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    With renewed hope for SWHQ downtown, I present my next Unofficial Google Sketchup Rendering: a showcase of the skyline-impacting potential of SWHQ along with all others in the mix. Rendering based off of the Amazon HQ renderings as seen in @KJP's most recent blog post: http://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2019/08/hq-r-search-shrounded-in-fog-of-sherwin.html I hope SW goes all-in on a supertall skyscraper. It could become the tallest in the city and potentially break 1000 ft, joining the group of 1000+ ft buildings outside NYC and Chicago. Based on the Amazon renderings, the second tower, we've assumed could function as R&D, looks to be in the 600 ft range, and I've depicted that below. My realistic guess is a final height in the more conservative 400-500 ft range, yet still standing its ground to add in some nice height to near-Public Square. If our skyline ends up looking like this in 6-7 years or so (maybe sooner), I'm going to be a very happy camper. Too bad all the Cleveland merchandise will have to be changed From the Southwest: From the Southeast: From the North: From above:
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    Some iPhone shots from last night.
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    Again, just another anecdote. My office used to be headquartered in Highland Heights, not far from Progressive. At the time, the furthest away we attracted talent from was Avon. We've since moved downtown, and approximately 50% of our office is now comprised of people who have moved from outside the region (Boston, SF, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, other cities in Ohio, etc., just to work at our firm—many of whom had never been to Cleveland before their interviews. While we are a small company and don’t have the brands or benefits associated with Progressive, AG, or Eaton, our move downtown was definitely the game changer that enabled acquisition of talent from outside the region. I wouldn’t be surprised if Eaton and co. can still acquire the talent they need—but I also wouldn’t be surprised if they’re not acquiring the “top talent” they’d otherwise be able to acquire with a downtown footprint.
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    Sorry, I don’t believe I understand the argument here, have I captured this right? Side 1: The lumen blocks the view of the Keith building from the south and it’s not as pretty as the Keith—therefore it shouldn’t block the Keith. Side 2: It’s an urban center—buildings block each other, that’s the nature of the beast. Side 1 follow-on: a classy building should be showcased, that’s why CSU’s lawns are okay. Side 2 follow-on: it’s an urban center—buildings block each other, that’s the nature of the beast (inferred argument: lawns are never acceptable downtown).
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    Those are outstanding graphics, @Geowizical. And there are "three or four" more potential high rises out there, stirring in the minds of developers in Cleveland and Chicago. The downtown Cleveland residential market is evolving and fairly quickly. BTW, that 3-4 more towers doesn't include the new Justice Center, which is still out there somewhere. But the county should have the resources to build it in a few years once the bonds for Gateway and the convention center mature. Ironically, I said in my blog that SHW HQ is a once-in-a-career whale for real estate developers. I completely forgot the new Justice Center which would be twice the size of a combined SHW HQ+R&D.
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    We’ve gotten way off topic here. I know there are aspects of this project people don’t like- and the fact that it’s half the height it was isn’t ideal. But the fact is this is plugging a huge hole, is adding retail, and adding some real nice density to an area otherwise void of life! I think overall it’s going to be a great project and if it truly starts within the next few weeks I for one will be really happy.
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    Preface—please PM me if you know how to quote something between threads, because I wanted to quote this but move to FEB thread. Now that that’s out of the way: In my personal, and possibly humble, opinion, the issue bigger than micro-apartments is lack of neighborhood character. I’d be happy to move into a small apartment if the community around me were desirable. I’d be happy to shell out more for a bigger place for the same reason. FEB is missing fundamental components needed for a happy community. It’s a bunch of bars and clubs with no neighborhood amenities. The office tower has an overpriced, limited-selection, always closed “grocery store.” The office tower also has an incredibly subpar—and almost always closed—coffee shop. If I’m moving somewhere, I’d want a coffee shop, a dessert place, a pharmacy, a bookstore, etc. The things that add variety and convenience to an otherwise mundane and hectic life. FEB has the same businesses in 30 different varieties (i.e., weekend watering holes), but nothing else. It’s just far enough away from CVS and Heinen’s—especially because of the psychological effect of the hill and WHD parking lots—that it feels like an island of futility. Increasing frequency of the waterfront line won’t help. For years, I traveled between my office in Terminal Tower, meetings at EY, and my apartment at Reserve Square. Grant you, I would walk from TT to EY most of the time since the waterfront didn’t line up with my meeting schedule, but even so, that walk isn’t bad. It’s more that the waterfront line doesn’t get you anywhere from FEB. Once you get to TT, you still have to walk to CVS or Heinen’s and then all the way back (with groceries). You could also take the trolley (which I often did), but even that doesn’t get you up/down the hill—and you’re stuck going around public square and around all of downtown, to get home. It often leaves walking as the most expeditious, albeit still inconvenient, option. If I have the option of settling in the Flats and adding the walks to my chaotic life—or saving some money to be at a less nice and shottily managed apartment (here’s to you, K&D) closer to the weekly needs rather than the weekend wants—I’ll take shitty K&D every time... (or follow my GF to Cleveland Heights against my will ).
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    Looks like about 10 more stories to go.
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    Taken tonight. I've never seen Terminal Tower lighting this dynamic before VID_20190802_213753.mp4
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    it'll be great for creating new patients for the clinic too.
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    There's a lot of legitimacy to it. Are AG and Eaton able to attract employees? Sure, but are they attracting the best local and national talent? Heck no. I know MANY people who would rather take less $ to work downtown over a suburban location if given the choice. Another Example: As for Millennia's other potential downtown projects, Sinito isn't dropping many hints. He said his business needs 30,000 square feet for its headquarters - up from the 21,000 square feet the companies occupy at Sinito's Thornburg Station development on Rockside Road. He wants to buy, not lease. And he's looking at buildings that could accommodate several uses, including more apartments. There is vacant land next to Thornburg Station, where Sinito originally planned to build a new headquarters complex as his company grew. But his plans, and the market, have changed. "When we think about recruiting and we think about really good employees, I think that there's a lot of excitement downtown," Sinito said. "People that are younger than me, they want to work down there." https://www.cleveland.com/business/2014/04/millennia_companies_to_buy_gar.html
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    Thanks for posting those, Geowizical! It's always great to have a visual that ties it all together. I do hope that if S-W does build a new tallest for Cleveland that they come up with something a little more interesting design-wise. Not that I wouldn't take what they've proposed!
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    I did see the free trolley down at the round about by Lindsey's Lakehouse. Don't know if that was a one off thing or part of the normal schedule.
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    Actually, there never was an Amazon model. These models were the SHW models that they were working on prior to the Valspar acquisition. These models never were announced as everything was put on hold once they acquired Valspar. City of Cleveland used theses drawings in their attempt to lure Amazon2.
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    I agree 100%. I think there is 0 chance they use the Amazon plans if someone else is developing new concepts. I'm just not talented enough to design such an interesting skyscraper, so I used the Amazon one as a placeholder instead. If they do decide to go supertall, there's going to be a lot of pressure to create something unique that also meshes nicely with the current heavy hitters of the skyline for sure. But here's an idea, maybe they make it look like one massive paintbrush handle sticking out of the ground
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    The new CSU building next to Trinity Cathedral is a good example of a setback that exposes the cathedral that was previously obscured.
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    Work looks to be going on with the dilapidated apartment building next to the DD site too. I've noticed some new windows installed in the west wall. It was in one of the news stories on DD that it was going to be fully rehabbed. That will be great - it is a gorgeous building.
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    If you follow: https://twitter.com/TowerLightsCLE?s=17 They give you insights on what the color will be and for what reason. Usually they light up for awareness, but during a color change or transition it goes through that same color palette. It's all part of the program they use to sync their lights together. This page also regularly post historic photos and things to do around Cleveland. Quite a useful page I'll say.
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    Having a thriving nightlife has an ROI attached to it as well, a strong ROI. Money is attached to that too. And the image of the city. No one wants to be somewhere that they think has nothing to do. And it also matters to retention. I don’t just work with celebrities outside of Cleveland. It’s hard to keep Clevelanders here when they feel like there’s nothing to do. I think it’s very “old Cleveland” to not recognize the importance of a good nightlife to a city that wants to be considered a big city
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    This decision will be made by the Board. There is no way that where the current CEO resides will have any impact on where the Board believes the next HQ site will be. They are likely considering Brecksville because they are making a strong offer - hopefully downtown Cleveland's is stronger.
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    THURSDAY, AUGUST 1, 2019 HQ, R&D search shrouded in a fog of Sherwin-Williams rumors If you try to go whaling in the ocean of rumors for Sherwin Williams' (SHW) headquarters and research/development facilities, bring two things with you: hip waders and a fog lamp. Unfortunately, at this early stage, neither of those are going to help you make much sense of so much conflicting, disorienting information in trying to catch The Whale, aka SHW's HQ and R&D facilities. Apart from Amazon's HQ2, which Cleveland didn't seem to have a strong chance at winning, it's been a long time since Cleveland real estate firms had a shot at The Big Get, or what's called in real estate circles "A Whale." MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2019/08/hq-r-search-shrounded-in-fog-of-sherwin.html
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    Dublin seems like the most realistic fit for Cleveland, without having to put together a big incentive package for a legacy carrier to test a route. Dublin would be a good mix of leisure and business travelers, especially with the city positioned to grab a lot of EU business from London post-Brexit. You can connect to basically anywhere in Europe through Dublin, and the flight is about as short as possible for trans-Atlantic.
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    ^ If you just read the 65 pages, shouldn't you already know the answer to your question?
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    Because the part of the Standard Building that was built was Phase 1. There was consideration in the 1920s of demolishing the Old Stone Church, which was only 70 years old at that time, and constructing the Phase 2 office building in its place. Any time you see a blank wall like that (Lebron mural wall at Landmark office tower, blank wall of The 9 facing Euclid Ave), it's an example of a construction phase that was never undertaken.
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    I very much regret to say this, but the CEO lives in Brecksville.
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