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    MONDAY, JANUARY 27, 2020 Sherwin-Williams seeks Bedrock site for R&D It seems that Sherwin-Williams' (SHW) new research and development (R&D) facility may not wander far from home after all, according to three high-level sources who asked not to be identified. In light of SHW executives wanting the new R&D facility to be built as close as possible to their company's new headquarters (HQ), the global coatings giant is reportedly in negotiations with Bedrock Cleveland and its lawyers at Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP to secure land for its R&D site. That site, which SHW had previously considered as the runner-up for its expanded and consolidated HQ facilities, is located between Tower City Center and the Cuyahoga River. It was previously considered for Bedrock's phase two casino but Bedrock has since been exiting the casino business. There, on 19.6 acres of land it owns, Bedrock plans to build the riverfront phase of its CityBlock development featuring a mix of offices, a hotel, apartment towers and possibly SHW's R&D facility. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/01/a-conceptual-massing-of-bedrocks.html
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    I was born in cleveland. Since I left I used to go to the local library and read the cleveland plain dealer. Mos t of my relatives back home in cleveland used to say that I knew more of what was happening than they did. I this forum really lets us know what is going on in our home town. I want to thank you all for having this site.
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    MONDAY, JANUARY 20, 2020 Return of the Roaring 20s: downtown Cleveland development Entering the 2020s, early as next year and likely continuing for at least several more years, it's looking more likely that downtown Cleveland will have as many skyscrapers under construction simultaneously as were built in the entire decade prior. Of course, this depends on the local and national economies. It's a return of the Roaring Twenties for Cleveland. Nearly a dozen skyscrapers are planned downtown, along with several more buildings in the 10-19 stories range, and a handful of shorter new buildings. Unfortunately, not all of them are going to happen. Even the most well-thought-out plans go awry for the craziest of unanticipated reasons. Some of these are early on in their planning but already have some meaningful financial backing. MORE https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/01/return-of-roaring-20s-downtown.html
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    MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2020 Sherwin-Williams' HQ search is over (& probably its R&D search, too) More signs are pointing to Sherwin-Williams (SHW) getting close to announcing the sites for its new headquarters plus research and development facilities (HQ+R&D). At stake are up to 6,000 jobs in direct employment and many thousands more in spin-off/support jobs. Two sources say the sites could be announced this week. Other sources, some of them high-level, have gone into shut-down mode in the past week, either refusing to say anything because SHW is clamping down on leaks to this blog or because their flow of information has stopped. Unfortunately, SHW still isn't saying much publicly. CEO John Morikis briefly addressed the HQ+R&D subject during his company's fourth-quarter 2019 earnings conference call with Wall Street analysts Jan. 30. "We expect capital expenditures to be approximately $320 million, which is about 1.7 percent of anticipated sales. Note that this estimate does not include any expenditure related to our previously announced headquarters and R&D center project. We expect to provide you with an update on this project in the near future," he said. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/02/sherwin-williams-hq-search-is-over.html
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    And the last row of glass has begun
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    The new entrance is open but not fully activated. Looks nice!
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    Below are photos I took today, shortly before they jumped the crane -- probably for the last time. The 10th floor has been poured on State with the 11th floor pour coming in a couple of weeks. I'll have an article on Church+State with many more photos later this week. Thanks to Mike Panzica and Graham Veysey for the information and the tour!
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    Standing tall and mighty in the setting sun.
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    Fine. Here it is. I'm going to bed now!! MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2020 nuCLEus still lurks among many downtown projects In two years, construction may be underway in downtown Cleveland for as many as a half-dozen towers. And that doesn't count all that are in pre-development. If you did, there would be at least 13 towers under consideration. Starting this summer, construction is due to start on the City Club Apartments, followed by the new Sherwin-Williams headquarters, a probable Justice Center Courthouse tower and as many as three more towers that have yet to be announced but are in pre-development with significant financial backing. And that doesn't count major renovation projects that could also be occurring in the next year or two like the 21-story Union Trust Building to be renovated as The Centennial, the 22-story 55 Public Square, 16-story Rockefeller Building and 11-story Baker Building. All are subject to pending renovations and/or possible sales. Lurking in the shadows of the half-dozen new-construction, potentially imminent towers are a pair of proposed buildings. Many people aren't talking about these two proposed 24-story towers anymore. They are the towers in Stark Enterprises' and J-Dek Ltd.'s nuCLEus development. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/02/nucleus-still-lurks-among-many-downtown.html
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    FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2020 Ohio City's Church+State rising to be a Hingetown hub After a first few minutes of talking with Graham Veysey, it's apparent that he appreciates cities and their primary purpose of causing personal interaction. In his businesses and neighborhood initiatives focused on the Hingetown section of Ohio City, he has attempted to spur more and different ways for people to interact. Promoting opportunities for interaction abound in the design and construction of his latest and largest real estate development: Church + State. The $60 million real estate investment is a partnership among Grammar Properties, Hemingway Development of Cleveland, Cedar Street Development of Chicago and Turner Construction. It is located near the intersection of Church Avenue and West 29th Street. West 29th was State Street before 1906 when Cleveland's north-south streets were given numerical names. Grammar Properties is a partnership of its own, between Veysey and his architect wife Marika Shioiri-Clark. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/02/ohio-citys-churchstate-rising-to-be.html
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    All the more reason why we need many, many more big buildings like Intro with lots of residents, jobs and ground-floor uses clustered around the rail stations. Put 3-5 of these around at least half of the Red Line stations, all of the Green/Blue line stations west of Shaker Square, and at the eastern termini of the Blue/Green lines and watch the Rapid ridership boom.
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    My contribution to the Lumen Love fest.
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    We can have a friendly conversation about the design of the City Club Apartments - I happen to like it and think it’s a breath of fresh air for Cleveland. But aside from its design, I bet we can agree that one of the most underserved demographics downtown are those youngest apartment dwellers -just-out-of-School (or not in school), trying to get established and wanting to be in the city -not in their parents’ suburbs. They don’t need much of their own space to hang out in because they’ll be going out Living the life a lot - And they also have a little more money to spend than I did at that point. And if their new building has cool amenities, like a rooftop pool, first class doggy daycare and a funky modern vibe in a real neighborhood where they can get a nice studio or “nano” apartment - that’s gonna be a very successful formula. . The Channel 19 video did a good job of illustrating those points and how the City Club Apartments will be marketing themselves. The presence of this demographic downtown is going to have a very positive domino effect for many businesses and the general pedestrian energy at street level. This is a different group than their neighbors in the Beacon or in the Lumen, but a very important piece in continuing the narrative of Cleveland as an increasingly dynamic city. It’s an excellent strategy by the City Club Apartments and Im hoping that this project becomes a hot destination for those youngest urban professionals of every stripe. .
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    Ah Ichabod, it was nice knowing you - send some friends our way soon
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    It is interesting how much information we have been getting lately from forum members over hearing conversations in downtown office building elevators. Maybe we should have a sign up sheet for scheduled times each member of the forum has to ride an elevator up and down in an assigned building.
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    The exterior lighting and ground floor signage for the May Co are on the Landmarks Commission agenda this week: http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/landmark/agenda/2020/01232020/index.php
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    Oh well! Brecksville, Independence, Solon, Middleburg Heights, Beachwood, Mayfield Heights, Parma, etc., etc., etc., have been taking from the City of Cleveland for over a century (water, population, electricity, corporations, jobs, financial resources, religious institutions, taxes, etc.), providing little to nothing in return. They've crippled the City, almost draining it dry. It's time to turn the tables.
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    Yes @ASPhotoman. I posted that first rendering in a tweet about the TMUD tax credit. Here are a few more....
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    BOOM (aka future megaprojects!) FRIDAY, JANUARY 17, 2020 Two new jobs that could change Cleveland's landscape forever The creation of two jobs can change a region in a significant way. Cases in point are two medically related positions -- one that was just filled and the other that was recently advertised. Yesterday, Cleveland State University (CSU) hired a new employee that will probably be a game changer for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. It could ultimately lead to thousands of new jobs. Yes, thousands. And, weeks ago, Canon Medical Research USA Inc. posted a job listing for a new position at its Cleveland-area offices -- director, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) research and development (R&D). It could also lead to thousands of new jobs in the future. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/01/two-new-jobs-that-could-change.html
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    I have just been perusing this thread this morning and it kind of hit me. This is going to sound like MR. OBVIOUS and I know we are all pretty much thinking the same, but I don't think anybody has actually come out and said it. In a 5-6 year period Cleveland will lose 4 surface lots, two of which are huge, in our prime business district (Play House Square lot, Krenzler lot and Weston and Jacobs) which have languished for years/decades. This is pretty remarkable for our city. You know, this is kind of exciting.
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    Sherwin-Williams HQ Is Not Coming To DFW https://www.bisnow.com/dallas-ft-worth/news/office/sherwin-williams-hq-is-not-coming-to-dfw-102880#ath
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    Think about this... The day that The Beacon started construction in 2017 to some unknown point in the 2020s, there will have been a continuous and sometimes overlapping string of 20+ story buildings under construction in downtown Cleveland. This assumes that the City Club Apartments start construction late this summer, before the Lumen stops construction. Then the new Sherwin-Williams HQ starts construction, and some other planned buildings out there....
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    Here are updates from just now ... from the 26th floor of 1111 Superior.
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    And some of the front fascades, it's limiting my upload, so I'll add the other two later
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    Knez has really been doing some great infill projects. This corner was a gas station/corner store if I’m not mistaken. 52nd and Franklin.
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    Harbor Bay's Market Square is next. Assuming no hiccups, it is due to start in March. City Club is likely next, due by the end of summer. There's a couple of mid-rise projects percolating downtown but I don't have start dates on them yet. Plus, I think that we'll see SHW start in early 2021 but several as-yet unannounced high-rises could start right around the same time. And one of them -- if it happens -- is coming as a direct result of SHW's growth and consolidation here.
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    The sidewalks on Detroit need to be widened. In fact, with all the new construction the street needs a total new rebuild with a better street scape.
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    Brecksville, DiGeronimo fine-tune big development plan Brecksville Mayor Jerry Hruby in an email said he is in discussions with "several companies" for possible investments in the suburb 13 miles south of downtown Cleveland, but that Sherwin-Williams is not among them. Asked if he was in talks with representatives of Sherwin-Williams or others working on its behalf in that site-selection process, Hruby wrote in a follow-up email, "If you can not accept my previous answer, I am sorry." https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/brecksville-digeronimo-fine-tune-big-development-plan
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    Yes, I'm actually quoting my own tweet because I'm too lazy to upload my own oversized photo....
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    3026 Scranton, an old ~15k sq ft commercial building is being redeveloped into apartments. Not much info about specifics yet but estimating 12-16 units.
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    @metrocity redirected here... I'm told Cedar Street Properties may not be done with Cleveland when they're done with Church+State. Word is they're looking for projects and possibly partners for developing in downtown or nearby. A one-source rumor is that they want to build a high-rise downtown.
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    What I’m really hoping for is a mix of retail in these spaces, spanning from Lululemon / Apple kind of stores to local artisans, etc. I REALLY think a high occupancy rate of quality tenants there will help develop 25th south of Lorain into a shopping destination, rather than “yeah there’s a few cool shops there”
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    Probably meaningless, but I noticed this exchange on Twitter.
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    Yes, you should be. If it comes through as awesome as it sounds, the WHD is going to be a very different place in 3-5 years.
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    My sources say that SW plans for Weston lots have been downgraded to a one-story retail paint store with 2k surface parking spots.
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    Obviously things need to play out more and a new HQ being built downtown is better than the opposite or a company leaving. That being said, after seeing that press release, seeing that potentially we wont see the Minneapolis team come here like we first thought, the new HQ space not being bigger than what they already have, a rumor of NO SKYSCRAPER, potentially not building on the Jacobs lot and the whole Brecksville thing, I can't help but feel underwhelmed.
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    Some drilling work being done today at the NE corner of Detroit and 25th. This is the county site that will be a mid-rise apartment tower, correct?
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    Try being an active passenger rail advocate in Ohio as I have since 1983....
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    Cleveland keeps an HQ, is set to lose its biggest downtown parking crater, sets itself up for much bigger things as a result of this announcement, and people around here sound glum because an R&D facility is going to a Cuyahoga County suburb. You guys sound like the dude who complains about having to pay a ton of tax because he just won the lottery. There's some great things happening in the Superior Arts and more is coming, be it housing, offices or a nice mix of both.
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    THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2020 An analysis of Sherwin-Williams' HQ news: it's just the beginning Up in the 90-year-old Landmark Building, where Sherwin-Williams' (SHW) headquarters has been growing and expanding for the duration of that Art Deco beauty's lifetime, the employees' response to The Big News appeared to be less than big. "There seems to be little to no reaction here today," said an employee in SHW's Performance Coatings Group (PCG). "I can tell you one thing, no one is throwing a party or jumping for joy." And that seems to be the same reaction to SHW's HQ announcement today across social media or among the urbanistas on the forum at UrbanOhio. It was also my reaction -- at first. To some, SHW's proposal appears timid. To me, it is intentionally incomplete. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/02/an-analysis-of-sherwin-williams-hq-news.html
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    At this point, this thread might as well stay locked until renderings are made public.
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