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    Beacon from the top of the ASG zipline last night. Skyline looking very sharp!
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    Took a walk last night and got some progress pictures of construction sites. Church and State (sorry about the dumpsters in the first pic, I just thought the ramp was neat) Dexter Apartments Old County Archives Building (I can't remember the name of the new development)
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    Construction update: Appears 3 of the 4 cores have reached full height. Seems like this project will have a much larger impression on the surrounding area than I had originally thought. Here is a view from North Market parking lot this afternoon (which we can only hope won't be a parking lot much longer).
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    So I was just reading through this CU article about Hilton 2.0 again and I noticed in the comments section that a user by the name of 'michaelfromcolumbus' was claiming to have a bit of info about North Market Tower. He says the tower went through a complete design overhaul but is definitely still moving moving forward and should be presented to the commission by the end of the year. He says it will definitely still be 30+ stories tall but they have been tweaking some things to make the numbers work best. Finally, he says they plan to break ground during the first half of 2020. Hopefully we get some real news soon, but that's the latest random internet rumor on this project.
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    It definitely will. At least until Hilton 2.0 and North Market Tower are built. Being next to two 30-story towers will probably diminish its impression just a bit lol. All of these 6-12 story buildings have recently been built or are in the process of being built are really doing wonders for our city. The tall towers are fun but these types of infill are just as important.
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    Construction update: Looks like the sidewalk is open, signage is up on the ground and side of the building (weird placement if you ask me), and the 'canopy' is getting little a green roof. Below is the view from the Convention Center
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    The lit Windows adds to the random color pattern of the panels in intriguing ways that will change with each passing evening never being the same which explains the shifting pattern of the design. Very cool building!
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    The Killers concert was simply amazing. They've been consistently amazing since I went one of their concerts for the first time in high school. It is really nice to see Cleveland hosting such large events as the MLB All Star Games, and I hope that they continue to do so. The Public Mall space is perfect for these types of events.
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    I WISH Columbus had (more) "booster bros." Then this forum would get Cleveland-level post frequencies!
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    The Beacon, taken from alley behind East 6th, Saturday, July 6, 2019
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    Here's a photo of the tallest known tree in Cuyahoga County that resides somewhere within the Cleveland Metroparks in a secret location for its own protection. I didn't discover this tuliptree but I measured it last year to a height of 162' . Its one of only thirteen known 160' plus trees in the entire state. Six are in Summit County Metroparks , one is in Mohican State Park, and the other five are in the Hocking Hill / Zaleski region where the tallest tops out at just over 170". Its the only "niche" of inside information I have to offer in this forum.
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    Wow, great photo- how about that nice CLEAN library! I wish Beacon was a little taller but it fills a nice gap and looks cool from this perspective.
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    yes we are getting very optimistic! we know you can do it stark-san!
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    Security at R&D sites for food makers and other private industry like SHW is as tight as government bldg. security. Those won’t ever come down as long as they’re being used for the current purpose.
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    ^You're forgetting the Applied Industrial Technologies HQ across from Cleveland Masonic! That one needs to go as well.
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    Love hemlocks. Reminds me of the Candian Bush.
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    Just camped in Mohican over the Fourth. It was extremely wet but a total blast. Can't stress enough how important a tent with a bathtub bottom is. A rain tarp below helps as well.
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    So Aaron Renn hates me. I've been critical of him at times because he loves to use IRS data to say Columbus only attracts from Ohio and nowhere else, which isn't supported by other data sets, including the Census. He wrote another article mentioning this not too long ago, and I had a lovely exchange: My post: Any reason why you continue to use IRS data, which has some large inherent flaws, such as its inability to accurately capture student populations? Census data doesn’t match these numbers at all. From their data, a city like Columbus is gaining net migration from 28 states and DC and has net overall population gain outside of Ohio, yet the IRS data shows the opposite. The fact of the matter is that cities can’t reach double-digit growth rates per decade only pulling from their own states, especially when the losses in other areas of the state, such as in Ohio, don’t really match up to the growth in other places like Columbus, Cincinnati and the counties that are also seeing growth from the losses of urban Cleveland or Toledo. The math just doesn’t work out without out-of-state migration. You also don’t bother talking about international migration, as if that somehow doesn’t matter to overall growth, when of course it does. Why is domestic migration seen as better than international, anyway? His reponse: You seem to be a perfect example of what I’ve labelled the “Columbus booster bro.” Unsatisfied for others merely to recognize that Columbus is performing well but has some weak points in the same way every other city has weak points, you have to insist on a much rosier picture than actually exists. As it happens, I have a few years worth of ACS data in my system. The surveys I have (up through the 2007-2011 ACS) show the same pattern as the IRS data. Columbus is gaining people from Ohio but on net losing it to the rest of the country. When you say Columbus I assume you mean the Columbus MSA. Even if it is drawing from 28 states that says nothing about the totals. Columbus gained a net of 4 people from Rhode Island in the 2005-2009 ACS survey, but that’s meaningless. Also, the ACS has its own weaknesses. The migration data has a significant margin of error and you are not supposed to do time series analysis with overlapping surveys, which limits the amount of trend analysis you can do. Even if Columbus has turned positive from the rest of the country in recent years, it’s likely extremely marginal since migration patters are very stable. But go ahead. Cheerlead about your city to the 10 people outside of Ohio who are listening using the same ineffective sales pitch that you’ve been using for the last decade. I guess I struck a nerve. He kind of illuminates the problem I have with him, beyond being unable to have people question him, and that's that he hasn't even bothered to look at anything else or he would know that the Census data goes to 2016. Both sources have their flaws, but he's unwilling to step outside of the narrative he has set up. It's unfortunate, as a lot of people read his columns.
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    SkyStar is not just staying at the Banks, it's getting bigger One of the most colorful attractions on Cincinnati's side of the banks of the Ohio River is not only becoming a permanent fixture of the city's skyline, it's going to get bigger. The SkyStar observation wheel at the Banks, a 150-foot-tall mobile observation wheel, was originally scheduled to be in place from September through Dec. 2, 2018. It's not just extending its stay, it's being replaced by a permanent wheel that's 50 feet taller. The plan is to begin swapping out the existing wheel for the permanent one in the down months of winter. It will take nine months to assemble the new wheel. "We designed SkyStar to be moveable – we prove out a market, get engaged and hope to open up permanently," Todd Schneider, managing partner of St. Louis-based SkyStar Wheel LLC, told me. "Cincinnati has proven to be a market where the wheel has been so well received and attendance is strong. Knowing what we can do with a permanent project, we're excited." More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/07/09/skystar-is-not-just-staying-at-the-banks-its.html
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    Yes they have there’s a row of 6 or so that are all framed out and some more along Madison that are starting.
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    Don't tell Johnny Law but we'll be setting up the hammock overnight near Twin Sister Falls in cvnp.
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    I was out walking today, looks like they got some infrastructure work started!
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    Application was filed today for the foundation. Can't wait to see this project get started. https://portal.columbus.gov/Permits/Cap/CapDetail.aspx?Module=Building&TabName=Building&capID1=19CAP&capID2=00000&capID3=00ONL&agencyCode=COLUMBUS&IsToShowInspection=
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    That corner definitely needs some help. I am down with this. Also, The Awning Company building at 2067 W41st changed hands. Allegedly townhomes to be built on the site.
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    I know this is a Beacon thread - and, yes, it looks great helping fill in a former big gap in the skyline - but, I just gotta say that last shot by W153 really shows off the nearly 700 foot 200 Public Square from its most elegant Perspective. You’re looking good on national TV this week, Cleveland!
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    I just happened to be at the junction of Euclid and 9th. Stood for about 5mins and saw two players go by. Then got bored and left! I love baseball, but not that much that I want to stand there for 2 hours to see a slow trickle of players with their trophy wives drive by.
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    Architect plans $4M restoration of Middletown's Carnegie library A Cincinnati architect plans to restore and revitalize Middletown's historic Carnegie Library. Dan Mayzum, whose company Architecture Renewal specializes in historic preservation work, hopes to transform the former Carnegie Library at 1320 First Ave., which dates back to 1913, into a mixed-use facility that would potentially house a brewery, restaurant, coworking space, and event venue. Mayzum said construction began on the 16,500-square-foot building in 1911 after the city received a $25,000 grant from Andrew Carnegie. The library underwent an expansion in 1938 that added a second floor, and underwent a second addition in 1959 which brought the facility to its current size. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2019/07/09/architect-plans-4m-restoration-of-middletowns.html
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    People who get all gooey about Indianapolis sometimes don't realize that's it's the cultural center of the entire state instead of having to share it with other close-by towns like most other mid-size cities do.
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    The Skystar operator stated today to the enquirer that that a new Skystar will be built which will be 50 feet taller, and will take 1 year to construct, there will also be new landscaping and a new permenant concession stand designed for the new Skystar to better reflect a permenant location instead of the current temporary setting. The article mentions that artworks will create a new interactive art sculpture next to the ferris wheel and that the, "Sing the Queen City" installation will be moved as well (not sure where).
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    One thing I don't like are the security fences build around certain companies like Pierre's Ice Cream (and Sherwin Williams research facility along the river). I understand the need for it but it makes for a very uninviting place for any pedestrian who happens to walk by.
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    This website started off as Geocities, FYI (under a different name, of course).
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    The crowds walking around downtown Saturday was awesome. There were so many people around Public Square hanging out by the fountains and taking photos of this very shot. This was around 11:00 PM
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    Another shot from The Killers show.
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    A few night shots from yesterday! Gotta love some amazing post-Killers fireworks to light it up, and it really towers over East 4th Street, especially when seen from the Greenhouse Tavern’s rooftop.
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    Walked down to the Play Ball Park at lunch (around 12:30 for crowd context), gave me butterflies to see the greenspace so well utilized- kids throwing baseballs, batting practice, band stand, all that jazz. I also wandered around Tower City/The Avenue, that area cant be converted fast enough...kind of felt embarrassed for how barren it is and how that must come off for a first impression. Lastly, there's volunteers everywhere (not just down by the Convention Center - E 4th., Public Square, E. 9th, etc.) answering questions and providing wayfinding. Absolutely awesome call on whoever set that up!! The players posters (straight ahead) have speakers on the sides, and a DJ set up at the white tent in the middle Batting Practice Zipline from Mall to Mall! The entrance to PBP, also this area is where all the sponsors are set up (Coke, Utz Chips, Kingsford Charcoal, all that jazz) Panoramic Shot Looking towards the concert stage (there's a mini field setup straight ahead orange bounded area)
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    Voinovich Park and/or The Mall (although treeless) would be great spots for a playground. https://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/2019/07/clevelands-downtown-residents-organize-push-to-get-a-playground-for-kids-like-other-neighborhoods-have.html How about something beautiful and sculptural like Noguchi’s playground in Atlanta: https://www.hermanmiller.com/stories/why-magazine/the-story-behind-isamu-noguchis-playscapes-in-atlanta/
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    Pool and staircase to the office level in the Athlon.
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    I’m pretty sure @Terdolph was joking since we’ve given him such a hard time about the “covering the BP Building comment” over on the NuCLEus thread. Especially since he has said that the Keith building is one of his favorites. And doesn’t the view in that picture have the Lumen blocking what would have previously been a (not particularly impressive) view of the Bulkley Building?
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    Had each incident been ticketed @$250 (what the fine should be) and the tickets paid, the city would have collected $502,000.
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    ... the new jail going up has more curb appeal than this thing. I'm done with Clintonville, place is a disaster.
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    /me *pats himself on the back* Yep. I guess my fifteen months was too generous..... didn't even make it a year. Not surprised at all. Battery Park Pub now under new ownership. ... new menu and a remodel underway.
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    I've posted this thought in other threads before, but the problem with Oakley Station and Liberty Center is that they were built in the wrong locations. If they changed places, both would be doing well right now.
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    Knez's Jekyll and Hyde continues. These are reasonably attractive and more substantial from the street, compared to phase 1 going up next door. http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/designreview/drcagenda/2019/06212019/DF-DRAC-agenda-6-20-19.pdf
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