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    Being at the office on Saturday ain’t always bad!
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    From yesterday — work on the entrance continues.
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    You have a right to your own opinion but not to your own facts. Read the report or at least the presentation. Renovating the existing Justice Center is the most expensive option and will take decades to accomplish due to the sequencing required.
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    The work you’ve put into this is incredible @KJP Thanks for sharing it with all of us here. As I said before- this has been the most exciting and fun project to track on this board in all of my 12 years on UO. The public announcement will be something to see after all these months of speculation!
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    My own meager contribution.... TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2019 Fortune 500 company HQ is coming to downtown Cleveland In case you missed the major-league news, and if you rely on Cleveland local news media you probably did, but another Fortune 500 company will establish its corporate headquarters in downtown Cleveland. Today, Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. announced it will be acquiring AK Steel Holding Corp. for $1.1 billion in an all-stock deal. In terms of revenues, the minnow just swallowed the whale. Cliffs generated about $2.12 billion in net revenue in 2018 whereas AK generated $6.08 billion. At total net revenues of $8.2 billion in 2018, the combined company would have ranked as the 350th-largest company in the United States. Among Northeast Ohio firms, that would put the combined company between No. 256 Parker-Hannifin and No. 383 J.M. Smucker. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2019/12/fortune-500-company-hq-is-coming-to.html
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    Placing this under Brewery District because it falls under the Brewery District Commission but please move if there is a better thread. Looks like a North Carolina developer is teaming up with NBBJ and CSX to propose a 4-phase development in a rather unique piece of land on the edge of the Brewery District. The CU article goes into how the project is aiming to be built out in 10-15 years across 4 phases with office, residential, commercial, and parking. Phase 1 would include a 7 story and a 12 story structure containing 350+ apartments. Future phases and a massing provided to the BDC show the possibility of the site supporting up to a 30 story building (probably targeting skyline, river, and park views). The article is linked below. https://www.columbusunderground.com/large-development-proposed-for-whittier-peninsula-bw1 While I am shocked by the scale of the proposal, there have been multiple engineering and permits working their way through the system for weeks now regarding the site. The NC developer has a heavy portfolio in the Triangle and seems to be growing their urban portfolio in recent years with a highrise proposal in Downtown Raleigh. Anyway, the continuation of outside developers taking leaps into the market is a good sign.
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    Architect Tom Vecchione on Reality TV Stardom, 30 Years at Gensler and Moving to Vocon “Since starting at Vocon in September, Vecchione has helped spearhead the master-planning effort for a 350,000-square-foot former train station in Downtown Cleveland called Tower City Center from his perch in the New York office. The $110 million renovation will include new corporate office space, coworking areas, cafes and a new public plaza, in addition to Tower City’s existing shopping complex and light rail station. Bedrock Detroit, Dan Gilbert’s real estate company, purchased the property in 2016 and is funding much of the renovation. Vecchione, who has family in Cleveland, sees the development as an opportunity to help reshape the city’s sleepy downtown. “Cleveland has an amazing evolution right now of young people moving downtown,” he explained. “It’s got tons of apartments, and it’s turning into a bit of a lifestyle center. But we gotta keep the jobs there and we gotta keep the businesses there to turn it from an eight-hour city into a 15-hour city.” https://commercialobserver.com/2019/11/tom-vecchione-architect-gensler-vocon/
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    color or black and white are pretty much the same this time of year
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    In the vein of the "ten year challenge" thing that's going around the interwebs, I dug up a few pics from back in November 2009.
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    glass behind glass doesn't happen too often in this town. I think this is a positive development and would like to see more.
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    I saw this quote a few pages back, I think it may be from one of @KJP articles, but this thread was locked before I could respond. While I do see the reasoning behind it, and im not saying its wrong, i think it is important to note that "Groundwater removal" has been used in construction of very large buildings that do require caissons. I believe both The Aqua Tower in Chicago (82FLs and 859' tall) and The Millenium in San Francisco (58FLs and 645' tall) had "Groundwater removal" prefourmed on the projects. This should give hope to all those who are dreaming of a iconic tower on the Jacobs lot!
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    From my walk today in Barn Ct.
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    More drilling rigs in the north Weston lots today. Was riding by on the 55 and couldn't get my camera out fast enough.
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    the 20,000 threshold and goal for 2020 is close to being met. Per the Q3 report (link below), we are now at 18,800+ residents. With over 1,200 units under construction, Cleveland should meet its goal in 2020. I wonder what the next goal will be? https://www.downtowncleveland.com/DCA/media/DCA_Media/2019-Q3-REPORT.pdf
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    Can they just announce that they’re staying here already and put this stuff to bed?!
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    The McGown posted new renderings on their FB page ( https://www.facebook.com/themcgown/ ) - looks like they lost a floor. Still looks good though!
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    Just want to point out the redirect KJP took there. Teaching us all a quote trick instead of responding to the Canon question. Touché sir.
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    Some Cleveland aspirational plans I’ve never seen before focusing on a once-planned, domed Indians stadium. These are from the book Gateway: Blueprint of the Future. This was published by Gateway Press in 1994.
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    Some positive Ohio press..... Reporting an outlook of 33%, Columbus has earned the distinction of being the No. 1 metro area for hiring in the Midwest and No. 2 in the nation. Some 18% of the population works in professional and business services, making that the most popular sector for employment in the city. A hub for small and big businesses alike, the Accelerate Columbus and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Initiative programs have cultivated an entrepreneurial environment, one that has landed Columbus among the Kauffman Foundation’s top metro areas for startups three years in a row. In addition, jobs growth and downtown office incentives have attracted some of the area’s largest employers, among them JPMorgan Chase and Nationwide. The fastest-growing city in the Midwest, Columbus is a microcosm of a larger employment trend that Stull has observed lately. “Companies are moving to where people are, as opposed to people moving to where companies are,” he says. “The Columbuses, the Pittsburghs, the Baltimores are being able to compete with jobs.” https://www.forbes.com/sites/vickyvalet/2019/12/10/where-the-jobs-will-be-in-2020/#63659b515dec
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    In light of the Brewery District announcement yesterday, I made a comment asking if this is it and the development boom is finally here to stay. So, I thought it was interesting that Columbus Business First ran this article today: Crane Watch update: Development boom 'the new normal' in Columbus As many of Central Ohio's real estate faces gathered at an industry panel in Dublin last month, there was little talk of the city's construction boom slowing down. In fact, some think the city should be ready for this pace of building for the long haul. Sitting on a panel of developers and brokers, Skip Weiler of Robert Weiler Co. said his company's apartment projects are still in high demand. In fact, its recently completed River & Rich project in Franklinton leased up faster than any other apartment project in the developer's history, prompting talk of a second phase with a 12-story tower. "People worry we're overbuilt because things are going up everywhere, but this development is the new normal in Columbus," Weiler said. "The demand will continue. It used to be that you rented because you had to, now you rent because you want to. Everywhere downtown is hot." Downtown is the watchword for Rich Schuen, too. The founding principal of Colliers International's Columbus office says half of the tenants asking his firm about space want to be in downtown or an urban environment. "Everything downtown is in high, high demand," Schuen told the group, noting the large number of out-of-state investors buying in. "The only thing that is going to hamper that sales activity is the available product." More here: https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2019/12/03/crane-watch-update-development-boom-the-new-normal.html?iana=hpmvp_colum_news_headline
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    So where in atlanta will this be built. Or are doing a HQ 2 and build another in Austin?
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    New proposed development in Slavic Village- the Slavic Village Gateway, was before the CPC today. Looks like a decent infill project with some nice density along a main thoroughfare:
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    Actually extending the track is one issue. Sending a letter to the city of Shaker Heights and to the developer stating that you want a right of way preserved to and through the intersection of Chagrin and Warrensville is another matter. And that's a option that doesn't cost a darn thing. I'll never understand some of Calabrese's decisions.
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    The whole point is for it to NOT be in the suburbs. I don’t understand this line of thinking. We want retail, but not THAT retail. We want downtown retail but only the way we want it to be built. I don’t get it. I thought the objective was to get people TO shop in the city.
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    But that's just steps away from Terdolph park! All of the recent activity there and closer to the Agora start to paint the picture of the overall neighborhood vision @KJP keeps nodding to. The Midtown Cleveland CDC has been very busy it seems.
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    This is a periodic reminder that in the vast majority of the country -- everywhere except for a few of the most expensive neighborhoods in a few of the most expensive cities -- displacement due to disinvestment is a much bigger problem than displacement due to investment (a.k.a. "gentrification").
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    The Dispatch article yesterday says CSX has been trying to sell the land but has had difficulty due to the challenges at the site:
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    Looks like they’re getting ready to repair the damaged decking
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    Permits for new construction were filed today for the Slavic Village Gateway development. As a reminder, this will have 78 apartments and 10 townhomes for this first phase along with ground floor commercial space, part to be taken by University Settlement.
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    Now that I know where you work, I believe you. The but the question remains, there are many historic, solidly built, and potentially beautiful apartment buildings in Hough and the rest of the inner city that could be saved. How do we protect them so that they can be saved? The alternative is losing a sense of place by creating cheap, modern housing that looks like any other place and doesn't last. So in 30-40 years we'll again have run-down buildings that aren't worth maintaining and there will be landlords who won't maintain them. The cheap crap that we built in the last 40-50 years ago, going back to the likes of MLK Plaza (who owns that, BTW?), falls apart after 25 years and gets condemned. Perhaps Hough will just be locked into a century of substandard housing because we failed to maintain the housing stock that was designed and built to last?
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    IDK about expansion as there's no room for a third set of rails. However, a train station platform would fit here...
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    ^ Councilman Kerry McCormack urged police to design a building that’s a far cry from the appearance of the Justice Center. “How do we create a headquarters that screams to the public, ‘You’re welcome here, come on in,’?” McCormack said. “Really, a building that opens up to the community, versus the 70s Brutalism that has done the exact opposite.” Great point, Councilman.
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    Relocating the city jail could end up being a "LULU" nightmare to end all "LULU" nightmares! I think the ideal spot may be in the industrial valley, NW of the Rockefeller and Broadway intersection- it seems to be mostly trucking companies, and a lot of dirt lots/vacant areas. I'm sure even trucking companies will complain about a jail being built near their operations, but better that than doing it in a residential area. And I especially hope they don't build the jail along the "Opportunity Corridor"- the message that sends to those communities will be unmistakable!
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    I cringe at every mention of “campus like”. Downtown IS your campus!
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    I might have missed it but what’s everyone’s issue with the Luxe Bell building outside of the name?
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    I would be more upset except for the fact that I don't think it has a snowball's chance in hell of happening.
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    I reject your premise but just for the sake of argument, let’s use what you said. Would you rather not have those 80,000 people downtown at all? Would you rather those 80,000 people be in Richfield or something? And if we’re going to pretend that none of those 80,000 people ever go to downtown streets for anything (and if we also ignore the fact that most of the time those 80,000 people are in that stadium it’s cold and if they’re going to go to a downtown venue, they’re probably going to drive anyway BECAUSE ITS COLD so you wouldn’t see them on the street anyway), those people do still buy stuff and contribute to admissions taxes and sales taxes and support the people who work in the stadium itself (many of whom live IN the city of Cleveland). And let me pose a question: is it MORE likely or less likely that at least some of those 80,000 people would stop at those stores (and restaurants, don’t forget that, which is really smart on the developer’s part) if this massive development is ACROSS THE STREET? Better yet, would visitors to the Rock Hall do the same? Common sense says probably. So yes I’d rather have those 80,000 than not have them, and I’d rather have this in the city than not
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    Canada too. I'm surprised Dan Gilbert INC isn't courting this kind of development along the river. I think my biggest worry about this project is the architecture. The current renderings make it obvious the "back of the building" is facing out toward the lake. I thought we were past that. No builder would obstruct oceanfront views and I'm not sure I understand why views of Lake Erie don't have the same value.
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    The Federated Department Stores building just keeps getting slowly better and better. It seems like they’ve been working on this for the past year and a half. In the past few weeks they have started placing storefront mullions in the first floor. Anyone know if this is going commercial at the base? That’s great news and will hopefully awaken the dead zone on Elm between the Convention Center and Garfield Place.
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    I'm talking via transit in response to when people have to go to police HQ for something and that it should be easily located for citizens. E75 is not easy to get to even from most places on the east side. From Collinwood, it would probably take 3 buses/trains. At the horrible service levels of say, every 30 minutes, plus actual transport time, it could be a two-hour one way trip. But getting Downtown is a one-seat ride from almost anywhere in the city.
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