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    Yes, I chose my words carefully. While I would prefer to publish the article with a rendering (albeit a rendering from a couple of years ago), I will share the article without it. But that's all I'm waiting on right now. If I don't get the rendering by tomorrow afternoon, I will post the article by then. Damn near everyone in the real estate world knows this project is coming. It's the worst kept secret. So the word is going to get out. I'd prefer to share it with you all first.
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    This can't be hidden anymore. I'm working on an article for this and will release it as soon as I get the go-ahead. Geis is on a very aggressive timetable for this. But suffice it to say, this project will open a new market for downtown residential.... And this is the site in case anyone is wondering....
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    I had to finally get this out of my system. I feel much better now. TUESDAY, JUNE 4, 2019 Cleveland can energize its lakefront in 10 years. Here's how... Greater Clevelanders' favorite past-time is to complain about the weather. But somewhere in their top-five of complaints is probably the attractiveness of our downtown lakefront. As I write this, several projects proposed for the lakefront are in active discussions by community leaders and appear to be competing for the same pieces of real estate. They don't need to. In fact, when combined, they provide complementary uses and can tap funding resources that make them more likely to occur -- and possibly in short order, depending on political will. The projects, in no particular order, are: MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2019/06/cleveland-can-energize-its-lakefront-in.html
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    My attempt at photoshopping Nucleus and the Beacon from Progressive Field's POV
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    Well, "No comment" is better than "He's full of sh!t".....
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    Incoming! There is a lot to chew on here.... MONDAY, MAY 20, 2019 Sherwin-Williams' HQ: will it be Ohio's tallest or suburban-bound? It appears the stakes couldn't be higher for the City of Cleveland as global coatings giant Sherwin-Williams Co. (SHW) prepares to issue a request for proposals from development teams seeking to build a massive new headquarters and research facility. How high are the stakes? Perhaps as high as the 947-foot Key Tower or possibly more. That's how tall the 153-year-old company's new corporate headquarters could be, according to two sources. Or, considering that SHW's executives like being within walking distance of the company's research and development activities, it's possible that the new HQ and R&D facilities could both move to Cleveland's suburbs, taking nearly 4,000 good-paying jobs with them. So the potential outcomes are an iconic new skyscraper for a growing multinational company in downtown Cleveland or the loss of thousands of jobs from a city trying to recover from decades of job losses. Those are pretty monumental stakes. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2019/05/sherwin-williams-hq-will-it-be-ohios.html
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    I really like the chandelier, its really cool at night and think its a nice addition to the area
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    Here's what a potential 17-20 story condo building could look like in the space provided. This is the North Bank Condo tower in Columbus.
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    The guys across the way responded to our post-it sign today. There was dancing and waving involved, which unfortunately I didn't get on camera.
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    Aerial Agents @aerialagents Before and During construction of The Lumen apartment building in Playhouse Square.
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    This new sign was recently installed at the foot of the Roebling Suspension Bridge:
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    Would love to city the Cultural Gardens of Rockefeller Park one day be lined up with high end luxury apartment/ condos on both sides linking Bratenahl with University Circle. Its has the potential to be our "Central Park"
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    I guess this explains Bob flying coach!
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    FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 2019 Sherwin-Williams has Cleveland's number, thankfully One number can convey a lot information. But it also leaves a number of questions unanswered. As many longtime readers of this blog know, I've been closely following Sherwin-Williams' (SHW) worsening office space situation and upcoming request for proposals (RFP) to build a new world headquarters (HQ) in the Greater Cleveland area. That coverage earned this blog some mainstream media coverage recently. A source came to me recently with a succinct piece of information about the global coatings giant: "Sherwin-Williams' RFP has only 330,000 square feet," he said. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2019/06/sherwin-williams-has-clevelands-number.html
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    Mt. Adams is not dead. The Teak will be reopening over the next 3-4 months only it can no longer be called the Teak due to the fact that when I sold the business in 2002, the individual I sold it too gets to keep the name even though he ran my creation that my family built into the ground. That individual also was the seed that led to many of the downfalls of Mt. Adams as he owned The Fishhouse, which closed down, took over Longworth's which was the beginning of the end of that place, and finally owned the former Celestial, which closed and is now something else. There is a plan for Mt. Adams and we will be a part of the revitalization of the business district by introducing new restaurants and night life that caters to everyone. In particular, the former Teak will now be called 1194 representing the day we originally opened Teak. We will have some of the old favorites, but we are planning some really interesting and new things that are not served or underserved in our genre of food in the Midwest. We will see you in a few months as the Hill will be back just like we are!!!
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    FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2019 Seeds & Sprouts - Early intel on real estate projects This is the first edition of Seeds & Sprouts - Early intelligence on Cleveland-area real estate projects. Because these projects are very early in their process of development or just a long-range plan, a lot can and probably will change their final shape, use and outcome. Detroit-Shoreway: Lake Avenue gap-filling As investment in redevelopment pushes west along Detroit Avenue and the lakefront toward the well-kept Edgewater neighborhood, a gap of investment remains in the middle. Specifically, the section of Lake Avenue between Detroit Avenue and Clifton Boulevard has been left out of the revitalization of the west side's lakefront. So far... MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2019/05/seeds-sprouts-early-intel-on-real.html
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    At a nuCLEus leasing meeting in the past week, Stark reportedly told those in attendance that he plans to break ground in July.
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    Cleaned it up a little bit. Submitting to the city this evening. If any of you have any ideas/suggestions, the deadline is tomorrow for the Lake Ave. masterplan. cleveland.mindmixer.com
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    From the perspective of a downtown resident, all retail loss hurts– we already have so little and so many empty retail spaces. It's really bad when the only convenient, useful places to shop downtown are CVS, Heniens and Constantinos. We need retail options. Food, beer and deodorant are great but I'd love to pop into a Target, Marshall's, J Crew, etc. all by walking down the street. Hopefully we can hit that 20,000 people living downtown mark soon so some of those places consider joining downtown.
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    But it blocks the view of the BP Building from CSU’s campus! I'm teasing. And I agree that it is one of the best looking buildings in town.
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    Creeping skyward as seen from 1111 Superior this morning ... pretty close to matching the Hanna building!
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    WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 2019 Seeds & Sprouts II - Early intel on real estate projects This is the second edition of Seeds & Sprouts - Early intelligence on Cleveland-area real estate projects. Because these projects are very early in their process of development or just a long-range plan, a lot can and probably will change their final shape, use and outcome. Flats West Bank: Nautica Waterfront District seeks Joint Venture On May 13, Nautica Entertainment LLC recorded with Cuyahoga County the issuance of $35 million in five-year notes from a line of credit it collateralized through Wilmington Trust, National Association. The debt was mortgaged against all of Nautica Entertainment's properties on the Flats West Bank. A portion of the financing could reportedly help build the first phase of an ambitious, high-end community on the West Bank. Most of the rest will help capitalize the firm's other interests. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2019/06/seeds-sprouts-ii-early-intel-on-real.html
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    Wait until you see what's popping in the Flats.... EDIT - although that equity was raised from in-deal assets, among others close by.
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    Franklin Circle is underway! After years of talk, rumors, and speculation with projects, it’s exciting to see ones come alive. Never gets old.
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    It is pretty amazing to think how far we’ve come... just a couple years ago these two projects being done was absolutely huge news on here. Now we have so much to monitor, including new construction, that we forget what a big deal this is! I won’t miss the cold, musty smell surrounding these buildings.
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    Some updates.... they blew out the fronts on two of the buildings!
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    Monday morning view of The Lumen from the 26th floor of 1111 Superior.
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    It's funny how people tried so hard to get away from it and then spend the rest of their lives reminiscing about the "good old days" when neighbors knew each other, everyone sat on their front porches, and you could walk down to the corner store and get a Coke. And then every year for vacation they visit dense cities and resort towns trying to recreate the magic. And then they send their kids to a dense college town and the kid remembers those years in that dense college town as the best years of their lives. And the cycle begins anew.
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    we started a little early. we close this week. onwards!
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    Here are a few drone shots from about a week ago.
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    One more cool view of Snavely Phase 3 (BTW, did anyone here yet report that Snavely is moving its offices from Chagrin Falls to this development?), which doesn't show the now-under construction Church & State development in the background. How much cooler will this scene look in a couple of years?? The density of this area is going to be tremendous and very vibrant....
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    i visited the new towpath mounds area along the nearly finished stage three of the towpath trail. Its opening whole new vistas of the Cleveland skyline and will be a valuable amenity for those who live along its path when it eventually reaches the lake. It will provide direct access to Cuyahoga National Park and beyond (to Cincinnati!) with endless biking and hiking for Tremont / Ohio city/ and downtown residences.
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    No, I'm told Geis has most if not all the financing already in place. Perhaps Geis has quietly pre-sold some units off-market.
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    Offshore windpower cost advantage comes from increasing the size of the turbines. Here is Siemens 10 MW turbines being installed in Europe without subsidy. Blade diameter is 193 m (~ 600 feet). That's almost 3x the power per turbine column than the LEEDCo planned 3.5 MW sizes. For context, installing 100 of these Siemens turbines would be about the same nameplate power capacity as the Perry Powerplant that our state government just tossed $150 million at today. https://cleantechnica.com/2019/04/15/siemens-gamesa-10-megawatt-turbine-set-for-worlds-first-zero-subsidy-offshore-wind-farm/
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