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    Glad you think a proper response to property vandalism is physical assault. Bet you wish they had guns.
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    Great picks, I have visited both! Lisbon is an absolutely stunning place. I was there in the height of summer and I just remember blinding sun and bright colors. Deep blues in the sky and the water, buildings pained with reds and yellows and pastel blues, green trees, sidewalks made of slippery white and black tiles with designs in them (a Portugal tradition apparently) and amazing views. Great beaches and even surfing in the south of the country too, Portugal in general is an incredibly underrated destination by Americans.
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    ^Valletta is a pretty surreal place. 1) Lisboa - I have been thinking about this city recently, and I haven't been back in quite some time. No place has attached and stuck with me as much as Lisbon. 2) Catania - Another place that has stuck with me, not to the degree of Lisbon but similar. ...too many to decide at the moment
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    $40 million mixed-use Pendleton project lands key approval A planned $40 million mixed-use project in Pendleton received a key approval earlier this week. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2018/10/12/40-million-mixed-use-pendleton-project-lands-key.html
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    Colorized and makes me want these back even more.
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    I don't think you'll get much pushback about finding rural lifestyles to be desirable. It's the suburban lifestyle that is like a plague of locusts upon our countryside while simultaneously bleeding out our central cities. Great cities and great countryside go hand-in-hand!
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    If the new clear span enables the railroad to gain more capacity, the railroad should pay into the rebuild.
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    From street level: Across the street (Detroit Ave) they rehabbed an industrial building. Before: After: As you can see, this is one block West of the Budd Dairy project.
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