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    Stayed at the Residence Inn last night. Cool view from my room window:
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    ^I'll say it. In what world has Melania Trump done a "way better job" than Michelle Obama? I can't understand what that could possibly be based on.
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    Some new progress pics from this morning ....
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    Views from my Residence Inn hotel room window. Some interesting views not normally seen by us locals:
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    I liked the original design but maybe I’m in the minority lol. There are a couple of buildings in Toronto that look similar and I liked them in person.
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    I disagree. I think the window to new construction is just starting to open. The CBD's residential population is still very small in relation to the metro area population. It's not yet even 1 percent, although it probably will be by 2020. Most healthy metros have 2 percent or more in the CBD. The recent market analysis by Urban Partners says there's a market for 6,800 more homes downtown. That's another 20 Lumen-sized buildings. With Opportunity Zone financing and hopefully Transformational Tax Credit financing, there are more financial tools to make these developments happen.
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    The base lesson should be that giving tons of money and tax cuts to corporations doesn’t translate to more jobs or higher pay. It translates to stock buybacks and investor returns. Which is exactly what many on the left have been saying all along.
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    I’ve seen the same story posted across multiple platforms all roughly at the same time by conservatives. It’s almost as if you all get your media in the same places. Obama was criticized at length for his immigration policies, particularly during his first term. Even then, he didn’t campaign by maligning migrants as terrorists or send the military for political stunts. He didn’t hold endless rallies embracing extreme nationalism. He didn’t attack Dreamers or want to end birthright. He did not make it policy to separate children from family or focus on non-criminal undocumented. In no way are the two administrations honestly comparable, so you guys should really save your talking points for people who have no idea what’s going on- Trump supporters.
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    What a dumpster fire. None of this would happen if we had a coherent, functioning immigration system. Jesus. Let the asylum seekers properly apply and let them in the country until they get a hearing. This is all so stupid and unnecessary. The vast majority of illegal immigrants enter on a visitor visa and simply overstay. Everything happening at the border is political theater and it's frustrating to watch.
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    WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2018 Another big investment coming to Lakewood Over the past 30 years, Lakewood has lost more than 1,700 housing units, with only Cleveland, East Cleveland and Euclid losing more. The average age of its housing stock is the second-oldest in the county. At the same time, growing interest in traditional, walkable communities has made Lakewood a hot real estate commodity. It's why Lakewood had the highest property value rate of increase, 22.5 percent, among all Cuyahoga County communities in 2018. So, to say that real estate investors are interested in Lakewood is an understatement. That includes everyone from real estate corporations to mom-and-pop renovation companies converting duplexes into luxury single-family houses to people simply trying to outbid each other for their next home. Furthermore, the biggest, most underutilized properties are highly sought after. Those that often fall into that category are former car dealerships whose automotive operations have left for outer-suburban highway interchanges. The next one is about to fall. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2018/11/another-big-investment-coming-to.html
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    I'll go on record and say this... AOC has a fundamental misunderstanding of our economic system as a whole, and has a simplified plan for a wildly complex problem. I think her policy position, as espoused thus far, are unworkable and more of a vote grab than a serious answer. I think she loves to espouse the ideals of equality while also enjoying the perks of capitalism a bit too much. (Which is normally fine with me unless you find capitalism to be an "evil") Having said that, she is NOT a buffoon. She won a Congressional election by going door to door asking for support against a fixture in the Democratic party. That's why I love America. None of us sitting on this board behind our keyboards have accomplished such a feat, especially at such a young age. That's to be admired. The fact that I think she will have an underwhelming congressional career shouldn't be an indictment on her intellect, or her as a person.
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    A better description of social democracy is "moral capitalism" or perhaps it is a companion to it since one is a political system and the other an economic system. Then again, some believe moral capitalism is a contradiction in terms... ++++++ ‘‘His is a country of bitter rivalry between fellow citizens, forced to endlessly spar over the scraps of our system,’’ Kennedy said Monday before a regional business association in Boston. ‘‘My wages can’t grow unless your food stamps go. Your medical bills can’t fall unless my insurance gets taken way. So Americans spend their days fighting each other over economic crumbs - while our system quietly hand delivers the entire pie to those at the top.” Joe Kennedy says Democrats should embrace ‘moral capitalism’ https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2018/11/28/joe-kennedy-says-democrats-should-embrace-moral-capitalism/KLx9TptSdoMpallXxfYjON/story.html
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    ^ Hm, @Gramarye you seem to be completely unaware of your own biases. You take the most extreme viewpoints of the left and take those as the official platform to come up with your ideas for what is and isn't PC. I think a lot of progressive people think Israel has a right to exist and protect itself, while simultaneously acknowledging that they often treat Palestinians like garbage, and are largely held unaccountable for their own violations of civil and territorial rights. I think a large portion of the conservative outrage over PC stuff stems from a 'boogeyman' perception of progressive positions. I'm sure there are some people who think of the Israel/Palestine dynamic in the way you describe, but it's not universal or even the normal position. It's like you take the most extreme positions you can find, and extrapolate those to be representative of mainstream positions, so you feel justified in fighting against them. It's more a reflection of your own perceptions and insecurities than anything else.
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    If we’re so vein and self-absorbed that we’d rather something as significant as this not get built because we don’t like its design, then shame on us
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    Its very soon everyone. HUD closing was delayed a bit but should be happening today. Mobilization should occur in the next couple weeks.
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    When growing up my parents used to take me to city council meetings. I used to think that people couldn't get more uncivil than what I saw these functions...then along came social media!
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    Based on my ear to the ground gathering... people in city government have already seen the renderings - and I've heard it will be an unusual building for Downtown simply by the fact that it will include balconies.
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    "all out assault"= A few migrants with rocks against the US military. Know your audience, Ram. This ignorant crap doesn't play well here. Try Stormfront. Or Trump's twitter feed.
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    Just a note that Steve King is not out of Congress. He was re-elected with 50.3% of the vote in the general election and 74.7% of the vote in the GOP primary. The problem with your analogy is that it is comparing two different things. Most Dems lean left, some more than others. The fact that AOC is farther left than Tim Kaine is not surprising and it would be pretty silly for Tim Kaine to denounce her for her views. There's nothing abhorrent about them and she is representing her constituents. On the other hand, Steve King is abhorrent and every GOP official who doesn't denounce him and his ideology is implicitly guilty of helping to perpetuate his white supremacist agenda. So again it comes down to: Extremists on the left want everyone to be educated and healthy. Extremists on the right want an ethno-nationalist state and to "secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" by any means necessary.
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    The GOP doesn't really represent an ideology or a set of policies anymore. It's a white male identity politics party. Why would we be surprised that it's incoming class of Representatives is 90% white male?
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    Please clarify your stance on higher education degrees. I thought you said that higher education degrees don't necessarily equate to how smart a person is. Now you're saying dumb people can't possibly earn an advanced degree from Carnegie Mellon.
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    I stated this before but it was on the day when everything got deleted. Also extremely encouraging in the albeit preliminary report is that employment is up 19k YOY and the labor force is up 17k. If these numbers hold over several months and do not get revised, I believe they are signs of population growth.
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