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    This construction project is really coming along. Very excited about all the development happening in this area. #THISISCLE
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    And the irony of the Jackson administration claim that they are for "anti-terrorism".....every day on Public Square in Cleveland--jersey barriers. Huge event where tens of thousands will all be in the same place in Public Square: "Take em out!"
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    Midges? I haven't seen them this year yet. If so, residence is futile! Handheld vacuum if/when they get inside.
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    I agree. But he always needs to prove to everyone that he’s some sort of unique rebel, and it comes off whiny
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    Over Christmas and New Years 2018-19 I traveled to Europe with a couple of friends. I will link to the other topics once I create them. Munich, Germany: December 21-24 Vienna, Austria: December 24-27 Prague, Czechia: December 27-29 Berlin, Germany: December 29-January 3 Zermatt, Switzerland: January 3-5 Thun, Switzerland: January 5 Bern, Switzerland: January 5 Zurich, Switzerland: January 5-7 We took the German rail service Deutsche Bahn from Munich to Vienna on Christmas Eve. We arrived at night, got some sushi, and then went to Midnight Mass at Domkirche St. Stephan (St. Stephens Church) downtown. The biggest thing we learned about Vienna is that every single person seems to smoke. Every bar allows smoking. And everyone in every bar smokes. Aside from that, Vienna was gorgeous. Most people celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, so we planned our trip to travel between cities on Christmas Eve. There were still plenty of places closed on Christmas Day, but it wasn't too bad. Most of the cultural institutions were open as normal. Photos from the train station to the church. DSC_1060 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1063 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr Frohe Weihnachten Taking the streetcar close to downtown DSC_1071 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1073 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1082 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1085 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr It was really lively downtown for 11pm on Christmas Eve. DSC_1087 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr St. Stephen's Church DSC_1095 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1103 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1113 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1119 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1132 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1143 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1147 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1153 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1168 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr Christmas Day DSC_1171 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1172 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1175 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr Another Christmas Market. This is in the Museum Quarter, Maria-Theresien Platz, to be specific. DSC_1179 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1180 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1182 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1183 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1184 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr We went into the Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History Museum) where we saw an exhibit on forged documents and an exhibit curated by Wes Anderson. There was a Bruegel exhibit (famous Dutch painter from the 16th Century), but all times were sold out for that when we arrived. DSC_1192 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1194 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1202 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1203 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1205 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1217 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1223 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr We got tickets to a concert in the Hofburg, the Habsburg Imperial Palace. A classical concert featuring a variety of artists with a focus on Mozart. I didn't take many photos (it was pretty cold and I didn't bring my tripod this day, so night photos didn't come out great). DSC_1225 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1228 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1229 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr Another miniature Christmas Market DSC_1232 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1235 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1245 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1251 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr We tried to go into this bar on Christmas Eve, but ended up going on Christmas Day. It's called Loo's American Bar. We weren't expecting much, but were caught off guard by the signage and name. We walked in, and it was a really intimate space. Seating for maybe 20 people maximum, and that's sitting really close to your neighbors. The bar is modeled after early American bars in New York City from the 1890's and 1900's. The bar opened in 1908. The interior is a beautiful copper/brown/marble and it's an incredibly inviting space. The upper half of the walls use mirrors to make the space look much larger. They make really good coffee and mixed drinks. We were talking to a local who said the bar was removed at some point and a museum took the interior pieces to preserve. In the 1980s the bar was brought back with all of the original interiors reinstalled. DSC_1253 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr You can see interior photos of the space on their website here: https://www.loosbar.at/gallery Now we're back at the Hofburg for the concert DSC_1259 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1256 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr Walking around again DSC_1268 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr These little stands had some amazing hot dogs that were stuffed into baguettes and stuffed with cheese. Perfect drunk food. DSC_1270 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr A blurry photo of friends enjoying the hot dogs. I don't remember the name for them. DSC_1166 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr The next day we went to Schloß Schönbrunn (Schönbrunn Palace). This was the royal palace in Vienna and was used as a summer home for Franz Joseph until his death in 1916. You were not permitted to take photos inside, and I largely obeyed that request. DSC_1276 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr And of course they have a Christmas Market set up DSC_1287 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1291 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1302 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr The Great Hall inside the palace DSC_1303 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1305 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1318 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1321 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr We headed back into the city to go to a Christmas Market in front of city hall. DSC_1362 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr The Rathaus (City Hall) was unbelievable. And of course, they had a Christmas Market out front. DSC_1347 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1376 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr There was a carousel outside of city hall as well. It was tough to get a good photo from a miniature tripod with so many people walking by. DSC_1397 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr DSC_1398 by Ryan Lammi, on Flickr The next stop is Prague, Czechia!
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    KJP: What's going on? This is not April 1. You are not allowed to tease today.
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    Wow, just wow. SHW's board is going to have a monumental decision to make.
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    As long as Spurs finish the job and ensure Liverpool get nothing from this season I’m ok with that!
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    ^ thank you for that infuriating bit of information. This is criminal stupidity.
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    It costs $9800 every time the jersey barriers are removed. That happened nine times in 2017, costing the city a total of $88,794. Adding 2018 and 2019 ,with the same average, we are nearing almost $270,000. The $400,000 City Council gave for maintenance to Public Square isn't going to go very far.
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    This project keeps getting better and better, I can't wait for it to break ground, but before approval someone better notice the balconies on the townhomes expose the wood to pedestrians below and should not be left unfinished. Seems like a minor detail but it detracts from the overall sleekness of the project.
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    Sam Allard is a product of his upbringing. I went to school with his brother and have met him before. He grew up in Cleveland in Ohio City before it was cool. His opinions reflect that reality. His issue is he makes everything personal, whether he's right or not. Frankly, it makes him a bad writer in some regards. He tries too hard to make points that aren't there for the sake of furthering his opinion on how his neighborhood and city have changed and how he doesn't like it.
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    The Hamilton County Commissioners put a 1/2 cent sales tax into effect in early 1996. Per state law, citizens had 30 days to get a huge number of signatures in order to put the matter on the ballot (upwards of 100,000 signatures). They succeeded and it was put on the May 1996 ballot. Then, despite that effort to halt the stadiums, the tax was approved. So the whole effort led by Tim Mara and Tom Luken to put the matter on the May 1996 ballot cost the project about six months. Ultimately the county ended up spending much more on the land because of limited negotiating time and much more on the stadium for all of the overtime.
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    Why? Restaurants close all the time......and that place tried way too hard to be something it wasn't. That space will fill up in no time. Theres only 500 more apartments going up right across the street
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    Glendale and Wyoming are the closest to Chicago-type railroad suburbs, but their little business districts can't compare to those of Winnetka, Glencoe, Highland Park, or Lake Forest. They all had a burst of development in the 1920s at the height of Tudor revival and city beautiful design, so there's some very picturesque and also relatively dense 2-3 story mixed use development. They're very much like Mariemont in that respect, but Mariemont came much later and was obviously planned in a much different way. https://goo.gl/maps/g8mjnzwN5t2BkrAM9 https://goo.gl/maps/G4zkjy6g2NZokAKC6 https://goo.gl/maps/tfCPRaVnUqoyfNad6 https://goo.gl/maps/adp6EFCKJsWXuCYr9 https://goo.gl/maps/zdDKYojeizpWkHkP8 https://goo.gl/maps/79npiVHemS6FdGV78
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    I really love Glendale. Went to elementary school there and fondly remember walking to 'the square' to get candy and ice cream at the locally owned pharmacy and a little deli called Toad's. Both of which are unfortunately long gone, but the Blue Bird Bakery is still there, and still makes the best scones I've had anywhere haha. The cream cheese scone is particularly crave worthy. They used to have a nice coffee shop there called Kangaroo Coffee, but they closed many years ago, too. I think it's now a hair salon. Glendale and Wyoming are two wonderful communities that fly under the radar for most Cincinnatians.
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    I really like the chandelier, its really cool at night and think its a nice addition to the area
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    Hopefully they will one day they will remove that tacky over-sized chandelier in the middle of the street and just keep the arches.
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    Gravity II Update - The May Franklinton Commission packet has some of the newest Gravity II updates and details. - Looks like we're getting a slightly altered site plan - The office building has been expanded and is now 6 floors (up from 5?) - Main tower is now 11 floors of residential with 258 units and 1 floor of retail/office - New designs for all of the structures New site plan New tower design - 258 Units New Office Building design - 200,000 SF New Co-Living Building Design - 94 Units New design for townhomes flanking garage - 18 Units
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    It has to be a city/county merger or bust. Then this wouldn't be the narrative anymore... https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/realestate/worst-cities-to-live-in-every-state/ss-AAApyNv?ocid=spartanntp#image=36
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    Maybe they're really just both built by Ryan Homes.
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    I thought the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway was iced-shut? Port of Cleveland ‏@portofcleveland 14m14 minutes ago Shipped by @ROKAutomation, this rotary kiln arrived in Cleveland from Germany & was loaded to Canton on Saturday
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    Roldo is going to love me. To better compete at a regional level I would propose that the port is allowed to take over Cleveland airport system, intercity passenger rail development, passenger and provide a regional blueprint for Freight rail. By doing so It can Develop comprehensive inter regional master plan for the county something that the maze of different entities that currently manage or don't mange can not do. The goal would be to best leverage our transportation Assets Air, rail, and Water to the best advantage of our county. generally speaking each sector in transportation operate in silos and in competition with each other, by merging these sectors at the county or regional level, you can gain efficiencies that you cannot get within the current system. I will expand on my thoughts later. got to run.
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