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    A few recent pics I was able to snag recently strolling through the neighborhood recently. I've peaked in at the 711 N High Building for the new Del Mar restaurant, and I must admit the space looks amazing!! Very excited to see Cameron Mitchell's take on Southern California dining as well as the rooftop bar/lounge. I'm also liking the exterior lighting taking place. The Graduate Hotel (former Bollinger tower) window expansion and front addition is also very much along. News of another Shake Shack is going into this space, along with a coffee shop. I'm pretty sure they are going to be putting another rooftop feature/space onto this building as well. And a random view from the back of the new Moxy Hotel progress. Crazy to think these 3 projects alone will add 3 rooftop experiences to the area.....next thing you know they'll be connecting them by zip line!!! (kidding of course) A friend of mine who moved here from New York City about 8 years ago for work but has spent much time in and about the East Coast cities, felt that the vibe of the Short North is very much starting to trend towards the U Street District in Washington DC. Having family there and visiting that area a bit, I can see the assimilation.
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    I've been to Hooples 20+ times. I've driven to Hooples 0 times.
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    It's cool that this will be the tallest building built in CLE since 2002 (when the Federal Court House was finished)
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    They're pouring floor number 8 right now, so its less then a floor per week now!!
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    Lol. Or heaven forbid, have a place for parents to patronize while the kids are skating. Hooples is gonna be fine. It’s a cool little spot. Still waiting to see what happens with the Pats in the Flats property. If I had the extra money....
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    This is a really great project. I'm glad that they're incorporating affordable housing options in a central, and transit-oriented area close to jobs and other resources. I hope that more developers pursue projects like this. Combining OZ, HTC, LIHTC, etc. can create projects that are equitable but still profitable for developers.
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    This always happens with bike, bus, and ped infra. See Chicago's failed BRT sadly. People are so wrapped in car dependence they don't understand how multi-modal infrastructure is a benefit to business, not a threat.
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    The best part is that they had a meeting about parking concerns at his restaurant but he wasn't there.
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    Incorporating a public boardwalk into these properties would add a boost in foot traffic for the businesses there. I'm surprised none of these places (to my knowledge) are pushing for it. My dream project would be to have the boardwalk go further up the river past Merwin's Wharf and linking up with the towpath trail via the Columbus Road bridge. Of course that would require a LOT of property easements.
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    Perhaps NooooorM, the market where "everybody knows your name".
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    FWIW, we're falling out of pace with Pittsburgh when it comes to comparisons- that lot (and most of their riverfront parking) is being developed into something [at least my old engineering firm was surveying/doing a TON of environmental on that lot for development]. Additionally, there's a bike path that goes along that part (and this goes for most of the land bordering their rivers). A bit off topic from the FEB, but at the same time, I wish the city would put more value into our river/recreation outside of the towpath, and that includes requiring a walkable boardwalk between establishments...
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    Some exciting things happening in downtown Sandusky this month. On April 27th, the new indoor Marketplace at the Cooke will have a grand opening: https://www.facebook.com/events/2441266766193298/. And the BGSU/Cedar Fair resort school will be breaking ground in a few weeks.
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    No---they were clearly in the Flats and definitely not in Tremont. If you're in Tremont and go DOWN a big hill towards the river, you're in the Flats.
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    There's a lively debate going on the Cleveland Critical Mass page at the moment, mostly the debate about it being 'blue collar', 'iconic', and the way the metroparks "stuff projects down these people's throats". No complaints about the 12 new townhouses going in, the buildup/rebuild of Duck Island, and so on. Weird NIMBY'ism flex with that FB page, glad folks here are a bit more nuanced hah And edit: after checking twitter, reddit, and all the in-betweens, the Critical Mass Page (a cycling page mind you!) seem to be the only ones upset about removing public ROW parking. It's kind of funny that they're the only ones that feel bad for someone who doesn't want to embrace new business.
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    Everybody knows that people that go to skate parks never get hungry.
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    I’m having flashbacks to that pizza guy who argued the skate park was going to ruin his business.
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    Some Bowling Green updates: In sum, there isn't a lot of new residential or commercial construction in town, but significant investment in a rebuilt Wooster St/I-75 interchange - with roundabouts, and the start of a master plan for developing Wooster Street and making the city more pedestrian and bike friendly. Pedestrian crosswalks to get beacons on East Wooster POSTED BY: JAN LARSON MCLAUGHLIN SEPTEMBER 10, 2018 BG Independent News BGSU students crossing East Wooster Street will soon have the benefit of lights warning motorists to give pedestrians the right-of-way. Four pedestrian crosswalks were installed last year on East Wooster Street – one by the Stroh Center, and three between the traffic lights at Manville and South College avenues.... BG’s front door on East Wooster Street needs serious facelift City officials listen to presentation about East Wooster Street development possibilities. POSTED BY: JAN LARSON MCLAUGHLIN DECEMBER 11, 2018 BG Independent News Bowling Green’s front door is not exactly creating a great first impression for those entering the city. Knowing this, the city and BGSU hired Development Strategies to examine the 1.8 miles of East Wooster from Interstate 75 to the downtown. The firm has spent six months interviewing officials and residents, examining housing data, looking at construction costs, studying the zoning code, and more. Five houses being demolished for East Wooster facelift One of five homes being demolished along East Wooster Street. POSTED BY: JAN LARSON MCLAUGHLIN DECEMBER 31, 2018 BG Independent News Brick by brick and board by board, bulldozers are changing the landscape along East Wooster Street in Bowling Green. The demolition of the old houses is seen by some as a blessing for the future – while others view it as a loss of the city’s past The city of Bowling Green received five demolition permit requests at the end of last month for houses across from Bowling Green State University. Those houses – at 926, 930, 1010, 1024 and 1030 East Wooster Street – are now at various stages of demolition. Westbound Wooster to be closed for a month over I-75 Construction for roundabouts at I-75 POSTED BY: JAN LARSON MCLAUGHLIN MARCH 23, 2019 Westbound East Wooster Street over Interstate 75 will close for one month starting April 15, according to the Ohio Department of Transportation. This closure is required for the roundabout construction on East Wooster Street at Interstate 75. The ODOT detour will be Mercer Road, Poe Road and Dunbridge Road. Report on East Wooster Street doesn’t pull any punches Closed business at corner of East Wooster Street and Manville Avenue. POSTED BY: JAN LARSON MCLAUGHLIN MARCH 24, 2019 BG Independent News Bowling Green took a jab to the gut last week in the release of a study on the East Wooster Street entrance to the community. The “strategy for redevelopment,” conducted by Development Strategies of St. Louis, pulled no punches as it pointed out where the city has gone wrong, and where it needs to change course to avoid a downward spiral. The university and historic downtown are definite draws for the community, the study stated. But East Wooster Street – the front porch of the community – is littered with “haphazard development and poor quality buildings.” BG may buy land downtown; build restrooms by Wooster Green Downtown property shaded in yellow and purple that city is considering buying. POSTED BY: JAN LARSON MCLAUGHLIN MARCH 30, 2019 BG Independent News Bowling Green officials are taking steps to purchase land for public restrooms by Wooster Green, parking areas on South Church Street and the home of the Four Corner Center on South Main Street. On Monday evening, City Council will hear the first reading of an ordinance for the issuance of $890,000 in bonds for buying four parcels of land on South Church and South Main streets. One parcel is at 119 S. Church St., located just south of the police station. The former Huntington Bank Branch location has been closed for several years, but has drive-up ATM units. The city is interested in building bathrooms there that will serve those using Wooster Green as well as visitors to the downtown area. In addition, the location has been eyed by the city for years as property that could be used to expand the police station. While there are no immediate plans for an expansion, the addition of an improved safety dispatch center is one of the city’s long-term capital plans.
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    Among my many gripes, Plonski doesn't even own the lot he's complaining about.
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    From the "Not enough parking on Court St" Collection
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    Fun fact: the Eighth & Sycamore building uses a "dusty rose" KolorShift coating.
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    Agreed. My in-laws live on Insurgentes Sur and there's a stop less than a block from their building. Such a great line.
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    I was trying to suggest that the rendering of 8th and Sycamore did not indicate the color shift, yet we got the color shift. The rendering of 8th and Main shows it as some nondescript white material, and maybe it will be something exceptional like the colorshift... just white-ish. And I'm not saying it will be colorshift, but maybe it will have a different unique texture or effect.
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    "People talk about there being few downtown buildings that can be converted to new uses," Yablonsky added in a phone interview. "This isn't a case of that. I can think of at least four that could benefit from the credits off the top of my head. More properties are also becoming eligible because of the creation of additional historic districts downtown, such as on Superior Avenue and in the Flats." There's not many left, but there's still a few.
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    David & Goliath story in the making? https://www.dispatch.com/sports/20190410/blue-jackets-4-lightning-3--breathtaking-rally-puts-jackets-ahead-1-0-in-first-round-series Let's go Jackets!
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    I played rugby with Charlie in high school, he was a few years younger. Good kid. I know my wife and I will definitely try out the kitchen.
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    The rocket mortgage field house, ice cream parlor, and gift shop. Now THAT has a catchy ring to it.
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    Very nice website: https://www.stirstudiokitchen.com/ Stir Studio Kitchen set to open in Ohio City Today 7:00 AM By Marc Bona, cleveland.com CLEVELAND, Ohio – Charlie Denk wants to stir things up. That means making changes in his life, satiating his entrepreneurial spirit, and offering something fun and unique for diners. So he is opening Stir Studio Kitchen at 4461 Lorain Ave., in Cleveland's Ohio City neighborhood. https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2019/04/stir-studio-kitchen-set-to-open-in-ohio-city.html
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    This bridge has been demolished. Not sure on its final date, but half of it was down on feb 25 when i drove by, and heard it had to be diwn before mid march... so unfortunately, this is no longer a possibility. On a good note, Oregon ohio.added about a mile worth of biketrails that connect w an already amazing route through the city, out to the lake,... and when the new metro park is complete in a few years, a large chunk of the east side waterfront will be connected w bikepaths.
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    http://www.presspublications.com/22716-groundbreaking-for-glass-plant-in-troy-township Groundbreaking for new glass plant in Troy Twp
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    I think this speaks to the lack of older buildings left to reno. Time for new!
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    ^ right on. If the boardwalk doesn’t really go anywhere it’s not functioning properly.
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    The second of the two 12-story Parks Edge condo buildings were completed last year. Here are some photos of the completed project from https://www.parksedgecondos.com/. I'm only posting exterior views (since that's what most of us want to see here at UO) - but if you're interested there are a bunch of interior images and many views from both of the buildings at https://www.parksedgecondos.com/see-the-project/ View from North Bank Park: View from Spring Street - ground level: Parks Edge pedestrian entrance on north side from access street: Access street -- Parks Edge parking garage is to the left -- The Eye Center medical office building is to the right Roof of the parking garage with a view of the two 12-story Parks Edge buildings, the 20-story North Bank Condos (that was also built by NRI) and the tippy top of The Eye Center looking like two eyes peering onto the swimming pool(!) View from Spring Street looking toward Neil & Spring and the North Bank Condos at that corner: Close-up of the facade details: And finally, here's of the two Parks Edge buildings and the North Bank Condo Tower viewed as a whole with the city's North Bank Park along the Scioto River downtown:
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    Haha okay, fair enough. But you get my point. Cleveland is replete with examples of getting the least utility (i.e. parking) out of areas with the highest visibility and value.
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    Not the best weather today, but I wanted to get a panorama while two cranes were visible in the skyline...
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    Wishful thinking and unfounded IKEA/Target speculation is the biggest BORE to be found in the "Projects & Construction" suite of pages on UrbanOhio.
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    I used to go to East End all the time... including times when I was one of only a handful of white people in the bar... so no... What I take issue with is the fact myself - and people I know - have three times been harassed outside that bar on three separate occasions. I actually posted about one instance on here shortly after it happened. Moreover, last time I was in there, a fight broke out when a man began peeing on the bar... if that makes me classist than so be it.
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    Lol it always finds its way into threads... "The Rocky River Reservation seems to be missing something more..." "IKEA!"
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    It's a birthday bath for both wings, and a birthday bash for the entire system. On February 17th, the (truly incredible) Cleveland Public Library turned 150 Years old https://cpl.org/cleveland-public-library-set-to-begin-celebration-for-150-years-of-service/
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    Not sure who likes today's low humidity weather more - me or my camera
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    I was speaking with a prominent bank executive the other week and he was saying that many of the large banks are working on projects to move all real estate transactions to blockchain within the next 10-15 years. This would eliminate the need for title insurance or greatly diminish it, and it would eliminate the need for the county recorder
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    I hope he's successful, but I file this under self checkouts and bagging my own groceries--when I go out to eat, I don't want to cook it for myself.
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    ^^ Trump couldn't have come along at a better time for Cleveland! Ha
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    It blows my mind, in a good way, the extent that the Lumen will dwarf the Keith building. 396’ vs 272’.
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