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    • I wonder what sort of order things are going to be built/demolished, keeping in mind how much money they make off of the parking there now. Will they build on the surface lot before tearing down the garage to build on that parcel? With the office tenants lined up though, the may need to demo the garage and start on that one first though. I just don't see Stark taking all of the parking there offline all at the same time.
    • It's very interesting that the Alabama law does not protect the "humans" that are created using in vitro fertilization. During the IVF process, it is standard for multiple eggs to be fertilized and then for only one (or in some cases, a few) to be placed back into the woman. That one "human" gets lucky and gets to survive while its "brothers" and "sisters" are "murdered" by the doctor who has prevented implantation.   It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that they don't actually believe a fertilized egg is a human, right?
    • Councilman hopes to find a resolution to FCC-West End tenant donnybrook   The three Cincinnati City Council members who probably will be the deciding votes on the latest FC Cincinnati zoning matters next week had little to say about comments made by the club’s majority owner, Carl Lindner III, on Wednesday.   Lindner told the Business Courier that he found the city’s approval process “embarrassing,” that the city is sending a message that would give outside businesses pause about moving here and that the city should be expediting the club’s requests.   In an interview, Councilman Greg Landsman said he hopes to convene a meeting Friday with stakeholders and be on a path to resolution by the date of next major FCC-related council vote on May 30. Neither Landsman, nor council members David Mann and P.G. Sittenfeld, the other two likely critical votes, directly addressed Lindner’s comments.   The club has been ensnared in a major controversy over the fate of up to seven West End residents at 421 Wade St. and 1550 Central Ave., properties FCC acquired earlier this year but has not yet outlined plans for. Much public attention has been focused on 99-year-old Mary Page, who is a bedridden resident in the Wade Street building. Supporters of the residents have accused FCC’s president, Jeff Berding, of dishonesty because he said that the team would not displace residents prior to getting approval for the West End site. In response, Berding has said that promise applied only to the stadium itself.   More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/05/22/councilman-hopes-to-find-a-resolution-to-fcc-west.html
    • Playhouse Square has done a good job of touting themselves as the nation's "second largest performing arts CENTER" (not "district") - or largest outside of NYC (#1 being Lincoln Center, not Broadway... since they carefully say center not disteict) - by loosely calling everything in PHS, 8 theaters or whatever, even unconnected theaters like the Hanna, part of the "center.." - and this is measured in total # of seats, nothing else. With that said they pretty much own that title though I know are you performing arts center in Dallas states they are. number two    Also playhouse Square does currently lead the nation in number of season tickets sold to their Broadway series (46,000?) - meaning shows now playing minimum of three weeks to ensure that all season ticket holders plus individual ticket buyers can be accommodated. cities like Denver also have strong ticket bases while cities like Indianapolis or even Columbus, while boomtowns in so many ways, can hardly muster 5000-10000 subscribers most years, "Hamilton" years eexcepted, meaning some years they get Bway shows 1 or 2 years later years later than Cleveland, if at all.   However in other cities like Chicago and Los Angeles and San Francisco and DC shows do often play 1, 2, 3 month runs - or even years - and you're not part of distinct Broadway series so they attract for more people but those cities are huge and after that tear it's pretty much Cleveland that has shows for the longest and first when possible
    • No it's not.  It's on W. 3rd-look at 55 Public Square.
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