities going to be 80%+ rich white people? Some despise that there are people fighting gentrification, but that is the end result if we let the market decide. And despite what some may think, a less diverse population is an absolutely horrible thing for a city.
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    I have two framed (23”x19”) maps of the Columbus and Cincinnati maps/streetgrids that have been laser cut from architects board (I think that’s what it’s called). I had these custom made and they are in perfect condition, but I’m redoing my walls, so they have to go and I want someone at UO to have the chance to enjoy them. The other pic that says “Cleveland OH” is a framed print, also up for grabs. The Cleveland laser cut street grid is not for sale. I had these custom made and they were expensive, so I’m selling for $75 each including frame plus shipping (which I think would be around $50. I have to check). Please PM me with any questions.
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    The critical mass is a substantial number of premium seats at good yields to one particular destination. As ive written before, CLE has alot of Star loyalty. UA and LH codeshare. They are both Star. Four or Five times a week to FRA or MUC should be doable. But business must commit with revenue gurantees while route develops
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    My wife is from Buffalo. Every time I'm there it confuses the $hit out of me that the lake is to the east. It doesn't help that many of their "east-west" routes actually run north and south through the city. Chicago gives me similar fits, in reverse.
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    ^^^^^ I honestly did not know this was a thing! That was indeed awesome. But, I hadn't heard of the Rapid5 thing until I Googled it just now (if it's in another thread, I think I missed it). So...man....the video for THAT is what got me hyped. I'm so happy right now. It's the kind of dream-big projects I want Columbus to have more of. As emotional as I got with this, I couldn't imagine how I'd feel if a similar initiative happened involved mass transit, haha. I think I'd lose my mind! Here's the new Rapid5 video:
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    Be more accountable. Less See above. An independent non-profit is...well...independent of the city and not part of the bureaucracy, hence greater accountability and lower cost. So it appears.
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    I found that book at Half Priced Books in Mayfield Hts a few years ago for like $2.00. It had a lot of cool pics I had never seen before.
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    Woof, this thread went places. I'm just hear to say that I don't really like Easton but I hope they can do some things to make me like Easton.
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    I saw somewhere where the black population of Columbus and Franklin County is increasing at a good rate. Ok it was city data forums(I am not a member but check it out sometimes. https://www.city-data.com/forum/general-u-s/3092490-black-demographic-growth-city-2010s.html Since 2010 Columbus has gained more blacks than Cleveland has lost apparently. Of course that is city limits only apparently-not the best measure. Metro wise it looks like of the 75 largest metros regarding percentage of black population in 2017, Columbus cracked the top 25 and Cleveland is at number 18. https://www.statista.com/statistics/432650/us-metropolitan-areas-with-the-highest-percentage-of-black-population/
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    Found it. Just an amazing video if you're familiar with the area, its industries, and its history....
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    Well CVG still has a massive pilot base and Delta knows not to screw with the pilots. I am glad we haven't lost any additional service at CVG. If anything we have gained new service and larger AC. All while CVG continues to gain new service from other carriers. I feel for the UO members in CLE, such a big city and United cut service back so severely. Similar to how US destroyed Pittsburgh. Cincinnati escaped the ugly but it could always change.
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    A lot of things need to change at the Statehouse for the environmental benefits of EVs to be maximized here in Ohio.
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    E85's exhaust is not mostly water -- you're confusing that with hydrogen fuel. E85 may output slightly less carbon monoxide and cuts down on benzene emissions there is little difference in the exhaust output overall since cars use 30% more E85 than E0-E10. E85 must also be shipped only by semi trucks (or ideally train) since it cannot be moved through current pipelines due to water absorption. E85 does help with evaporative emissions since it is less toxic to breathe in a steady state.
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    Except maybe the part about being on the East Coast. I think we're North Coast, actually!
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    Now that's a really cool pic.
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    Sorry @CbusTransit Start of original conversation on the garage wrap from the renders:
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    Such a fascinating history to the block. It was a shame that The Stillman theatre was demolished for the Statler garage. And this is what was demolished for the Stillman Theatre.
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    United, at the time, was in cost cutting mode. Shrink your way to profitability. I beleive Smisek wanted Cleveland gone by any method possible. Once the hub was dismantled and whatever write-downs and accounting associated with that are completed, i dont know how easy it is to build that back-up. Certainly, the retention of a mothballed terminal building is a method to ensure no competition arrives in Cleveland in a substantial way.
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    Developer transforming former Troy bank into event venue Wade Westfall has been developing things in Troy for years. But his latest effort has a special taste of elegance. The Troy-based principal of Four Sons Development is putting $1.25 million into renovating the historic bank building at 8 S. Market St. near the square, converting a nearly century-old structure into the city’s newest event venue. But the work will do justice to the building, he says. To be called Lock Box 290, the venue is about three-fourths of the way complete, Westfall said. “It’s just breathtakingly beautiful,” Westfall said of the Art Deco building, whose 42-foot ceilings are adorned with hand-painted panels and grand arches. Two solid bronze chandeliers are being restored in the ceiling. “The potential is limitless on it.” More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2019/12/13/developer-transforming-former-troy-bank-into-event.html
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    FYI, in case you were wondering, source says that first apartments will be ready for move-in by Summer 2020.
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    They also said they want to literally build upon what is already there. The retail and garages were built to be able to be built on top of. Then they want to fill in any remaining surface lots. So the 20,000 units they said they want to be a part of Easton will come not only on currently vacant land, but also among Easton's already developed parts. I'm with cbussoccer. There was tons of discussion on this just a few months ago. Go reread the articles.
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    Cant recall if someone has already brought this up, so apologies if I’m rehashing anything. Just passed the Coliseum and it says sale pending.
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    Cool idea, but unfortunately no -- considering the city says it's in a hurry to get this done. BTW, be wary when the city says it's in a hurry to get things done. We end up with regretful urban planning outcomes when the city is in a hurry to get a project to completion -- Waterfront Line, Browns stadium on the lakefront, now this.
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    Bringing this conversation to where it belongs.... TL,DR: EV are WAY better for greenhouse gas emissions and pollution in total, even when the electricity is produced by fossil fuel and factoring in manufacturing and battery production. And this improvement will continue to grow as coal power plants are replaced by natural gas plants, and even more as renewables displace all fossil fuels. Linked articles below quotes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/energyinnovation/2018/03/14/charging-an-electric-vehicle-is-far-cleaner-than-driving-on-gasoline-everywhere-in-america/#6f784f9c71f8 https://www.ucsusa.org/resources/state-charge https://blogs.ei.columbia.edu/2018/04/23/will-electric-vehicles-take-world-just-green-really/
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    Cedar Point announces 150th anniversary details: Snake River Expedition, Celebrate 150 Spectacular, admission for life Susan Glaser - Dec. 12, 2019 "The ride will operate in the space formerly home to Paddlewheel Excursions, a park favorite removed in 2011. 'You can’t celebrate Cedar Point’s 150th without a new ride experience,' said General Manager Jason McClure. 'We wanted a ride that complemented our history and engaged the whole family.' Details of the new ride — including its name — were shared this morning, along with a list of 150th anniversary additions, via a live YouTube announcement from the historic rotunda of Cedar Point’s Hotel Breakers." https://www.cleveland.com/life-and-culture/g66l-2019/12/c1344187495187/cedar-point-announces-150th-anniversary-details-snake-river-expedition-celebrate-150-spectacular-admission-for-life.html
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    Ironically the insulation/cladding matches the 'face wall'
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    I wasn’t talking about the actual article. I did watch the interview. I thought it was nice that they pointed out that Cleveland is an underrated city and gets a bad rap for no reason. I’m not saying a whole article should have been written on it but I still think the few positive comments that were said warranted it being on this thread. Don’t think that was being needy but to each his own I guess.
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    I'm willing to place a bet on that and not change my answer: Google on the Riverfront in Tower City / CityBlock. Check back in a year (or however long this stays quiet) and see if I'm right... BTW, weren't there rumors about this at some point? Anyways, we should probably stay on topic here, maybe move this discussion to general thread...
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    I'm sorry but how exactly is Beachwood development considered urban?
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