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    *Mob kidnaps people* FBI: Release the hostages! Mob: Burn $5 Billion and I will release the hostages. I really want to release them, but I need you to burn money first Ram: Why is the FBI holding this people hostage?
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    It's interesting that not only do you admit Trump and Republicans created the mess, but you seem to think that somehow translates into Democrats being responsible for fixing it. Is that what conservatives call personal responsibility? Furthermore, curiously, your entire solution all ultimately rests on Trump getting exactly what he wants. I wonder why that is?
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    @Brutus_buckeye What are your thoughts on this hypothetical: Dems shutting down the government in 2021 and refusing to reopen until Republicans give in to help pass single-payer healthcare legislation? Who is to blame if the government stays closed for a long time? This isn't the way to negotiate, it's a hostage situation, or essentially bullying.
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    I am not convinced that the music venue will happen, or that MEMI has any desire to actually build the music venue. The only reason it was awarded to MEMI was to prevent PromoWest from building a venue in Cincinnati. Because we couldn't allow an out-of-town company to build a music venue here that would compete with our locally-owned venues!
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    Does voting against Trump and anyone that enables him (pretty much the entire GOP at this point) count?
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    And if he does that, I'll be in a position where I'd be compelled to vote for the Democratic nominee for president in 2020, even if that person were a foreign-born individual under the age of 35, despite the almost certainly fatal effect on getting the kind of Supreme Court I believe the country needs and the kind of people that would almost certainly be appointed to lead at the Departments of Education, Justice, and others that I care greatly about. Well, walking away from a deal is of course one negotiating strategy. Not saying it will work for Trump in this case, of course. Those are two good questions. But there is a third. And that is that if the shutdown continues and the pain increases, what effect does it have on the electoral landscape in 2020? The Dems want those federal workers back at work, but they want unified control of the government even more. If the shutdown does indeed turn out to be painful over the long term, and the blame for that is laid at Trump's feet, then the short-term pain for the Democrats is worth it--they can hope either that the political environment becomes so hostile to the shutdown that McConnell has no choice but to cave on bringing a funding bill to the floor and getting veto-proof majorities for it, or they can hope that Trump holds out shutting down parts of the federal government all the way to 2020 and then causes another, larger, blue wave. Trump's hope, obviously, is similar but opposite, i.e., that he's the one with more than half of public sentiment at his back and that he'll either get the wall or reestablish unified control of the government in 2020 with majorities that will give it to him. I strongly doubt he has majority support (just the enthusiastic support of his hardcore restrictionist supporters, who are nothing approaching a majority).
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    Alright, alright. I have split the "fun city smells" tangent off into a new thread.
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    Democrats are holding these workers hostage to get what they want. All they have to do is approve a budget with some sort of funding for border security and Trump would sign it. They won't, not because they disagree with the concept - there are countless quotes from all sorts of House Democrats stating they support more border walls and fences - but because they don't want to lose the argument. This was the very first opportunity for House Democrats to work with the president and come to some sort of compromise - they failed miserably. At this rate it's likely we'll end up with Trump declaring a national emergency and building the wall anyways.
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    Let's be more direct then. Do you or do you not support the president using federal workers as leverage to get exactly what he wants?
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    The city proper is 4X the size of Cleveland, and even bigger than Dallas. The metro area is the size of ours not including Akron. Plus the taxes are probably lower in Texas. But my guess is someone from USAA is running it now, or will be soon. That's how Nestle moved to Solon, and how it moved away.
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    If it's "only" 800,000 employees not getting paid, that's probably around two million individuals in America being directly impacted by the loss of a paycheck. The average household size is 2.58 people (including children and spouses). Also, considering the people who support their parents or adult children who don't live in the house, this shutdown is directly impacting way more people.
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    No. My solution is that border security can be improved without a wall that doesn't work and is entirely based on racist hysteria formed on multiple lies. My solution is to vote for and support people that wouldn't be pulling such stunts in the first place.
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    Not until October of 2024 will AOC be old enough to be president. Though I actually wonder if that means she could file to run in 2024 and then be of age by the time November hits. Actually, she probably could. "The Imperial Senate will no longer be of any concern to us. I've just received word that the Empress has dissolved the council permanently. The last remnants of the Old Republic have been swept away."
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    This is some huge news! https://www.cleveland.com/business/2019/01/investors-buy-6-acre-block-at-downtown-clevelands-eastern-edge-for-development-possible-corporate-hq.html
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    A lot of families live paycheck to paycheck. Many spend into debt just on basic needs counting on another check to keep going. If they're already on the edge, they're definitely already in trouble. It's weird how difficult this stuff is for Trumpers to figure out considering so many are in that exact same situation. I guess you're not, and since empathy is a foreign concept, you don't get it.
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    Leadership is trying figure out how to appease a madman holding the government hostage? Guess by your definition of leadership Trump, McConnell, and all Congressional Republicans aren't leaders.
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    You to seem think Donnie is a good faith actor in this, willing to negotiate honestly. This is why your logic is absurd.
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    The blame is on Donnie and Mitch. No one else is to blame for this.
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    "Maybe the libs were right all along" sure seems to come in handy on a whole lot of topics these days.
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    So Trump is being an idiot to appease his base but it's BOTH SIDES that are to blame.
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    Trump can play victim for the rest of his Presidency when the wall doesn't get built. That's as good as actually getting the wall.
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    Sorry, I can't think of a better way to help those affected by the shutdown besides literally paying their salaries.
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    National emergency declared in regards to climate change = funding for Green New Deal via new 99% tax on income over $5 million. National emergency declared on healthcare in this country = Medicare for All instituted. Etc. Etc.
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    If Mexico is paying for the wall (via whatever new NAFTA deal Trump thinks he's crafting - even if that's not true, let's just go with it) why is the declaration of a national emergency required?
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    Two mid to high rises apartments for the 7th and vine lot as well jean Roberts would really liven that area up.
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    Steve King has been helped over the years by grifters pretending to be thoughtful conservatives like Ben Shapiro. He has written many pieces about how libs are overreacting about King and that he isn't racist. Now good old fact-logic Shapiro says, maybe he is racist. Maybe the libs were right all along Ben.
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    If border apprehensions are down 76% since 2000 what's the national emergency? What makes it a national emergency now and not any time in the past two years?
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    Those were the days, man...
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    @Brutus_buckeye to what end are you arguing this point? You and I know well it is not the responsibility or even expectation of a private citizen to provide for another citizen, hence the entire reason we have careers and are no longer hunter gatherers. Sure, it would be nice - but being angry about this ridiculous shutdown shouldn't be precluded merely because that person hasn't helped a federal employee get food or pay their bills?
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    3CDC plans on demoing the structure adding retail on the first floor, 2 to 3 floors of office and plan to sell the rights to build residential on top.
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    I doubt 5/3 would want more video boards and/or LED signs staring back at them. Since they have the air rights over the building I wonder if they get a say in stuff like that. Also hard pass on those types of shitty chain restaurants. Let that stuff go over to the levee.
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    The engineering for this is much more considering the parcel, and 6 of the 28 Millennial Tower floors will be parking garage. A much cheaper building is pretty easy to believe. Still don't think they're going to ever break ground for it.
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    And those people aren’t going out for lunch at local restaurants, or buying anything but necessities ... so that impact is multiplied even further.
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    You are referring to hundreds of thousands of federal workers as "pressure points." Listen to the language you are using to describe actual working people. You are blowing off TSA and ATCs being unpaid. You did not respond to food inspections being halted. Your entire point has been "the military is getting paid so it's really not that bad." It is evident from your posts you do not care about these people not getting paid for their work nor do you care that their services they provide have been halted in some cases. Whether or not I "perceive" your lack of empathy, your posts speak for themselves.
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    I wrote thoughts and prayers on Facebook today, guys. I'm doing everything I can.
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    Steel going up for the U of A College of Business addition.
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    http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/ny-news-texas-republicans-remove-chair-muslim-20190110-story.html Texas county's GOP leaders look to oust vice chair because he is Muslim A group of Texas Republicans is set to vote Thursday night on whether to remove the vice chairman of the Tarrance County GOP from his post because he is a Muslim. The matter of whether to oust Shahid Shafi, a surgeon and Southlake City Council member, has garnered widespread attention since the efforts began a few months ago. Republican officials have denied the move is about religion but, rather, whether of not the local politician, appointed to his position in July, is loyal to Islamic law or connected to “Islamic terror groups,” the Star Telegram reported. Advertisement Precinct chairwoman Debbie O’Brien has been outspoken about efforts to recall Shafi on social media. “We don’t think that he’s suitable as a practicing Muslim to be vice chair because he’d be the representative for ALL Republicans in Tarrant County, and not ALL Republicans in Tarrant County think Islam is safe or acceptable in the U.S., in Tarrant County, and in the TCGOP, and there are big questions surrounding where Dr. Shafi’s loyalties lie, vis a vis Democrat and Republican policies,” she wrote in one of several Facebook posts dedicated to the topic. So I thought only Democrats and liberals played identity politics? Oh, and great way to get more minorities to your party, GOP. Muslim!? Must be a terrorist! Latino? Must be a drug dealer! It's no wonder you'd rather build walls and violate voting rights than spend a single damn minute building a party that is attractive to more people. Then you might attract all those undesirables, and you can't have that.
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    @viscomi I’ve been to both! My Grandpa and I actually went on a hot dog tour of Cleveland one day when I was like 13-14. We tried a chili dog at Steve’s, Old Fashioned, and the West Side Market and declared Old Fashioned the undisputed champions! Though I was sad to see Steve’s go as well. I’ve literally been in Old Fashioned when someone tried to rob it, just kept my head down and kept shoving my face
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    My dream to address some of the above is to find an eccentric benefactor to turn the Crosley building into Cincinnati's version of the St. Louis City Museum. Daytime for kids, night time for adults. Go big on one amazing thing then let it develop naturally from there but keeping the industrial vibe of the neighborhood. Cincinnati has historic, Cincinnati has the old money and affordable areas and fine grain architecture. Make the Camp area the opposite of that with big industrial factory lofts and business for makers and artists and try to keep the new developments within that vibe as much as possible.
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    Marvin Lewis out as Bengals coach Marvin Lewis won’t be back as Cincinnati Bengals coach next season. The Bengals and Lewis made the announcement Monday morning. Tom Pelissero of NFL Network and NFL.com reported earlier Monday morning that Lewis has told his staff he won’t be coaching the team next season. “Marvin Lewis has informed his Bengals staff he’s out as coach, source said. Owner Mike Brown made the decision,” Pelissero wrote on Twitter at 9:59 a.m. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2018/12/31/reports-marvin-lewis-out-as-bengals-coach.html
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    The residents/business owners are engaged enough to stand up for what they believe the future of their neighborhood should look like no matter what idea is driving it. That's what its all about to me.
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    Odd comparison. The councilman might support the Dollar Store if it was going into the ground floor of a multistory mixed use building. Probably not what is being planned though.
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    Signage lofts really are the top-shelf brand. They pair well with a Chipelto Spanish Grill on the first floor. I think I probably mentioned this upthread, but the proportions of this thing are really weird. There's almost a full story of parapet, and the windows are very small for the amount of wall.
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    Blue laws aka Christian sharia
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