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    • Toronto was always a different animal than the 3Cs were. It was always the main financial center of English speaking Canada as well as possessing the right geographic characteristics that no other Canadian cities had. It was primed to be the hub it became today. Montreal was that hub but the whole French language thing and the rift between Quebec and the rest of Canada hurt its growth, I believe.   The interesting thing with the fast growth cities or faster growing cities of the last 20 years seems to be that they almost all center around a state capital and large research university combination in the town. Austin, Columbus, Salt Lake, Raleigh/Durham, Nashville, Atlanta all fit this mold. Throw in Indy and Denver who may not have the large research university in the city but have one within an hour drive and they all fit the mold. Outside of say Charlotte, how many other key cities have that type of growth? Yes, there are Dallas and Houston but Texas is its own unique animal so I discount that.
    • DarkandStormy et. al. - is this propaganda as well or is this one okay?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dK3LbVFgyqQ   Objectively, that video isn't as funny nor relevant because Trump is a strict teetotaler so the parody aspect isn't there. Nevertheless, it's still slightly humorous to hear videos played back like this, particularly when the speaker is rambling on. Why folks on the far left can't take jokes is beyond me.
    • The amphitheater is almost done! It looks great whenever I drive past it on Market Street Bridge. Way better than expected. I found this drone photo from KCAerials of the amphitheater - go follow them on Instagram, they have great drone photos of Youngstown!     It's unfortunate that the parking lot is still in front of it but I think that the master plan is to replace it with park space. There's also a lot less open space between the amphitheater and river than I expected. 
    • I'm going to assume you're not a fan of Justin Amash anymore... despite the most Conservative voting record in Congress... Why is that again.... 
    • Though the city continues to decline, I feel the city is truly positioned for growth in the near future.  One of the reasons, if not the biggest reason why a person will relocate and choose to move here will always be jobs.  The region's economy as of today is much more stable than when compared to the Clinton years, which had the highest levels of regional employment.  The Clinton years were still dominated by manufacturing before NAFTA, which began to affect the regional economy after he left office.  in June of 1990, the Cleveland region had 214,600 employed in manufacturing.  Today, roughly 123,100 are employed in that sector.    After the 2002 recession and NAFTA beginning to have an effect, by 2005 the region lost 50,000 manufacturing jobs which were never recovered. Robotics no doubt played into the job losses as well. Between 2005 and 2010, regional manufacturing employment dropped to 117,500 total jobs.  That's a loss of almost 100,000 jobs in a single economic sector over the course of 20 years.  Of those jobs, to date the region has only recovered 5,600.    In 1990 the manufacturing sector took up 20% of the available jobs within the regional economy.  The number was even larger before 1990, with manufacturing being one of the sectors most affected by global recessions.  Today, the manufacturing sector takes up roughly 11% of the regional economy- which is much healthier for the region in today's world and on par with many other metros.   The Education and Health Services sector had roughly 120,200 jobs in 1990, or roughly 11% of the total regional economy.  Today, that sector employs 207,200, or roughly 19% of the regional economy.  Education and Health Care wasn't affected locally by any recession since 1990.  Education and Health Services has taken the place of manufacturing by an almost 1-to-1 basis.    The region IS poised for growth in the future (finally).  There's definitely issues which still need to be addressed- but even with the losses, the sky isn't falling anymore.    
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