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    call it The Columbus since The Newport is in Columbus and owned by the same people
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    In a surprising/unexpected twist, Long Street now has dueling tower cranes!
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    That could be a great thing if the city embraces it. It would be great if Cincinnati had a neighborhood like East Price Hill, that could become like Pilsen in Chicago. Currently there are pockets in Florence, Fairfeild etc. all around the city, but having a neighborhood that really embraces its hispanic culture would be great.
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    I'm wary of people fighting against new development when they own rental property in the neighborhood.
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    Wow, this is huge and unexpected news. PromoWest is building an indoor/outdoor venue at Ovation. You know... the venue PromoWest wanted to build at The Banks before the Cincy Blue Bloods got involved, stole that project, and handed it to MEMI instead...
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    I'm all for any immigrants coming to our city. Increase the population and increase the diversity. There are a lot of jobs like construction that these people would probably love to have.
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    Yes it does. I did some research and the architect of this project is actually from Denver which might explain the overall look of the project. I took some more photos of the project today. I'd argue it looks the best from this angle. The visible parking deck and dead wall against the sidewalk with the ventilation isn't the type of pedestrian experience a 2019 building should be providing. This should have also had an active frontage like on High, especially because as you'll see in the next picture, it would have been continuing the active frontages that are already there. The laundry vents sticking through the cornice... Very curious to see if that metal strip running down the building will be covered or painted to match. The materials don't look good now I don't want to think about how they're going to age. From the Downtown District Guidelines: MATERIALS Building materials used in the Downtown should be of high quality and durability. Traditional masonry materials are appropriate as they have proven durability and structural integrity. Front facing facades and facades facing public streets, parks and other civic spaces should demonstrate a higher level of design. Stucco and stucco-like products, synthetic stucco, vinyl, wood, and concrete block are generally not appropriate finish materials in the Downtown and should be avoided. So much for having guidelines.
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    See, you can have fun with it. I always liked this place's food when I lived in WV:
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    This is a nonsensical statement. Cleveland is hopping. There is construction everywhere. Ohio City, Tremont, Downtown, University Circle--all of these places have significant structures rising and lots of investment. There is a great energy in the city. You seriously need to get out more.
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    Another private project. Commuter rail in the northeast. Boston Surface Railroad has a transport solution for the Northeast’s underserved metropolitan regions The railroad hopes to begin initial runs between Woonsocket, R.I., and Worcester, Mass., in late 2020. MISCHA WANEK-LIBMAN APRIL 25, 2019 https://www.masstransitmag.com/rail/article/21077811/boston-surface-railroad-has-a-transport-solution-for-the-northeasts-underserved-metropolitan-regions?fbclid=IwAR3SrWWoziuGZJ98Dm5xpWbMkbzOV3lfrZ82rBGGkJxLU3WYCMi3mmrikCk
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    Old rappers don't draw anyone? Yea, that's not even remotely true. Snoop, Ice Cube, Nas, Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Eminem, Wu-Tang, DMX, etc. all out here still selling out arenas.
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    Which will take years and millions upon millions upon millions of dollars
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    Don't forget issuing bonds to fill potholes.
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    Yeah, I totally agree. Just sayin'. The "rainy day fund" would have been a good source for money to fix the Columbia Pkwy. landslide, though.
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    It all goes back to Cranley buying his reelection with reckless raises to police & fire. That was one of the central points of contention between he and Harry Black.
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    I don't know how Geis gets LaCollina through Landmarks and this does not even come close. The only real difference is that La Collina is on a more commercial street. You could argue that this is an even a more beneficial project than LaCollina. It includes the total renovation of two buildings on Murrary Hill (both of which really need it) and the tear down of two nondescript houses on Cornell which have been bastardized over the years and includes hidden away parking for residents so it should not contribute to parking problems. I am really not a conspiracy type but could it be the owners of the LaCollina land were more connected and could more easily throw their weight around? I feel sorry for the guy who wanted to sell his house for the project. He was probably going to get a sweet heart deal from the developers.
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    I will never understand the anti-development sentiment in a declining region. It is self defeating.
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    Foosball table. Jeff Berding has made an ultimatum that the Kenton County Library System must agree to build the infrastructure for it by 4pm today.
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    I feel a Cincinnati Ideas post coming on.
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    I actually think this project is slated for 8 stories. Well it was originally, has it changed? Found it, it's supposed to top out at 7.
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    Hey guys I got a great idea for this site. How about a music venue?
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    Although it seems now there has been a bit of a reverse migration from Springdale and Fairfield to East Price Hill. I have some friends who work to help immigrants in the area who have confirmed this. A lot of them feel safer in the City of Cincinnati than in the suburban communities so they're going to East Price Hill.
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    I've seen all of this activity at the banks on weekdays before. Again, not sure what your talking about...it's almost as if your saying the banks is a total ghost town on weekdays with not a soul in sight. That's absolutely not true. I see kids, I see families at smale, I see people walking their dogs, I see people on red bikes and lime scotters, I see people eating at taste of beglium, etc...Your making the banks sound way worse off than reality.
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    Disagree. Ziegler Park, Washington Park, Vine Street, Main Street ... all filled with activity on weeknights (as long as the weather is decent). People who live in the area are coming and going to and from work, running errands, eating at restaurants, walking their dogs, going for a run ... tons of activity. Total contrast with the Banks.
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    The interesting thing about immigrant succession in Cincinnati today is the pathway folks take once they get to the city. For Central American immigrants, they often settle first in Lower Price Hill. The absolute cheapest place to live. They then move up to East Price Hill once they reach a certain level of economic mobility. Following that they move to Springdale, Fairfield, and Hamilton. It's a really interesting flow. Not that this article mentioned it, but Catholic Charities of Southwest Ohio is a participant in this resettling. They also settle many of the West African families in the area as well. Again, often landing first in Lower or East Price Hill, and then moving along Queen City, and further west. I spent a year of AmeriCorps service working for Santa Maria Community Services' Immigration Welcome Center, which at the time was HQed at Robert's Academy. These folks are working their tails off and I think Cincinnati is lucky to have them here now.
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    Just further proof the the banks steering committee and the blue bloods that run Cincy are a bunch of idiots. I hope the banks music venue still gets built but I bet it won't. So we'll have more land at the banks sit empty because Castellini and company wanted to be stupid homers. Even Cranley was smart enough to know PromoWest was a much better option then MEMI.
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    It doesn't make any sense for Cincinnati and Newport to have twin indoor/outdoor music venues directly across the river from each other. All it's going to do is split the market. Each of the venues will sit empty for about half the year or more. This is why retailers are not surviving at The Banks or Newport on the Levee! We need to fill our city with mixed-use developments. Instead we seem to have developed an obsession with adding more and more entertainment venues.
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    It doesn't really have anything to do with our city's music scene...these are venues for national touring artists. And I hope that this announcement puts some doubt in the minds of MEMI (combined with the issue of having to move Hilltop Concrete) and causes them to pull the plug on that venue. Cincinnati is really, really good at squandering opportunities.
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    And dueling Ferris wheels! (Except, isn't Cincinnati's temporary?) $40 Million Music Venue Coming to Newport's Ovation Site The first phase of the Ovation development in Newport will include what developers are calling "a world class music venue". An announcement took place at the riverfront site late Thursday morning. Covington-based Corporex, which owns the long-dormant site, reached an agreement with AEG Presents/PromoWest to construct the $40 million venue.
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    Stopped in to check out Starbucks and Handel's a couple of days ago. The Starbucks was surprisingly lacking in seating despite its spaciousness. It definitely gave the impression of being one of the locations where people should stop in to order latte on their way to the office, but not let the dust collect on their shoes or set up for more than a working meeting at the conference table and chairs in the back. For a store that I presume is supposed to serve as something of a neighborhood hub for East End, it communicates a much different message, and seems incongruent with its decidedly suburban exterior. For what it's worth, there does seem to be ample room to add more tables and seating along the wall opposite the counter. The Handel's for its part had a few teenage girls standing at the counter, much like you would expect for a neighborhood walk-up ice cream stand. The two stores are nice additions to an area that has been sorely lacking in retail. On the whole, however, the strip center seems like a missed opportunity for East End to extend the streetwall anchored by the former Goodyear HQ buildings and foster a genuine sense of walkability and vibrancy in the new district. What is really served by having the setback from E. Market with a row of parking in the front?
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    The only way buying this plant would work is if Workhorse lands that US Postal Service vehicle contract it apparently is a finalist for right now... a $5 billion contract, as ColDayMan noted above. In the past, places like Mahindra have had a lock on that work, and a lot of their manufacturing capacity is in Mexico. Trump isn't the smartest guy on the block, but if he has even an iota of common sense he'd be making sure Mahindra or another company based outside the US doesn't get the contract and it goes to someplace like this new Workhorse startup. Workhorse currently has a building in Union City, IN that does manufacturing (guessing it is structured more like a job shop), idk what they really do in Loveland. What confuses me about Workhorse though is how they are convincing the venture capitalists to keep pouring in as much money as they have poured in, IMO it is Theranos level bad... Source: https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/05/08/trump-tweet-loveland-manufacturer-will-buy.html?iana=hpmvp_cinci_news_headline Probably an unpopular opinion, but if Tesla were in financial shape to take on any of the three closing GM plants Hamtramack seems like the best bet because it puts them in the Detroit market with the Detroit supply chain. I know a number of OH companies that supply parts to Tesla's Fremont plant and can't imagine it is the most efficient way to make those cars... might as well come to the auto hub and build on the knowledge here instead of trying to fight it.
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    Workhorse is smaller than my current employer. I can imagine many ways an attempt to get Lordstown big can go wrong, and very few how it can go right. Tesla would have been a better bet but the UAW would have nixed that. All Elon would have to do is bring a few key people from California, and their tossing of NUMMI under the bus would have come back to haunt them again.
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    https://lumentysons.com/ Forgot to put a link on the above photo. Tyson's is a huge development that has been constantly under construction for about 40 years. It is in the running for the most pedestrian-unfriendly place in the region.
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    I'm certainly no expert, but I believe the yellow screens are protection screens that are used primarily for worker safety. They prevent falls (of workers and materials), and provide wind/weather protection for the trades working below the newly formed floor above. They can be hydraulic, so once initially positioned, crane time can be used elsewhere until the top-out of the building. https://www.doka.com/en/system-groups/doka-safety-systems/protection-screens/xclimb-60/index
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    Lol I’m not sure how it’s relevant, but I grew up internationally due to my father’s career. I’ve lived throughout Europe and other areas. I don’t speak ~midwestern~.
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    Right now, in this area, I imagine the residential would subsidize the retail, if anything. Transitional area still.
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    ^ A 28-story tower right in the middle of that sure would be nice
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    It will be ready for the next Tall Stacks
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    What can we do to get them here?! lol I work in RiverSouth. It's not quite that bad, I don't think. I think the new building going up on Main across from the 303 Front St. building is going to add some character. What really needs to go up is Millennial Tower which would be in the heart of all of this. That'll solve like, all the complaints I'm seeing here. Let's just hope it gets built. And yes, I'd love if that government building had ground retail. Did they already say it wouldn't?
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    Anyone know what’s going on with all the shuffling offices going up in the train station? They’ve put up a new customer service booth only to knock down the old customer service booth only to build what looks to be the exact same booth where it used to be? Not to mention the unused glass booth by the red line turnstiles?! Confuses me every morning...
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    This forum is terribly depressing at times. Competition is good, not a bad thing. Also, who cares if promo West is in newport? It's basically cincinnati anyways.
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