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    Sometimes...ya just gotta get high and gain a new perspective.
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    Loving this addition to the skyline.
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    Let there be LIGHT! Unfortunately the clock wasn't lit up tonight, but wow, what a transformation!
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    New renderings for the “The Viaduct” - and I gotta say, I’m really blown away by this latest iteration!! I absolutely love the greenery and trees integrated throughout the tower.
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    A couple from this morning. Curb is in, sidewalk being replaced! Looks pretty spiffy.
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    Sorry about the one at a time approach... having issues uploading these for some reason>?
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    I don't believe anyone has posted the artwork proposal yet that would wrap around the parking garage floors. Really pulls together the building and is an awesome contemporary method for ornamentation and beautifying a parking garage. The intent is to change out the artwork every 3-5 years.
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    If Doug Price and some of his Stonebridge residents think this is "fine" ... then we have a problem. How this can be seen as the highest and best use for such a unique asset is beyond me.
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    SUNDAY, JULY 12, 2020 Rockefeller Building to start new life with housing, offices According to several sources, a development partnership is acquiring the Rockefeller Building, 614 W. Superior Ave., in downtown Cleveland and will redevelop the historic office building with micro-unit apartments, offices, retail and parking. This is one of the first of potentially several major spin-off real estate development projects resulting from Sherwin-Williams' decision to build its new consolidated headquarters in downtown Cleveland. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/07/rockefeller-building-to-start-new-life.html
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    Cleveland Construction isn’t messing around!!
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    View of the new builds from the top of FEB apartment building last night.
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    Today was the first day I went back to work in the office - I'm very fortunate to still be employed, and to have been able to work from home. A few things: Thank you to those who have been snapping and posting photos all this time. Please keep it up, I speak for a lot of forumers when I say it's very much appreciated. Finally seeing the boarded up windows in person was jarring, to say the least. Hopefully the issues that lead up to the damaged property get the attention and resolution they need. That more than anything will determine if Cleveland is able to move forward, with and for everyone. I don't know what the solutions are, but we can't keep going on with the way things have been. Windows will be repaired, but our fractured City needs to face up to a lot if we truly want to heal and continue growing I typically shoot with a DSLR, but it's a lot to lug around on a lunch break (or as has been lately a walk on the Towpath with our Pug). These are just some shots with a Canon SX620 point and shoot - not going for portfolio candidate pics, just grabbing some images in the moment. One silver lining, not that Cleveland ever had bad traffic, but my commute from Tremont to my office is less than ten minutes: The Goodyear Blimp doing a flyover of Northeast Ohio health care facilities - 2020 may not be a good year, but it's a great gesture: Forumer @Boaty McBoatface posted some visually great but disturbing images of the results of the May 30th rioting and looting so I didn't think I needed to rehash that. However, this spot was a bit of a gut punch - in 2016 during the Cavs championship parade, the base of the column was my perch to get a better elevated view. A young African American mom and her kids were on the sidewalk in front of me and I heard one of the kids say they couldn't see anything. I scooted over, said "come on up!" (okay, I did kindly ask the kids to not bump me ), they got to see everything, and all of us had the time of our lives. If you were there that day, you know what I mean - we were all there together and you couldn't help but feel the love. I hope we can get to that point again. Checked in on the Euclid Grand progress: Understandably Geigers has closed their store indefinitely - hopefully they'll be back. Again, windows can (and have already been) replaced. Stopped by an old (new) friend: And the oldest best friend of the bunch: Spectacular restoration of the May Company building: Biggest of the old friends:
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    Church + State really makes an impact on the skyline coming from the west on the Lakefront Bikeway! I can’t wait to see this same view once it’s finished.
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    It’s officially beginning!! Jersey barriers and cones for lane closures and to designate the construction area are being installed today!
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    Meant to post earlier this weekend but we officially (kind of) have a roundabout, folks.
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    My photo-uploading powers have returned! Here is one more from last night.
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    A Columbus developer is proposing a 30-story tower on N. High Street, the tallest new Downtown building in three decades. https://www.dispatch.com/business/20200710/30-story-tower-proposed-in-downtown-columbus
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    My attempt at the fourth tower during my third year's Kent State architecture program.....22 years ago..eek. I'd go for something that height however.
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    MONDAY, JUNE 29, 2020 CSU starts process for skyline-altering master plan A lot can change in just six years. That's especially true when it comes to a university that's continuing to make the transition from a regional commuter school to more of a nationally prominent residential institution. And when that university is also trying to reconfigure its athlethic facilities, privatize its parking and capitalize on Cleveland's international standing as a medical center, then it's time to take a fresh look at its campus. So Cleveland State University (CSU) has issued a request for qualifications from urban planning and design firms to create an updated master plan for what is currently an 85-acre campus. According to the Dodge Reports, CSU is requesting qualifications for planning services to be submitted by 2 p.m. July 24 to Jeremiah Swetel, CSU's executive director of facility services. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/06/csu-starts-process-for-skyline-altering.html
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    This building is absolutely beautiful. Not only does it extend the skyline East, but in the evenings it shines really bright because of its glass. It stands out among the sky/clouds and the neighboring buildings, as seen from Tremont / the Towpath Trail / Flats. Just imagine a couple more of these to brighten up the skyline!!
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    Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’m not going to feel sad if there’s some 21st century high rise development on the West Bank - there’s plenty of character in the area and it’s not going to be lost. Progress,Cleveland!
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    Thanks for the update, @KJP! Great news! While the “more parking” piece is blah, I love the new look and am glad this development has support. A total game-changer for the West Bank!
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    Flats South Innovation District finalizing deal with Cleveland Whiskey as a key future tenant https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/flats-south-innovation-district-finalizing-deal-cleveland-whiskey-key-future-tenant?utm_source=afternoon-report&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20200701&utm_content=article1-headline Wow!! This is awesome!
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    I snapped these when I was messing around back in November but didn't have the confidence to post. So happy and relieved this thread was created because not only is it insane fun, it's also an important think tank on the visual impact increasing urbanity will have on our city. I'm gonna stop myself from launching into a discussion on what might be called skyline iconography(?) here as I can't seem to keep one sentence from turning into ten. Hope to post more in future and to everyone here.
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    While I agree we have done a great job of not speculating too much, given @KJP's breakdown of the numbers I just thought I would entertain some possibilities on why I think we will get a 700-800 ft building from SW. Given the floor area numbers of the buildings I have looked at (non-residential), I think we can get something around 700 ft for sure (SW-willing of course). Also this is a good exercise to see what a flat versus spire roof would look like in the skyline. I guess you can debate on what roof type you like better or what would work well for Cleveland lol. If there's anything to get out of this slightly unthorough exercise , it is that a 700 ft building no matter the shape will look massive in the skyline given similar examples from around the country (although this is something we probably already know). And all of these options at least would lend the second tallest building moniker. (I'll preface this by saying 609 Main at Texas is my favorite, and I think something of similar shape could look cool in the skyline, PLUS it is 1.1 million sqft which is really close to SW's projected floor area). The official renderings can't come soon enough! Hopefully they have an architect by now - if not that's very disappointing, but somewhat understandable I guess. I'm antsy to get my hands on some real material . Enjoy! 300 North LaSalle - Chicago Height: 785 ft Floor Count: 60 Floor Area: 1.3 Million Sqft Mixed Use, mainly Office "Flat" 609 Main at Texas - Houston Height: 755 ft Floor Count: 48 Floor Area: 1.1 Million Sqft Mixed Use "Slanted" BNY Mellon Center - Philadelphia Height: 792 ft Floor Count: 54 Floor Area: 1.7 Million Sqft Office "Crowned/Spired"
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    All indications are that it's going to be a skyline-changer. From what I've been able to gather, the info I had in my last article on the subject still holds true... https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/05/sherwin-williams-hq-may-be-citys-fourth.html It is probably going to be the city's fourth-tallest tower and potentially the third tallest. There is a small chance it could even be the second-tallest. Why the second-tallest? If the 1 million-square-foot tower averages floorplates of 20,000 SF (which is between Fifth Third and Key towers), then it's a 50-story tower. If the floor heights are 15.5 feet like in Key Tower or 16.5 feet in Fifth Third Tower, then it could range from 775 to 825 feet tall. But it's more likely that the 1 million-SF tower will have larger floor plates considering the size of the lot from which it would rise. Even with significant step-backs with elevation, the floorplates may average with a higher number. Ernst & Young Tower, the city's newest office tower, has 25,800-square-foot floorplates. Although One nuCLEus Place is proposed to have floorplates averaging 19,500 SF in the office tower. At 25,800 SF average per floor, SHW's tower would top out at 39 floors. At 19,500 SF/floor, SHW's tower would top out at 51 floors. If we use Ernst & Young's 15.7-foot floor height x 39 floors, that's a 612-foot building -- Cleveland's fourth-tallest. If we use nuCLEus' 14-foot floor height x 51 floors, that's a 714-foot-tall building, becoming the city's second-tallest. Of course there's other combinations that can result in other outcomes. But you can see how this tower could be the city's second-tallest. We shall soon see!
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    Good point about possible rooftop architectural features. BTW, it's 200 Public Square. Before the leaves change colors (not counting any droughts, locusts, etc)....
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    We may be delayed moving in but the temporary accommodations they are providing..can’t complain about the view.
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    A project just popped up on the Dodge Reports this afternoon. It says "office building" at 2160 East Superior Ave. That's the site that a partnership led by the CEO of Cross Country Mortgage acquired. While MJ reported that Cross Country was still considering moving its HQ from Brecksville to downtown, the CEO-led partnership was also still considering renovating the historic warehouses as housing. This listing as "office building" tells you their intentions. That means 1,000+ new jobs in a fast-growing company's HQ for downtown Cleveland. The dollar amount is small, only $500,000-749,000, but is likely only for design services. Additionally the description is "Proposed - Owner seeking Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit for project - Pending funding - Schedules undetermined." So it's not yet a done deal. Ohio tax credits are very competitive.
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    I've seen no evidence that microapartments are on the way out. In fact, if some redmediation issues can get worked out in the next couple of weeks, you'll hear of a rather large micro-apartments project.
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    Another perspective farther down the river to really show off the massive scale of this new phase.
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    Some photos from yesterday. You can see the amenity deck from Euclid Ave now, and things are starting to wrap up at street level.
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    If you’re all not already tired of seeing so many crane pictures...here are my own contributions from this evening.
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    Great picture from Francis Angelone Photography posted on Facebook. I drove past the other day - that hole is the ground is HUGE. Very excited for this project.
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    I just saw on Platform Brewery's social media that they are expanding and creating some sort of shipping container beer garden here
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    Here you go. Hard to get a sense of scale with the photos as we only had the flash on the camera. There are 8 bays of the cellar in total, with a basement and sub-basement levels. It was later construction so the floor/ceiling above is not arched, but makes it feel even bigger.
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    I'm so glad they are using white light, instead of colors. Colored lights are cool, but they've lost their uniqueness now that nearly every building downtown is bathed in multi-color lights at night. Starting to get cluttered to my eye. The white light really makes it stand out and lets you focus on the beautiful details of the building.
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    Cleveland City Council approves tax incentives to help Sherwin-Williams build its new headquarters https://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/2020/06/cleveland-city-council-approves-tax-incentives-to-help-sherwin-williams-build-its-new-headquarters.html
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    Views from today (Edgewater Park and the Shoreway):
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