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    • It's so weird because the developers changed hands and fortus group took the lead they sounded very motivated to get this project started in a few months during late summer of 2018.     Now development for this project is crawling at a snail's pace...I'm trying to understand why? Is it because the demand for OTR housing has lessened? Does the liberty road diet play any factor? Are they having trouble financing the project?    
    • Factory Turned Small Business Hub: The Fort on South High   The Fort is an apt name for the collection of industrial buildings at 2000 – 2050 S. High St. Tracing their origins back to the late 1800s to early 1900s, what started as the Seagraves Fire Truck Factory is now a growing ecosystem of local businesses.   Fortner Upholstering led the way, purchasing the complex for its growing commercial operations in 2017. Now, the company is joined by roughly 20 tenants staking their claim on the South Side.   For the small businesses, manufacturers, artisans and more looking for space, the possibilities at The Fort are nearly limitless. Leases range from 500 square feet to 16,000 square feet and everything in between. Some spaces are already defined, others can be built out to the business’ needs. Nods to the building’s industrial past are apparent throughout the space, with brick walls, original wood floors, large, structural steel elements and more unique features that add to The Fort’s historic character.   More below: https://www.columbusunderground.com/factory-turned-small-business-hub-the-fort-on-south-high-sp1  
    • Wild Ohio Brewing Launching Brewing Facility in Columbus   Wild Ohio Brewing has landed a new production facility right here in Columbus. On the market since 2016, the tea-beer brewing company has worked with Four String Brewing Co. as well as Rivertown Brewing in Cincinnati to put out its brews. By the end of March, the company will launch its own brewing site at 2025 S. High St.   Russell Pinto, CEO of Wild Ohio Brewing, has been on the lookout for a production facility here in Columbus since he bought and rebranded the company, once called Luna Kombucha and founded in Clintonville.    More below: https://www.columbusunderground.com/wild-ohio-brewing-launching-brewing-facility-in-columbus-ls1  
    • @YABO713 just want to make the distinction that UK government forecasts that the economy would shrink by 3.9% under Theresa May's Brexit deal, but under a no deal Brexit it would shrink by 9.3% [source].   And I think John Oliver's show does a nice overview (from 5:10 to about 9:55) of the issues any form of Brexit will create between Ireland and Northern Ireland (and a brief history). Either border outcome between Ireland and Northern Ireland would also have implications on trade between Ireland, the UK, and the EU.
    • Oh c'mon now, EVD. There's a few radical, whiny Democrats out there, but everyone knows that the true believers still left in GOP have become nothing more than a bunch of state-sponsored militants seeking to enslave all women, minorities and laborers while pushing immigrants backwards into the meat grinders they're fleeing so that the Protestant white men can reclaim the gilded castles and thrones they lost more than a century ago.
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