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    I'm totally okay with it. We've needed a bridge there for a while and I'm just happy it's FINALLY happening. We don't need to be spending extra money on an extravagant design for this sort of thing (imo).
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    Big news! Another $12.5 million! https://www.cleveland.com/news/2019/07/us-dot-awards-9-million-for-irishtown-bend-stabilization-noaca-commits-another-35-million.html
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    There's some new info on this thread on the BigSoccer website from someone who spoke with some members of the FO. I've pasted the specific comment below. Based on the comment, we should get some new renders in September. Went to the chalk talk and got to ask a couple of questions during the session and a couple to Bez after it was done. Phil from the Browns talked about the stadium and IBM IX. Stadium rendering at the end of September. Stadium experience suite in downtown at the end of September. It looks like a place where you can go, check out a virtual layout or a mock-up and probably start to think about your experience and where you'd like to get tickets. Their goal is to make it something that people will think about when asked about the best stadium in Ohio and in the USA. For example, now most people would say one of the most recognizable stadiums in Ohio is the Horseshoe. That's their goal. The stadium will incorporate unique things about Columbus (someone asked about arches). There will be pubs in the stadium grounds for those wanting to stick around after matches. There will be kids areas. Their goal is to address the needs of families, couples, young adults, etc. in their respective requirements. Pricing will be variable to make it more affordable (maybe per opponent, or student pricing?). Looking at concessions pricing like Seattle and Atlanta, or similar options, to make it more affordable for families to go to games. Looking at promotions. We talked Buck-a-brat and bobbleheads and all seem to be in the discussion. IBM IX will track and help the user from the moment they buy a ticket all the way to their trip home after the game. It will also measure the experience across all users so they can measure good versus bad. For example, now the game ends and traffic is a nightmare for many so the experience ends on a negative. They want the experience to be positive most of the time. What's traffic like on the way to the stadium? What are the parking options? Are spots available? Ordering food from your seat? Concession line length? They have weekly meetings with the IX team.
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    If you are honestly scared of walking around in Downtown Cincinnati, you are massively overreacting to a few unfortunate incidents. The average person knows that is close to a 0% chance of randomly being shot in Downtown Cincinnati while you're walking down the street, unless you are literally buying or selling drugs.
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    No offense Troeros but I think you worry way too much. This isn't anything new which has been going on for years. Very unfortunate, very very sad, no doubt about any of that. But, this isn't giong to turn people away from visiting and spending money in the city, maybe some people who hadn't been already but what is the city missing then?
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    http://rebusinessonline.com/woda-cooper-completes-conversion-of-historic-bank-building-into-mixed-income-housing-in-lima-ohio/ Woda Cooper completes conversion if historic bank building into mixed income housing in Lima
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    I was on the Towpath today around where they are constructing stage one along Harvard and Jennings. One of the Construction workers told me that asphalt trucks are scheduled to arrive next Wednesday to start the final paving!! Can't wait!!
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    There was just too much emphasis on Dublin-Worthington-Westerville by the Boomers.
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    Seriously?!? This crap is happening in plenty of the suburbs around town Florence https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/boone-county/florence/person-stabbed-to-death-in-sunday-morning-fight-in-ky West Chester https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/butler-county/west-chester/more-than-2-months-later-police-to-hold-news-conference-on-west-chester-quadruple-homicide Mason https://www.wcpo.com/news/crime/mason/police-mom-escaped-children-still-inside-standoff-with-suspect
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    A terrible tragedy, but this happened at 3am on a Sunday night/Monday morning... how many “suburban tourists from West Chester and mason” really had to “witness the terror and screams of horror from the violence”?
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    https://www.perrysburg.com/point-and-shoreland-journal-news/howard-marsh-park-recognized-national-conservation-award Howard Marsh Park recognized with national conservation award
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    It was a blast meeting all who showed yesterday. Thank you for the warm welcomes and, especially for the knowledge bombs dropped all along our tour. Hope to see y'all again soon! /dm
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    A post by @aderwent on the Harrison West thread had me thinking, how can we show people that we are going "high" in Columbus. Here is yet another paint creation from me. All the one's with green dots are in progress or approved, the reds are proposed including those for the Scioto Peninsula and the proposed tower finale to Jeffrey Park. Also Crew Stadium and it's "neighborhood."
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    As seen in Montréal, these are such an easy way to add vibrant seasonal retail to the waterfront. Very cool looking and no need for expensive infrastructure that takes years of planning and searching for funding.
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    This is ridiculous and screams completely as nothing more than a grab for money. The basis if that the city took away access to these parcels. Looking on Myplace, this group of parcels can be accessed as easily from Canal Rd as they could have been from Old Ontario. I'd like to see that fact brought up in court, but I'm sure there will be some sort of settlement beforehand, with the city likely buying the parcels for inflated prices.
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    Cavaliers unveil plans for 'first-of-its kind’ esports center in Cleveland’s Battery Park Updated Jul 18, 11:21 AM; Posted Jul 18, 11:00 AM By Joey Morona, cleveland.com CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Cavs Legion Gaming Club, the NBA 2K Leagueesports team owned and operated by the Cavaliers, unveiled plans Thursday for a state-of-the-art esports facility in Cleveland’s Battery Park neighborhood. The 2,700-sq. ft. space will open in the fall and serve as the practice facility for Cavs Legion GC during the season, which runs from April to July. During the rest of the year, the center will be used for organized gaming competitions, tournaments, watch parties, and events such as corporate outings, birthday parties and educational programs. The organization says the location, in the Battery Park Powerhouse on the opposite side of Terrestrial Brewing Company, was chosen because of its proximity to its headquarters at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, the player’s living quarters in the neighborhood and the recreational and entertainment opportunities at nearby Edgewater Beach. https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2019/07/cavaliers-unveil-plans-for-first-of-its-kind-esports-center-in-clevelands-battery-park.html
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    I don't know if this is the right thread for this (BM/BW or NEO skiing?), but the owner of Northeast Ohio's three ski resorts (Boston Mills, Brandywine & Alpine Valley) Peak Resorts, has been bought out by Vail Resorts. Vail Resorts is one of the largest operators/owners of ski resorts in the US, owning Vail, Breck, Stowe, Whistler and Park City among other well-known mountains. The conglomeration has acquired a few other eastern resorts within NEOs Alpine Valleys and BM/BW size range, but mostly focuses on larger resorts where they can undertake real estate developments (a major aspect of their business model). The whole ski industry has been heading towards consolidation, worrying many patrons of local mountains about the effects management from an outside entity. Numerous resorts have however received notable capital investments once under the management of these larger corporations, usually in the form of upgraded lifts and snow making capacity. They claim this will be to the tune of $15 million over the next two years at former Peak Resorts. My guess is that most of this will go towards the larger resorts in Peak’s portfolio further East, skipping their four new Ohio resorts. Peak Resorts has done aright job with BM/BW since they’ve been under their control for the past 15+ seasons, however many were upset with Purdue Pharma’s Sackler family (OxyContin patent holders) recently becoming majority owners. This acquisition will however be most beneficial to Northeast Ohio’s most avid skiers as it ropes them into their “Epic Pass” system. In its various forms it essentially serves as a season pass for all resorts under Vail ownership/management, meaning that an Epic pass you buy for Ohio of Pennsylvania skiing can get you into Whistler or Mount Snow. Vail Resorts now essentially funnels Northeast or Midwest skiers from local resorts to their larger mountains. If you ski locally, but also spend over 3 days a season on larger mountains further east or out west, this is great news. TL;DR – Larger ski resort conglomerate (Vail) acquires smaller ski resort conglomerate (Peak), owner of Boston Mills, Brandywine and Alpine Valley. Large local capital investments are unlikely. New passes available for regions skiers who vacation at larger mountains. http://news.vailresorts.com/corporate/peakresorts.htm
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    If you want to see fruitless discussion between the far ends of the political spectrum, head over to the Trump thread. You'll then appreciate this discussion more! Seriously, though, I think the viewpoints presented in the discussion (at least on this page) were fairly "moderate left" and "moderate right." But you're right, they probably don't belong in a transit thread.
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    I wholeheartedly disagree with this. As TBideon mentioned, this argument can be used to support any exploitative labor practice. We can argue what a fair minimum wage is, but your argument could be used to argue for no minimum wage, safety laws, child labor laws, etc. The key is that these laws need to be enacted at the federal level, so employers can't run to the next state to dodge them. (The same thing applies to employers running to foreign countries that may have more lax regulations that we don't agree with, but this is what we use things like tariffs to compensate for.)
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    Similar to the economic arguments against banning slavery, prohibiting child labor, and enacting minimum wage laws. Raising wages = economic catastrophe has always been a boogeyman argued within the conservative race-to-the-bottom mentality. It's so draining and wrong.
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    People around Chillicothe have already started drinking 50 West beers in support!
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    ^I believe the lease actually says if 50% of the other teams in the NFL get something, they are entitled to it. Not just any NFL team.
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    Stopped in Chillicothe on the way home from a weekend in Hocking Hills at Canal Street Smokehouse (so delicious! and one of the only place opened on a Sunday downtown). I saw that 50 West is opening up a Brewpub in downtown Chillicothe! Hopefully this is a really successful business for both downtown Chillicothe and 50 West. It would be so cool to find out in 50 West's whole idea is to locate a Brewpub every 100 miles or so along US 50. Who's next? Parkersburg, WV or Bedford, IN? I would definitely spend a couple months biking along Route 50 stopping at every 50 West from California to Maryland. https://www.chillicothegazette.com/story/news/2019/04/05/fifty-west-brewing-company-plans-downtown-expansion/3377713002/
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    Brio is closing because they are demolishing that building. They are going to create a new entrance to Newport on the Levee with a big traffic circle, and there will not be room for a building in the middle of the traffic circle like there is now with the Brio building. Barnes & Noble is closing because physical bookstores, in general, are not doing well anymore. There are only 3 other Barnes & Noble locations remaining in all of Greater Cincinnati, and 2 Joseph-Beth locations. Borders (which had several stores in Greater Cincinnati) went completely out of business several years ago.
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    Also, a Reddit rumor but Brio is also set to close. Newport on the Levee has officially collapsed.
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    Chaos at the Courthouse: Chaos erupts as former judge Tracie Hunter dragged off to serve 6-month sentence https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/crime/crime-and-courts/2019/07/18/judge-order-tracie-hunter-serve-6-month-jail-sentence/1716893001/ "This city is going to burn!" a supporter yelled at one point. Moments after Dinkelacker ordered Hunter to jail, a woman rushed along the courtroom wall, toward the table where Hunter sat. Two deputies restrained the woman and forced her to sit in a chair. As that was happening, Hunter stood and a female, African-American deputy approached Hunter. Hunter then allowed her body to go limp. The deputy, holding Hunter under her arms, then dragged Hunter – both feet dragging along the carpet – out of the courtroom.
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    Thanks for taking the time to read my rambling nonsense, haha. Very cool to hear your memories and if this proposed team goes with the Force name, I think that's the kind of nostalgia they're hoping to tap into.
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    It's the Cincinnati media that will air this story for many days to come attempting to portray the area as a hotbed for crime just because of this one isolated incident. Which many suburbanites will take to heart and buy into it completely.
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    The Upper Deck closes at 9pm on Sunday night. Yard House closes at 11. The Stretch closes at midnight. There are very, very few people left at the Banks bars at 2:30 am on a Sunday night. And despite this isolated incident, downtown Cincinnati and the Banks are overwhelmingly safe places to be. You can walk around downtown at night and be confident that you will not be a victim of a crime. This incident wasn't someone targeting strangers.
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    I am hoping for this, too. Something needs to be done to increase the visual appeal of the downtown buildings. Its shocking to me that so many are dark. Something as simple as LED lights outlining the shape would go a long way.
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    You don't have to like economic reality in order to acknowledge it and to try to find realistic solutions that make things better. If you try to force employers to pay more than employee's work is worth, TO THEM, you will chase away the vast majority of those who might otherwise employ lower-skilled workers.
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    So sad I missed this, as I was camping in Hocking Hills and couldn't change the date on that. Hope to meet you all in the future.
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    ^^^ Exactly, whenever I'm on woodward and driving out of downtown, I think that this is what Euclid Ave can become. Detroit had done a great job developing their main artery.
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    Just an FYI, Woodward from New Center to/through Downtown Detroit is far more active than Euclid from University Circle to Public Square. That is perhaps due to the empty zones between UC and Downtown Cleveland that need to be filled in, which it will in time. But for now, Woodward is a far more active street than Euclid is currently. And I work in both cities every-other weekly.
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    Most would draw the comparisons by Woodward and Euclid being main streets in their respective city. I lived in Detroit for several years and what I am most impressed with is that there is more retail (not just restaurants), the QLine, the apartments and most importantly pedestrian foot traffic. Detroit has H&M, Nike Store, Under Armour Store, John Varvato Store, Lululemon and Bonobos driving foot traffic (all downtown). Given all the apartments Cleveland has built along Euclid, I still don't see the foot traffic one would expect. Many have commented on dead space along the PNC building and Wyse Advertising that does not help. Also, with the exception of Giegers, where would you buy clothes on Euclid? That ridicilous equivalent to Mr. Alberts next to Giegers where one can buy a purple, pink or any other outlandish color suit? Heinen's is a major plus for Euclid Ave, but my point is Woodward seems more active. If you think midtown Cleveland is active, you must live in Pepper Pike. This is not a Detroit is better than Cleveland debate but an observation that I am impressed with the development along one of Detroit's s main streets downtown.
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    Long time lurker, first time poster! As someone who is about to move back to Cleveland from Austin, I can safely say that while the downtown rental market is “stabilizing” it is still blood sport. I lived in the Bridgeview in 2008 and paid 1,200 a month for a 2 bed 2 bath with views of the river, and now that amount of money will *maybe* get you a studio somewhere in the vicinity of the general downtown area. Finding apartments in Austin is MUCH easier (although the property values down here are much higher), and finding a place to rent in or around downtown was actually the most stressful part of our upcoming move. My wife was actually able to find a one-bedroom in the Terminal Tower in our price range, but we literally had no time to even go into further discussion about which unit to choose as while we were signing the lease 6 other apartments around us were rented out. Felt like we were back to hunting for apartments in NYC for a second. Obviously it is not all sunshine and rainbows, but compared to where it was a decade ago it is amazing to see the growth.
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    As more glass goes up, the reflection of the Keith building is really cool
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    ^Someone put a "thumbs down" to this? lol This is a fantastic use of the space and I like the educational component of it as well.
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    https://www.cleveland.com/news/2019/07/big-progress-announced-for-irishtown-bend-stabilization-and-future-park-with-skyline-views.html Irishtown Bend drawing lots of support and money. Demo of buildings likely to happen fall/early winter...
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    Made them stronger. May get bigger skyscraper now. Move Valspar employees to Cleveland and have Cleveland on the winning side of the deal for a change.
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    ^Thanks for this! Outstanding high-level view. I currently consider myself a passive fan. I haven’t been truly fanatical since I was a kid on travel teams, and Kai Haaskivi, Gino DiFlorio and the Force were running around the Coliseum in the old MISL. But I love the game, and am following this thread closely.
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    Tangentially related: https://theathletic.com/1083944/2019/07/18/sources-usl-may-drop-mls-owned-teams-from-second-tier-championship-to-third-tier-league-one-by-2021/ Looks like the USL Championship may be looking to force down the "II" teams by 2021. The USL has a long and winding history filled with ups and downs since the old USISL days. In my opinion, its "modern history" starts in 2014 when they first started moving toward ambitious stronger markets (Orlando joined in 2011, but things didn't start picking up until Sacramento in 2014, followed by Louisville in 2015, and Cincinnati in 2016 among others along the way). Since 2016, the league has actively worked to strengthen both itself and its franchises. Shaky, struggling clubs playing in high school football stadiums such as Wilmington, NC's Hammerheads left while larger ownership groups from bigger markets joined. Poaching teams from the death of NASL 2.0 also helped. One of the things that has helped stabilize USL, though, was the dissolution of the MLS Reserve League. Through an agreement, MLS placed its reserve teams into the USL (Orlando City B, New York Red Bulls II, Toronto FC II, etc.). This provided stable franchises and a steady rotation of opponents (although sometimes those matches sucked to watch i.e. 35,000 people at Nippert then you turn on the tv next week and FCC is playing in front of 20 people in suburban Orlando). The last few years, though, USL (which is now USL Championship) has had incredible growth with really strong franchises in larger market (they also started a division 3 league known as USL-1). It makes sense to start transitioning the reserve teams down to the third division league and allow the Championship to keep growing with independent, stronger teams that have followings and fans. It's very likely that the USL is about to lose St. Louis and Sacramento to MLS. Indy, Vegas, and Tampa could also jump to MLS at some point (and you could maybe make an argument for New Mexico and Louisville). Now is the perfect time for USL to snatch up key markets that don't have teams (at least at their level). Baltimore, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Jacksonville. If the reserve teams drop down and the USL-C is stocked with truly independent teams, it could be an awesome time for Cleveland to come in. Technically, the league is in the "2nd Division" of American soccer, but not at all like AAA baseball. I just love the idea of having two pro leagues in the pyramid finally stocked with independent clubs. USL is a great league already, but those changes could make it even stronger.
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    Haha I'm from Peebles and that is exactly how I explain where I'm from
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    Didn’t Ambler already lose that argument back in 1926? This land is part of the urban fabric base solely on its geographic positioning within the center of the City. It has the potential to not only be an urban neighborhood, but if done correctly, one that also unites downtown with Duck Island, Tremont, the Columbus peninsula, etc., in a cohesive and comprehensive walkable manner. Think OTR but with a R! If James Metzenbaum, William Howard Taft, and the City of Euclid have taught us anything, it’s that Cleveland not only has the authority, but also the civic duty, to ensure this land is developed in a manner consistent with the density and planning prowess expected of it as an urban area in the heart of our City.
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    Update from today, 26th floor of 1111 Superior.
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    I'm ready to speculate. It looks to me like this vague announcement by the governor means we're going to see a redesign of the NoCal and SoCal approaches. We'll see the 30~ mile Palmdale deviation removed and HSR south of Bakersfield made to parallel I-5 so as to avoid any major tunnels. The whole Palmdale plan was a setup for HSR to Las Vegas. So saving money on CAHSR simply passes the buck and perhaps permanently dooms HSR to Las Vegas. The situation in NoCal is much more interesting. I suspect that we're going to see a return to the Altamont Pass routing that was originally envisioned for CAHSR in the 2000s. The official decision to switch to the Pacheco Pass alignment was made around 2008. So we're likely going to see an abandonment of plans for the 13-mile tunnel between Gilroy and Medera. The gigantic high-speed wye will not be built either. Instead of joining Caltrains at Gilroy, HSR will enter the Bay Area via the Altamont Pass and join with an electrified Capitol Corridor somewhere in the east bay and then travel under the bay in a new 4-track Transbay Tube. Two tracks for BART and two for HSR/Capitol Corridor/Caltrains. We'll see Caltrains and the Capitol Corridor combined so that newly electrified trains can travel in a loop between SF, Oakland, and San Jose on both sides of the bay. We'll see new commuter trains from Stockton and Modesto travel at 125mph into Transbay. We'll also see much more capacity from the 6-track Transbay Salesforce Transit Center because it will become a thru station rather than a terminal station. HSR trains will be able to turn on proper tail tracks and/or the 4th & King space. The 15 minutes needed to turn (clean the trains and change crews) HSR in the terminal station configuration was what was limiting HSR's capacity. There is only space for two tail tracks on the east side of Transbay Terminal, and they have to curve to avoid traveling out under the Bay. So it was a less-than-ideal situation, to say the least.
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