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    nyc instas XXVIII a leisurely run of instgrammery from over this past fall and winter --- enjoy! *** i hope you enjoyed another fall+wintery round of quick insta pics from all over ***
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    Michael Schwartz's restaurant at the VAD is now open this weekend. Food and service is amazing. Cuisine is very Miami-like with light dishes of seafood and vegetables. I've been to his restaurants at the Raleigh hotel in Miami Beach and his branch of Filia in the Baha Mar resort in the Bahamas and this location has the same quality. I live in Shaker Hts and this is now our new warm weather fine dining place to complement our frequent trips to Fire.
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    Fieldhouse sounds like something they'd have at a college or high school.
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    IMO, Rocket Mortgage Colosseum > Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
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    More about this parking garage at the northeast corner of Pearl and Lincoln streets. Its being built by The Wood Companies and Schiff Capital Group as a companion project to the nearly completed office building at 711 N. High Street. Below is a site map showing the two projects which are a block apart from each other: The new 244-space parking garage would replace a long-time surface parking lot at Pearl & Lincoln. 125 spaces would be dedicated to public parking. The parking garage's vehicle entrance is at the end of Bollinger Place off Pearl. Thirteen residences along the Lincoln Street side would serve to screen that side of the garage from the neighborhood (much like what was done at the Hub parking garage) while the rest of the garage would not be screened but is designed to look like an older industrial-style building. Below is an aerial overview of the design concept: More elevations and renderings are available at https://www.columbusunderground.com/italian-village-parking-garage-bw1 Below is a rendering of the parking garage project at the corner of Lincoln and Pearl showing some the 13 residences along Lincoln Street. This is also about the same view as Pablo's construction photo quoted above in this post: Another feature of this parking garage is that it has been designed be convertible into offices or residences in the future. According to the below linked Columbus Navigator article: "It will have flat floor plates, higher ceilings and stronger structural loads..." https://www.columbusnavigator.com/short-north-parking-convertible-garages/
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    I've been seeing a lot of Evans Farm ads in the Dispatch lately. Here's the latest one: The ad also notes that the 2019 Central Ohio Parade of Homes will be at Evans Farm. According to the below ThisWeekNews article, it will be held at Evans Farm on July 13-28, 2019: https://www.thisweeknews.com/news/20181116/orange-townships-evans-farm-catches-parade-of-homes-eye Also from the same ThisWeekNews article, this construction update on Evans Farm: "... all but 19 of Evans Farm’s first 142 units have been claimed by either builders or individuals. Those 142 units, still being built, represent the first portion of a neighborhood of 2,182 single-family homes planned to be constructed over the course of 10 years in the 1,250-acre development." Photo of Evans Farm homes under-construction from https://www.thisweeknews.com/news/20181116/orange-townships-evans-farm-catches-parade-of-homes-eye Aerial of Evans Farm homes under-construction from https://www.dispatch.com/business/20190203/whatever-happened-to-that-big-project
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    Wandered around Tremont a bit today and snagged this. Didn't think to try a wider shot to get the Lumen crane though, darnit. Pictures really don't do the view justice!
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    Nikita Kucherov was given a one-game suspension by the NHL for his Game 2 check to the head of Nutivaara: https://www.jacketscannon.com/2019/4/13/18309344/nikita-kucherov-suspended-tampa-bay-lightning-columbus-blue-jackets-markus-nutivaara So TBL's leading offensive player is suspended for tonight's Game 3. Also, TBL's leading defensive player, Victor Hedman, is questionable for Game 3 with an undisclosed injury (likely his late season concussion): https://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/nhl/nikita-kucherov-suspension-lightning-nhl-1.5097258
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    I've been pushing RTA to pass a resolution that is already written for them in order to preserve the right of way through to the Northwest corner of Chagrin and Warrensville. However the board and staff have not done anything with the draft resolution. They are hell bent on limiting themselves for the next 100 years because they don't have any money at this very second to build a Blue Line extension.
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    Going through Tower City a couple of times last night to/from the Blue Line, it was kinda surreal that here I was in a mall, with the normal amount of foot traffic you would be seeing in any suburban mall, and yet just about every storefront was empty. The trains certainly generate the foot traffic in that place. I'm sure with whatever new form it takes on, some retail will be able to survive if its the right mix and amount.
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    GAME #2: CBJ win 5-1 (CBJ lead the series 2-0) https://www.jacketscannon.com/2019/4/13/18308800/game-2-recap-duchene-werenski-lead-blue-jackets-to-5-1-rout-of-lightning-panarin-bobrovsky The CBJ turned the tables in Game 3 on TBL - getting out to a 2-0 lead in the first period. Atkinson got the scoring started about 5 minutes in (good to see Cam get his first goal of the series - he got dropped to the second line with Duchene and Dzingel and it paid off). Werenski got a power-play goal about midway through. At the end of the first period, TBL's Brayden Point tried to light up his team by picking a fight with Zach Werenski after a post-whistle scrum in front of the Jackets net. This was the first fight of Z’s career! But instead of lighting up the Lightning, the Z vs. Point fight seemed to energize the Jackets. Shortly after the intermission, the Jackets scored a power-play goal on a sweet tic-tac-toe started by Werenski to Panarin to Duchene in front of the net going unmarked by Hedman (who hasn't looked good after returning from a late season concussion). The play also gave Werenski a "Gordie Howe Hat Trick" of a goal,, assist and fight! This was the 7th unanswered goal for the Jackets since going down three in the first period of Game 1. The Jackets held on to this 3-0 lead of Game 2 into the second intermission. But the Lightning started to mount a comeback at 5 minutes into the third period with a goal to make it 3-1. Then, a minute later, the Jackets committed a penalty to give the Lightning a power play and a chance to edge within one. But the CBJ once again stopped the NHL's best power-play. Then, a minute after the power-play ended, Riley Nash (who had only 3 goals in 78 games this season) scored to make it 4-1. Then, with 7:45 remaining in the third, Panarin scores his first goal of the series to make it 5-1 (assisted by Duchene and Bjorkstrand of the newly formed top line). After that Game 2 was decided - except for an incident with just under 5 minutes left. Tampa's frustration boiled over when TBL's leading scored Nikita Kucherov tripped Nutivaara. During the delayed penalty, Kucherov checked Nutivaara's head into the boards while Nuti was on his knees. After the ensuing melee, Kucherov was a 2-5-10 (2 minutes for tripping; 5 minutes for boarding; and 10 minute game misconduct) and will have a hearing with NHL Player Safety that could result in a further suspension. The Kuckerov incident, the Point fight, and transformation of the Lightning into a checking squad in Game 2 is baffling. Where have the record-tying 62-win regular season Tampa Bay Lightning gone? Outside of the first period in Game 1, they've been absent. In the five periods since that three-goal period, Columbus has outscored Tampa 9 to 1(!) Will the regular-season TBL show up at Nationwide on Sunday? Will TBL's leading scorer Nikita Kucherov be suspended for this game? I can't wait for Game 3 back in C-BUS!
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    I know alot of people are concerned about the loss of industrial but I don't think anyone here really realizes the magnitude of jobs added to existing companies in Cleveland in the last two years alone. My uncle works for a metal fabrication company on the floor. In 2015 they had about 700 workers on the floor. Today's that number is closer to 2000. He says he has to get to work 30 minutes early if he even wants to get a spot in the parking lot. This story is much more common than you would imagine, and none of it really makes the news. My father used to be a defense lawyer for alot of the machinery companies in the city and he's heard similiar things everywhere. Whether it's a small company ramping up from 15 to now 30 workers or my much larger example.
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    Well, as someone who watched Cleveland come back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals and then fall from a 3-1 lead in the World Series, no series lead is safe. But we just took two out of two in Tampa Bay. And at least tonight and for two out of three periods in Game 1, Vezina Bob apparently replaced Playoff Bob in goal.
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    Possible unpopular opinion but I do not call it the Gund, it's the Q. The Cav's never won anything when it was called the Gund, the Q brought us great basketball.
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    After a year of just reading this forum I've finally found something worth posting.
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    Columbus Monthly's #SavedTheCrew story is now available online: https://www.columbusmonthly.com/sports/20190402/improbable-salvation-of-columbus-crew
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    Flashbacks to my childhood - *Mom scolds me* *I listen for 15 minutes then back to my nefarious dealings* *Mom scolds me again* *I don't listen* *Mom turns and gives Dad that exact look* *I know my reign as usurper king is coming to an end.
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    @KJP haha man you are persistent with this stuff. I don't doubt that you see lots of cars with out of state plates. Isn't that normal for a big city? Especially in a state that is so proximate to so many other states? It'd be weird if you DIDN'T see out of state plates. Also, you were right next to a prestigious private university that attracts a lot of out of state students... There absolutely could be a mass influx of people from other states to Cleveland. I just don't think looking at license plates proves much of anything. There are rental cars, people driving through town, visitors...any number of factors that could contribute to this. But I've said my peace on this subject. If you want to keep photographing and talking about out of state license plates, go for it! More power to you.
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    That's an interesting quote above: “It’$ our moral obligation to open our door$ a$ wide a$ po$$ible for tho$e in need.”
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