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    • I've been thinking of getting an RV strictly for travel but the cost of the vehicle to haul them is very expensive plus the fuel (not realistic for me). Was thinking of getting a self contained motor home and hauling my car behind sounds more reasonable. Just get a cheap used motor home and running it to death then using my car to get around when I hit my destinations.
    • Well "backpacking" is also usually in a true wilderness area, which in the eastern U.S. is limited to the Smoky Mountains, Maine, and arguably northern Michigan/UP + Isle Royale.  I've never camped in Canada but no doubt it gets pretty remote pretty quickly on the Lake Huron shore and islands and then anywhere more than 100 miles north of Toronto or Montreal.    Camping in Ohio and anywhere in the east generally involves a more humid climate and more insects than in the west.  The good thing is that there is always nearby access to water.  Out West in the Sierras and so on the insects are minimal and the climate is relatively arid but the water situation is a lot more serious.        
    • I I tried looking that up and only got Mohican, Ohio campsites when I Google. I always wanted to visit upstate Michigan but taking them all the way up there to just drunk camp sounds like a waste of nature!   I never thought of backpacking! Good idea for me to do alone and still have fun. When camping I was just thinking of renting a lot and that really wouldn't be fun alone. I think I will try that if I can't get her to go with me anytime soon! Would really have to downsize though. Meaning spending more money when I finally thought I had everything set up. Get a one man tent might be all I need but would still have to take my hammock, coffee percolator cooking wear, camp grill, solar lantern, hatchet. That would add up in weight but my calves would be huge and I even forgot about water. Would have to downsize more I guess. The coyotes, mountain lions and bears would freak me out during the day alone but at night.... Not joking that is real camping!
    • i just don't get the logic behind letting residents park in the street.  Was there a big out-cry from residents about garage spots being too expensive? As long as we are going to be a car-centric city, the streets of OTR should be metered parking for people looking to spend money there from outside the basin.
    • I never understood why people think that giving money to rich people is a good strategy, it sounds like the government is picking winners (a big no-no in the R bible).  Why not put the money in the hands of the people and make the corporations compete/earn their money?
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