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    I know alot of people are concerned about the loss of industrial but I don't think anyone here really realizes the magnitude of jobs added to existing companies in Cleveland in the last two years alone. My uncle works for a metal fabrication company on the floor. In 2015 they had about 700 workers on the floor. Today's that number is closer to 2000. He says he has to get to work 30 minutes early if he even wants to get a spot in the parking lot. This story is much more common than you would imagine, and none of it really makes the news. My father used to be a defense lawyer for alot of the machinery companies in the city and he's heard similiar things everywhere. Whether it's a small company ramping up from 15 to now 30 workers or my much larger example.
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    A really interesting article about the historic mansion being renovated at the corner of 38th and Franklin https://clevelandhistorical.org/items/show/847
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    Well, as someone who watched Cleveland come back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals and then fall from a 3-1 lead in the World Series, no series lead is safe. But we just took two out of two in Tampa Bay. And at least tonight and for two out of three periods in Game 1, Vezina Bob apparently replaced Playoff Bob in goal.
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    Big news from the Rock Hall and NCH. Also news from Cumberland about a proposed hotel North of the Science Ctr. A preliminary design by DLR Group / Westlake Reed Leskosky of Cleveland shows that the Rock Hall expansion would be a curvy, earth-hugging structure built into the hillside between the Rock Hall and Science Center. https://www.cleveland.com/news/2019/04/rock-hall-seeks-to-expand-at-north-coast-harbor-link-to-great-lakes-science-center.html
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    Please visit Cuba before any policy changes. Support the Cuban people you will not be disappointed. 4/11/19
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    Thanks KJP. Been hearing about possible Amtrak interest in Chicago-Toledo-Cleveland and Chicago-Indianapolis-Cincinnati. How this will play out is anyone's guess, but Indiana refusal to fund the Hoosier State will be a negative and of course, Ohio is not exactly at the forefront of state supported Passenger rail. I do hope NE Ohio and Toledo will step up if that state fails to act.
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    I wish they’d stop calling it a tower. It’s not.
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    It's kind of hard to make out, but in the middle right of second picture there's a curvilinear form jutting upward to the right, with grass on the roof. Could this be a tie in to the possible land bridge extension of the mall over the rail tracks and shoreway? As I remember, one of the designs for the pedestrian bridge had its northern terminus around this spot. Or is the land bridge further to the west closer to FES? Either way, I hope all of the entities involved with this project and the land bridge are taking a holistic view of the pedestrian traffic flow and possibilities with multiple projects potentially in play.
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    That was excellent. I don't believe they are a member of this site but I hope they join sometime!
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    Interesting post about Wright-Dunbar from an interesting and new-to-me blog about Dayton: https://daytonvistas.com/history-of-west-third-street-buildings-in-wright-dunbar/ Wonder if the author is a Urban Ohio member or lurker...
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    Not big news, but a Chase Branch is moving into the old M Lang Clothing and Cocktails location in the Sterling Building. Additional foot traffic is always a plus.
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    No restaurant. It will be in the outdoor space plus the small 1 story garage. Low key is the vibe they are going for, no live music for example. Moerlein Malthouse is already north of Liberty. No, occupied development will decrease the problems. NorthCrown will be developing 5 vacant buildings in the blocks over the next 2 years (1614 Walnut, 1618 Walnut, 112 Corwine, 64 E McMicken, 100 E McMicken) plus an infill project on top of 1630 Walnut, there is a new infill project is coming to 118 E McMicken, and my 3 buildings (108-114 E McMicken) that will start renovation this year. That doesn't include the renovations at 161 E McMicken and 1607 Main/165-169 E McMicken that are ongoing plus 154 and 158 E McMicken that just gone done.
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    Lorain Ave is on fire... Pittsburgh-Based Arsenal Cider to Open Local Cidery in Ohio City Work has already begun on the Cleveland location, which is located on the ground floor of the Go Media building (4507 Lorain Ave.) across the street from Forest City Shuffleboard. Arsenal will be producing cider onsite from local fruit, supplementing the offerings with product from the mothership as well as local beers. The 15-barrel system and fermenters will be visible in the 30-seat taproom, which will feature a rustic, woodsy vibe like the original. Look for Arsenal Cider House to open this summer. “We’re excited,” Bill says “The more time I spend in Cleveland, the more I love it.” https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2019/04/12/pittsburgh-based-arsenal-cider-to-open-local-cidery-in-ohio-city?fbclid=IwAR2UoDJQVrqp9clBpHe_OBcwKoLijNddcyLc9WL4HUNwiQrUI5I0Idrv5Zs
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    Parked in that lot many many times (even back to the original Flats days!!). Will be nice to see some new construction along the river!!
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    Anybody ever been outside of Cleveland? Of the last nine basketball based "arenas" that have opened, only one has "arena" in the name. And that one is Detroit which is equal amount for hockey.
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    Get a good atlas of Ohio in particular, and anywhere you see a minor road that violates the grid, chances are it was an Indian trail, most of them in use for thousands of years. There are plenty across Northwest Ohio too, and like those you mentioned, they follow the very subtle ridge lines above the swamps. We all stand on 10-15,000 years of humanity that we often pretend isn't there.
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    When the building was bought, the new owner was offered suits as a payment - apparently that was the agreement with the previous owner. I don't think they were open for much longer after that.
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