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    Next time, liquor-up that guy! EDIT: he won't need to. I just found out some of the gory details. Article coming, along with renderings (hopefully!).
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    I don't think it is immediately obvious to most people how much redevelopment has occurred in downtown Cleveland. New is nice to have, but I look at so many cities with brand new development, while their older, historic buildings continue to deteriorate. Most of the historical buildings in Cleveland have already been, or are in the process of being rehabilitated. How refreshing it will be to see newly rehabilitated alongside new development. Now we need to work on jobs that provide living wages and the east-side neighborhoods.
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    I certainly hope that the City is not considering placing the new Justice Center on the Jacob's lot. PS and the community deserve a more iconic use of that space.
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    Oh man, 2020 looks like its going to be an amazing year! The Franklinton Commission packet has Casto proposing a 12 story second phase for the River & Rich development! Looks like they are planning to develop west of the recently completed Phase I, this is the glass lot that sits between River & Rich and Dodge park. QUICK FACTS - 48,000 SQ/FT of Office - 304 Residential Units, 20 "Affordable" Units - 397 space 3 story Garage (will help support a Phase II & future phases) I think we may be starting to see the beginning stages of a development boom in Columbus, the recent string of proposals/announcements are incredibly exciting to see! More details in the meeting materials link below https://columbusohdev.app.box.com/s/2dpi2iu88meq1li5nmpqw91f3aklwd54
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    To me, what looks out of place is this giant parking crater in the middle of our urban core (and the giant parking garage directly across the street from this lot). Build these apartments and make room for humans instead of vehicles!
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    Redirected from the Cleveland Athletic Club thread.... @Htsguy While I don't have renderings, I do have a tentative groundbreaking timeframe -- first quarter of 2020.
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    build it in the flats. make the lawyers walk up and down into town. sweaty lawyers! cle will have the fittest lawyers in the world lol.
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    WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2019 Rebuilding Cleveland's CBD office supply A decaying, aging hulk of a building in or near downtown today could be tomorrow's next premier, Class A office space. Why? Because that's the most economical way that new office space can be added to Cleveland's Central Business District (CBD). Absent a sudden jump in rents, new public subsidies or a large company pursuing a new building for itself, adding new CBD office space has proven to be extremely difficult. For those reasons, groundbreakings for two new-construction speculative office towers have been postponed indefinitely -- a 24-story high-rise at nuCLEus and a 10-story mid-rise at Market Square in Ohio City. Developers of both projects sought to create or tap unusual public financing mechanisms that have failed to materialize so far. The reason public financing is needed is because Class A office rents of $23.75 per square foot in Cleveland's CBD don't come close to covering the cost of construction. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2019/10/rebuilding-clevelands-cbd-office-supply.html
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    To a certain extent, whether SHW builds a skyscraper or several smaller buildings may be less important than what they do at the ground floor. Is there any publicly accessible retail or services or is it all closed off just for their employees? Even if it's not publicly accessible, will it have visible activity or just be relatively blank walls? I'd imagine a lot will be inaccessible, so if they did take the whole super block, it'd be pretty dead at night. So, in the end I'd probably prefer a middle ground - not a single super tall which tends to limit activity on the street, but not many many low rise buildings with lots of blank walls either. Ultimately, and this probably guess without saying, the design will be important regardless of the form.
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    More lakefront related, less development related.......Recently learned via an email that Pace has an idea to create a beach along the end of the e.9 pier. This would require a jetty, most likely, even though its inside the break wall. He had initially planned a floating fresh water pool, which i think was based on an implementation in Europe. He has ambitious plans to clean the water using an updated vesion of a Living Machine. I sincerely hope he can figure it out. Ice skating inside the break wall in winter would be another attractant to our Great Lake. Cleveland needs and deserves a stronger connection to its Great Lake. More places to touch and experience the water downtown would be fantastic. DId you know that we’ve destroyed 95% of lake-shore wetlands in the last 50+ years? Wetlands can be thought of as the kidneys of the watershed ecology. They filter and clean water while providing habitat for myriad plant and animal Species.
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    While I know that it's probably not enough, most of these new housing developments that are accepting Opportunity Zone funding are being required by the city to set aside a percentage of units for affordable housing. What's good about that is that disperses low-income residents rather than concentrate them in economic dead zones. Because they are living among people with some disposable income, it probably means that there are going to be some stores, restaurants, services, etc nearby for them to use and be employed by.
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    No, the project isn't dead. Yes, Cleveland media sucks, with a few exceptions. No, a 500+ foot tall tower doesn't make sense when there's 60 acres of surface parking lots in/next to the central business district and more public subsidies are needed with more height. Yes, many if them have plans for buildings on them. And, yes, I anticipate that maybe half of them will get built, especially the smaller stuff that needs conventional subsidies.
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    https://www.cleveland.com/galleries/FYAQZJX35NE6VHK633P6VEQPOI/ A pictorial look at the interior renovations done to the former Quicken Loans Arena.
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    Morning photo updated for you all, looks like framing is going up pretty quickly.
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    When these are done, Euclid is really going to be something special. And the Centennial is the icing on the cake. So excited.
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    Does anyone recall the Guvnor's Pub, that used to be on the lower level of the East Ninth side of the building? My dining room fixture is said to have been from there, and I haven't found any useful photos of the restaurant's interior.
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    Great story from my favorite news outlet.
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    https://www.cleveland.com/opinion/2019/09/sherwin-williams-hq-decision-and-money-for-cleveland-lead-safe-efforts-are-separate-issues.html Interesting editorial on Sherwin by PD. That having said, I honestly cannot get over just what a toxic, pessimistic cesspool the comments section of online newspapers have become but clevleland.com in particular. I would like to know who these miserable people are and who hurt them. It is so so tiring.
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    How was the developer promising that all of the office jobs would be "new to the region" if they hadn't identified all the tenants?
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    How could anyone know the accuracy of odds about something that hasn't happened yet? Even SHW's CEO doesn't know because he hasn't gotten the proposals back yet. Patience, because we have no other choice.
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    Love the way the sun shines on the buildings as they peer over the tree. Phenomenal picture.
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    That wall of new windows along all of those buildings is going to look very very nice. It will change the whole vibe of that area.
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    Exactly, it effects very few home owners, and those on university who have garages facing the street will still have access. I’m so glad this is finally starting
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    Latest piece of news I could find. https://www.cleveland.com/open/2019/09/lake-erie-wind-farm-back-on-track-after-fee-paid.html
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    We've got some renderings of the streets that are being rebuilt soon in Downtown Youngstown: Commerce Street: I'm a little disappointed that Commerce Street won't have bike lanes but oh well. It is still a major improvement. Federal Street: I wasn't sure what their plans were for Federal Street but I'm excited to see this! Basically it looks like they will be extending the median in the center of the road all the way to the intersections, adding green space, and replacing the diagonal parking with parallel parking. I'm not sure Federal necessarily needed this improvement as much as others streets, but it sure will make it look great and will hopefully help the businesses on it! I wonder if they are going to do something like this on East Federal as well. Rayen Street: Finally, bike lanes! Youngstown as a whole has a grand total of zero bike lanes so I hope they at least stick to the few they have planned for the future (Rayen, Fifth, and Front). I'm glad they're rebuilding Rayen because it will help bridge the gap between YSU and Downtown. Rayen is currently four lanes with people speeding through it like a superhighway. It's always an adventure to cross it... But if Rayen is improved, it will make going between YSU and Downtown much less stressful. Front Street: Front Street will be the first street they work on (after Fifth). As we know it goes in front of the amphitheater, so hopefully this could help support that and maybe bring in more development (I'd love to see mixed use/apartment development in the many parking lots there even though that's a big thing to ask for!). But this street will be reduced from five lanes to three lanes with protected two-way bike lanes.
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    Look, I personally have some issues with the final design but not enough to write off the whole project. My reasoning, I have never seen a project that I didn't have some issue with on one level or another. Wether it be the design, materials, parking, or lighting, there is always something I think could be improved, hell I even feel this way about the new Crew Stadium which I love. Based on that perspective, I do still think this one overall is a good damn project. No project will ever be perfect because personal taste; North Market tower lost height but gained square footage, Gravity II lost the exo-skeleton but gained more units, Parks Edge could have been 20 floors... every project has flaws but that doesn't make them bad or with throwing out... and this isn't exclusive to Columbus. Anyway, I just wanted to call out that I believe the renders above are just architectural renders, like bare minimum to show the structure but not any actual details in terms pedestrian features. Below are some spruced up renders that I think show a bit more what they have planned vs bare concrete.
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    For some reason this solution escaped me - I thought of the water taxi as it exists today and how it underserves its potential. Leveraging the waterway really opens up much more potential than a fixed connection between one side of the river versus another. Having multiple maritime connections is especially great (Gordon park really escapes people, particularly with the highway bisecting it)! I love the Chicago comparison for the potential this has. Frequency and seasonality are the main concerns I would have, along with being well-promoted and known between locals and tourists alike, not to mention those pouring into E-9th/Voinovich park to see the RRHOF with little other idea of what to expect...
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    for all the youngsters, this is a page of Cleveland TV listings from nearly fifty years ago: Dec. 15, 1970--
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    Although he is not talking about nuCLEus in this blog from Ezra Stark, you know he is talking about nuCLEus... https://www.starkenterprises.com/a-bird-in-the-hand/
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    A firm on SHW's behalf solicited proposals from the two national construction management firms for more than one downtown Cleveland site, and ONLY for downtown Cleveland sites. Considering these firms are national and that this agent, working on behalf of SHW, was initiating the RFQ, that should tell you something. If SHW or its agent was initiating a search for sites outside Cleveland, I would know it. However.... there is a real possibility that property owners/developers from outside Northeast Ohio have independently reached out to SHW, just as DiGeronimo has for its Brecksville site. The only reason why I knew about DiGeronimo is because one of their executives flat-out told me so over lunch. Unfortunately, I haven't had lunch (or breakfast, or drinks, etc.) with anyone representing a property/development firm from outside of Greater Cleveland so I know if any of them have submitted unsolicited proposals to SHW.
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    One of the many great things about living in Columbus is that our friends in Cleveland and Cincinnati are both 2 hours or less away! I just came back fr a weekend Cleveland trip and it was lovely. This is on top of being on Cincinnati less than a month ago as well. I love seeing all three cities grow and change, and I wish the same for Ohio's other great cities that DON'T begin with a C
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    Paint Giant Sherwin Williams Eyeing Atlanta For HQ Relocation Atlanta Office October 15, 2019 Jarred Schenke, Bisnow Atlanta Atlanta is in the running to lure the headquarters of a global Fortune 500 company. Cleveland-based Sherwin Williams has eyed Atlanta as a possible relocation destination for its headquarters and research and development operations, a source familiar with the search tells Bisnow. It is a move that could potentially add up to 2,000 new jobs to the metro area. “I think the early favorites here, based on everything I heard, is Atlanta, Dallas and Charlotte,” The Boyd Co. principal John Boyd said. Boyd is a noted site selection consultant for private companies, although he is not working directly with Sherwin Williams in its hunt. Sherwin Williams officials were in the Metro Atlanta area earlier this year scouting sites, a source said, but it is unclear where their search took them. https://www.bisnow.com/atlanta/news/office/paint-giant-sherwin-williams-eyeing-atlanta-for-hq-relocation-101291
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    It's superior to the previous proposal for sure. Is it perfect? Not by a long shot. Is it a solid foundation to help catalyze further development around it? Heck yeah. While this initial phase isn't the Thunderbird we all got excited about with the original marketing hype, I'm very confident that it will help lead to a cool, walkable neighborhood. This site has lots of potential, and it's important to keep in mind that this is just one step to help us get there.
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    Agree and disagree - Looking from angles such as 490 Bridge and Tremont - the Rhodes Tower looks like an afterthought to downtown, like a tower that is kind of sort of involved in the skyline. Lumen extends a hand to Rhodes Tower, if you will, that will make it look more a part of downtown instead of on an island
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    A few more pics courtesy of Eagleview, current as of March of this year. @KJP , as always, great reporting!
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    It is too bad that has no commercial component on the first floor/mix of uses. That is a good corner for that.
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    Agreed. The fact that one of the commissioners is rejecting a project height that adheres to the existing zoning because they just don't like the height is ridiculous. When you're facing that level of totally unreasonable NIMBYism, it's time to go around them altogether. It's what I wish the developer with the 2nd and High project would've done instead of backing down to the "but muh sunshine" people. I understand some pushback when developers aren't trying to work with the neighborhood, but this is just one of those times when irrational opposition has stopped all constructive dialogue.
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    The Broadway and East 55th intersection will be one of the coolest parts of the city in 10 years.
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    I find it interesting that the many posters who find it unlikely that SW will move can provide a laundry list of rational reasons why a move of this nature is unlikely (for SW or any company of this size in any city) while those who claim a move is likely can only offer that if some unknown entity in some unknown state offers them enough money it will happen because this is Cleveland.
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    Beer Garden & Food Truck ground breaking and demo coming soon to Edwards & Detroit avenues in Lakewood! Photo by Benjamin John.
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    ^We have our names down to be contacted when leasing starts and fully intend to move into a 2 or 3 bedroom unit.
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    I'm not sophisticated enough to link it, but @Cleburger posted this in the Port Authority thread: It's building steam! 29 cruise ships will dock at Port of Cleveland in 2019 https://www.cleveland.com/news/2019/03/cruise-ships-coming-to-cle.html?fbclid=IwAR3Le00084UB_QpATn3Ze2RqIgZWiP4Jni017Tl06O6EbVKB8dS9wBNP9-A
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    Agreed, I love it. Especially in playhouse. Also emailed them. Model unit done in March 2020 with pre-leasing. Move ins start June 2020.
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    And while I'm dreaming....some more random ideas.... The Municipal Light Building owners have mentioned the smokestack on their building will eventually serve as a "branding opportunity" for one of their tenants. 2019 Dispatch story about Municipal Light Building I say the Crew should offer them something more to have that opportunity for themselves. Put CREW up there in big letters (maybe an old typeface to pay homage to the buildings history/era)...and at night illuminate it yellow! It would make for a great, highly visible, Crew-centric landmark for the neighborhood. The second phase of redevelopment at the Municipal Light Building will be the newer, mid century looking building. They say it will have a rooftop deck overlooking the stadium or towards the stadium at least. I think this would be an awesome place for a huge brewery. I also think where Nationwide Blvd passes under the railroads as you head west out of the Arena District and into "Confluence Village".....would be an awesome place for Crew themed murals. I would also illuminate this yellow at night! Okay I'll stop ranting now!
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    And that’s fine. This is Detroit/Madison/Lorain through the neighborhoods. Just solid concrete for miles. Looks like sh*t. And we all know how good concrete looks when it ages. It can’t be a cost issue. Concrete is expensive. Just lazy, not giving a sh*t city management. Its one thing ive noticed in my travels internationally. We always crave that big ticket project to make everything better. When in reality, if we just took care of what we have, pay attention to detail, things would improve dramatically. But city leaders don’t give a damn here. This city is moving forward in spite of leadership. Imagine if we had people in charge that weren’t just going through the motions, cause that’s all they’re doing. End Rant.
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